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  1. As a media artist, I constantly use Google for reference. I really don't appreciate this process now being unnecessarily difficult.
  2. I just want more Giger stuff.
  3. WOW! That is a throwback! My sister and I played that game almost a quarter century ago.
  4. This is a really important distinction. We're talking about the interest people have in maintaining their IPs, not actual legislation. Notice that basically any game that is deemed abandonware is one which is somewhat obscure, often released by companies that are no longer around.
  5. I keep getting a "sound init failed" upon startup, although I can get the music to work. I tried updating my sound driver, but could not figure out how even after consulting Google. I cannot provide specs for my machine at the moment because I could not figure out how to check my specs, and Google was not helpful. With all the bells and whistles turned off (texture filtering, bloom, ambient occlusion, etc.), I can only get about 15-25 FPS at 640x480, and with the effects turned on it drops to about 9-10 FPS. Software mode yields a much more respectable frame rate in the 30s. Any suggestions on fixing sound and improving frame rate? EDIT: I also noticed that multi-sampling, whether turned off or used at full force, does not eliminate some rather bizarre artifacts whereby sprites have missing pixels, or are clipped incorrectly.
  6. Those are quite charming, I hadn't seen this!
  7. A lot of how this movie is going to fare is going to depend on A) how sharp the writer still is and B) whether they can find a director comparable to Verhoeven's style.
  8. It's a real garbage heap, although pretty dang novel back in '96 when I lacked an Internet connection. I've sometimes thought about wading through it again, to see if there are any gems, but there's a couple thousand mods at least (many of which are literal 1994 wads) which doesn't sound like a very attractive proposition. Amusingly, it has a normal "M" rating for violence; I suppose id might have overlooked the infrequent erotic textures that occasionally adorned a wall texture or two, back when that sort of thing was, I suppose, in vogue.
  9. On the topic of autism...I have been told I might be on the spectrum, and there's other conditions that may or may not apply to me. I don't think any of that matters. Although I don't succeed 100% of the time, I try to avoid using words like "anxiety," "depression," "autistic," etc., to describe myself. You know how they say "You are what you eat?" Well, you are also what you language. I find that I have fewer issues when I deemphasize the use of language that describes myself in a debilitating manner.
  10. If you're feeling directionless, focus more on helping others. I find that leaning into that provides the kind of meaning in life that I've been searching for.
  11. Good to hear someone else likes The Stranglers! And one of my favorite tunes, too.