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  1. http://tankermottind.tumblr.com/post/149946753775/woolies-wolfenstein-level-design-tips-1 In which I explain how to account for the AI when placing your guards for better gameplay. Demonstrably false.
  2. I like Heretic's art, the problem is that there is just not enough of it.
  3. Yes, but I don't know how many without reinstalling the Heretic iwad and killing D'Sparil a bunch of times to watch him die and count the frames.
  4. Considering that the original maps were designed with the classic Doom player speed in mind, any change in the player speed may produce undesired effects. Doom's maps were meant to be in Doom, for them to play properly you have to recreate Doom's game design.
  5. That would almost certainly cause the enemies to still die because the actor will still call the relevant action functions which are native to Sorcerer2. ACTOR Sorcerer2NoKillMonsters : Sorcerer2 replaces Sorcerer2 { States { Death: SDTH A 8 SDTH B 8 SDTH C 8 A_PlaySound("dsparil/scream", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE) DeathLoop: SDTH DE 7 SDTH F 7 SDTH G 6 A_PlaySound("dsparil/explode", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE) SDTH H 6 SDTH I 18 SDTH J 6 A_NoBlocking SDTH K 6 A_PlaySound("dsparil/bones", CHAN_BODY, 1, FALSE, ATTN_NONE) SDTH LMN 6 SDTH O -1 A_BossDeath Stop } } The death animation won't be as fancy because A_Sor2DthLoop loops certain frames of the death animation seven times and I have no idea which frames those are or the inclination to experiment with it but this should work.
  6. No, Doom 2016's movement speed is very definitely slower than Classic Doom's, and the greatly increased mobility of monsters compared to the player makes Doom 2016 a very different game to play. Doom 2016's movement speed serves its game and level design, but does not lend itself as well to classic Doom maps, especially maps like E3M3 with a lot of exploration and backtracking.
  7. If you want to find out, create a DECORATE clone of D'Sparil without the A_Sor2DthInit and A_Sor2DthLoop functions.
  8. I thought that sort of thing could be vastly sped up by writing entirely new code for debris objects, so they have their own, much faster and simpler physics and collision and might not even be Doom THINGs at all. There are lots of games where there are vast quantities of objects moving around, but in these cases certain objects are usually treated differently from others so the math being done on each object is no more extensive than it needs to be.
  9. Brutal Doom takes ZDoom's special lumps way, way beyond what they were ever intended to handle. Brutal Doom is so byzantine and complicated that it really would be a better experience if Sergeant Mark IV stopped development of the current version, forked GZDoom, and re-implemented everything in C++...assuming he even knows how. Hardcoding the Brutal Doom features would make them orders of magnitude faster, much more stable, easier to maintain, and vastly more elegant. Forking a simpler source port like PrBoom+ would result in even greater improvements but a ZDoom base would be necessary to preserve the little ecosystem of Brutal Doom forks, add-ons, and other derivative works that keep Brutal Doom's community going.
  10. Did you get permission for this? I once emailed WSJ about porting this mod to ECWolf and he said no because he had his own plans to redo COTS.
  11. Around 80-85. I use a rather idiosyncratic touch typing technique where I don't use my pinky finger much and both hands float. It's a completely intuitive sort of thing and I cannot type worth a damn if I think about what I'm doing. Also I heartily recommend IBM or Unicomp keyboards for anyone seeking to increase their typing speed.
  12. I think I know how to play Wolf3D, thank you very much. (also enjoy a very rare example of a Wolf3D map that actually is really fast)
  13. Not sure I agree with you. Low health for both the player and enemies combined with hitscan weapons means Wolf3D is much more about patience and planning than deft footwork. Rushing into a room full of SS like you'd rush into an encounter in Doom gets you slaughtered. There are occasional frantic gunfights where the game dumps a bunch of Nazis right on top of you but they're over pretty quickly (either that, or you're over pretty quickly).
  14. No. I think the "leaking" radiation suit was a terrible idea. Doom is not Baldur's Gate and does not need random RNG fuck-you damage.
  15. OG Doom absolutely was fast-paced compared to most early '90s games, and many players did use a mouse right from the start--it was even recommended in the game manual. If you were used to games like King's Quest and Eye of the Beholder, Doom would have been a revelation. The entire world animated in real time! Back then, screen-by-screen games were still common, and the first person perspective, real-time moving everything, and smoothly animating worlds of Doom and Wolfenstein were practically sorcery.