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Status Updates posted by Katamori

  1. I also wanted to highlight in a separate, much shorter post that Doom modding and the insane diversity of maps gave me literally some of the best scenery and imagery I've ever seen in any form of art, let alone video games.


    They invoked so many different feelings, inspirations, they supplemented my stories, my everlasting daydreaming, and even if just merely helped me feel an unusual sense of warmth-infused nostalgia (even for ages I've never witnessed personally) it was already worth it.

    Oh, and Doom made me into oldschool metal, which yielded me two relationships and many of the best friends of my entire lifetime. It's insane to think about it.


    August 17, 2010



    November 12, 2019


    So not only did I miss almost a year of content, but also my 10th anniversary of joining the forums. Great.

    I mean, I don't even know what to say about it, I'm still in shock that I was even brought up because of the Uplink project in the DW Megawad Club!

    Anyways, just wanted to tell that I'm still alive.


    And that this decade was a journey. Oh boy, what a journey! I wasn't even *that* active in the second half, and I mean, Doom modding itself was not a *directly* life-changing experience, but...


    ...but oh boy it DID cause a lot of changes in my life! From drawing maps on paper in high school, up to planning cyberspace maps in the empty hours of commuting to uni at the end of it...the immense sensory impulse I've gathered during the years really boosted a lot on my creativity.

    And it still would if my life wasn't alternating between miraculous living and the deepest corners of Hell periodically during the time. A decade later, it really made me appreciate the older members of the forum I met earlier on. I have no idea how would I have kept up with modding alongside work duty and other everyday tasks, *especially* in an age before the widesperad use of the internet.

    So, yeah, I mean, I'm not a man of words anymore but I'm glad I'm the part of this community, no matter how marginalized.

    1. Chip


      glad to have you back!

    2. Noiser


      A bit late but I'm glad to see you back! Despite not being active on the same period you was, I remember having a lot of fun with Somewhere in Time. Great classic\vanilla wad!

  3. Previously I've mentioned that I had a blackout because of losing one of my winchesters.

    Now I could restore it but sadly, it didn't have any datas on it anymore. I stored my games on it, which is not a big loss - but all my WADs, with more than 3 GBs, that I've selected by hand during 4 years, and also all my Doom projects...

    ...well, they are.

    So I'd like to ask your help! Is there anyone who owns any versions of my megaWAD projects (Somewhere in Time) which has unfinished map? I really need at least MAP04 and MAP11, those are the maps in which I put the most effort.

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    2. Katamori


      It also has some results! What should I do if I found "PWAD"?

    3. GreyGhost


      That hopefully means you've found some wads, if the bytes that immediately follow don't contain plain text. What you need now is a crash course in calculating relative offsets in Hexadecimal to determine where the start of the wad's directory should be. I'll post some more info later after I've had a play with HxD, haven't tried using it to recover files before now.

      EDIT - HxD doesn't support saving blocks of data as files (which is a pest), while those blocks can be copy/pasted into another editor for saving there's a 2 Meg clipboard limit (which is also a pest) so my first attempt at extracting a 19 Meg wad that way was an abject failure. I'm currently trialing another freeware editor called wxHex Editor which looks to be better suited for our purposes (saved that 19 Meg wad with ease), though I had to go back one version to get it running on WinXP. I'll type up a few notes after dinner.

      EDIT #2 - I'm happy with the wxHex Editor works and will post some notes ofter I've finished taking and editing screenshots - and getting some sleep. If you don't have a Hex calculator I'd recommend Hexit, which is more freeware.
      If most of the wads in your collection are zipped or otherwise archived, those search results are hopefully wads you've been editing. If you decide to have a poke around with the disk editor, leave the file mode at "Read Only".

    4. GreyGhost


      Back again, hopefully with a solution. Suppose I should start with the "your mileage may vary" disclaimer bit, since this data extraction method assumes a few conditions are met in order to work.

      • The ascii string "PWAD" is at the start of a disk sector
      • There are no lumps after the wad's internal directory - that doesn't make extraction impossible, just more difficult
      • The file isn't fragmented, which is more likely to be an issue with larger wads
      • The data hasn't been partially overwritten by a newer file, which would suggest the data's from an older version or a deleted file and probably not worth saving
      Assuming you have the disk editor and calculator ready to go, let's get started. The first two steps you're already familiar with from using HxD, the third step's probably the biggest hurdle. Most of the accompanying images are thumbnails so as to not upset the mods.

      Step 1: Open your disk partition (which isn't necessarily E:, that just happens to be my first data partition).

      Step 2: Start your search.

      Step 3: You have a search result (highlighted in blue) and this is where it starts to get interesting. The red lines are sector boundaries and with our highlighted text at the start of a sector we can be fairly sure it's the start of a wad file. The other highlights I've edited in, the lump count in yellow and the offset to the start of the wad directory in green.

