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  1. Phobus

    Doomworld Fantasy Megawad

    This process was exactly how I made my Persephone volumes - volume one in particular has DECORATE renditions of the Imps and decorations in GOTHMASH (for my MAYhem 2048 map) as well as Christmas stuff (for Twisted Joke). It's pretty easy to do in GZDoom, although it can take up some time, and you can't encapsulate everything that can be achieved in other source ports perfectly, but for simple DeHackEd or sprite replacement stuff, it's perfectly adequate. A theoretical volume 4 would have a load of DBP maps and each map would be using it's own resource sets.
  2. MAP02 - “La Rue de la Haine” by Vertigo, glenzinho The music for this map is, frankly, ridiculous. I love it. The map itself mixes a more traditional Doom interior (with looping progression) with an exterior section that's drenched in the industrial squalor of the set. This latter section killed me, as I completely forgot about the Mancubi until it was a bit late. Fortunately I'd saved before stepping outside and could exact revenge quickly, my rampaging eyeball monster protagonist not happy with my poor playing. I made it up to him by finding both secrets, although the nested soulsphere seems unnecessary when there's at least 50 health potions in the main secret. This is my first sighting of this DBP's benevolent(ish) overseer, the Tomatoman64. Something of a mascot, these Tomatomen, although only since DBP18. This map is, as desired by glenzinho, "Doomy". You're into the action straight away and things move along at a decent pace, with the level reacting to your progress, pitching more enemies at you as you go. Good times, with plenty of personality. One thing I have noticed on this play through is that the black centre of the Mancubus projectile (when seen face-on) is being rendered transparent in GZDoom, which is pretty distracting. Fortunately the fire around it is nicely visible still.
  3. Phobus

