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  1. Well it's certainly interesting to see the faces behind some of the older ports.
  2. I just hate when shit gets complicated and you have to do some major reworking, tweaking or hacky effects such as bridges. Or just going through every texture and making sure they're all aligned. Basically the really tedious and repetitive stuff.
  3. There's something very Cannibal Corpse-esque about the archvile.
  4. Painkiller has the same problem you described in Serious Sam, although (and bearing in mind I haven't played SS) it seems to me the enemy and weapon designs are a bit more creative. However, it's still a game centered around locking you in vague arenas while the same two or three enemies spawn randomly, usually leading you to back into a corner trying to fight off a dozen of them at a time. I just don't find this particularly satisfying. Doom '16 has a huge variety of enemies and often the arenas you get locked in are really large scale and topologically diverse.
  5. It's a hybrid of cinematic music (orchestral ensemble elements such as strings and choir), industrial metal and mild glitch/djent elements.
  6. Thanks! Every episode is an experiment. That one seems so ancient now!
  7. BTW I wanted to mention, I'm pretty sure Galaxia appears on the "Maximum Doom" portion of the "Master Levels for Doom 2" compilation CD. I played it in the last couple of years and was surprised by how well it's held up.
  8. Between the poorly integrated video clips, the sterile narration and what appears to be a general lack of knowledge of either franchise, this is looking like as big of a POS as that awful Death Battle video. Can't anyone do this right?
  9. Hitboxes? I thought games used a per-pixel or per-vertex system these days?
  10. https://www.youtube.com/rutvonline FYI, if you're into Tim & Eric, Mr. Show, Eric Andre, David Lynch, Kids in the Hall or Portlandia, this might be up your alley.
  11. This is nitpicking, but I find the voiceovers to be completely intolerable. They make the game sound like a Saturday morning cartoon.
  12. Here's a real cheesy promotional image of me (complete with CRT filter) for one of my music projects.
  13. Wait, wait, wait, is there some kind of built-in compatibility going on here? Or does BD just happen to work really well with Chex Quest?
  14. Why is that HUD face and POV weapon sprites different on SNES? Is that from the Mac version?
  15. So this is getting pretty tangential, but this reminded me of a comparison I've made between Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario World, both of which were released in 1991. Granted, the Genesis had already been out for two years, and SMW was the first SNES game, but this image shows, quite clearly, how effective the Sonic Team artists were at making the blue blur appear to have more color depth. A quick inspection shows that the SMW screenshot contains 90 colors, whereas the STH screenshot has only 43—less than half! This seems to be due to texture, light and shadow playing a major role in STH's art direction, giving it a somewhat rendered look, whereas the cartoony appearance of SMW, even if it has more on-screen colors, appears flatter and simpler. This seems to be a consistent aesthetic with the SNES; games were frequently beautiful and colorful, but also more family-friendly (that is, more cartoonish and less realistic). Genesis titles, in comparison, were often more detail-oriented, either focusing more on texture, light and shadow, or, as you noted, using extensive dithering to suggest a wider palette.