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  1. My first FPS was wolf3d (I'm 33.5). I don't think I ever really noticed the switch for more than 2 minutes, and thought it was cool but didn't put much thought into it otherwise. It was just another gameplay mechanic, like not using the spacebar to use when I went to Quake.
  2. I spent most of today redoing the lighting for my (still unnamed) Quake level so that it's a bit closer to that trippy color-filled style of my Doom maps.  The levels and delay/wait settings on all the lights were also tweaked quite a bit, as was the settings I'm passing to the "light" program.  Overall, I'm pleased with the results ^_^


    Not all of the work today was spent on lighting, though.  The path to the first key is now complete, some additional detailing was done, and I learned how to do an AND logic gate using only the built-in entities.... which was then scrapped when I changed my mind about some monsters :-P  All of the combat leading up to the first key is also finished and fairly well balanced.  It still needs a lot more testing to be sure, though.


    Newest screens:















    1. everennui


      You're making me want to make quake maps!

      What are the system requirements for TrenchBroom? I've only been able to find something about x86 redistributable C++ 2015.

    2. everennui


      So I just downloaded it... wow. I'm already lost. haha

    3. YukiRaven


      Uhh, probably windows vista or higher and anything more powerful than a leafblower should run it.  I ran it successfully on a core i3 with a graphics chip that couldn't do more than OpenGL v1.1, so it has very modest requirements.

    4. YukiRaven


      Hit me up if you need help getting started :-P

  3. Damn it, now I want to read all of Akira again.
  4. I sorta do the same with boots (witchy looking ones, gothy ones, and combat boots) and most any kind of choker, including kitten gear. I seriously have more pairs of boots than I have pairs of pants XD
  5. I'm disappointed that no one has said they collect spores, molds, and fungus.
  6. A hard G is like the one in "graphics". A short I is like in "if".
  7. If we want to talk digital, then yeah I'd include my music, video, and ISO collection.
  8. I used to collect videogame consoles, but not anymore. It wasn't anything too serious, but I was quite happy with my NeoGeo AES and TurboGrafx-16. What remains of my collection are my Sega Genesis model 1, Sega Saturn, PS2, Dreamcast, original GameBoy, Atari Jaguar, Game Gear, NeoGeo Pocket Color, NES, SNES, N64, and the trusty old Atari 7800. Also an Atari 400 and TI-99/4a if you want to count those as consoles instead of computers. These days I don't collect much, save for a small number of Warhammer 40K figures, and some rocks and gemstones. What I would like to start collecting are all the different tarot card sets out there, but finances say otherwise.
  9. I think we all have embarrassing moments like that in our lives :-P I was at Peter, Paul, and Mary a concert as a kid and had one of those light-up necklaces - you know, the ones that are like really thin glow sticks? Well I had one and it had a small bit that wasn't lighting up, and I kept trying to crack it. Eventually it split and sprayed in my eye. The first aid people just rinsed my eye out with water, and there no damage or anything thankfully. But the next day I got an idea in my head: "What if that gave me the power to climb walls like Spiderman?!" I then attempted this. And failed. And immediately thought, "What the hell was I just thinking?"
  10. It's a wonder I haven't gotten "KMFDM" tattooed on me somewhere yet.
  11. lol he does not :-P
  12. Five cats: Tenchi, a Siamese; Lizzy, who is a long hair tortie with a very sweet personality; Douglass, a medium hair black cat that is extremely mellow; Stormy, a torbie (tortie-tabby color mix) Manx; and last but certainly not least, Nikko, a blonde Norwegian Forest Cat that is just the sweetest thing I've ever met and loves to cuddle in bed. Fish: A Betta named Jack, two angelfish named Dancer and Lace, upside down catfish, pictus catfish, panda catfish, a pleco named Oscar, silver danios, a hujeta gar named Saul, kuhli loaches, some guppies, and I think a few others. We also have a halloween crab named Rick. The funny thing is that I'm extremely allergic to cats.
  13. Relevant to what I posted earlier.
  14. Heh, I know the words to that better than I know my own national anthem. And I don't speak Russian :-P Anyway, I'm mostly solitary and prefer it that way. My inner circle consists of my wife, who is a total nerd like I am; "E", who I met doing aikido, occasionally write music with, and do political stuff with; "C", who introduced me to KMFDM, 2600 magazine, and who has helped me through difficult times; and a few people on here that I've opened up to and have come to feel close to.
  15. Speaking of that area of South America... Yerba mate. That stuff is made of win and unicorns. I pretty much prefer it to coffee, making it my second favorite thing to drink.