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  1. I did this today. I went for a hike in the bluffs; sat on a rock, overlooking the river valley and drew a Doom map. It's not much, but it's something that might flesh out to something bigger. Just looking at it now I can see more possibilities.
  2. An artist willing to let a noob (me) use their wonderful artwork.
  3. Cool. Honestly, I haven't even looked at all the states yet. I'm not sure I would have tried crash though. DECORATE is pretty damn interesting, but I haven't had any reason to try to use it until now. I still got a bunch to learn, but I think my base understanding will serve me well if I can find someone willing to take the chance on me.
  4. SORRY!!! FYI: That video is unlisted.
  5. I figured the alignment problem out when I saw how shitty it was. lol. Fixed that. Looks like ass, but it's a start. This is actually something @Darch and @KVELLER are working on, but I found it a good opportunity to try something new. I still need to work some kinks out, but I'm excited that I got it working this far. Addendum: It didn't work for .wad, but when I did a .zip it worked. :/
  6. That didn't work. Is it because I'm saving it as a .wad instead of as a .pk3?
  7. Do you have the sound defined in the Actor Sound Property before your states? .... +NOGRAVITY SeeSound "caco/sight" PainSound "caco/pain" DeathSound "caco/death" ActiveSound "caco/active" Obituary "$OB_CACO" HitObituary "$OB_CACOHIT" States { Spawn: HEAD a 1 A_Look Loop See: .... I'm not sure if this is the right track or not.
  8. I'm trying to edit a Cacodemon so that when it enters its death state it switches to a new sprite. I have the sprites between S_START and S_END markers name like this: FREZA0 FREZB0 FREZC0 ... FREZT0 I've inherited the properties of the Cacodemon, but renamed it, "Cacofreezin" When I kill the monster it completely disappears. What am I missing? Code: Death: FREZ A 8 A_Scream FREZ B 2 A_Fall Stop wad: https://www.mediafire.com/?p4oawsuzvk58o4a nevermind the shitty map. it's old. lol This is my first attempt at something like this, so I apologize in advance if it's something simple that I've over looked.
  9. If so, can someone point me in the right direction?
  10. Holy smokes! Great job. Addendum: since you are doing true color, I think it would look awesome if the frame before totally frozen was a little more thawed; maybe without icicles. Purplish? Hopefully my suggestions aren't annoying/stifling.
  11. I've probably made over 1,000 3D Floors and I haven't ran into a problem with it in 2.1+. Why would anyone use an older version than that? That's how I used to do it, but this way is a lot quicker.
  12. Before you do a bunch of monsters, it'd be nice if you completed his one. The best you can do with a single sprite is have it always front facing. If you do the other sprites from this state from the different angles it will give it a more 3D look so that it can be viewed from front, side and back. That frame looks damn good though.
  13. That looks really good and would be more than awesome with proper rotation! Wow!
  14. Take note that you can have multiple tags on more than one sector! This will allow you to stack multiple layers on top of each other very easily. This short (2:30 minute) video should help: This is for water, but if you just keep the 3D Floor marked as, "Solid" (it's default) it's the exact same thing.