      Both of those values are in hexadecimal and Little Endian,so to make sense of them you need to read each set of bytes from right to left when entering them into the calculator, so the offset in that screenshot would be entered as 00 07 2A D0 (without spaces, they're just for readability and you can skip the leading zeros). Make a note of both values as shown and the address from the left-hand column with the big arrow pointing to it - 00039CC000 in this example. The lowercase "h" indicates hexadecimal, the program defaults to decimal but you can cycle through 4 number-bases by right-clicking on that column.

      Step 4: Left-click on the first highlighted character (the start of our file) then right-click and select "Set Selection Block Start".

      Step 5: Here's where you'll need a calculator, since we're about to calculate where the file ends - actually one byte past the end. Using the values in Screenshot 3 as an example - we enter the offset to directory (72AD0) and add to that the lump count multiplied by 16, which in hexadecimal is done by adding a zero. The reason for multiplying is because each lump entry in the directory occupies 16 bytes, 8 of which are reserved for the lump name, the others for size and offset. In this example, the hex value of 30 becomes 300, adding that to the offset gives us a result of 72DD0.

      Step 6: Enter the calculated result into the "Go to Offset" requester, hit Go! and hope for the best.

      Step 7: It looks like we're there (I've highlighted the byte, something the program doesn't do). It might look like we've gone a couple of bytes too far in this case, but those two null bytes have to be considered part of the 8 byte lump name.

      Step 8: Go back one byte to where the directory and file ends, right-click and select "Set Selection Block End".

      Step 9: Save your dump - preferably to another drive. Last thing you want to do is risk overwriting data you're hoping to extract. The block size you're saving (circled in red) should equal the calculator's decimal result.

      Step 10: Return to Step 2.

      Apart from your work-in-progress wads, you're also likely to salvage backups created by map/wad editors and possibly gl wads (.gwa files) created by glBSP, which is what my example wad is.

      Hope this helps. If you get lost, post questions (and values noted down at Step 3) and I'll do what I can to help.

  4. My computer was broken from Christmas to now. Maybe I lost all the WADs I've ever collected AND CREATED, but I still hope that I can save them. I'd get a heart attack if I'd lose the unreleased Nukepolis map from Somewhere in Time...

    ...anyway, what happened in the world of Doom since?

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    2. 40oz


      My perception of time is really weird sorry

    3. Memfis


      Wow that sucks, if you are looking for some Somewhere in Time maps, just tell me, I think I still have many of them. (and if you need more testing, I'd be happy to help again by the way)

    4. Katamori


      Oh thanks Memfis, that'd a lot in case of emergency!

  5. For celebrating the 20th birthday of Doom, I played through the whole game, in UV difficulty!

    If you just want to know my most important thoughts, then go to 2:28:30 - everything I should write down here was explained in the last 9 minutes =)

  6. God damnit, Youtube.

    What do you think about it?

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      My win7 laptop constantly crashes with blue-screen-of-death IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_EQUAL, etc. errors. My 12 year old XP computers don't.

    3. Dragonsbrethren


      Maybe you should fix that laptop, rather than blaming the OS?

    4. TimeOfDeath


      I've tried fixing it but it's a PITA trying to figure out what's causing the problem. Apparently it's a pretty common error regarding different things. I rarely even use the laptop and it's only been connected to the internet a few times. I don't really have anything against win7 in general, it's just these errors piss me off and they don't happen on my XP or Vista comps.

  7. Another 22nd of October. There are 3 birthdays today (at least), mine, NoneeLlama's and purist's b-day. However, mine is a bit different.

    Because today I have become 20 years old. Gosh, two whole decades. Internet almost didn't even exist when I was born! So long ago, and even just a small piace of a human's life.

    Also, for now, the number of the years even officially start with number 2 - partially, this is the final end of my childhood. A bit disturbing to be honest.

    Anyway, I should explain some serious things now, since this number is so important...but I don't want to do it somehow. I'm damn lazy.

    One day I may regret that I didn't explain my inmost feelings, but in fact, it's not even that important. A part of me can be found even here. And a lot of smaller pieces around the world. Either on the internet, or in my real life, I have an impact (even though sometimes I didn't agree with it...damn lack of self-confidence), and I've explained my most important feelings and opinions several times before.

    I've even had an interesting, semi-agressive discussion with Antroid because of that. :D

    Anyway, I'm still not a whole human; I mean, I have several missing pieces. It can be reasoned with the past 20 years exactly; but I don't want to blame anyone: neither myself, nor my parents, nor anyone. The only I can do (and the only that makes sense) is to hope, and wait. Not for the miracles, but for the future. I think I can find those missing pieces through the flow of time.

    And if not...well, I don't know, what's then.

