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  1. Most people who know me beyond mere acquaintance are aware that I've made maps for Doom, so I guess I don't keep it a secret. However, as I've collaborated with my youngest brother on a small map set and even dragged him into a speed mapping session, plus made him my guinea pig for the majority of maps I've ever made, it's definitely leaked into my home.
  2. If I had the time, memory and computer to hand, I'd probably be able to write you a list of at least 1000 WADs. 24 years of playing and making stuff for this game means there's simply too much to recall. The thing is, the more I think about this, the more I remember. I mean, I probably reviewed 20-30 WADs for /newstuff, if not more. I've played: All of the IWADs (although if Freedoom is anything like the version I played now, I'd be surprised) Everything I've made or been involved in All of the Community Chests, AV, HR, HR2, MM, MM2, KS, PRCP, all Scythes, about 3 Plutonia megaWADs, a couple of TNT ones, stuff like Fava Beans, DTWiD (although not 2), Serenity (and sequels), plus a stack of other megaWADs for Doom 2 Most WADs that I could find by Tormentor667, Enjay, Xaser, Wills, valkiriforce, Dutch Devil, eternal, Vader, 40oz, Memfis, Cyb, B.P.R.D. and other authors I decided to play the backlogs of Loads of random single maps or small WADs, particularly in '90s, like Yakworld, Doom in Tibet, Hoover Dam, Brigandine (a recent example) and the Christmas Doom I took resources from Strange stuff like the ZDoom 1.22 demo map, Night of the Homeless (and what that Kinsie turned that into), ZDoom Wars and resource WADs for weapons, monsters and items that were all the rage when DECORATE came out TCs and sprite mods, like Goldeneye 64 and Wolfenstein 3D for ZDoom, Simpsons Doom, South Park Doom, Clinton Doom, Penguins Doom... I could just keep going, as each section there omits loads of stuff. I trimmed my Doom folder right down at one point, as it was multiple GB and I reasoned anything I wanted could just be downloaded again, otherwise I'd check that for more.
  3. Having mapped for, vanilla, limit-removing and ZDoom over a number of years, I see this as an odd discussion to have. It was worse back when the dichotomy was given as "Boom or ZDoom (Doom in Hexen format", as you'd see people hacking scripting into Boom maps with conveyor belts and all sorts. I think it boils down to what you're comfortable with, really. A lot of players on this forum stick to prboom-plus and like demos. The wider world seems to view Doom through some sort of GZDoom and/or Brutal Doom filter. So if you want comments and the like from this forum, you're probably going to want to pander to their sensibilities. As the strong feelings regarding the alleged evils of UDMF (which seems to just be the new label for "ZDoom feature heavy" maps here, despite the format not having any features inherent) would imply, they like their Doom as "pure" as possible. Honestly, if I had to learn to map now, especially if I'd used something more modern before, then GZDoom and UDMF all the way. Who wants to hack in 3D effects or scripting when learning that is just as time-consuming as learning what all the extra options in UDMF mean? You could easily create a DTWiD-alike map using UDMF and I honestly think it'd be a worthy learning exercise. The game play potential for 3D architecture alone amazes me and I only wish I had the time to really get into it. It's how I'd escalate beyond any of my previous best maps, I think. In fact, in hindsight I wish I'd not been so attached to the visuals of the (ZDoom) software renderer, so I could've adopted 3D when I was younger and more keen.
  4. I'm not quite up there with pcorf or Walter C., by I have made a lot of stuff. Let's see if I can remember them all... Old Map Compilation (aside from 2 of them) Scourge Warpzone White Light (updated 2010, then again to go into the Justice Pack) Scars of the Wounded Prey (Quicky 1; Updated into the Hunting Pack) Coils of the Twisted Tale (Quicky 2) Justice - Infernal Mechanics (Quicky 3; updated and in the Justice Pack) Claws of the Enraged Beast (Quicky 4; Updated into the Hunting Pack) Small Dark Twisted Computer Lab (Quicky 5) Blood Red (Quicky 6) Twisted Joke Phobus' Fragments of DAC 2009 Virus Shareware Demo Release (discontinued after E1 was released - full monsters set was created for ZDoom Wars, though) Big Woodchip E2MWalter Escalation I Escalation II: Centurion Night Loathsome Cleft Urban Escape Hell Inc. Ascent to Damnation Phobus Doom Episode 1: Base Invaders (incomplete, but released anyway) The Tiny Double Pack (episode 2 is incomplete, but released anyway) The Mouth of Death (with my brother) Resources: Water Resource Wad (abandoned, but the effects and textures mostly weren't mine; the enemies are poorly drawn but have mostly seen use) Virus Resources (complete enemies, weapons, pickups and HUD scripting; incomplete textures) Impaled Zombieman Sabreblade (on Realm667, made with Bouncy) Community Projects: Community Chest 3 MAP18 Community Chest 4 maps 03, 07 and 13 Plutonia Revisited Community Project MAP14 Plutinya 1024 MAP23 MAYhem 2012 maps 01 and 06 MAYhem 2048 MAP23 MAYhem 1500 maps 16 and 22 Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 2 MAP03 Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 3 MAP02 Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 4 MAP02 Abyssal Speed Mapping Session 5 MAP03 1994 Tune-Up Community Project MAP16 (with others) Doom II Unleashed MAP10 32-in-24 11: Occupy Doomworld maps 25 and 40 ZDoom Catch the Chicken 4.0 MAP05 Too Much Brown Texture Pack Demo Room Ten Community Project maps 05 and 16 ZPack E1M2, E2M1 and E2M0 ZDoom Community Map Project Take #2 (mostly the Hell section) Nova MAP11 TNT: Revilution MAP20 I think that's everything that I've actually put on the Internet in some capacity... Maybe I'll update this with links, years, etc. if ever I'm by a computer
