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  1. @Not Jabba Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me of that! I was planning to check it out anyway. I'll try to do just that this weekend.
  2. I agree, I'll see what I can do to tweak it. I'm thinking more of a greyish seafoam green than a nuke green, though @Dragonfly, using this as a tool for colors.
  3. I know... but I don't like the feel of the enemies and weapons in Heretic. Until I find time to balance them how I'd want, a Heretic map is on the back burner for me. At least this one only uses Doom for the enemies and weapons. Otherwise it takes place in the 1920s or thereabouts.
  4. A new, mostly finished area. Took a lot of planning to get the scale right for the combat and feel. The fog is just haphazardly placed for now to see how it would fit with this room. Also, more purple for ya, @GarrettChan :D
  5. Wait, what? Any links to relevant forum posts, screens, or git commits? My Google-Fu seems lacking today.
  6. It is, it'll be up again soon.
  7. Picked up a "prototype weapon" of some sort and turned into a... panda revenant?



    1. Phade102


      oh god, this is gonna be...PANDANOMIUM

    2. Phade102


      Also, why are you in Gorgrond.

    3. YukiRaven


      My wife was trying to take me through a raid.  Also, I hate Legion and stick to WoD stuff.

    4. Phade102


      Thats ironic, considering how bad WoD was recieved XD

    5. YukiRaven


      Haha yeah, I get a lot of puzzled looks when I explain that WoD is my favorite expansion.

  8. Actually it's Doom now :-P
  9. Well, it wasn't the last straw, as I still play it. I just cap my characters at 100 and avoid Legion content. Anyway, I really didn't like the additions of the artifact weapons and class halls. The greater emphasis on questing (which I hate doing) was also disappointing, as was the removal of a lot of spells. WoD is actually my favorite expansion.
  10. \m/, *headbangs while grilling chicken* \m/,


    1. Battle_Kirby


      Also half-related:


  11. How so? Like, how to use them?
  12. It's just the straight-up Realm667 fog generator, but I tweaked the DECORATE so that it's opacity is 0.19 and the random spawn positions are a bit tighter. Other than that it's identical to what you download. The purple light is just the point lights used to light up the surrounding area.
  13. Actually that's a good one, and I'd be conflicted between this and Doom 3.
  14. It's my favorite color, so you can be sure there'll be more purple.
  15. Note to self: fog generators work best when they aren't -87 units in the floor.