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  1. Or a fly buzzing around your ears when you're using both hands to carry pudding to your cousins baptism. Normally the hitscans are first priority, but if your fighting a few Revenants or other demanding monster they can be a begrudgingly accepted annoyance as they peck at you and steadfastly wait for their fate to unfold. Hitscans are great monsters and can at a lot of urgency to your gameplay. Hitscan breaks up the Nascar.
  2. So I have come to the conclusion that probably a huge amount of maps are designed for pistol start. I know I can't be the only to think this. My reasoning for it is that it'd be tedious to test map 01 everyone you wanted to test map 02. After I've thought about it for a moment I think you could make a save point at the exit of the penultimate map and that wouldn't desync(?) your save when you test. ...or you could jot down your munitions and use a console command to recreate how you would have started. I heard someone reiterate my previous thoughts and I felt like I should probably share my new idea regarding this topic. I don't know how I feel about continuous play. Just an idea I had.
  3. It's too late. He's long gone.
  4. The thing about my wad is that the story sets the environment as a different universe. I want to add enough variety to clearly illustrate that it isn't as much Doom as it's a story that uses Doom's basic premise. The teleport technology has taken you to a new time line in a different multiverse. I may end up keeping the Revenant and Archvile because they're great monsters, but I feel like with the visual variety it will help with the tone and feel.
  5. I'm not sure if people think I'm an asshole or not, but everytime you play one of my maps, I get a little piece of your soul.
  6. It may be possible that the wad you're playing has used a MAPINFO lump to disable jump and freelook. Have you tested in standard Doom II?
  7. JS? I'm racking my brain hard for this one. JavaScript?
  8. Everyone sees it. ZDoom/Doomworld forums are filled to the brim with stuff I'd never play. Someone else would though. Maybe there are some, absolutely no one would enjoy or give a chance. That doesn't mean their time was wasted. This is just like any other hobby. You get better by doing it. I do find that comment stifling and slightly condescending. It's not YOU saying it, it's me hearing it for the seventh time. People in this community seem to offer a lot of advice about personal taste. Being here for a year and a half has allowed me to see this immediately dismissive attitude toward people who don't make maps in the, "right" format. It's no one in particular, but the spoonfed, regurgitated opinions of some people really do make me feel unwelcome here and I'm not the only one who feels this way. I've talked with other people who feel like the Doom community is kind of cold. You'd think people would be excited anytime anyone is willing to invest their time into Doom. I don't operate out of fear, and I'm going to pursue my vision even with the looming forgone conclusion of forum obscurity.
  9. That's a bit of an oversimplification, eh? Maybe I'm wrong. What's your monster /item replacement mod called? There's quiet a bit more involved than that. Balancing monsters and guns and playing something over and over to find how to best impliment everything is pretty invested. If I'm asking for content creators permission to edit the monsters I would consider that to be a bit more than a compilation. I even have a story. I get this is the official blanket statement anyone who tries to do anything outside of conventional Doom stuff gets. I've saw it here a few times and heard it passively (erectile dysfunctionally soft) countless times on Twitch. I'm interested in what I can create with my customized and balanced compilation of other people's work that I don't have the inclination to do myself. Otherwise why would I do it? If I needed to pay attention to what other people are interested in, I'd probably have a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. I find it highly improbable that no one besides me will ever play it and if I am proud of my work then I'm good. I'll know it's good if I think it's good. Everyone on this forum will probably hate it because it changes mechanics of Doom.
  10. The bigger the asshole the better. Assholes are often the best kind of people. They usually know what they want and have a mind of their own.
  11. These are there for anyone to use, right? I know there's a donation button on the website. I appreciate all the work that went into creating all the sprites. I've decided to make a donation, but it'll have to be tomorrow after I get paid. ...and it's probably only going to be 10.00 because I'm more or less broke. Okay, here's what I need to know. I'm using a bunch of assets from http://www.realm667.com and my intention is to make a mod that replaces the characters in Doom. These are the weapons and monsters that I'll use. As you can see there's a long list of credits, and that's not even including the items and props (yet). After asking how a couple of people felt in a twitch chat, the general consensus is that I should ask the people who contributed if I can modify their work. I'm not sure what the best way of doing this is so I'm just going to do it like this. Many of you are multiple contributors. Is it cool if I mashup all your monsters and guns and edit the decorate and make slight modifications to sprites (key so far) to balance my mod? If anyone else knows some of the non-linked, "shout outs" or whatever they're called, please @ them to this thread. Thank you. I kind of feel like this might be a little over kill, but I just want to cover my bases and be respectful of everyone who has contributed. This thread will be crossposted on my thread for the project when I get further along with it. I really haven't felt like doing much Doom related, but in the back of my head I'm pretty excited about this.
  12. Select the item in 3D mode and use the mousewheel to raise them up or down. The only thing you can't place on a 3D Floor (presumably without a little more work) is a player start.
  13. Just comment them out. Use, // or if it's longer than one line /* */. Script 1 (void) { //Setlinetexture(*,*,*,*); //This will not be looked at. ..... ..... } /* Script 1 (void) { Setlinetexture(*,*,*,*); } */ None of this will be looked at.
  14. Here's what worked for me. #include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 (void) { SetLineTexture(1, side_front, TEXTURE_BOTTOM, "-"); } This replaced my switch texture with nothing.
  15. I think you're missing the script type. It should probably be (void). That's the first thing I notice. Edit: I guess not. The example doesn't use void. Sorry. I can't help, but I think I'm going to look at it for a minute.