  5. I do love a vanity search... Couldn't believe that the DWMC was going through this megaWAD after all of this time though! Glad to see my map has gone down pretty well, even if my name has clearly faded into obscurity. As a bit of a post-mortem for you, the map you've played is actually a complete rebuild of the initial design I had. Simply put, when I first made the map I had no real understanding of the vanilla Doom limits. I'd built a limit-removing map which hit a lot of the same points, but had way too many lines, plus some VPOs. The major change, aside from an extreme reduction in visual fidelity, was my decision to remove the central arena from the main body of the map and make it a teleport trap. Originally, you'd have a lift in place of each teleport pad and the area with the key at the end would've been a bit different... Partially because you'd have entered at the right-hand side rather than the left. Getting halfway across triggered a trap with the key and one without, as I remember it, so you'd still get the two waves, but you'd have been in the middle of it when they triggered, rather than just being dumped in a big room full of monsters. I probably had a lot of trouble balancing the start of the map, but that trap was very much my kernel, as I loved the idea that any firing would open up the room into a clusterfuck. The suicide exit shortcut was a case of emergent design, as I don't think I intended it, but when a tester (probably Belial) told me about it, I was sure to leave it in (probably with some urging, given how Plutonia has a few shortcuts too) and may have even tried to help facilitate it. I feel like, with this map and Plutonia 1024 (or Plutinya, if you will) MAP23, I actually get in the zone with Plutonia quite easily. It's got a distinct design philosophy and the maps are easy enough to make. Cant believe this was 6-7 years ago already! I must have made this around about the same time as my second CC4 entry (MAP07)... Which may explain why they're basically the same map idea, come to think of it. I was basically in everything back then... Good times.
  6. What gets me started is when it's new and exciting. All through the 90s I was learning the ropes of it, so it was easy to make a little map, be really excited and finish it. Then in the early 2000s it was the discovery of ZDoom and the ambition to make a megawad that excited me. After that the combined novelties of a Doom community and advancing ZDoom features like Decorate really captured my imagination. ZDCMP1 was a massive inspiration for me. Now that I'm in a load of community projects and even got to take part in a successful ZDCMP2 (as well as the ill-fated original), I'm kind of done with community participation. Speed mapping and other limits and themes provided some nuance, but judging by how slowly I've been making Triacontathalon and the Escalation series, the shine has worn off then, too. I did think the advent of accessible 3D floors in ZDoom would get me going, but after playing with them for a bit, my curiosity was satisfied. The only thing that brings me back now is that I've got unfinished and not officially abandoned projects sitting about. The thing is though, I feel like they'll keep indefinitely, so there's no sense of urgency. Short answer: Novelty, which explains why I've barely made a map in three years.
  7. No idea how well known she is, but whilst I was bored earlier and scanning YouTube for interesting Doom videos I came across this: I'll concede my major interest was vanity, but looking through her playlist, she's done quite a variety of maps and, whilst not setting any new records for player skill or developer insight, I found the commentary whilst playing to be a lot more compelling than just watching somebody play a map. So, given that she's played my shit, even without any sort of mention of the author, I figured I'd share hers. She's done a multi-parter on 50 Shades of Graytall, that might interest the authors at least, plus a lot of stuff I've not heard of. If I had to guess, she's just plucking random files off /idgames, as it's the only reason I'd imagine anybody playing Urban Escape!
  8. A good 40+ minute map is a much better and shorter experience than a megawad, as far as I'm concerned. A megawad full of short maps is very compelling but still needs multiple sittings, whilst one full of large maps (like that "The Awakening" one I reviewed years ago) is a proper slog, even if the maps are all good I also believe that a good megawad tends to have a large climactic map in it anyway (usually 29), so that megamap within the megawad will still be the highlight. It's why CC3 is difficult to play through despite it's quality. Most maps are events in and of themselves. There's no appetisers or filler to just go through and gain a sensation of progress.
  9. Honestly, it's a hobby that I indulge in when I feel I haven't got anything better to do. So if I had a job that filled my days, my PC still had a ton of yet-to-be-played games on it and I lived with my girlfriend you'd probably never see or hear from me again. As things stand, only the PC bit is true, although it isn't with me during the week at the moment. My dooming expands to fill my free time.
  10. I'd come out of community project retirement for a British Community Project... Or maybe Community Chest 5.
  11. Having renamed "Phobus Challenge Maps 1" to "Triacontathalon", I'm now up to 9/30 maps made. Doing the odd one every now and then is fun, but not enough to make me knuckle down and really start pushing for progress.

