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  1. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    A good example of why I also said, "Unless you have a good reason (rugs, spilled liquids, etc)..." ;)
  2. YukiRaven

    your favourite game, with a twist

    That was for the "No lead protagonists" one. Figured a self-made player character didn't count :-P
  3. YukiRaven

    your favourite game, with a twist

    These probably change a bit with the passage of time: - Does World of Warcraft count? - Dance Dance Revolution - Assuming that games with space ships have human pilots unless otherwise stated... Ms. Pac-Man? - Like, where you get in-game money? World of Warcraft. - Warhammer 40K: Space Marine. There's a segment with a titan. - That's most of my favorite games for me - Space Hulk board game
  4. YukiRaven

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    Laurel *click*
  5. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    huh, guess I just never noticed what all is involved. I always draw three sectors, two 24-wide ones for the frame and one 16-wide one for the door itself. Then It's just a matter of assigning the linedefs type 12 (or 11) and hitting tab/up-down/space a few times. The rest I do in 3D mode. I could just be very used to it after doing it for so many years, though (since '95).
  6. It always kind of bothered me that some older shmups don't have any sound for when your own weapon fires. Dead Moon on the PC Engine is one example. Duke 3D's pistol and shotgun were always kind of silly to me. The pistol was more like a box on a handle that made a weak sound, while the shotgun sounded ok but the animation always seemed a bit jerky.
  7. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Just curious, why do you think it's tedious?
  8. YukiRaven

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    Unless you have a good reason (rugs, spilled liquids, etc), don't change floor/ceiling/wall textures without changing something else as well. Change the height/depth or something so that you have a visible seam there. Or use an actual seam-like texture at the transition point. Otherwise it looks funky and rushed. Here's a super quick example. This is in Quake because I don't have access to GZDB right now, but the same applies to Doom. Bad - two different textures without any changes in height: Good (changed height to create a visual seam): Good (same height, but this has a texture that looks like it's for a seam):
  9. YukiRaven

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who dislikes CMake and prefers Autotools... Yeah, dang that lack of languages...
  10. YukiRaven

    Have you used Doom to reduce your anger?

    Nope. But I have used it and other games when I'm anxious to help me through a panic attack, basically as a tool to help take my mind off of whatever was making me anxious.
  11. YukiRaven

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    Always UV for me, for Ultimate, Doom 2, and Final Doom.
  12. YukiRaven

    [Release] Umbra of Fate

    Mission accomplished 😄 I actually like this kind of gameplay, and knew going into it that it wouldn't be for everyone. But making a map with more mainstream/popular gameplay, or that would be well liked by the majority of people, wasn't my goal.
  13. YukiRaven

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    That is exactly what I do as well. The way it scrolls vertically probably is a good reason why so many dislike it. The horizontal screen orientation and vertical scroll makes for an uncomfortable combination.