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  1. I hate how pinkies, barons, and hell knights have no knees. How the hell are they supposed to walk? (those backwards "knees" are their ankles, since they're unguligrade creatures)
  2. Freelook for sure. The feeling of control is something you'll never want to do without once you've tried freelook. Aiming with vanilla mouse controls feels like you're doing it through a middleman--Doom will consider your request to shoot up at the sniper above you and may or may not grant it depending on distance, precision, the constellation Mercury is rising in, etc. With freelook, you just look up and swat that chaingunner like a fly. You can even lead targets that are above you, which helps immensely with revenant and archvile snipers.
  3. Sky stretching should be toggled separately, like in ZDoom. There's no good reason to force something to be enabled by other options like that.
  4. There seems to be a lot of people talking about "the community" supposedly despising this and that in this thread despite the community having people with all sorts of tastes like my fondness for huge, slow-burning adventure maps, people who dig the arty approach of people like Xaser, fans of exposure/pressure based maps like skillsaw's, the people who love Plutonia so much that they've made several tribute megawads, hardcore slaughter fans, ella guro's attraction to the Russian Doom community's maps, etc. But HR is regarded as a classic for a reason, and its influence can be felt in the entire slaughter genre, plus the tendency of more traditional megawads to turn towards slaughter in the third episode. E: holy fuck I should remind myself not to reply to shit I find via the search
  5. It actually reciprocates, with the two frames being the detents it continuously bounces between.
  6. Try an old (OLD) GL port of Doom like ZDoomGL or GLDoom to see if OpenGL is still working at all on your PC. If that doesn't work, I would suggest a reformat because in my experience, parts of 9x can just go tits up without warning. Thank god we use NT now. P.S. you don't let that ancient contraption access the internet, do you?
  7. The idea is fundamentally unworkable. A good map comes out of a good layout, and layout is the very first step to making a map. The good tuneup maps were good 1994 maps. You cannot turn a terrible level into a good one without just making a new map and pretending it's based on the old one.
  8. Phobos Anomaly Reborn, the wad this thread is about.
  9. P:AR precedes the existence of GZDoom by several years.
  10. Well it works when maximized, but 320x240 doesn't actually look like 320x200, especially in the HUD. You cannot stretch 320x200 into 320x240, it has to be actually rendered in 320x200 and stretched directly to your native resolution to look correct. As it is, in either 320x200 or 320x240, the HUD is seriously ugly due to scaling artifacts. This isn't good enough for a "retro" experience. Remember that with this sort of thing, the little details aren't just important; they're the entire point.
  11. To be frank, this port idea of yours sounds massively bloated with unnecessary cosmetic froufrou (and I highly doubt the ability of any set of shaders to make a discrete pixel screen look like a CRT). I would rather go with a much more basic feature set: Phase I: * Limit removing (of course) * Full Boom/MBF compatibility, including BEX * Boom-style -file behavior, with -merge deprecated. * Elimination of tutti-frutti, Medusa, moiré, and texture size limitations * Demo compatibility with 1.9, Boom 2.02, MBF 2.03, and PrBoom+ -complevel 9 * Widescreen (still using the vertical resolution and pixel scaling of the standard 320x200, so 16:10 would be around 384x200) * Crispy Doom's 400p high detail mode * Mouselook and crosshair, with the option of a few custom crosshairs or the message font + character. * Boom's compatibility flags plus flags to turn on/off various vanilla bugs like elastic collisions and ouch face behavior * Revamped setup/launcher that can select any available midi device (just like GZDoom) and choose an iwad * v1.9 style text startup screen (doesn't have to be identical to 1.9's) with customization via a special lump * MAPINFO, either through UMAPINFO or a cut-down ZDoom MAPINFO parser that ignores ZDoom-specific stuff * A few basic content hacks like colored blood and centered weapons. Must be deprecated/removed in Phase II. Phase II: * 44.1/48 KHz sound, ogg and flac support, non-MIDI music * Optional FPS cap removal * Many ZDoom special lumps like SNDINFO and SBARINFO, with a restricted feature set * Basic DECORATE with enough functionality to recreate Dehacked patches and do Doom-style weapons and enemies. Crazy shit like modern gameplay mods would not be supported. DECORATE should be set up so maps and mods made for this port will also load and function properly in ZDoom, though they may not be 100% identical. * Do not break demo compatibility Phase III: * Eternity compatibility, including scripting system and UDMF * ZDoom's score system * Basic ACS implementation * ???
  12. If I'm in windowed mode, it shows me 320x200 Doom completely unscaled. On a 1920x1200 display it is completely unplayable because I cannot see shit. Are you on Linux by any chance? Googling that cvar suggests it only appears on Linux or has something to do with it.
  13. It doesn't, because 320x200 is a 16:10 resolution here and not 4:3. 320x200 vanilla-style on an LCD display requires a special scaler like Chocolate Doom's. This happened: Am I doing something wrong? E: There is a switch in the menu for the display canvas (GL or D3D) but there is no such cvar as vid_glswfb either in 3.0.1 or dev builds.
  14. That's not the same thing. GZDoom uses square pixels as it only supports standard modern-day video modes. It vertically stretches the sprites and game world, but this is not the same as having rectangular pixels.
  15. Voros, neither of those are what he wants, he wants ZDoom editing features and 320x200 with rectangular pixels (which he seems to think is 320x240, but it's not). ZDoom and its forks do not support this, period, and neither does PrBoom+. Even for Boom compatible mapsets, your only choices for 320x200 are Boom 2.02, MBF, and SMMU, all of which require DOS or DOSBox, none of which support modern "Boom compatible" (they should really be called PrBoom+/ZDoom compatible) sets like Sunlust, and all of which have inaccurate OPL music due to the Allegro driver. Personally, I support this idea, but I think any such render option should also support 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios using the same rectangular pixels and vertical resolution. You can try to fake it in GZDoom by making sure the blitter is set to Direct3D and not OpenGL, running the game with the -4 command line parameter, and selecting the lowest resolution available, but be warned that the HUD will look 57 varieties of awful and it's nowhere even close to being an authentic experience.