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  1. I've added a body of work to my profile now. Those are cool right?

     I need to work on more shit, haha

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    2. nxGangrel


      I didn't know i would sorta start a trend. Cool.

      But I just took the idea from the Doomwiki, how individual mappers had a "body of work". As well as the few people who would post links to their stuff in their signatures in the previous version of DW. I just thought it was cool

      Are there still signatures in DW? If there are, I haven't noticed.


      @PanterD2SYou haven't heard of either Mutiny, Doom 2 Redux, the annual Doomworld mega projects?

    3. PanterD2S


      No ^^


      ...havent touched Doom for nearly 20 years - 1 year ago i didnt know the name zeromaster or what was going on here. "Joined August 10, 2016"  :)

    4. nxGangrel