    DBP30: The Magnificent Five

    I was pretty excited to map for this when it first came up, but didn't get around to it in the end, so my only interaction with it before release was checking the resources early on and testing a near-final copy of the set to check for GLDEFS-related sprite changes that I'd need to address. I have to say that the end result is a pretty cool package! Billy's sprite work with the enemies is great, and has really opened up the theme for future level designers (it's up there with Christmas now for completeness, I think) and the resources from Fistful of Doom and Boot Hill have added plenty of texturing flair. The five levels are a good, fun, quick blast and the 5 weapon balance is nicely executed. Good job team!
  4. As promised, I'm back! I'll be playing in GZDoom (4.4.2, because I've not gotten round to updating yet) on UV, with mouse look, continuously with saves. I've also got Doomid's skins pack loaded, so I picked out the eyeball for this set, to match a motif! I've played this a couple of times already, as I did mean to map for it, but never quite got something started. Instead I did a lot of testing, including taking part on the Zandronum co-op test (we add Cyberdemons...), and made the GLDEFS, which was my most thorough lighting definitions change for a DBP ever, as everything needed matching both to the new palette and the new sprites from Doom 64 (and in the style thereof). This is a really thorough work by Billy, and I'm glad to have managed to get a fingertip on it, even if not a whole hand! The other mappers really stepped up with this one too, with perhaps one or two exceptions that we'll get into later on down the line. MAP01 - “Arrivée” by Big Ol’ Billy In any project with significant changes and a major theme, it pays to set out your stall early. Billy does exactly this, setting up a big level that demonstrates most of the changed enemies (although it's quite easy to miss the ghostly Grim Reaper Arch-Vile replacement), introducing most of the weapons (I missed two secrets, so I can't remember if the rocket launcher shows up or not... It probably does) and having a lot of the new textures and theming, including the damned children, barrels that burst to set loose mechanical spiders and other tricks like the pickup sprites flashing bright to help them stand out in the moody palette. The level itself has plenty of little side areas and nooks and crannies to poke around in, usually furnished with health and armour bonuses or little ammo pickups, making it a joy to explore. The difficulty is quite mixed, as the space is generally wide and open, but there's just enough hitscanners to have you scrambling for cover, plus the Imps and Nightmare Imps firing from afar might catch you out and land you more damage than you'd initially expect. A background of "silly French accordion music" is quite a lot of the soundtrack, helping establish the surrealist nature of our dystopian steampunk adventure. A nice part of this map is that Billy, who often maps the projects he leads with an eye on the bigger picture, incorporated elements of later maps that have story significance here. You'll see what I mean as we progress, but suffice it to say that the views are often functional. A very strong opener, IMO, although in keeping with a lot of Billy's mapping, progression is a little obscured and often involves exploration or light puzzle-solving, which in a big open space with a lot of optional side parts can make for a bit of confusion and potentially a long play time.
  5. I had a crack at MudRunner last night, as it's free on Epic Games Store and seems interesting. Apparently it's an indie game and a spin off of another game by the same studio called Spintires. The graphics aren't the best, even maxed out, but the game runs smoothly, the visual effects and terrain/water stuff is very passable and the simulation aspect seems pretty strong. I did the tutorial and five challenges of the nine, as they're meant to continue teaching you before you get into the single player properly. It's kind of fun, and has some decent challenge when you're doing fiddly off-roading or trying to meet a deadline, but I'm not sure it'll draw me back in too much - not when there's some properly great stuff to play still and plenty of maps to make/play for/in Doom still.
  6. Ho ho ho! I'll be back tomorrow (oh-oh)!
  7. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    Well, that was quick!
  8. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    MAP30: Extinction Burst This is a strong final level, and a high note to end on. Things seem tough, but easy to get to secrets, decent early supplies and possibly a little GZDoom luck on my side (particularly with the little maze at the end, where the Cyberdemon rockets couldn't clear the walls and I was safe until they lowered). The music is hectic, the challenge works through multiple stages and there's no stupid IoS fight (we got that in the last map, instead). No complaints here, I had a blast with this one. And that brings me to the end of the WAD. 32 maps played in 30 days. Probably five or six that I didn't enjoy much at all, maybe 10-15 really strong ones and the remainder were serviceable, functional and generally alright. First episode definitely was the weakest for me, whilst the third had the best highlight maps and the second was probably strongest overall... I think. Third might have just pipped it, with the great city theme and sky. I summarised my overall thoughts for the map set in my post for MAP29, and I stand by that assessment. This is a strong mapset from a technical perspective, and something I can respect as a mapper, but not necessarily one I'd recommend to play for the average player. I suspect it's going to be under strong consideration for the awards in 10 days time, though, as it's quite the feat! Congratulations to @Scypek2 on this set and all you've managed. Hopefully we continue to see maps from you pushing the boundaries of Doom. As for the vote for next month, I guess I'll go with the flow and rule out my last vote (I'll cross it out in my other post, or something) in favour of: +++ DBP26, DBP07, DBP19 It's a shame 19 won't fall on "the 12 days of Christmas" like I'd originally hoped, but this does incorporate both Xmas sets and one of the strongest DBP themes to date. Plus I didn't map for 2/3 of these, so I don't have to try and dredge up anything to say :P
  9. Phobus

    DBP19: A Doomer Boards Christmas Carol

    Might be lucky and have this to play in the DWMC, too, so this is great timing on a fresh version!
  10. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    MAP29: Sheer Poison This map was everything I thought it would be: frustrating, tiresome and a little too high pressure to enjoy. The monster spawner section at the end definitely didn't help, and I'll confess that, after dying whilst trying to get to the fully raised platform that would've gotten me out of the map legitimately, I loaded up my save and just cheated my way up. I used as many tricks as I could to cheese my way through most of the map, like standing on the edge of stairs (where your centre isn't touching a floor and therefore you don't get damaged) in order to have a moment's respite to save and think. I also had a spare save at the start of the level in case I ended up in an unsalvageable situation. I found four of the secrets, but due to the constant damaging nature of the map, combined with the non-linear progression and deliberate maziness, I probably squandered a lot of the benefit of each - particularly the Invulnverability. All told, simply not my kind of map. I can respect the effort that goes into it all working (aside from the radsuit secret by the maze, which you can get shut inside of) and balancing the health so that it's beatable, but the basic idea is frustrating and not a lot of fun, so quality of execution is very much an academic point. This is probably my overarching feel of this megaWAD thus far - the technical side of it is impressive, which is something I can appreciate on a mapper-to-mapper level, but the actual enjoyability is very uneven, which would make this a tough map set to recommend.
  11. Phobus

    What are you playing now?

