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  1. Thanks! Doing some changes according the videos.
  2. Jaska

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Thanks! It is so important to see someone else to play. Map04 didn't have problems I think but map20 had. I was quite aware of those.. So it is easy not to know what to do next as the map is so big. It is still quite difficult to fix. Red key area was another problem which I thought would be. Video on map20 part04 had some issues with audio. As you liked you can play other maps also. Those are smaller and not so nonlinear most of the time.
  3. Not late. I'll wait sometime until even think to put it to idgames as there has been so many bugs.. Luckily those bugs weren't anything big. I'll update changes to joi_lstcv15.wad or to the final version. Isn't it funny when you do there last very minor changes you propably create a bug? Like duplicate secret or something like in map08, huh. So every last changes should be playtested even how minor.
  4. 10 000 thread views and over 800 downloads! Many Thanks for interest, feedback and support!
  5. Jaska

    Give me your WADs - I WILL PLAY AND RECORD THEM.

    Could you try map20 or map04 from this:
  6. I added another site to the first post. There has been complaints on that too but it works even there may be some security messages or something.
  7. Well, I started playing it but never finished (as I had to finish this my own project). Maybe I'll continue it someday.
  8. Thanks! I kind a get you feel. It's a good idea to not to play the whole thing on a one try. Yes, there are way too many big open spaces which I struggled on. Couldn't put hitscanners because that would have been even more annoying. Many of those areas suffer from being made looks and feeling first. But I didn't want to cut them off.
  9. Jaska

    Largest Maps?

    I think this is quite big? Map20 from my project. Map04 is also quite big.
  10. @Caleb13 Fixed at least most of the errors. All fixed. Thanks! It's my favourite too. All sounds are now converted to doom-format. Should have found out a bit earlier that Slade can do that too! All changes are now mentioned on the first post.
  11. There is option to search for missing textures but I don't use it because there is always places which have been let intentionally untextured. And usually untextured places in my maps have been very rare, I can't understand how I've been so sloppy. As far as I know there is no matter how wads are organized. Empty dehacked entries are mystery to me. As I "save into" in GZDoombuilder it seems to save maps that way. I haven't had much of a thought to organize it (not at all). Yes, those sectors are supposed to hurt. "Long ago" when I thought a big fight to that area with CDs on pillars and hundreds of imps or something roaming from the lowering door.. I thought ways to limit players movement as there is a lot of space. Should I put lava pits all around? Then I thought if you enter into darkness it would hurt you. I even thought it as a larger theme of a map but left out of ideas and inspiration then. But it didn't work as I expected. It was kind of cool at first but boring at last. Too big area (or lack of imagination). So it is now just an atmospheric mysterious location which leads to exit or something.
  12. Yeah, this is it, final release as I get all bugs fixed and things balanced etc. Most of the older maps have been modified to some extent. Nothing radical. I'll watch fdas. Maybe it's nice to see you paying attention to the details instead of just rushing through. Changed that hedge to impassable (will be on joi_lstcv14) Thanks! You can always comment on cacoward thread, heh. Thanks! Couldn't get those midcabs working yet.. I don't know where those empty dehacked patches come from. There is no dehacked modifications at all. 2,3 changed to joi_lstcv14 version. 4. Error checking utility doesn't find anything. Can you point out like one of those so I can examine that? Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I think I did even better on the newer maps. Will be fixed on joi_lstcv14. Thanks! Great! Thanks! Actually on joi_lstcv12 version secret map isn't accessible. I even don't know if I'm going to finish it or make it accessible. I don't have ideas for that. It is just to show architecture if someone wants to check it with cheat codes or editor atm. Wanted it out of my hard disk. Yes, some of the older maps aren't on the same level with the newer ones. But I think they are ok and short at least. Bugs are fixed on joi_lstcv14.
  13. Jaska

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Nice shots. Sky fits perfectly.
  14. Thanks for your thoughts. I might add one CD on a moving platform.. And change the map order. At least switch division to a map19. Yeah, green switch isn't the most obvious. I already changed that 3 spider area has invulsphere at all difficulties. There is already green armor near the bridge but maybe another one is needed.
  15. I've had also problems with the same thing! Propably the next problem will be with custom animated textures if you run Slades "archive maintenance" things (remove unused textures/patches..). You have to include all the animation frames in one of the maps, otherwise they will be deleted and you will have ridiculous slideshow effect on all textures.