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  1. Now is it creating colored sectors that affects sprites too, or just creating glows for linedefs?
  2. @TwinBeast's colorful screenshot was something of a flashback to an oddly specific moment during a trip.
  3. Is there a way I can see a visual explanation?
  4. How do you stack sectors to make multiple 3D floors in UDMF, either on DB2 or GZDB?
  5. WOW! I just now got that! Always thought it was just a morbid as fuck scene...
  6. Is Eduke32 more stable than vanilla Build?
  7. I didn't realize how many maps Peterson worked on. When he misses the bullseye, he sometimes lands near the edge, but other times misses the dart board completely. Episode 3 in particular has a lot of issues in terms of consistency and quality. I think it was more than anything about getting s bit too ambitious and lacking the foresight that we see in today's professional maps.
  8. Duke Nukem 3D, while blatantly misogynistic and clearly portrayed from the alpha male perspective, gets away with its grotesque depiction of women because of its cartoony nature and its lack of commentary on feminism. Yes, Duke blows up strippers and cocooned women begging to be killed, but there's no suggestion that Duke actually mistreats women (these deaths are optional, of course), and it's obvious from the goofy tone that it's nothing more than juvenile, machismo-fueled ribbing. However, Duke Nukem Forever? Haven't played it, but the clips I've seen and reviews I've read suggest that it went a bit too far, resembling that discomfort one experiences in the company of a 14-year-old who can't stop retorting with "That's what she said."
  9. You don't want to jump on the drums expecting to play like Max Roach or Neal Pearl. You take it slow and build your way up. I think the same can be said about vanilla versus UDMF.
  10. I've noticed that floors that lower to the lowest floor disappear entirely and cause visual glitches. Anyone else encounter this?
  11. Bumping this because I would like to know whether or not this project is still in development.
  12. There a few Doom/Doom 2 maps I never grew to love. Deimos Lab, Mt. Erebus, Unruly Evil, Nirvana, The Citadel and The Chasm come to mind. Doom doesn't work when ugly texturing, chunky architecture and ambiguous pathways dominate a map, which arguably those examples are guilty of. My memories of those playthroughs are of getting lost or stumbling about, even after repeated runs. I suspect that the team may have suffered from a somewhat solipsistic perspective, as these maps have a hardcore appeal that sacrifices pure fun engagement for needless challenge.
  13. Even the worst Doom 2 maps are pretty good. Did a playthrough of the much-hated "Barrels o' Fun" last night and had a blast.
  14. I for one world like to see the development of a Doom 64 modding community, as there are far too few maps. I think it would also be nice if we could get something like an D64 version of Smooth Doom or Beauriful Doom, as Brutal Doom 64 is a good example of enhancing the aesthetic.