    1. Alfonzo


      Good to read that you're still plugging away in the wings, Phobus. Have always been a bit partial to your work!

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      Seconded; it will be interesting and fun when you release these :)

    3. Phobus


      I find these positive responses very encouraging :) Maybe by the end of the year we'll see results!

  12. Speaking of ZDCMP2, where I just dumped an unfinished old-school map layout in for the Hell section and set up some concepts, I think you did an amazing job of picking up that ball and running with it. Your spiral cage tower continued on the torture motifs and added more variety to the mostly stringy environment. Probably the best example I could give of a "there, finish this" where the spirit of what was started was realised and added to with a recognisable touch.
  13. Obligatory self-promotion: Warpzone Coils of the Twisted Tale
  14. Like a few others have said, my ideal "collaboration" is for somebody to pick up my map when I'm bored of it and get the last 5-30% in. I'm not fussed about detail, so anybody who likes adding greebles, vistas and other visual flair to a solid functional map would have a blast with my work... But would probably change the texturing significantly. Likewise, getting Things into my maps is often a hurdle, so somebody who can look at an empty, but functioning layout and see battles, traps and more would be handy. For a proper collaboration, they'd need to be more keen on it than I am, but also committed. Nothing kills this sort of thing like somebody losing interest or starting something else. If we can both excitedly get through large chunks of work in the initial couple of days, preferably with some sort of focus or plan, then I'd guarantee success. Drag it out beyond a week and one of us won't be finishing it. So a quick worker who doesn't get lost in the details before having a finished layout. Somebody with the experience to realise a vision, but the enthusiasm to get right into it. Ideally, somebody who could just as easily make the map without me. That way there's no pressure and the exchange of ideas will be interesting and exciting. I'd want communicative working too. Either a conversation ongoing whilst working or a decent handover at the end of a shift. It sounds like a lot, when I write it out, but I think those are the things my various failed collaborations have been missing. Same deal with the stagnation in community projects. If I had to name names, then 40oz seems like a good fit. Previous experience tells me that esselfortium is good to work for and with, as well. Aside from his attitude to collaboration, I think Memfis would do well under my criteria for a map or two, but not a bigger project (so, much like me). In a "there, finish this" situation, Tormentor667 is good if it's his project already, whilst Tarnsman seems to do this well on a more general basis. Of course, this is all pontificating as I barely map at all these days.
  15. Plot-wise I'd be happy with a complete lift from Doom 2016, but the movie focusing on a team of marines who get hints and glimpses of what the Doom Slayer is doing, in addition to fighting through themselves. Maybe have Samuel Hayden guiding them to achieve his ends as the Doom Slayer is too destructive to be reliable, but ultimately have the latter save whoever is left in the team in some incredible action climax against the Spider Mastermind or Cyberdemon. However, rather than them getting any sort of acknowledgement or understanding from the Doom Slayer, have it end with him heading off to find more stuff to kill and the survivors being talked through the next points of Hayden's plan. Sequel potential right there. As for actors... Main characters can be any reasonable action actors, to be fair. Not The Expendables levels of recognition or age, but maybe a big name for a survivor (or shock early death, like in Alien). Doom Slayer may as well be CGI for how little characterisation I'd want him to have. Somebody big and imposing just being a force of nature with no communication.