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  1. Never. Old year just bleeds into new year. Totally meaningless.
  2. It's been hours since the last shuttle left with what few survivors remained. You've seen untold horrors, unfolding right in your own hometown. The suburbs where you spent your growing years, burned to ash. But, after an exhausting search, you've finally found it - The Hell Gate. Gotcha. Wasting no time, you slap a couple of shells into your trusty shotgun. Time for a little invasion of your own.
  3. Doom - 7/10. Can't go wrong with the classic. Lack of monster variety compared to later installments. Doom II - 8/10. Greater monster variety, SSG for the win. Odd level design choices in late game. Ultimate Doom - 8/10. Thy Flesh Consumed. Enough said. Master Levels - 4/10. Meh. Real mixed bag. TNT - 6/10. Controversy aside, an otherwise decent game with awesome music, held back by questionable level design. The Plutonia Experiment - 8/10. Yes, I'm a masochist. Would have scored higher if it had its own music out of the box. Doom: Custom Playstation Edition - 7/10. See ratings for Doom & Doom II, only with ambient lighting and an awesome new soundtrack. Blue range is way too dark, though. Final Doom (PSX) - 6/10. I guess you could call this Final Doom: The Abridged Series (feat. Master Levels). Doom 64 - 8/10. Real hidden gem. Much more challenging than the classic PC games, and the only Doom game I never could beat legitimately. Doom 3 - 6/10. It was okay. That's about it. Not a lot of good mods for it. Resurrection of Evil - 9/10. Somehow, RoE feels more alive. Doom 3 BFG Edition - 5/10. Held back by lack of mod support. Didn't notice much of a difference graphically. Lost Mission - 6/10. It wasn't awful, just bland. Felt more like beta maps. Props for casting Paul Eiding as Richard Meyers, though. No Rest for the Living - 4/10. Bland 'n boring. Pass. DOOM (2016) - 5/10. Good campaign, held back by multiplayer, Snapmap (which I jokingly refer to as Super Doom Maker in casual convo), a lack of true mod support, multiplayer-only DLC, and a lack of single player expansion content. Play for single player, give the rest a skip.
    Pretty solid ZDoom megawad. Very few maps that I found poor in quality. Challenge level is acceptable, secret levels are pretty fun. Wished more ZDoom wads were like this. I would have rated this five stars, but failing to credit me for the boss music in E1M9 merits four stars.
  4. Some dumb thing from today.
  5. I've not wanted, or needed, friends since high school. Seen enough of people to know that I don't want any part of 'em. Some people need friends to feel complete or something like that, but I guess I feel they're unnecessary. Honestly, living a life without having to work for constant validation and pleasing others is liberating. I mean, unless you work in customer service or something. Then I can imagine that being a bummer for someone with the same thought process. I guess what I'm trying to say is strive to be the best you that you can be, and you won't need anyone else. Just my two cents, I guess.
  6. Interstellar Sickness - CC4 MAP20 200 Mega Hurts - Going Down MAP19 The Mucus Flow - CC3 MAP24
  7. Doom 2: Pretty Much The Same Shit As The Last One
  8. 1.) I die a little inside every time. 2.) Well, I mean, why not? 3.) Flawlessly every time. 4.) Frequently. 5.) Don't play much multi, so no. 6.) FUCKING CHEATING HACKING IMP 7.) I was close to this. I did manage to release a mini-episode, but I got bored halfway through working on the second. 8.) WHY DEVELOPERS, WHY 9.) Not yet. Wouldn't rule it out, though. 10.) Sometimes, yes. 11.) Bitch, I wouldn't use that medikit if I had 76 HP. 12.) +MISSILEMORE, my ass. 13.) No, that's just asinine. 14.) Frequently. It's tough to just let it go. 15.) Sometimes, yes. I figure I'd be a more productive member of society or something. But come on, fuck that. 16.) No. Who cares what others think? 17.) Never. Detailing is bullshit anyway. 18.) Would I still be playing it daily if I didn't think it was iD's greatest gift to mankind?
  9. Not die
  10. Doesn't it already win that award every year? What's particularly new or interesting that it happened again this time?
  11. I just like the music. But that's about it.
  12. Frogger, on Atari 5200.
  13. You forgot the part where ISPs lobby congress to make Internet access mandatory.
  14. Archviles. Because fuck archviles.