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  1. Doomzone handles some flats and actors from other mods/maps with animations and lights respectively. These errors are normal, and not an issue. Glad you enjoy the mod!
  2. Age: SUCKS
  3. I really hate puzzles. Why? Because I fucking suck at them. There is little worse than playing a map and hitting a switch that does... I dunno, something, somewhere. If that's your cup of tea, more power to ya. Me, I'll stick to gunning down beef-walls, thanks very much.
  4. > No NIN logo in level editor Disliked, unsubscribed
  5. So uh... About five years ago, I got drunk and played a Killzone 3 clan match with a few buddies. Talked about how it would be to recreate the weapons of the Killzone franchise in the Doom engine, a little bit of Armed Recruit discussion here and there... One thing lead to another, and eight months later, I gave birth to a happy baby mod, which I named Doomzone. Fast forward to today, and it's up to v1.7, and it's taken on a life of its own. They grow up so fast. Mod Features: 82 weapons, split and shared among 13 player classes, each with their abilities and resistances 5 grenade types Active skills, ranging from sentry turrets to spawning reinforcements Particle effects (smoke trails, projectile debris, etc.) Randomized item and weapon spawns Lots of new, tougher enemy types New difficulty settings, with even tougher enemies and behavior Doom Eater difficulty, which starts every map with only a pistol Bloody screen effects and low HP screen pulse Meager HP regeneration at low health (you're still gonna need a few medkits for that rocket in your chest, btw) Portable medikits and armor repair kits Classic Doomguy, Quakeguy, and Lo Wang bonus classes A different experience for every playthrough! Screenshots: Doomzone is always under active development, so I'm always adding new features and rebalancing things. Check back later for new version updates! (Note: Requires GZDoom v3.0 or later) Download (v1.7):
  6. Some old drawing of a girl I had a dream about, circa 1999.
    Absolutely amazing, from the challenging combat to the map detailing. Worth every star I can give.
  7. I don't much care for D_E2M4. Maybe if they decided to use Duke Nukem 2's E1L3. It's basically the same song about halfway in, just sped up.
  8. This is such a damn awesome cover, I can't not share it.


  9. FreeDumb
  10. *Reichard
  11. Not necessary, but nice to have. Hey, it's better than water being instant-death.
  12. Has anyone ever stopped to think about how Cacos and Lost Souls open doors?  I mean, I'm guessing the Use key implies you have to interact with it with your hands.

    1. bioshockfan90


      microscopic hands

    2. Maisth


      Mind control

    3. Myst.Haruko


      I guess, they use telekinesis for opening doors. 

    4. scifista42


      Maybe bashing their foreheads into the doors is good enough to open them. If not, use teeth or horns.

    5. Voltcom9


      Cacodemons, Pain Elementals and Lost Souls open doors by pushing their bodies into the open button on the door. The key requirements maybe work similar to a key fob...

    6. TootsyBowl


      The doors open on touch. It would be more convenient to make them automatic, but the UAC is a tad stingy when it comes to construction of personnel facilities.

  13. I was gonna say automatics that have no punch to them, but what irks me more is if you've got an automatic that feels like it's firing the wrong caliber. If you're gonna have an SMG, it ought to have about as much punch as a pistol, while rifles ought to have a lot more stopping power. And then there's shotguns that feel like you're better off throwing popcorn at imps.
  14. I was not aware that PSX Doom TC was an iwad.