    Time for my final CC3-related bump of this thread! I beat the last five levels in one lengthy sitting, which brought my total play time (minus deaths) to 11 hours and 6 minutes, which is a long, long time. Somewhere around three hours of that was just these five maps... MAP26: Hybrid Envy by Dr. Zin This map was not really what I expected (I'm beginning to wonder what map set I was thinking of with the maps I vaguely remember from 13-17 years ago) and also wasn't particularly impressive. It's another big cave level, with 406 enemies in that you mostly just grind down, all to the frequently looping background of "Intermission from Doom". My main issue is that a lot of the map is just padding - basically any time you're in a grey cave section, you're just chewing through Spectres, often on your way to a dead end. For some reason grabbing a mega armour seems to be part of mandatory progression at some point, but otherwise the bulk of playing the level is working your way through forked paths. You often find they either connect up again straight away, but if not, on path will be closed until you've been done the other to open it. Generally speaking, there's a lot of space and a lot of ammo. If you've come in continuous, this is pretty breezy, but just time consuming. After the next four maps, it was already fading from my memory, which can't be a good sign. I found both secrets here, as they were relatively easy to spot and quite early in the running. MAP27: Ruby Abyss by The Green Herring Very much "a red map". As with the other maps TGH worked on, this has plenty of visual Boom effects and fairly grindy game play that is often against homogenous hordes, with tougher battles mixing up two types of enemies at most, and a lot of the gun play being in tight-ish spaces or through doorways. Shoot switches make a return to mandatory progression, as does the tedious trope of having to hit multiple switches to do one thing, with one switch usually opening the next in a sequence that might feel like it's going on a bit too long, all in one room. The level itself is built along these lines, being a hub spoke design where completing each section peels a layer of the FIREBLU onion in the middle. There's a pretty nasty ambush early on, when you get the yellow skull key and then have to step out into a newly-enlarged room with a load of chaingunners and Hell Knights taking up space and dealing heavy damage. A continuous BFG helped me out immensely here, and I'm not sure how I'd have made it out of there without it - perhaps running to better cover in one of the marble bunkers. There were four secrets, which may all have been blue armours up near the first range of shoot switches, but I never worked out how to get to any of them. With the flexibility of Boom linedef actions over vanilla/limit-removing, I suspect I'd need to be a bit more imaginative to stand a chance... Especially given how the normal progression is in TGH maps in this set! Memorable, but not great by any measure. MAP28: Token Arch-Vile by RjY This is a big, dumb slaughter map. Continuous players can kill the titular AV early on, whilst pistol starters will want to run from it and take on the Demons with the berserk. After that you do a little work in the cave and head out into a large open field, where a load of pentagrams light up and enemies pour in. If you're sharp-eyed, you'll get the yellow skull key before triggering this wave, so you can easily grab the green armour and escape whilst the enemies mix it up with each other. Get through the surprisingly brutal central building (the only way to cross the nukage river) and trigger a similarly big wave on the other side. You might as well run from this too and go to the other building to get the rocket launcher and blue skull. Doing this and leaving the building triggers another wave on the second side, then crossing the stream triggers another wave on the first side. Getting back up into the cave whilst infighting is occurring between the escalating enemy composition outside gets you a BFG and a teleport to the red skull. Walk forward and you're teleported back to the second side, trigger another wave (including some Spider Masterminds). Cross the river and trigger a final wave with some Cyberdemons in it. Basically, if you want to see the better part of 800 monsters infight to death within 10-15 minutes, this is for you. You've got plenty of space to evade, a decent supply of health, armour and ammo, no secrets to find and enough weapons to target any bothersome enemies whilst the brawl is working itself out. I don't like this map. MAP29: For We Are Many by Matt Tropiano A map that starts with roughly 1400 enemies on UV and makes a point of dropping Arch-Viles in areas you've cleared to inflate that count significantly (plus there's a fair few Pain Elementals). This map is repetitive. Visually, a lot of structures and details are reused a lot, architecturally you'll be going through a lot of similar large hallways and as hinted at, you'll be playing through every area twice, often fighting the same enemies again. The maze section is by far the worst offender for sheer same-iness and repetition, almost appearing to be made out of a few