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  1. E4 really isn't that bad. First three levels are tough, but ultimately, not all too hard. Difficulty falls off rather fast once you hit E4M4, with a minor bump in E4M6. Here are some tips if you're having trouble. E4M1 - Secrets, secrets, secrets. Get the rocket launcher early, use the secret door in the ambush room. Grab the skull and run until you can use the stairway itself as cover. E4M2 - Be patient. It's going to take time to drop the barons in the yellow skull room. Try to take out the barons by the teleporter early, and proceed carefully through the cavern. Telefrag that Cyberdemon and get the BFG. Period. E4M3 - Make a break for the switch next to the start, and haul ass to the Invuln on the other end of the catwalk. Clear some breathing room, and then you can finish the level without much resistance. Hardest part is the very start of the map, and that's it. Hope that helps.
  2. silentzorah

    If you could add a weapon, what would it be?

    All of the alpha build weapons.
  3. That was the joke, yes. On a more serious note, maybe something along the lines of creative censorship. Maybe "dmworld"? Or maybe something based on the engine (tech1world)? Nah, that second one's dumb.
  4. FreedoomWorld? I mean, unless Freedoom changes its name, too.
  5. silentzorah

    "It's too cartoony"

    Only problem I have with the aesthetic of the game is that I just don't like the big gray classic medikits. They look a little out of place. Everything else looks fine, though.
  6. silentzorah

    Is id done with lockdowns?

    Lockdowns weren't really shown in Doom 2016's gameplay footage either at E3. And here they are. I don't really mind them, honestly. Beats just running through everything.
  7. silentzorah

    Do you actually finish Megawads?

    Do you finish Megawads? why/why not? Yes, usually. Unless there's some bullshit level with like 2000+ monsters active at once, then my PC slows to a crawl. No finishing those. I just like playing like a full campaign. Nothing more, nothing less. Should more mappers aim to make smaller, more focused projects that are more likely to see completion by more people? Mappers should just follow whatever vision they have. Only reason why I've never made a megawad myself is because I've always lost interest like... I dunno, four levels in. If the mapper wants to go balls to the wall and make 32-something maps, go for it. Does the Megawad format hold some value that a ~15 map wad would not? A prolonged feeling of progression, usually. Like, for me, it's not quite as fun to get every single weapon on a single map. Kinda like to have it drawn out over a long period of time. But, that's just me.
  8. silentzorah

    What is the closest you've been to death?

    Heat stroke, June 4, 2010. Driving around town about noon without air conditioning, like I was used to doing. Got lightheaded and dizzy, nausea set in. Pulled into a gas station to try and cool off, ended up puking my guts up in the restroom. I noticed the room began feeling hotter and hotter, so I called 911. Next thing I knew, I was getting fluid injected into my arm in ER. Went home the same day, but dealt with PTSD from the incident for the next five years. Nowadays, I can't be in the sun for any length of time during the summer without feeling like I'm going to white out. Kinda makes holding a job tough.
  9. silentzorah

    New Multiplayer Modes in Eternal.

    Classic Deathmatch. You know, where everybody starts with the same weapon and has to find new weapons in the map. No more loadouts, please.
  10. silentzorah

    Doom 64 for Doom II

    Good stuff. Only giving it four stars because though the new music was good, I just wish there was more of it. Still, this wad is absolutely worth your time.
  11. Hitscanners don't mesh well with "push forward combat," since you can't dodge an invisible line. It forces the player into cover, defeating the purpose of an aggressive play style, which the devs are going for. In fact, the game punishes you for taking cover by keeping recovery items out of your hands. Need more heath? Get out there and go get it. The thought of introducing hitscanners back into the mix feels downright antithetical.
  12. silentzorah

    DOOM Eternal Reveal After-Thread

    Am I the only one who was pleased to see that the Possessed Security look like classic Zombiemen?
  13. silentzorah

    Doom lost popularity?

    I don't think the new forum build counts any downloads prior to the update. Pointing at the low numbers of downloads via the forum's features really doesn't account for any downloads off the old /idgames archive, downloads offsite, ModDB listings, mirrors, etc. It's a bit of a fallacy to think that the total number of downloads on something ever is reflected in the new forum's listings.
  14. silentzorah

    Post-"Project: Doom" Repository

    I've got some new stuff to share. Though not necessarily Doom related, I did feel it necessary to release some of my newer MIDI covers here for use in projects 'n such. Getting more into the swing of it now, though I doubt I'll be as active with sequencing as I was while I was in college. Anyway, these might go good in some slaughter or boss maps or something. F-Zero X Crazy Call at Cry (v1.1) Updated from the original archive in OP. This one's been significantly altered with pitch bends, echo channels, and a reworked rhythm guitar. Still missing that awesome pick slide in the intro, though. Might go good for a boss level. Endless Challenge (v2.0) Completely remade from scratch. Dunno what this might go good with, but here it is anyway. Drivin' Through on Max (v2.0) Also completely redone from scratch. Might work for a particularly hectic techbase level, maybe a short map. Think Scythe, I guess. Fall Down to the Scream Okay, so, funny story on this. This one's actually a really old one from 2006 that I never finished. Don't know why. Could be because of the inaccuracies, but I decided to finish it up and release it anyway. Twelve f*cking years and three hard drives this one's gone through, what a trooper. Anyway, this would go great for a slaughter map, IMO. Decide in the Eyes (v2.0) Another one redone from scratch. I literally rewrote this one for two reasons - One because a buddy wanted me to throw this through an SNES F-Zero soundfont to complete a music set he was collecting, and the second because someone legit did a pretty awesome Big Blue track in Skulltag some years ago. Had fun with this one. That's all I've got for today. Again, you guys have got free reign to use these for whatever you want. Will update the archive in OP later.