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  1. silentzorah

    Post-"Project: Doom" Repository

    I've got some new stuff to share. Though not necessarily Doom related, I did feel it necessary to release some of my newer MIDI covers here for use in projects 'n such. Getting more into the swing of it now, though I doubt I'll be as active with sequencing as I was while I was in college. Anyway, these might go good in some slaughter or boss maps or something. F-Zero X Crazy Call at Cry (v1.1) Updated from the original archive in OP. This one's been significantly altered with pitch bends, echo channels, and a reworked rhythm guitar. Still missing that awesome pick slide in the intro, though. Might go good for a boss level. Endless Challenge (v2.0) Completely remade from scratch. Dunno what this might go good with, but here it is anyway. Drivin' Through on Max (v2.0) Also completely redone from scratch. Might work for a particularly hectic techbase level, maybe a short map. Think Scythe, I guess. Fall Down to the Scream Okay, so, funny story on this. This one's actually a really old one from 2006 that I never finished. Don't know why. Could be because of the inaccuracies, but I decided to finish it up and release it anyway. Twelve f*cking years and three hard drives this one's gone through, what a trooper. Anyway, this would go great for a slaughter map, IMO. Decide in the Eyes (v2.0) Another one redone from scratch. I literally rewrote this one for two reasons - One because a buddy wanted me to throw this through an SNES F-Zero soundfont to complete a music set he was collecting, and the second because someone legit did a pretty awesome Big Blue track in Skulltag some years ago. Had fun with this one. That's all I've got for today. Again, you guys have got free reign to use these for whatever you want. Will update the archive in OP later.
  2. As long as it doesn't break any laws or steal content without credit, should be fine IMO. Taste is entirely subjective, though.
  3. silentzorah

    Post Apocalyptic Currencies

    I quite like how Metro used military-grade bullets from the old world as currency.
  4. silentzorah

    Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

    Revenants. A lot of my maps are tight and cramped, and having a monster that can use homing projectiles is a little unfair in that circumstance. I might consider using them more if I add some more wide open areas.
  5. silentzorah

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    That name isn't going to be confusing at all.
  6. Literally every single one of them that I used DeePsea for. It got easier once I got my hands on DoomBuilder, though. Still got bored of it and decided I liked making weapons and enemies instead.
  7. silentzorah

    What MIDIs can I use?

    I've heard a few of mine pop up in community projects. Sometimes with credit, sometimes without. I'm cool if they credit and all, but I've got no problem deducting a star in my review if something of mine is used without credit.
  8. silentzorah

    Which DOOM did you play first?

    Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC). My dad's coworker came over with a fuckton of PC game demos one day in 1995, and left a set of install floppies. The rest is history.
  9. silentzorah

    How did you come up with your username?

    I was real into Legend of Zelda. And I don't talk much IRL.
  10. silentzorah

    Enough about good shotguns, let's talk about the worst!

    Doom 3's shotgun was quite awful as far as shotguns go. But it was the best melee weapon in the game.
  11. silentzorah

    Worst Ending in a videogame?

    RAGE, though not necessarily due to the ending itself. This one gets "worst ending" from me for the fact that the game just... Ends.
  12. silentzorah

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I wasn't going to watch it anyway. It's a movie loosely based on a video game. It's going to be bad. Will hang onto my money, thank you very much. I've got bills to pay.
  13. silentzorah

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just another regular general enhancement mod. Trying to get it ready for the first alpha release.
  14. While I only speak American English and a little bit of Spanish, I'm fond of the sound of Italian, German, and Russian. Not that I understand any of what's being said, I just like the sound of them.