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  1. COMPASSIONATE? You mean to tell me that banks illegally foreclosing people's homes and getting away with it is compassionate?! That private "prisons" (slave labor camps) are compassionate?! That children in the Congo being worked to death to mine coltan for more fucking iPhones even though the iPhones we have would work perfectly well if coders would exercise some discipline writing software is compassionate?! That Martin Shkreli raising the prices of life-saving medications by orders of magnitude because he could and bragging about it is compassionate?! He probably would have gotten away with it too if he hadn't run his big stupid mouth too much. That five scumbag billionaires owning as much wealth as almost half the entire human species (probably more now because inequality is accelerating) is compassionate?! Fuck the idea of it being "compassionate", it is sadistic. It consigns almost all of humanity to various forms of bondage for the sake of funneling money and luxuries to a small elite of sociopaths who raise their spoiled children without empathy, without curiosity, without any sort of common human decency so that their evil is perpetuated across generations. These incidents are not isolated, they are not exceptions. THE ENTIRE BIOSPHERE IS DYING from habitat destruction, pollution, and global warming because the rich don't think they're fucking rich enough already!
  2. The entire gigantic craze would have never happened outside of capitalism. The very idea of putting your children's entire inheritance into a bunch of fucking stuffed toys in a get-rich-quick scheme would never happen without competitive markets and commodity fetishism. And the Beanie Baby craze is only one manifestation of a pathological feature of capitalism that has endured since the Dutch tulip mania of the 1630s. People had barely even invented capitalism and they were already blowing up national economies with bubbles.
  3. This shit happens and people still think, "hmmm yes capitalism is a perfectly good economic system". Except for Ty Warner and other top executives, there was absolutely nothing good in this craze for anyone, especially not the children the toys were meant for. Hooray for commodity fetishism!
  4. An auction like this will see its maximum bid inflate massively in the last few hours. Pristine boxed copies of registered Doom are worth hundreds of dollars.
  5. I would want to open the box, read the manual (even though I know all the information contained within it), take out the disks, slide a 25-year-old floppy into place into a 20-year-old, recently unboxed floppy drive, type INSTALL in real mode DOS, watch the DEICE thing go on my 21" CRT, swap disks, run the extraction exe copied into C:\DOOM, run SETUP, configure my sound card and Roland SC-55, and then image the disks on my modern PC so if they ever fail they can be re-imaged. The entire experience of installing and setting up an MS-DOS game, with the DMA and IRQ referring to a real ISA card (which I have), exactly as it was done in the '90s. Steam will not give me the complete ritual. That, to me is the point of buying a boxed, preserved PC game. Not just to sit on a shelf.
  6. Sure they do. Mandatory listening for that article:
  7. I like this but I prefer the way the MIDI introduces the song with the snare drum sequence, the double bass beat at the beginning of this one is less interesting. Also I think the bass guitar could be brought forward in the mix somewhat. Otherwise, great job!
  8. I think if you buy something like this and don't install from it, you're a dick. Things like this deserve to be used. It's like those rich bastards who collect 40 supercars that they never drive.
  9. Even still that Mars midi was pretty terrible. I wonder what dew would call it, the '90s Flower Metal Band Intro Tape Mix? I think the earth.wad map04 music would be perfect for a Duke 3D map set in a mall though.
  10. Of course I would. Who doesn't like the satisfying click of a 3.5" floppy seating in the drive?
  11. It's depressing how much these go for on eBay. I'll never afford a copy.
  12. Well I think every new Doomer should start off with E1. It's the most cohesive and visually polished of all the Id episodes, and introduces new gameplay elements slowly (Doom II is way too front-loaded for someone coming in without having played the original). Also it's free, legally. I'm inclined to agree. A newcomer is not only going to be hopeless at slaughter/challenge wads (starting them off with Ribbiks maps? Seriously?), but they're not going to have the familiarity with Doom's mechanics to understand why anyone would appreciate them. Something like Urban Brawl is much more accessible and makes an immediate, powerful contrast against Doom E1 (Urban Brawl is also an iwad, which means the newbie still doesn't have to make a financial commitment yet). Then would probably come BTSX E1, with an explicit recommendation to play on skill 2. New players, except for a negligible portion who are crazy shmup fanatics or something, are not even going to care about the encounter design subtleties in hardcore wads. All that comes later.
  13. I just got a new Sun Microsystems GDM-5010 21" CRT monitor. This is a Trinitron display made for Sun workstations but is fully VGA compatible (though you have to supply your own cable since the one included uses Sun's 13W3 connector). Absolutely superb picture quality. Unfortunately it's about the only thing superb about my ailing Dell Dimension 4300 retro PC, but fortunately I have almost all the parts I need to build a new machine around an AMD Athlon Thunderbird.

  14. My upstairs media PC is connected to a 1366x768 "HD" television that I can't wait to throw out. Other than that, no, and especially not an analog NTSC TV. CRT TVs using NTSC were garbage compared to a CRT monitor of any reasonable quality. Maybe PAL was more acceptable but I don't live in Europe.