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  1. My Ultimate Doom Project

    Update...E4M1, E4M2 and E4M9 are now complete. I am 90% complete with E4M3 and E4M4 is around 25% complete. Just wanted to keep all of you in the loop.
  2. So, how old are you ?

    If I tell you all my age then I will have to kill you! Again, If I tell you all my age then you may just abandon me...someone told me at work that I was around when the earth was cooling.
  3. My Ultimate Doom Project

    E4M2 is now complete! My son who loves playing Doom has volunteered his time (and his friends) to play test the maps. Hopefully when all this is done all of you will enjoy them! I will be releasing more screenshots in due time...E4M3 is coming along as well as E4M9. Just keeping you all in the loop, thanks everyone!
  4. My Ultimate Doom Project

    E4M1 is now complete! E4M2 is around 40-50% complete. E4M3 is still hanging around 25%, and E4M9 is around 10-15% complete. I'm not going to start anymore maps until I complete these. Just wanted to keep the Doom Community updated. There is a possibility that I may request assistance from good mappers to assist with E4M4, E4M5, E4M6, E4M7 and E4M8. I haven't decided as of yet. If I do, I will let you all know and the rules that apply to this type of project. I do have a lot of RL stuff going on and I don't want this project to drag on forever...we'll see. Thanks everyone!
  5. My Ultimate Doom Project

    Here are a couple of screenshots for you as I promised.
  6. My Ultimate Doom Project

    Okay, putting a little more detail in E4M1...it seems to play well. Fairly small to just about medium in size. I have a few issues with monster placement that I'm resolving. I found a deathtrap you can fall into and not get out...not good. Completely overlooked it and it has been fixed. I have also started on E4M9 (secret level), that's the magic word...just started! Again, be patient....it'll get there. Thanks everyone!
  7. My Ultimate Doom Project

    Okay, E4M1 is pretty complete...play testing extensively at the moment. Checking monster placement, ammo levels, light levels, switches, triggers, texture alignments and the usual stuff. When I get to a point of the testing I will post a screenshot here and there of the completed map. E4M2 and E4M3 are each about a quarter of the way done. Thank you everyone!
  8. My Ultimate Doom Project

    I am going for a full replacement, not just a handful of maps. I've already started E4M2 and E4M3 as well. Just a little update there, thanks everyone! BTW...don't worry, I will deliver on this...no "ambitious" announcement here. :)
  9. My Ultimate Doom Project

    Allright, I've had a chance to play with the editor and I have decided that I am going to work on new maps for Episode 4 for Ultimate Doom. I have already completed about 3/4 of E4M1, which I started two days ago. I am an "old school" guy and I love Doom! I am not going to give a release date because real life does get in the way (I have a wife and kids these days) and I have to allow for that. I have set rules for myself while putting together these maps. 1. I have been playing these maps from "Thy Flesh Consumed" to get that "feel" back, and for me what a better way to do it. 2. I will be only using the original resource for this. 3. Texture alignment will be spot on. 4. I am not adding "new music". Original music only! 5. I am designing this with all skill levels implemented, including multiplayer. 6. There will be deathmatch starts for each map. 7. This will not be vaporware! It will be done! 8. I will be extensively playtesting these maps. (I do have a few friends that will help me test the multiplayer side) 9. I have been intensely analysing these maps. Textures, sprites, weapons and the such and how to utilize these resources in each map. 10. Is it going to be perfect? Nope! Is it going to meet everyone's expectations? Absolutely not! I can only guarantee that the maps will be very playable and hopefully enjoyable for the most of you out there. 11. Some will say...awww come on! Add some new music, or why not CC4 resource? There are enough projects out there to keep everyone busy if you wish to do that. For me, I believe in the K.I.S.S principle...Keep It Simple Stupid! 12. I will update periodically in this thread to keep the community in the loop on progress being made, but again...I am not setting a completion date for this. If you have specific thoughts about what you would like to see in this then please comment and I will look at each one. I am doing this because of my passion for this great game. I have been reading the numerous threads throughout the forums to get an idea on what the community is looking for and hopefully I can meet some of those expectations, and if you don't care for it then that's fine, you can always "change the channel." Thank you everyone!
  10. The original Doom I d/l...the shareware version for me is the best because it got me started in Doom! Then I upgraded to the full version of Doom when it was available...best $40 I spent, and I still have those "floppy disks". Ah...memories!
  11. I've been gone a long time....

    Allright...gonna go with GZDoombuilder - bugfix...I'll see what I can do with it. Thanks everyone for your input!
  12. I've been gone a long time....

    Yes..I thought so too but TGH wanted it and I was okay with that, besides I was being very lazy anyways...:)
  13. I've been gone a long time....

    Great to hear from all of you! Thank you so much...:) I'll be looking at the suggestions for editors and go from there!
  14. I just had to come back and see what has been going on in the Doom Community! I've been away far too long...real life gets you at times, but I sure have missed the community! I've missed playing Doom so I broke out the games tonight and played for a while...wow! I loved playing the good stuff! There may be some "old farts" here as well that remember me...drop a line and say hi! Just to re-introduce myself and not be rude, I was very active in the community way back when. I was a member of TeamTNT and worked with Ty Halderman and was involved in a few of their projects as a level designer, great bunch of people to work with. I started the original "Community Chest" project and was still involved up through Community Chest 2, but not as much as with the original Community Chest, after that the community took over and they created some great stuff! I was never the most brilliant guy on those projects and I couldn't have pulled it off without some great guys contributing and working hard on it! Anyway, it's great to be a part of the Doom Community again! After I catch up and bring myself up to speed I may even get back into making some maps...who knows? I need to read and update myself on the editors in use today! Any suggestions for a simpleton like me?
  15. I played alot of coop! What fun...man I remember the Dwango servers, jeez I'm old! Used to have LAN parties with my buds back in the day! Playing on a 14.4 modem, then moved up to 28.8 and the a 56k modem...oh man, what speed! Hahahahahaha!