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  1. While I only speak American English and a little bit of Spanish, I'm fond of the sound of Italian, German, and Russian. Not that I understand any of what's being said, I just like the sound of them.
  2. Blue armor depletes at the same rate as HP, given the 50% save percentage. Since green armor depletes at roughly 33%, and you have 100 HP and Armor, you'll still be eating dirt with around 50 Armor left. While blue armor depletes faster than green, it absorbs more shock, so the amount of it had to be adjusted to compensate.
  3. Just once, and it's the reason I don't use Deepsea anymore. Evidently if you're editing something in a wad with multiple maps, there's a chance whatever map you're working on will overwrite the first map lump listed in the wad. Thankfully, I was able to recover an older build of the map that got overwritten, and just touched it up to the way it was before. And then there's that dumb Dark Arena port I was working on, which I purposefully deleted halfway through. But that's another story.
  4. In my opinion, the only time a MIDI is used inappropriately is if the artist/composer isn't credited for it.
  5. Favorite Doom/Doom Engine Game?

    Ultimate Doom. While I like the increased variety of monsters in Doom 2, I rather like the episodic structure of Ultimate Doom. Bonus points for having Thy Flesh Consumed in it.
  6. I started on Shadow Warrior Classic for the first time about... I dunno, three or something years ago, but didn't make it much further than E1M3. Dunno what it is, but the level design choices in Build-engine games from that era just put me off. Either that, or it's the increased aggression of AI when compared to Doom. I want to like it, but I just don't.
  7. Most favorite level from Episode 3

    That would be Enjay Doom.
  8. Most favorite level from Episode 3

    E3M9. It's a great idea I've only ever seen in a PWAD one other time.
  9. Post-"Project: Doom" Repository

    New one, first one in two years. Kinda wanted to take a whack at this one. Surprised I still remember how to do this crap. "BFG Division" - Doom (2016) I mean, it doesn't mean I got any better at this. Because I haven't.
  10. Community Chest 3 - For We Are Many (Map29)
  11. Anyone create music?

    I used to.
  12. Your "dream" project that you've abandoned

    I wanted to do a sort of joke wad, where you're a lone imp fighting an onslaught of marines invading Hell. The maps were gonna be like a hellish variant of Doom 2's MAP01 - MAP07, where marines are invading demonic temples, and eventually ending at a portal generator at Dead Simple. Shut down the portal, no more marine invasion. Woo. I just never got around to it. That and Dark World was released, so no point in doing a second one that would be seen as a ripoff. Oh, an also finishing the last two episodes of Doom Gaiden. It's just not gonna happen. Sucks, since I had everything planned out. Oh well.
  13. Opinions on Modern First Person Shooters

    Sprinting: As long as you can sprint for a reasonable amount of time, fine. Not like a fat kid in gym class. Aim Down Sights: Okay by me. Vaulting or Climbing: Not against it. Regenerating Health: Give me health packs or die. Weapon Carrying Limits: Depends. Two weapons is a pain in the ass. Three or four is alright. Killzone did this okay. Attachments for Weapons: Ooh, gimme. Perks: Fuck that shit. Raw skill or die. Take your perks and shove 'em up your fraghole. Checkpoints: Quicksave or die. Hand-Holding: Please die. Ranking or Level Up System in Multiplayer: Really depends on the game. I had a lot of fun with the progression of RAGE's multiplayer, as well as Killzone's. Doom 2016, no. Game telling you what to do: Just give me a waypoint and cut the radio chatter. I don't need to be told 20 times by the same asshole to accomplish the objective. No cheats: No loss. I hardly use 'em unless I'm developing anyway.