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  1. I agree that slaughtermaps on map32 are overused so let's start putting them on map31 instead.
  2. Woolie Wool

    Have you used Doom to reduce your anger?

    Must be nice living in a civilized country where the government pays for things like that.
  3. Woolie Wool

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    The Sunlust video is supposed to be unlisted, did somebody spread around the link?
  4. Woolie Wool

    On the subject of hardware advancements circa 1993

    Neither were "AAA" titles. AAA games were stuff like Star Control II, Wing Comander III, Ultima VII, etc, which were major productions that involved many people.
  5. Jesus Christ, this thread is fucking ridiculous. Map32 is the ultimate secret in a megawad, where you put something that's weird and out-there compared to the rest of the megawad. For a slower-paced mapset a slaughtermap is quite an obvious choice for a map32 so it gets used quite often. (oh boy some people are going to hate the final secret level of Wolfenstein Missions--a Wolf3D slaughtermap with 461 guards. And this is in a game with mostly hitscan enemies and no armor!)
  6. MAP06: STAR CONTROL II: THE UR-QUAN MASTERS Time: 21:06 | Kills: 96% | Items: 92% | Secrets: 75% | continuous What should be the climax of this episode is a major disappointment, a dull, ugly techbase with an irritatingly obtuse progression involving a very '90s shootable switch that looks like it should be shootable from any height, since it's not recessed into the wall like modern shootable switches, but it isn't. You have to go all the way around the level to reach a platform in the shootable switch room to activate it. Other than that nothing interesting happens; all the fights here pull their punches. Aggressive players will likely have already bypassed the two-Evil Trooper surprise even before they hear or see it trigger, and then they can be either ignored or you can slice the pie with the plasma gun for two easy kills because they can't move in their little closets. MAP09: DELIVERENCE? Time: 0:26 | Kills: 0% | Items: 100% | Secrets: 100% | continuous Zero-effort IoS level, both on part of player and mapper. The moment you notice one of those shutters on the pillar opening is the moment the mapset is over. At least Worch could have built an IoS head so I could make the "purdy mouth" joke but he didn't even do that.
  7. Woolie Wool

    On the subject of hardware advancements circa 1993

    It's not so much "filler material" as an ultra-low-budget game made by two or three guys. There was no Blake Stone team working at Apogee; three guys approached Apogee to license the Wolf3D engine, called themselves a company, made their game, and got it published. They did the best they could under the circumstances but they had neither the experience, the money, nor the people needed to make a great game. Compare that to the similar startup Parallax, who started with two guys, but they had substantial wealth and long resumes which allowed them not just to invest but borrow more money (and with lower interest rates too), and their money and personal clout allowed them to hire a lot of desirable employees, and thus they made a much better game (Descent).
  8. MAP07: THREE-O-MATIC ON THE TREE Time: 16:11 | Kills: 101% | Items: 48% | Secrets: 50% | continuous Another somewhat disjointed brick/tech melange. This one has a fairly hectic start for a '97 wad as you're lowered on a pillar into a room full of zombies and imps and have to clear them out quickly to avoid being caught in a crossfire. It's routine stuff now but a lot more involved than the usual room with a shotgun you got in '97. Almost all the significant threats are hitscanners; on continuous, where the severe weapon restrictions in this map don't really matter, the difficulty is continuing to decline as hitscanner crossfires that are just as deadly now as they were in the '90s make way for dull encounters with singles, pairs, or trios of heavyweight monsters, including the dullest dual archie encounter I've played since 6fiffy1 (speaking of late '90s...).The cyber is a bit more tense than the usual '90s fare due to the layout of the T-junction you fight him in making circle-strafing impractical and the extreme shortage of cells that makes the plasma gun more or less a non-factor in this level, but he's completely unsupported and goes down easily unless you run straight into a rocket. The terrible two Evil Troopers are pretty scary, though--they were no match for my Wolf3D-honed hitscanner evasion, but players more used to projectile throwers over hitscanners might get minced once or twice.
  9. Woolie Wool

    On the subject of hardware advancements circa 1993

    That's not true, though--there are a lot of FPS games from the era that don't have the stature of the Big Three but have significant reputations and active modding scenes. However, Blake Stone just wasn't that good and I have played through all of Blake Stone multiple times, including the shareware version which I got at about the same time as I got Doom shareware v1.1 when I was about five years old. The levels sucked. The art was serviceable but obviously inferior to what Id, Raven, and 3D Realms were capable of. The setting lacked any sort of real "hook" and the aesthetic was rooted in the 1980s and not suited to the early-'90s zeitgeist. You can do a lot with the Wolf3D engine (just look at mods made by members of the modern Wolf3D community, myself included) but you have to have a good, coherent game design to make a good game, and only Wolf3D had that, none of the other games that used the engine--even ROTT played like a hot mess.
  10. MAP06: DEEP DOWN BELOW Time: 13:11 | Kills: 93% | Items: 86% | Secrets: 20% | continuous An old favorite of mine from Requiem returns in this wad to fill the map06 slot. This appears to be missing a couple of areas and has a simpler texture scheme than the Requiem version but it's still pretty good. I forgot about the somewhat eccentric progression of this map, where you have to take two different paths to get the blue and yellow keys, and use both of them to get the red key. The standout encounter is the red key area, where the key plays hard-to-get by slamming doors in your face just before you can reach it several times as you hit a series of switches that trigger small ambushes, culminating in the reveal of an Evil Trooper up in a sniper's nest when you finally get the key. Backing up and plinking at him with the shotgun got rid of him pretty easily. The texture scheme reverts to the same sort of disjointed brick/tech melange as the early maps, but at least the muted colors and subterranean locale enforce some thematic consistency.
  11. Woolie Wool

    On the subject of hardware advancements circa 1993

    What if Blake Stone didn't fail because it had an older engine but because it was an inferior game with amateurish art design and unimaginative levels? Blake Stone wasn't even as good as the original Wolf3D, some new technical features aside.
  12. Woolie Wool

    [GZDoom] Doom: But It's Completely Fucking Unplayable

    I couldn't watch the video because I started to get nauseated. I can't even imagine playing this, I would probably throw up.
  13. MAP05: UNDERGROUND TEMPLE Time: 19:07 | Kills: 105% | Items: 100% | Secrets: 100% | continuous My time is pretty shitty on this one because it took me about ten minutes to work out the puzzle to get the yellow key. Other than that puzzle, difficulty is down considerably from previous levels, even without the (hidden, as usual) armor. A lot more of this map is mixing it up with mid-tier projectile throwers with the SSG rather than hitscan crossfires, something that modern Doom technique is well-equipped to handle. This is a dark, mildly hellish green marble complex that reminds me of the indoor parts of Worch's magnum opus, "Last Resort" from Requiem. It's not as difficult or as well-designed as "Last Resort" but it's quite nice for a 1997 map, with the colormap's handling of the green marble projecting a somber, grim atmosphere onto the map. The IWAD music feels out of place here, though. The Evil Trooper is another easy SSG kill as long as you don't miss...
  14. Woolie Wool

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]