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  1. Can't. Have work that day.
  2. I'm sure I'm the only one that thinks this on the face of the planet, but... For whatever reason, I just like the original Half-Life better than HL2.

    1. ShotgunDemolition


      Well, I wouldn't put a game over the other. Half Life 1 has some of the most iconic scenes in gaming and overall cool moments (the train leading to Black Mesa, the one where you insert the crystal at the reactor, the mountainous landscapes outside of the facility and Xen), while Half Life 2 had some extremely intense moments (the chase by the Combine at the start, the vehicle sections, the abandoned town with Zombies and headcrabs, the charged Gravity gun sequence and the tower with the explosion in the end).

      So I like both games for different reasons.

    2. Mason.


      I always felt Half-life 2 and Episode 1 were fairly meh. I did enjoy Episode 2, though.

  3. All your classmates are casuals.
  4. Probably an unpopular opinion, but...
  5. Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Well... Maybe not officially, but we all know.
  6. I first got used to reloading in the original Half-Life. It added a sense of tension to combat situations, and encouraged quick decision making. Do you reload the weapon you've got, or do you switch to something else before that vortigaunt can launch another attack? Swap pistol mags, or pull the crowbar to bat the headcrab in mid-flight? I know there are a lot of differing opinions on this, but I feel it adds a certain ebb-and-flow feel to combat. Periods of high stress, followed by short bursts of reprieve and strategy (or, if you're unlucky enough to run dry in the open, extreme panic). It's all up to the player, though, whether or not they enjoy that sort of thing. I could take it either way, personally. But I'll admit, when I'm playing vanilla Doom, I have a habit of pressing R after downing a couple of imps on occasion. I guess it's probably better to have that reflex than not, though.
  7. We all have our own different ideas on what Hell should be; what sort of Hell maps do you prefer? Are they cavernous, with numerous pits of lava, echoing with cries of the damned? Fleshy or rocky outdoor hellscapes, with rivers of blood? Or maybe you have a more refined taste in damnation, preferring ancient gothic castles with beautiful architecture, but loaded with traps. Or, maybe you're just that sick bastard that prefers low-poly brimstone environments, packed with tens of thousands of Revenants. Me, I've always been partial to rocky outdoor hellscapes, complete with ancient castles, as seen in Z-Pack. But, occasionally, I love to dive into void-style Hell maps. Things like what you might find late into Valiant, with pools of lava suspended in a black abyss. But what's your preference? Share what really makes you feel what Hell should be.
  8. It was very impersonal. Sent in a few applications, got fewer Dear John letters. No phone calls or anything. Nothing spectacular. Basically your everyday job hunting story.
  9. I applied to a few game developers after college. Didn't go so well.
  10. Doomzone mentioned in The DOOM Report.


    1. Nems


      Awesome that your mod is getting coverage, dude. Hope it gets more. <3

  11. Not much a fan of wooden or marble levels. Unless the marble uses that sexy custom red and black texture set, in which case, give me more. Though, generally, I prefer techbases. No preference on the monsters that inhabit them. I typically prefer a moderate difficulty setting. UV should be challenging, HMP should be lighter on the baddies. We've got problems is HNTR is UV in any other wad. I don't mind heavily detailed maps if 1.) the architecture is beveled in tight areas and 2.) there aren't massive areas that are highly detailed. With the latter, my framerate chugs to shit, so if I'm getting 15 FPS when I go outside, I guarantee you I'm not gonna play your map. Bonus points if the wad has an episode select. If a map takes 15-30 minutes to complete, and has around 300-ish monsters, I'm generally good. And as far as chaingunners go, bring 'em on. You just keep those Pain Elementals away from me.
  12. Gonna test the v1.7 update for Doomzone over the next week.  If everything's good, will release it shortly after.

  13. If it's OP with a project update, I don't mind it so much. Any other time, and it's a little annoying.