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  1. Had a really good time with this. Very much a classic '90s style wad in terms of its gameplay but with a very modern level of polish and attention to detail. Everything looks great, the texturing and alignment are always impeccable, and while the combat is on the tame side, the fight setups are interesting enough to keep a more experienced player from checking out. My favorite map was definitely "The Judas Tree", which feels almost like a sequel to "Kingdom of Roots" from Faithless Trilogy, with its green rock, nukage, and the ominous dead, hollowed-out tree dominating the center of the map.
  2. Woolie Wool

    Casual thoughts on Wolfensten 3d

    One problem with Wolf3D as most people have played it is that the original Id maps are pretty sloppy and amateurish, especially for the first three episodes. Spear of Destiny is a lot better than Wolf3D, despite having exactly the same features and gameplay, simply due to having better levels.
  3. Woolie Wool

    Casual thoughts on Wolfensten 3d

    One important thing to know is that guards have a greatly reduced chance of hitting you if you are moving at full speed, regardless of direction. The "Wolfenstein dance" of rapidly oscillating back and forth (unlike Doom, the Wolf3D player moves at a constant speed without slowing down during the change of direction) will save your life when fighting multiple enemies and is essential when playing harder maps that may not allow you to pick off enemies one by one.
  4. Woolie Wool

    English is the stupidest language ever, bar none

    This pronunciation sounds a lot like 14th century Middle English, which is fairly close to the sort of English that our spelling is based on: "Inflammable" is the original English form (derived from inflame, to set on fire, just like French) but it apparently caused confusion on safety labels when read by uneducated people, so the "in" was removed.
  5. Woolie Wool

    English is the stupidest language ever, bar none

    Every language is full of amazing absurdities. From a 20th century Chinese poem (written in Classical, read in Mandarin) written to mock proposals for the compulsory romanization of Chinese. If it looks like it would be incomprehensible spoken out loud, it is, even to Chinese speakers: Translation:
  6. Woolie Wool

    The great Doom door cliche

    I typically find this in more "formalist" map sets so I'm usually not bothered by it. It's one of many formalist map layout archetypes and I'll take it over a strictly linear map any day.
  7. Woolie Wool

    Why does some people hate nu metal bands here

    The guitar is a tenor instrument, so tenors often work very well when doing counterpart to a guitar, and the mixing of hard rock and metal albums, which is naturally guitar-centric, works to the advantage of tenors, letting them cut through even with fairly marginal voices, while baritones and basses tend to get buried.
  8. Woolie Wool

    Goodbye Adobe Flash...

    China is a capitalist society, as were the post-Stalinist "Eastern Bloc" countries before it. Just because the state owns most of the capital and many of the most important people wear different costumes from the "free market" world doesn't make capital cease to exist.
  9. Woolie Wool

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    lol, no way in absolute hell is a Pentium 200 or 233 or whatever you're emulating going to run this wad. I tried running it in both PrBoom and Eternity on my 1733 MHz Athlon XP machine and it got absolutely annihilated. Just use a modern port and use resolution scaling to turn it down to 320x200.
  10. Woolie Wool

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Why not? I did (though not actually in DOS) and it looked great. That said, I don't think Eviternity on DOS MBF could ever happen, not least because the DOS extender will not be able to allocate enough memory for the larger maps.
  11. Woolie Wool

    Dungeon Crawl WADs

    Also try Legacy of Heroes. It's a tighter, leaner, more modern take on Eternal Doom (using exclusively assets from the original). The navigation is easier (though there are still puzzles), but the combat is much tougher, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.
  12. Woolie Wool

    Dungeon Crawl WADs

    Have you played Hexen yet?
  13. No, this has nothing to do with modules (which I know very little about), it has to do with MIDI synthesizers. Hardware or software, they're all different and have unique quirks, advantages, and limitations.
  14. Real hardware synths do not just take a set of samples and spit out noises, they have unique internal logics with signal processing, sound composition, and analog processing (amplification etc.) that are unique to that individual machine and only emulatable using a full-blown custom midi driver, if at all. That said, for those people who aren't, like me, willing to drop a Benjamin on an old piece of Japanese electronics that may fail at any moment, a better SC-55 soundfont than other SC-55 soundfonts is just about the ideal midi solution for DOS games and pwads. But it can never be the same as the real thing. Even different soundfont-based digital synthesizers have different ways handling the samples and thus sound different--I always preferred BASSMIDI to FluidSynth (and Timidity just sucks) until I got a real Roland Sound Canvas. And my PC's Sound Blaster X-Fi card has two E-Mu hardware synths that use soundfonts (or more precisely, soundfonts were created for E-Mu/later Creative sound cards and only later used by soft synths), and I'm sure they sound different from either BASSMIDI or FluidSynth. Hmmm, maybe I should do a five-way comparison one day with my real SC-55, the SB Audigy synths, FluidSynth, BASSMIDI, and Timidity...