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  1. How is that gross?
  2. When I was younger, I was a cutter, and I (without hesitation) performed quite a bit of genital mutilation, and stored the blood in a jar, which I accidentally knocked over. Thankfully, I was around 16 and have not had this issue in a very, very long time.
  3. Perhaps that's he only real issue I have with it, come to think of it, is overly linear design.
  4. That's smug to you? I admit that I totally get the appeal. And I know there's crossover between crowds. It's just that, if you're an old school FPS fan, you might prefer old school FPS, and might not find some of the newer ones (generally) as enjoyable. I mean is this not accurate? If it is not, then forgive me. But I think you may be projecting, because I have no issue with preference, the crossovers between the two styles, and the fact that shooters are in a way fundamentally different than they were then. I'm not implying anything negative about gamers who prefer a more modern style. Yes, I did say that I find it disturbing that there are parallels to real-world conflicts, but I don't think that's an inherently bad thing.
  5. It's a generational difference, really. I guess when COD first appeared in the early 2000s, that kind of marked the beginning of the "tactical military shooter" trend, regardless of how realistic it was attempting to be. This seems to be the dividing line for a lot of old schoolers. Personally, I think it's deeply disturbing not only to craft games based on real-world conflicts (I know not all of them are), but to take delight in playing them. I mean, entertainment is entertainment, so do as you will, but that's too close to home for my taste. Doom could never happen. Blood could never happen. Duke Nukem? Fuhgettaboutit! It's not just the big blocky pixels and psuedo-3D environments, it's that sense of fantasy. That's what draws me in.
  6. Uh, I just sort of assumed Doom fans were collectively known as Doomers? I wouldn't say this is an elitist thing, about COD. What I should say is that if you prefer a Doom-like experience, COD can be underwhelming, but obviously some Doomers like realistic military shooters. So pardon my wording. I don't hate it, I just find it boring. I can see why it's so beloved.
  7. You're not missing much. As Doomers, we like a fast pace, point-blank confrontation, otherworldly layouts, exploration, strong art direction and a variety of bizarre enemies and weapons. COD offers absolutely none of that.
  8. Why are you asking this question as though Doom is a genre of music?
  9. "Lunar Mining Project" is fucking terrifying on the PS1.
  10. I'm feeling very hopeful about the future of id. I think the long, difficult development cycle of Doom '16 was like a test for them. In the end it showed that they can triumph even in the most seemingly dire of circumstances.
  11. The only issue I have with id's philosophy is that they sort of shot themselves in the foot by pushing graphical tech to the forefront. It's why their games are so immersive and beautiful, but it's also why there have been increasingly larger gaps between releases.
  12. I do too, we got id games every year or so for awhile!
  13. I think it's wonderful that they took their massive egos and funneled them into interactive art. I say this with the utmost reverence because the ego can result in total disaster; you might make shit art, or you get so ambitious that nothing ever reaches completion. Instead, they used this force to craft some of the most memorable games of the 90s. I mean, they proclaimed Doom was going to be the greatest game of all time and they kind of achieved that goal. The fact that Doom '16 is so damn entertaining, and yet feels true to the franchise's humble beginnings, is evidence that they found a balance between their desire to be kings among men, and maintaining the level-headed mentality required to create a good product. The fact that the original Doom 4 was scrapped because it wasn't what the series needed shows their dedication to quality.
  14. Doom Builder 2's UDMF mode makes sector lighting extremely easy to implement although you can't see it in the preview.
  15. I don't understand why Nintendo has been underpowering its consoles lately.