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  1. I've put a bit of time into this compilation process. There's a few minor bug fixes and tweaks from the individual Volumes, but if you've already got both, the only thing this adds is convenience, really: Download Persephone (combined Volumes 1 and 2 into one .WAD)
  2. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP25 - this feels quite a bit like an E4 sort of map, what with the blood, marble, high damage potential and relatively tight ammo balance. The starting position is a tough breach, then things are a bit more casual. The hidden AVs in the fiery crosses at the end were a dick move that claimed a couple of undeserved kills in an otherwise perfectly beatable map, but I worked it out and used mouselook to my advantage.
  3. I've just been testing my compilation of Persephone Volumes 1 and 2 (have I mentioned them enough, yet?*) and got up to The Metal (MAP17 - previously MAYhem 2012 MAP06), where I ran into an issue that I thought I'd ask about. Basically, the secret BFG in that map can be gotten to by either doing some really fiddly SR40 platforming across 32-unit detail sectors, or once you're at the end of the map it's an easy jump. Of course, once you're at the right sector, you have to know to press the different METAL texture to gain access. The thing is, in Persephone Vol. 2, you get reset to a pistol start every map because it's a compilation of maps that have nothing to do with each other, so that BFG is, at best, for about 70 monsters. In MAYhem it's a bit more useful, as there's harder maps that follow it. My thoughts were, aside from that lovely sensation of 100% secrets, is it worth it? Have you see any secrets where you either have to work so hard for relatively little reward, or, worse, you get done over Serious Sam style for the tiniest of benefits? Name and shame! You know you love a good bitching session. I certainly do. *Play my stuff!
  4. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    @Capellan is a cool dude, so I'm up for that. +++ DOOM 404
  5. Phobus

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Nearly done with this, which is also serving as a bugfixing trip...
  6. Phobus

    What are you playing now?

    I'm currently playing through a merging of Persephone Volume 2 and Volume 1 to make sure I didn't break anything in the process. Just got into Claws of the Enraged Beast (in a bit under two hours) and saw that the title wraps onto a second line in GZDoom, which is something I'm sure it didn't do earlier. I mean, it is long, so I'm not surprised, as such, but it is something I want to either make look better, or fix. Other things I noticed: The Quake rock texture and the four patches for the sky in Centurion Night were in the WAD twice. Fixed this. Each volume defines different WFALL textures, with Volume 1 using the darker ones in NBRECOLOR and Volume 2 using the "normal" one from Plutonia. I've preserved the N_WFALL ones for Vigilance and made the "normal" ones standard for other parts of the WAD. Most of the patches for GOTHMIX that were used in Abandon All Hope were duplicated, for some reason. That's been fixed. The alt-hud provides an "interface spoiler" that a new ammo type has been added, which people might recognise from Virus. Not a lot I can do about that, I think... Plus it's not in a secret level. More of a bonus for Volume 2, really, accessible in the normal running of things. Twisted Joke being incompatible with weapon mods was actually fixed for Volume 1, as it uses a redefined Rocket Launcher firing festive rockets. You just won't see whatever the rocket launcher and plasma rifle replacements are from your mod in that level. EDIT: OK, the LOADACS scripts were setting the HUDSIZE to 320x240, which was evidently too small. I've changed to 480x360 instead, so that it's not a huge difference in text size, and that's solved it in GZDoom. I guess I'll finish my test and then double check by just starting each map in ZDoom 2.8.1, as that's the "target" port.
  7. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP24 - With the monster count, I had hopes of something a little more traditional, which I'd say I largely got. Hearing a Cyberdemon and SMM on the first shot fired is a bit of a give away as to how the map is likely to go, but you don't see either until after you've been given a BFG. The three-key set up is a bit of a misdirection, though, as the blue skull is only for a secret (that the enemies are likely to reveal for you). The central room feels reasonably classic, although as the AV and horde of pinkies comes and blocks the door from the start area pretty quickly, I found continuous was welcome once more. It felt a bit like a '95 map, to be honest, with the rough design and raw concepts, but it was quick and playable.
  8. Phobus

    Personal Wads.

