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  1. I usually start out with a theme or concept, like "dark castle-like area with lightning" or "fiery temple" or "techbase in mountains with crazy lightning". That becomes the overall plan for my map. If I have any specific fights I want to do, I put a basic description of them down on a whiteboard I keep next to my computer. From there I start designing rooms, almost always starting with the start area. Each room is also themed - "vertical-oriented combat", "pretty hallway just meant to connect areas", "arachnotrons as turrets on high alcoves while the rest of the combat is in a pit", "room based on a sound-oriented trap", "as much 3d combat as I can fit", etc. From there I do a basic layout, usually putting in just a few details. I then test it to see if it feels like it'll work, tweaking the design as I need. Sometimes I fill it with temporary monsters at this phase to better test the design. Then I go to town with detailing and lighting. From there I move onto the next room, always keeping my overall theme (and any long-term map plans, like "this needs to lead up to a battle I already planned out for the yellow key") in mind as I go. I usually do some testing and balancing as I go. Not doing so, I found out, is much harder on me. This is the same reason I detail as I go. When the map is pretty much finished, I start testing the heck out of it. To balance difficulties, I expect to die 6+ times on UV and feel somewhat pressed for ammo or health. On HMP, I expect to die at most once or twice and worry only about health. On HNTR I expect to not die at all, finish with 75%+ health, and never feel like I need to worry about health or ammo. I also record the amount of ammo, health, and armor I have each time I finish it, averaging it to get a better feel for the level's ultimate difficulty. Then I let it sit a day or two, then go back and test it one last time on UV. That's my basic workflow. Obviously I adjust it as I need, like recently when I left an less important part of a room (it was just to present a switch) unfinished in Umbra of Fate while I worked on something else. EDIT: Oh yeah, some general rules of thumb I go with: Corners should almost always have something in them or be angled. Never switch textures on the floor/ceiling/walls unless there's a "border" texture in-between them. Doors need frames. Ceilings should have varied height to give a better sense of 3d. Light always needs to come from a source. Lighting takes precedence over detail.
  2. Man I loved that show growing up <3
  3. Serious question: How much would you charge for a commissioned map with a level of detail like Umbra of Fate?

    1. YukiRaven


      I'll have to think about this, then I'll PM you later.


      UoF has taken me about a year to complete (it's one huge level, 10233 sectors right now), so that would be something to keep in mind.

    2. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      Damn, no kidding? I thought it was a MegaWAD!

    3. YukiRaven


      lol nope.  It's just one massive level, equivalent to about three normal ones.  Conceptually it's split into three-ish areas, though.  And it's not a sequel to SoTNR.


      It's a prequel

    4. Mr. Freeze

      Mr. Freeze

      Any idea on how much? 


      If it helps, what would you consider for a detail pass (adding portals, slopes and other fancy graphics to a map)? Or a level the size of Downtown, say?

    5. YukiRaven


      Sent you a PM.


      Honestly, I have yet to use a portal in GZDoom XD  All my 3d stuff is with actual 3d floors.

  4. Got some more work done on Umbra of Fate. All that's left now is the final boss are and the few hallways leading up to it.
  5. DW Furries Mapping Project when?
  6. I can't guarantee that the gameplay I go for will be up your alley, but... here ya go :D Have fun and remember to check the README files. http://alexa.partition36.com/doom/
  7. I accidentally did this with the theme from the first Terminator movie. It was on in the background while I played WoW.
  8. Me three.
  9. I'm the same way. Something about that place fascinates me.
  10. I swear I'll beat this game some day.
  11. If you ever take a detour into Colorado, let me know.