template corridor sections arranged in a big grid, but it's all over the map. You've got a huge excess of ammo, particularly playing continuous, and health and armour are generally present and plentiful. Of course, I died, because it's a map that engenders impatience and has you trying to BFG rush Cyberdemons and hordes of Revenants at close quarters to hurry things along. It probably took me 80 minutes to beat this, and I can't, for the life of me, work out why it's so often cited as the stand-out of this set. It's the longest map with the highest enemy count, certainly, but this is in no way a great. MAP30: Leviathan by Matt Tropiano (as well) This is pretty good, and a decent note to end the map on. The first section isn't great, and continues the unnecessary symmetry and repetition exhibited in the previous map, with a Spider Mastermind - switch - key - ambush set up mirrored either side of the starting bit. However, once you've gone through this and the Cyberdemon, you get to a nice void area that is open and abstract enough to provide multiple angles of enemy attack and opens up nicely before shutting you into a specific route to the finale. There's a brief interlude between this section and the Icon of Sin encounter, where you tool up and dive into a Lovecraftian fleshy blob's mouth. The final fight took me two attempts, but it's a bit of a gimme once you've worked it out, as there's two invulnerability spheres on UV and once you've found the blue skull key and worked out the mechanism, it only takes a couple of rockets to put the map set to bed. All told, this isn't the set I thought it was, and a lot of the maps aren't as good as I'd hoped they'd be. We've been spoiled by great releases and massive advances in editing tools and source ports since then, so I guess it's understandable, but I can't help but think of my latest experience with this .WAD as a bit of a grind. Plenty of decent maps, but nothing jumps out to me as an all-time great. I'll have to revisit another megaWAD from pre-2010 at some point in my quest to find out what megaWAD I actually have in mind. I suspect I'll be back to this thread in a couple of weeks or so, to play the 12 days of Christmas with DBP19, as it doesn't look set to be the DWMC pick.
  12. @loveless I've got games from eight years ago I've not gotten round to starting yet - some of which cost me good money! I try to convince myself that I'll get round to all of them eventually, but between work, Doom, the free time dynamics that come with living with my girlfriend and the fact that various game stores have been giving me free cool stuff weekly or monthly for years, I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever manage it. Even for gifts, I'm up to three or four years behind for some of them, although at least they're in retro gaming compilations where I have played at least half of the compilation by now.
  13. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    @TheNoob_Gamer - Moving around was enough for me to see what was happening after your description, and indeed looking up does throw it out completely, but from a starting perspective that's still a clever trick! MAP28: Reunion This map has a decent initial resource scrambling battle, but after that just pads out the time with a simple repeating formula until we do the exit, which continues the story and has a good setup for the next map, complete with some text to let us know what's what. I didn't find either secret, but didn't really need them, plus Gez has already explained progression, so I knew I'd not be carrying anything over. Music in this map is the same as the title track, which was an interesting continuation on loading the game up! Not looking forward to tomorrow's map, but we're two days from the end, so I'll try and soldier through.
  14. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    MAP27: Pushback We've made it to that portal the second NoPants2 marine in our story saw rising as he died, and can jump in... Right after we deal with this level. It's a pretty small level, which is ideal, as the amount of pressure you get from five Cyberdemons that jump in to defend the portal as soon as you grab the yellow key is pretty difficult to manage. I died a load of times on this map, stealing the opportunity to save when I got a moment, which kept the frustration a little at bay, but this is the kind of setup where I simply don't avoid taking damage, even with the handy secret early in the map that gave me a BFG to beat my way through the bulk of the level with. I correctly surmised we'd have a big bulk of cells to take on the Cybs with near the end (many reckless BFG-based deaths were had) and took a violent rushing approach. I's challenging, rough and short. Seems perfectly acceptable for this point in a megaWAD, and moves the story on nicely by getting our remaining marine to Hell. Incidentally, it looks like the sky in MAP28 is back to the first episode one. How was that achieved in vanilla?
  15. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    I see my secret hunting skills are too good! Oh well... Not the worst failing to have, and it's good to know 100% completion enthusiasts have been catered for!