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  1. Whilst getting my morning take on how shit my country is, I spotted this. In it, Romero discusses the merit of old-school shooters (in particular, how a well-crafted weapon set is much nicer than what modern games have), whilst Adventures of Square is name-checked, as are Dusk, Amid Evil and Hexen.
  2. Phobus

    [GZDoom Singleplayer Map] Suspicious Journey

    Nice-looking GZDoom map you've made here! I found the difficulty well-pitched on UV, as I died running into the outside area once (all the hitscanners up high and getting snagged on the bushes is what did for me) and kept finding myself precariously low on health, but able to dig my way back out. The ammo just appearing unannounced felt a bit weird, but was needed for what I was doing. Even if there'd been some item spawning fog or teleport fog I think it'd have felt a bit more coherent. Also, in the blue-key arena, you've got all cog warning signs on one side, and all poison warning ones on the other, aside from the corners left and right of the entrance door, where they're swapped. Made me feel like they're the clue to the secret, which only wasted a little time. I did find the actual secret trail, which added a bit of risk for the eventual reward. The two soul spheres that I collected (one from the secret and one from the course of play) were much-needed, but I kind of squandered the megasphere and had to play carefully to beat the end. Still, nice map, with plenty of colour and scenery and a reasonably difficult UV for my tastes. Good work.
  3. Strangely large-scaled map with an E1 theme and E2 enemy roster. The wide open spaces and reasonable height variation, combined with being frequently surrounded meant I was taking a lot of attrition damage, which did kill me once and made my second play through a bit more cautious. Not a bad map, with difficulty pitched pretty well for a quick blast.
  4. Phobus

    Best FPS game (Aside from Doom)

    So much love for Blood here... I just don't get it. If it wasn't for Fresh Supply allowing you to actually balance the game with the Made to Order menu, I'd suggest it's one of the less playable old FPS games out there... And the fucking Gargoyles and bats can barely get off of the ceiling! Yeah, the theme is cool, it's got plenty of great references and some interesting weapons, but it's hardly the pinnacle of FPS game mechanics.
  5. Phobus

    Things that you Loved but now Hate

    Ha, tell me about it... I'm 30 next week. I think the worst bit with that is it's a milestone, so people (immediate family and girlfriend, to be fair, so I know they mean well) want to make a really big deal about it and seem disappointed in me for not having grand ideas or ambitious celebration plans. I kind of feel guilty that they're so keen to splash out for me. On the topic, and as this is in Doom, I used to love the idea of playing the biggest and baddest stuff out there. Alien Vendetta and all that. I'd hammer away at it, save scum and generally do my best to beat it, because it being big and hard (phrasing?) was all part of the appeal. I don't have the time for that shit now, and bigger and badder is gigantic and ridiculous these days, so I appreciate the craft, to an extent, but it's not for me. I hate getting bogged down in Doom these days (also other games - I much prefer to have a good time beating stuff and seeing as much as there is to offer).
  6. Phobus

    What's the most memorable game you've ever played?

