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  1. https://soundcloud.com/user-463431214/facing-the-spider-e3m8-doom-remix
  2. Glad to see the topic is being taken so seriously.
  3. what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    I was playing Doom 2's "The Chasm" earlier today and I find just about all of it repugnant. There's inescapable pits, copious amounts of acid, rail-thin catwalks with conveniently placed lost souls to knock you down, too much brown...all sorts of sins being committed in that one little lovely map.
  4. A few thoughts about how the community might evolve during the next 15-20 years: • The sequel to Doom '16 has a far more robust editor, with a "pro" mode that gives experienced users additional modules to work with, which could be adjusted in a very algorithmic way, allowing for new materials, props and architecture to be generated with ease. • This same editor pioneers the development of a much larger SnapMap community, which is taken more seriously by the OG Doom community. • Economic paradigm shifts make it easier for large, global teams to create extensive, professional grade mods, and even get paid for it. • Because of said shift, ambitious mods such as Doom Ascension, cart racing, voxels, HD sprites, large scale total conversions, etc., finally come to fruition. • Another positive result is that mods take far less time to complete, particularly with the monetary incentive. A lofty project like Doom 3's Phobos would be completed in months, rather than years. • Classic Doom modding enters the VR sphere as users create and modify content in a robust 3D (and possibly holographic, as an option) environment. Thought-based computing and gesturing is used in conjunction with a communal environment allowing for multiple users to work together simultaneously, in one gigantic virtual workspace. • AI software reaches a level of complexity that it can beat not only the original Doom games, but some of the trickier user maps as well. • Robots with advanced AI are able to physically play and beat Doom. • AIs beat the top human players across all multiplayer Doom games. • AIs build their own levels of increasing complexity as they gain understanding of level design, and even create their own textures, weapon mods and other unique details. • Software with intuitive algorithms allow users to create mods with heavy AI assistance, like having an experienced modder working beside you.
  5. Share a random fact about yourself

    I find singing to be a deeply uncomfortable act to engage in (despite my fondness of say, joke telling or even public speaking), so much so that I don't even sing by myself where no one can hear me.
  6. Flaws in Doom 16'

    @VertigoOne really hit the nail on the head on the subject of sound design. When I'm playing classic Doom, there's never any confusion about the enemies surrounding me. Granted, sound design was simpler back then—just a handful a distinct noises got the message across. These days, games need a lot more sound effects and variations of those effects, and they need to be realistic, I get that. But in Doom '16, not only is there that bizarrely persistent issue of some sounds being unnecessarily loud or quiet, but the acoustics of the environment is rarely taken into consideration. The overall mix has the sterility of unprocessed studio recordings, and as mentioned previously, the lack of footsteps for both players and most (if not all) enemies is just not acceptable in this day and age. For all the hours spent snapping celery sticks in half or throwing dog food against the wall to get the 5,000 variations of crunched bones and squished viscera, there's a surprising lack of bodily and environmental sounds.
  7. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Wow! This is a great example of the potential Doom has for more organic environments.
  8. Things about Doom you just found out

    I live really close to Andrew Hulshult (Brutal Doom composer). Maybe I'll try to hook up and jam some music some time.
  9. Doom 2016 2(018) - Hell on E3?

    This is true. Doom 2's city levels often feel very arcane. Sometimes when I'm in downtown Dallas, I'm reminded of Doom 2 when I pass by some of the older buildings, bricked and crumbling. There's definitely some room for an older feel, and the cancelled Doom 4 was definitely evoking this. The problem is that it didn't juxtapose it with any futurism.
  10. Doom 2016 2(018) - Hell on E3?

    It would seem to me that, considering how outlandish and organic the designs for futuristic architecture are, there's mass potential for interesting environments that are incredibly friendly to the parkour style of Doom '16. Imagine scaling the outer walls of this building, or even better, the interior. id figured out from their cancelled "Hell on Earth" attempt that convention is not the way to go. Outlandish, otherworldly structures to explore is what this franchise needs.
  11. Doom 2016 2(018) - Hell on E3?

    Yeah, I think some forget that the MP was improved drastically. It kept getting better the more I stuck around.
  12. Doom 2016 2(018) - Hell on E3?

    Am I one of the few who had a fantastic experience with MP, despite the loadouts?
  13. Doom 2016 2(018) - Hell on E3?

    This is an opportunity to push the series forward while improving on the reboot's shortcomings; specifically, the Painkiller-esque locked arenas, occasionally perfunctory weapon upgrades, frequently linear design, overly cartoonish higher-tier baddies and the surprisingly tame take on Hell. In many ways, Doom '16 was a phenomenal experience, but there's always room for growth. Recently some early concept art was published, which I think was a superior take on Doom's aesthetic compared to what we got, so I'm hoping id will realize that taking more elements from the most horror-influenced Doom experiences—PSX and N64 Doom, and Doom 3—would be a great way to ensure a different but familiar experience for the sequel.
  14. PSX DOOM Fall of Triton (Update and New Campaign WIP)

    Wow, this is so in the style of the PSX days. This looks fun.