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  1. Miss Bubbles

    Parallel Doomensions - Quake 1 Styled Community Megawad

    Thanks, I appreciate you understanding! I just don't want to drag things down if I'm not contributing. I am in the Discord, and will definitely engage with others if/when I get around to working on my map.
  2. Miss Bubbles

    Parallel Doomensions - Quake 1 Styled Community Megawad

    Same here, unfortunately. :( Life and health has gotten in the way these past few months. I have been thinking about this project often though, and I want to get going on it very soon now that I'm beginning to feel better again. If I don't have anything to show soon I will consider dropping out.
  3. Miss Bubbles

    The Force Engine (Jedi Engine Port/Replacement)

    This looks amazing and quite promising! I echo the sentiments of others in that I could never quite get into level editing for Dark Forces due to the janky, archaic editors. (Although I admit I did not try very hard to pick them up haha) This looks like it has great potential to breathe some new life into the game and spark a new modding scene. I'll be keeping an eye on this, good luck to you!
  4. Miss Bubbles

    The Id Software tv show is yet to be made

    Last I heard about it was that they found their actors for Carmack and Romero back in September. I haven't heard anything else in a while, but I can only imagine that, due to the pandemic, production will probably be on hold for some time.
  5. Miss Bubbles

    Parallel Doomensions - Quake 1 Styled Community Megawad

    That looks awesome - very Quakey!
  6. Miss Bubbles

    Parallel Doomensions - Quake 1 Styled Community Megawad

    This is a really cool idea! I'd like to take slot 17 :) Edit: Oh wait, if the themes are being figured out and re-arranged still then I may have to claim a different number. I was intending to do one of the medieval map slots.
  7. Miss Bubbles

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    That costs extra.
  8. Miss Bubbles

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Definitely! I got the urge to do some mapping and check out some new wads. Doom Zero in particular has been inspiring and a blast to play through - I'm happy to see it mentioned.
  9. Miss Bubbles

    The 2019 Cacowards

    Congratulations to all the winners and Happy Birthday to Doom!!! I'm honored to make it onto the runner-ups :D Doom has a very special place in my heart, and to have left some tiny little dent in the community means so much to me!
  10. Miss Bubbles

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    I'd just like to add further on to what Not Jabba and Count have said... unless I am mistaken, it seems the biggest offender for breaking vanilla compatibility was the decision to change the secret level exits from their original map slots. I have no intention of altering this.
  11. Miss Bubbles

    Lunar Catastrophe - An Ultimate Doom Megawad (RELEASED!)

    Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
  12. Miss Bubbles

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Unbeliever by @Ryath An absolute blast to play through with super fun and creative levels!
  13. Miss Bubbles

    UNBELIEVER - a Heretic megaWAD (/idgames RELEASE!)

    This wad was an absolute blast to play! I just finished it last night after playing each episode in their entirety back to back over 3 days and wow, I want more haha! From the get go with Episode 1 I enjoyed the simple aesthetics and small maps, and as I continued I couldn't help finding myself smiling at the variety of combat scenarios and clever utilization of Heretic's power-ups. Episode 2 was probably my least favorite but only because the other two episodes were so well made; it was still a ton of fun to play through. The maps, again, were short but sweet in their execution of gameplay and aesthetics. There was one I recall where you kept raising a pool of water in the center higher and higher, re-using it to access new parts of the map; I loved that! I was a little bit skeptical of Episode 3 as I played through the first map, but it managed to remain fun and fresh. Don't get me wrong, the puzzles in the first map were fine, I was just concerned that this was going to be a slog since puzzles are a tricky thing to pull off. That being said, you did an amazing job with not only instructing the player on what they needed to do, but also utilizing Heretic's mechanics and sector properties in such creative and fun ways. Overall, this was a complete joy to play through, and any gripes I may have had were minor. Boss fights were quite challenging but fair, if somewhat tedious due to the sheer amount of health that the Heretic boss monsters have. For the most part I seemed to miss out on the secrets but I typically don't spend a long time looking for them. I played on Smite-Meister (I don't care for fast monsters and increased ammo :P) and I found the balancing of ammo, health, and power-ups was also decent. I never had too much of anything or ever found myself being too overwhelmed by the encounters. So again, props to you for creating not only such a well balanced and fun wad, but a creative and original one as well! I will have to nominate this for a Cacoward :)