    Pretty sure he's Gen X, but congratulations on outing yourself as a child. As for the topic at hand... It's difficult. I remember a lot of games surprisingly well, considering how many I've played. The older, simpler ones with less sound variety definitely have more potential to hook into your mind, though, so something like the original Destruction Derby, which I've not played for decades but could still quote and describe must be a good example. Or One Must Fall 2097, thanks to the soundtrack and concept.
  7. To be fair, not all metal heads are shitty elitists. I'd like to think I'm not! But the ones that are elitists are normally shitty, and I'd stand by that firmly. As soon as somebody is claiming something isn't "real metal" or similar, you've got an elitist on your hands, and I'm certain they can quickly be dismissed. Especially if it emerges that they're just parroting an opinion they've seen and have no idea of the band they're talking about.
  8. I've made attempts at melding Doom and Star Wing, and also put ideas from Mario 64 and Metroid Prime in maps, although the latter never actually got released. If I were to try again with a new idea? Probably more Duke 3D style interactivity, attitude and Easter Eggs. Or heavy use of GZDoom features to make something a bit more like Quake, although that's been done many times now.
  9. I do not understand why this divide could exist, to be honest. Like, I view it all as a continuum, one which I would suggest I like a pretty broad middle section of. Evidently, older rock bands like Led Zeppelin and even KISS (War Machine and God of Thunder spring to mind) seemed to have no trouble leaning into Heavy Metal, whilst notable metal bands of a slightly fresher vintage can lean into Hard Rock (what is Metallica's black album, if not this?) or even a proper rock power ballad (Iron Maiden - Wasting Love, is my main example). Fuck it, to use a more recent example, Nickelback (a band it's weirdly cool not to like even though they're insanely popular and successful) even went in the direction of old school Heavy Metal with the song "Feed the Machine", which was a definite highlight to seeing them live. Then again, they often sneak a hard rock song or two into the albums... But this was the lead single! I get that these days it's all cool to be in your specific niche (the more extreme or underground, the better) and that everything popular sucks... But good music isn't defined by genre. It's defined by whether you like it or not. I'm just as happy listening to a decent indie tune like "I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor" as I am listening to 7 minutes or so of Mors Principium Est growling about cosmic horror or the violence of war over their melodic death metal instrumentation. If it's too soft and not fun, I get bored, and if it's hyper-condensed aggression that I can't discern any meaning or tune from, it falls into "just noise".
  10. Having been to Slipknot's 2014-2015 "Prepare for Hell Tour" and Linkin Park's 2017 "One More Light" tour shortly before Chester Bennington's death, I can safely say that these two bands have fuck all to do with each other, and barely ever did. Of course, ignorance is a lot of why metalheads are shitty elitists anyway. Along a similar vein, having been to Slayer's farewell tour last year, where they commemorated Jeff Hanneman's death (with a giant Heineken-inspired backdrop banner), I can tell @Jason that they won't be going on many more tours either, or playing many more shows after this week. They have a lot more in common with Slipknot than the latter do with Limp Bizkit, but then, anybody knows that when they're not just indulging in stereotypes and bullshit.
  11. Phobus


    A more indicative thread title may have gotten this thread a bit more attention! I do implement difficulty levels, so you don't need to play on Ultra-Violence if it's proving difficult to beat. Most level sets these days are pretty hard compared to the original game. A lot of level authors, like myself, have played this game on and off for 25 years or so now, so our baseline is a bit higher than it used to be.
  12. I feel like half of what's being said here actually has some merit and it's the inherent ridiculous elitism that a lot of metalheads seem to harbour they makes these issues. Like, I'm into a pretty wide range of metal. Korn and Slipknot included. Led Zeppelin definitely had a major influence on bands like Slayer (particularly the drums) who in turn influenced a huge amount of the extreme metal that followed. Metallica are the single most successful (financially, is my understanding) metal band and made great thrash metal back in the 80s, then experimented since then to mixed results. I suspect said success almost entirely lies in how their self-titled album made them more accessible to a wider audience. Really, the biggest thing you shouldn't do with a metalhead, probably myself included, is try to get into saying what is and isn't metal, and what particular genre a particular band are. Hell, even particular albums and probably some songs would be divisive.
  13. I'll link this here too: File: ph_Hellforged_SM01.wad Map name: Debased Theme: Hell-base Build Time: 2 hours Map Format: UDMF (GZDoom - latest version recommended) Sky Credit: id Software (Doom 3 "Hell 2" skybox walls) Music: MIDI of In Flames - Dead Eternity Additional Lump: ZMAPINFO
  14. Assuming we're talking Doomguy rather than the Doom Slayer (who is ridiculously OP in-story), then Master Chief has all the odds stacked in his favour according to the backstory (even though in-game this isn't particularly well-reflected). As Gez pointed out, you're basically saying a load of well-armed tough guys fight against a super soldier in power armour and a scientist in an advanced haz-mat suit. Rating them by their opposition isn't much help either, as they all fight planetary invasion forces of super-human adversaries and usually unambiguously succeed in at least their own sphere of influence. Throwing more FPS protagonists into the mix, and assuming everybody involved is fully-armed and equipped with maximum health and armour, I'd argue that the Cleric from HeXen getting a shot off with his Wraithverge would be a game changer, as spiritual damage from a horde of autonomous ghosts would be difficult for most other protagonists to fight back against, even taking backstory and lore into account (again, the Doom Slayer can probably bumpf his way out of this).
  15. Phobus

    Remember the old arcades?

    House of the Dead 3 stands out to me. Those shotguns were so cool, and my brother and I managed to get through it on one of our first attempts. Livened up an otherwise forgettable holiday camp trip.