    I will decide about it later.

    With 20 years of craziness, idiotism, enthusiasm, hope and brainstorming,
    Zoltán "Katamori" Schmidt

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    2. Springy


      Happy Birthday sunshine! Stop hanging about Doomworld and get hammered already!

    3. purist


      Thanks for remembering my birthday and I hope you had a good one yourself. Enjoy your 20s pal - it's your prime. As a now 32 year old I can say with experience to enjoy your disposable income, free time, lack of aches and pains and mild hangovers while you can!

      Also, I found work and maturity much easier than school and childhood. People are less immature and while there will always be pricks I've found they thin out and become easier to ignore as you get older. So don't worry about that. Apply some confidence - it's not as hard as you imagine.

    4. Katamori


      Thank you guys!

      Eris, firstly I thought that you mean the "Katamori" name which is not even origined from me :P actually, Zoltan neither, but that's a bit different. :D

      Springy, my friends were busy so I did it a bit earlier, on Saturday :P

      purist, sadly, I know a lot of immature (or at least simply idiot) people even around this age. Being stupid is ageless.

  8. I still don't have audience, lol.

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    2. Eris


      I'm the guy who gets all excited when a video's view count hits a multiple of 10 :P
      Perhaps I should make more MIDIs.

    3. Katamori


      For me, foreign popularity and hungarian popularity is two different things, because among the latter people, my name is known because of Minecraft, not because of Doom. And I want to make Doom popular, not to make myself popular because of MC while I do Doom.

      Congrats for both of them anyway!

    4. SavageCorona


      Eris Falling said:

      I'm the guy who gets all excited when a video's view count hits a multiple of 10 :P
      Perhaps I should make more MIDIs.

      Actually I have 58 subscribers. Well you were 4 off.

  9. (my first blog post)

    Compared to most of active members on the Doomworld Forums, I'm a (kinda) freshman. The third year anniversary is coming for me within 9 days. I don't want to make any special thing for that, since it's not more than just forum membership...

    ...except this post. Because it makes me remind that I have to tell something.

    Obviously, 3 years isn't much from the whole history of DWF, threads we can see in /vb is not even the whole stuff (if I know well, pre-2000 stuffs are from another place) which means at least 15 years of forum history. That's helluva lot of days, months, threads, posts, members (some of them aren't even among us - think of Espi), discussions, argues and events that had happened. And I missed a lot of them!

    Of course, I have nothing to blame for it. I'm just too young. I have the chance (and the ability) to write previously happened discussions and comments.

    Things are getting worse when I'm doing it.

    I've played some of the third part of Community is Falling and read a bunch of threads, opinions and posts here (and on other places too) and I seriously can't get, what the hell is going on.

    With a kinda accurate suggestion (at least accurate IMO) the average age of members must be around 25-30, maybe even more. Though, a lot of childish, ridiculous and terrible argues have happened here - BrutalDoom, Graf Zahl's ragequit, the constant hatred between "old-school Doomers" and "ZDoomers" , atred between Zandronum and ZDaemon users, the bullshit around deathz0r (actually it's didn't happen on DW), et cetera.

    Maybe "argue" is not the right word for it, but please, I'm sorry that with my decent English knowledge, I can't find any words for those shameful, strongly annoying behaviours and unnecessary series of useless and trollish shitposting I've seen.

    I love being here anyway, I just can't get the behaviour of some people - and mostly, I can't get,why people can NEVER live in peace?!

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    2. Remiel


      Most regulars are, too.

    3. Eris


      BloodyAcid said:

      Our adolescent summers are filled with nothing but Doom modding.

      Huh, and they tried to make me get a job :P

      I said:

      *2 really odd posts

      wtf is this shit? This is why you don't stay up for 18 hours on 5 hours sleep.

    4. Katamori


      darkreaver said:

      All newbies are fags. Deal with it.

      Remiel said:

      Most regulars are, too.


  10. Anywhere (even in the Stronghold WAD) when I hear or read the word: Armageddon, I immediately associate to this fantastic metal soundtrack:

    What do you think is it a strange habid?
    Also, do you like the music? :D

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    2. Phobus


      Enjay said:

      Heh, when I saw the title, I thought it was going to be about this faek:

      Ha, I remember first hearing about that - true or not, its funny!

      I personally think of the end of the world, followed by Carmageddon 64, followed by the aforementioned funny sound clip and then Worms to some extent.

    3. Bashe



      This crappy mod from ages ago. It's pretty bad, but it was one of the first wads I ever played so it has a special nostalgic place in my heart.

    4. deathbringer


      Phobus said:

      Ha, I remember first hearing about that - true or not, its funny!

      It was first told to me at a party by a supposed "male nurse" who was probably the only straight in the room. I beleived it for years before I looked online.