    @MetalDoom1225 - Persephone Volume 1 and Volume 2 will keep you busy if you like a bit of variety. There will be a volume 3 at some point and I'll probably compile things together after that... Might even put vol. 1 and 2 together before then, come to think of it. If you like what you've seen and fancy a deeper cut, there's always my portfolio.
  9. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP23 - I didn't like it at the start. Feeling isolated to the limited safe land available and surrounded by Revenants and Arch-Viles with minimal cover wasn't a fun experience. Then I jumped over the edge and found life a bit easier. After a couple of poor attempts, I got the start cleared and got into the level proper. It's actually a pretty good adventure through Hell, albeit fraught with Arch-Viles and Revenants. There's a fair bit of platforming of the SR40 variety and the ending is so abrupt that my BFG rush on the final AV was interrupted by the map ending. Speaking of the BFG, the map does give it to you, but I'm really glad I started with it.
  10. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP22 - Sort of like a hard, hellish, very tall take on the concept that drove MAP03. It's not pretty and it's very easy to have no idea what's going on... But the twin clouds of cacodemons at the start has the effect of ensuring you can't camp the starting building and for very long and the various Revenant turrets guarantee that you won't stand still for long out in the open. Most of the Arch-Viles were in large open areas or confined to platforms, so with the various buildings offering cover they weren't too bad. You're very well supplied in this map, even without the secret (which isn't too hard to work out once you've finally got the lay of the land), although you probably won't realise where the plasma gun or rocket launcher are until well after you'd have wanted to equip them already... Luckily I'm still carrying on continuous, so I was free to run around and engage with the plentiful rockets and shells. Once again, when confronted with 3 cyberdemons and an open exit, I just ran for the exit. I'd have probably come through with a whole Megasphere, but to clear the Hell Knights down in their basement I tried to use the rocket launcher and kept catching the edges of the hit box on the hole you're meant to pop down. Mouselook isn't quite the perfect benefit in a game with these sorts of hitboxes. Incidentally, I jumped into the box full of Demons and ran around on their heads whilst waiting for the walls to lower after I'd pressed the switch. With infinite height on you'd stay on the edge and presumably be bitten from about 384 map units below you, so I continue to be glad for ZDoom.
  11. Phobus

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    @Nancsi - If you go here, you'll find Coils of the Twisted Tale, Switchback and For The Hell Of It. All three of those by me are older ZDoom levels that have multiple stages. The first is 10 ZDoom mini-maps that you progress through, with each having it's own music and theme. The second is a remake of three of my very old maps in one (played in reverse for added interest) which doesn't switch music between sections, but does use scripting. The last one is pretty unusual, as Doom maps go, but uses quite heavy scripting and features a music change when going between the second and third section. @Lord Snot - I was very partial to Mini-Level MegaWAD, although looking back at my review, you may prefer a lower difficulty.
  12. I'm assuming volume 2 works with Zandronum then, from your post? I didn't test it, as some of the maps in these two sets never had any multi-player capability to begin with. In Volume 1 I'm fairly certain neither Big Woodchip or Centurion Night even have the player starts. On the port compatibility front, I think the problem is in how I defined the Christmas Doom enemies for Twisted Joke - they use the standard Spawn IDs +2000, which the current Zandronum code base doesn't support. My problem with fixing that (which is certainly doable with enough re-scripting of Twisted Joke) is that I don't know what else I did to get them all working together and working in ZDoom 2.8.1 that isn't compatible with Zandronum. It could end up being a bit of a can of worms.
  13. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP21 - It's a slaughter map, I think. It doesn't start out like one, though, with a small, atmospheric switch sequence before you gear up and get out into the map proper. The initial imp slaughter is pretty fun, then you end up in a pincer attack where the damage is near enough unavoidable, I think. Not lethal amounts, but I certainly felt the pain. Then the massive, impressive, symmetrical structure that the main building is hosts a couple of similar routes to a key, although the red skull tower is probably the longer climb. I didn't think much of either ramparts fight, as you've got a lot of room and a lot of firepower, so it's more just picking off the imps to get nearer 100% that slows you down, rather than the threat of each pincer. I'm glad I carried a BFG in, though, as there's a lot of Arch-Viles in this map and quite a few of them need dealing with quickly. I suspect the blue skull tower is an arse without mouselook, as it's very tall and quite narrow a space. I skipped the three cyberdemons, hoping to lure them into the final segment. Probably glad that they didn't follow me through before being shut out, as I needed those invulnerabilities to deal with what was in there. When everything opened back up again, I just legged it to the exit. Three cybers on a staircase is probably a hopeless fight and I don't think I had the supplies. I did find the secrets for the BFG and megasphere, which totally up to three secret sectors. No idea where the other four were. Hopefully there's not too many more maps like this one... Although I did broadly enjoy it, I'd get tired of doing this over and over.
  14. Phobus

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Heroes' Tales

    MAP20 - It's oddly underwhelming, although it rewards a continuous start quite nicely. I lucked out and decided to take on the caged Cyberdemon with the switch to open the exit behind him, after I'd beaten the free-roaming ones. I guess it serves as a reasonable boss level, but it didn't quite have the sense of occasion. I feel like there's potential, like gaspe said, but I didn't like it anyway, like ella guro.
  15. Phobus

    Recommendations for a good, balanced megawad

    Simply an untrue statement, Grain of Salt.