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    Armed to the teeth and mad as hell.

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  1. silentzorah

    Best years of your life?

    2000 to 2008. And then that was that. Without going into too much detail, goth girlfriend.
  2. silentzorah

    Source Ports personal deal breakers (Feb 16, 2024)

    Not having vertical aim and not being able to turn off autoaim. Yeah, I know. This pretty much limits my source port usage to maybe three? I played it the old way with autoaim for years, but I like being able to aim my shots, and, most importantly, miss. I like knowing if I missed a shot, it's because I suck ass and not the game screwing with me.
  3. "Yo Shawn, played through Bloodfalls. Don't forget to set the UV flag on the BFG."
  4. Is it me, or are there fewer subforums here than I remember?

    1. Biodegradable


      No, in fact, there's at least two new ones thanks to some rearranging done for WADs & Mods.

  5. silentzorah

    Favorite MIDI instrument?

    Distortion Guitar. I mean... It's like 90% of my discography.
  6. silentzorah

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Me nowadays.
  7. silentzorah

    What is your "Doom Niche"?

    Tweaking things that don't ordinarily make things go splat so that they do go splat. Sure, knocking down zombies with a shotgun at point blank range is fun, but not quite on the level of blowing the damn thing to bits at the same range.
  8. I didn't mind the texture filtering until I got a larger monitor. Now I can't stomach it and turned it off.
  9. silentzorah

    Favorite "failed" consoles?

    Atari 5200. I liked it. Granted, it was the first console I ever owned, but still. The games on there were a lot closer to their arcade counterparts, and it had Star Raiders. That game was so cool.
  10. silentzorah

    What do you do for your birthday?

    Whether or not I'm working, I bake a strawberry cake the night before, cook up some apple turnovers for breakfast and order Coletta's pizza (local joint). It's a real hole in the wall but it's the kind of hole in the wall that makes the best shit. Then I usually work in some range time somewhere between shifts. Not always a possibility but that's what days off are for. Oh, and I pretty much do this all alone, away from family and the like. They know I'm not a people person so they leave me alone (thank fucking lord).
  11. When I used to map, I would listen to science documentaries on black holes and quantum physics. It was nice.
  12. silentzorah

    Post a picture...that you took

    Burntside Lake, MN. June 2022
  13. silentzorah

    What was your first purist/semi-purist source port?

    If we're counting Doom95, that. If not, Boom.
  14. silentzorah

    DW Facial Hair Census 2022

    Scruffy. Always scruffy.