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  1. Less talk about net neutrality, more talk about clowns and pies. Anyways, I almost forgot how much I loved My Father the Clown. It's great that all the episodes are on Youtube.
  2. You're ignoring a large amount of the comedic timing, setup, and overall panache required for making the classic pie to the face gag properly work.
  3. That's not how it works. Dressing up as a clown doesn't automatically make someone a clown, much like how dressing up as a doctor doesn't automatically make someone a doctor.
  4. I don't think he's trying to troll people. I think he's legitimately trying to make himself look cool and win people over.
  5. Judge is a banana sundae of frothing at the mouth insanity that has no modicum of self awareness. Everyone should watch Judge. It's an incredible thing to behold.
  6. Clothes don't make the clown.
  7. This is what happens when sociopaths pretend to have a sense of humour.
  8. We were specifically talking about these judges.
  9. Wendy's Twitter account will be having its first ever reddit AMA tomorrow at 1pm EST. Be there and be square! 



  10. Police are allowed to kill people if their lives, or the lives of others are in imminent danger, and better options aren't available. I realise this doesn't always happen. I recently watched a video of a police officer murdering an unarmed exterminator because he was seen with an air rifle that he used to kill insects (in an open carry state) at a hotel. The cop was drunk with power, and kept giving contradicting instructions. It's very hard to watch. The cop was acquitted. Judges have the right to execute criminals at will. They are the law.
  11. I know that America's justice system is incredibly corrupt, but it's better than the alternative of allowing police officers the right to sentence people to death by their own discretion. That's just insane.