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  1. @NoisyVelvet I changed them now. @Vorpal I updated quite a long today the maps and I just changed the link to the newest version on 1st post.
  2. Thanks @NoisyVelvet! Watched FDA:s. Nice play at the end of the laboratory map with 1hp :) Was close on map01 too. I added ammo&health to some maps. Changed map05's secrets a little. HOM's fixed. (I quite don't undestand why there are always 1 or 2 textures missing.. Shows up in gzdoombuilder but not in game. Also missed missing textures on testing.. Changed one texture completely.) Also one skybox hom was there. I'm thinking to delete those hanging decorations.. Or change them with dehacked. Haven't yet done anything with the dehacked though. I have the understanding it will make it harder to play with gameplay mods or something. Checked some didy's maps on editor. They looked very nice, atmospheric and the detailing was very good. Very nice texturing. @gaspe Thanks for the feedback! I'm trying to find some midis but that will be maybe the last thing I'll do. I've had some suggestions though. Ambient sounds would be a great thing.. For my understanding it would need that I replace some decoration etc to get that sound on a some point of the map.. I have so much trees and stuff already replaced that I'm lacking things to replace. And the point that using dehacked would possibly prevent people from using gameplay mods.. I added ammo on map05 and also to some others. Tried to get rid of that cut-off as much as possible. Odd that i missed it myself. I also noticed that they can be trapped there. With soundblocking lines that could be avoided. But still there is possiility to encounter them being up there by going different route to the red key. I think it's ok. I'm thinking what to do with map06. It's true that too there is too much time spent in that one spot. On map07 changed damaging effect to 2-5%. I liked the idea of some kind of interaction with the laboratory and that's what I came up to. @yuse Thanks! I'll get rid of that wire texture. Yes, some are easy. I'm quite sure still most of the players won't find all of them on 1st playthrough if they are not particularly searching them. I wanted to reward the player for exploring the levels rather than just running through. Map01 is the opening and not the hardest one for that reason if I undestand you right it being too easy? I'm still not sure if it will be map01 on the final mappack.
  3. Thanks for feedback! Gameplay is meant to be kind of adventurous. Not tight battle all the time. My 1st person shooter history stops at Half-life2. So I'm not into fast gameplay. Counter-strike hmmm... 1.4 or something was the coolest thing at fast paced thing on the past. But that was a multiplayer thing. That's why all gameplay feedback is important. I still want to make a megawad what will be remembered in all aspects. Maybe I have to play more to get myself to today's standards. Haven't had time to do that... Also I'm more of a creator of a "worlds", not too good on gameplay. I have still had a lot of thought about the gameplay but it's only my view how it should be implemented.. And it's quite slow and forgiving, mostly. For animated sky you must thank @Eradrop Music. I don't like midi music at all. So.. I yet don't know what to do with it. bgm choices?
  4. Thanks! I fixed that bug to next version which will be hopefully quite final with maybe 5 more maps and all others updated. (Map04 has to be updated, maybe get rid of map06, add monsters & ammo to coop etc.)
  5. Quite a lot of downloads but not so many comments. Silence is usually a good sign but a bit difficult to improve without feedback.
  6. Thanks! Nice to see your ranking. Helps a lot when thinking on what direction I'm going with the rest of the maps.
  7. With my knowledge and boom-compatibility, no.
  8. Thanks for the feedback! @gaspe: I was unsure of that wire too. Couldn't figure out anything else and thought there still has to be "something" visible to block the player. I used to have even more chaingunners in the city but changed some to shotgunners. Have to have some threat there, imps would be too easy, I think. I have used too many imps already, heh. Teleporting is there for reason. I don't have to think if anyone falls to pit if I would have used monsters raising from the ground. That could happen in multiplayer (DM). Or if player gets past the activation linedef somehow (rocket jump etc). And it would have been frustrating if hitscanners had shot from the mountain when you clean the city. Now the problem occurs only other way. You're right that map01&02 are quite similar and that's because they are so open. And yes, I was struggling to get any sense to gameplay. @HAK3180 I have changed a lot between previous version and this version on map04. There was an underground "city" on earlier version. Maybe I have to make it even more straightforward. Don't know also what to do with map06. Maybe change it to have multiple paths and leave lots of areas just optional. Have to check out ammo balance. I tried to make ammo so scarce that you would like to search it from secrets. But maybe it was too scarce then.
  9. Is that taken from this album? ;-)
  10. As it is 24 years today from Doom2 release I'll boost my project with crossposting these pics :) :
  11. Download link (version 0.5, updated 22.10): https://files.fm/u/mf9qqsyy I'm now releasing all of my 9 finished maps from my Boom-compatible project for feedback. Especially I need feedback from maps 1 and 2. Those are the newest.(So map03 used to be the first map.. Map order may change when I progress with this. When this is complete there will be like 20 maps.) Any feedback is welcome. Is nonlinear map design good (in some maps)? Like you have to find 3 keys to exit etc. Gameplay? Is it fun? Exploration? Do you wanna see more? What you would change? Adventurous feel is emphasized. Detailing is to support lifelike environments. Map progression is meant to be "seamless" but this is not complete so it's not always. Difficulty may be even too low for some players so try pistol start. Name: Lost civilization (ver 0.4) Map Format: Boom-compatible Ports Tested: PrBoom+, GZDoom IWAD: Doom 2 Maps: MAP01-09 Music: No music. Change your own music! Gameplay: Single play/co-op Difficulty Settings: Yes (Only UV tested) Multiplayer Placement: Yes. Coop & deathmatch starts. (not tested, not balanced for this version yet) Build Time: 2016 - 2017 Requirements: Jumping/crouching disabled. Freelook allowed. Textures: (Credits for textures/resources in wadinfo)
  12. Thanks! That worked! (-host 1)
  13. Uh.. How can I switch multiplayer tagged monsters "on"? If I put Zandronum into gzdoombuilders enginelist and run game those aren't there. Even if I go to the options and run map with offline skirmish. Or drag&drop map into zandronum.exe.. BTW is there commandline parameter to add those multiplayer monsters on gzdoom?
  14. Heh, sinäkin olet sitten ilmeisesti Suomesta?

    1. Eradrop


      No no haha, im not from Finland, im from Israel.

    2. Jaska

      Oh, sorry. For some reason one of your sky pack showed like "uploaded from Finland".

  15. Went back to this map, just changed textures.. and: