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  1. Very cool screenshots! Looks like 4th shots rock texture is bumpmapped. New feature in gzdoom? :)
  2. No, looking good to me.
  3. Wat? How? Is that boom-compatible or GZdoom?
  4. Thanks for the feedback! That really helps to keep motivation up :) I have quite fixed all of the issues now. Those aren't still updated to latest linked version. I'll put it to the next release which will be hopefully the final version sometime next year. Haven't had too much time to do mapping recently.
  5. Thanks! Thanks for the great sky!
  6. Haven't got too much time to do mapping but here is some proof on some progression to the castle map: Inner yard: Staircase to upper part:
  7. Looks good! I always like sceneries with vegetation, plants,vines and stuff like that
  8. Inside a castle
  9. Do you wan't to go to the forest? Or to a castle? (just changed the sky from previous screenshot.. and added some details)
  10. I like finally the progression of this castle map - have been stuck with this. Trying to get a lot of height differences and many paths to go.
  11. Link to my project:
  12. I'm thinking to release this as one 14-17 map wad.
  13. Some screenshots from the WIPs
  14. Thanks @SP_FACE1 ! Have to fix that key issue to next release. Also check the ammo balance. This version still isn't balanced to multiplayer at all. I'm planning to create 5-7 more maps. Here are screenshots from the unfinished maps: Outlands approx. 35% ready Downtown 55% City centre 30% Cave 5% Castle 20% Not named yet 20% Not sure if I include any of the below to the finished set.. A cabin 1% River valley 5% Towers 20% "Techbase" 5%
  15. Nice thread! I have some photos on my computer, maybe upload them later.