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  1. Good feedback. Can't disagree on any point I guess. I'm still thinking I should have released this with different name so no comparison would have been made. Actually 1.0 doesn't have massive differences.
  2. Version 1.0 is out! Not much has changed, a little fixes here and there.
  3. Glad you liked it :-) For you and maybe some others who follow this thread, "Lost civ 2", is out: It is different but has many familiar things from the first one.
  4. Jaska

    Post your Doom textures!

    Yess! One of favourite kind of texture.
  5. I have no idea what could cause that :-/
  6. Jaska

    Post your Doom textures!

    Nice, how are these done?
  7. Glad to hear :-) Slowly fixing some stuff and also noticed that. Used "profilethinkers +t" and it really is resource intensive. Already just deleted them but propably will check your fix out. Kinda strange, I must have tried deleting them before but somehow didn't notice the difference. That map is badly constructed as you can see everything from everywhere but I liked it too much like that so accepted bad fps.. But there aren't too much linedefs etc to fps be that bad so..
  8. Is gl_portals cvar set to 0? Is there any other thing which could explain it, don't know. If using software renderer .. it should affect to models not showing up and sector portals being messed up, line portals should be just fine.
  9. There was a time when my schoolmates brought shotguns to the school. They went hunting after the school, it was normal to have guns there. Nowadays it would be different, propably.
  10. No. Thanks for the video. I like the tittle of it. There is always things to fix, seems, heh. Yeah, there could be more combat.. While when I tested it .. it felt ok being so long without action but when watching a video its a bit different. I was thinking one difficulty level would be "doom2 monsters only" (as it was in the intro/demo) but don't know still if I have energy to implement it. Too many options just distract and don't know how many would play it twice, huh..
  11. No. It was meant to be the base of the project. Just couldn't figure out how the progression would have gone, so started with different approach. It became too big.. Should have to cut it to smaller maps or something. Easier just to start over. Kinda sad some work/ideas is/are wasted there. Sounds very odd. So you drag&drop both to GZdoom.exe? Or do you use launcher? @Goldar Thanks for your kind words :-)
  12. Yeah.. I'll propably just fix the bugs / finetune some details and that's it.
  13. Jaska

    {TEXTURES}AI Generated Textures 100+

    That mossy rock is great. Would use it. Actually made it tile fast and tested it,looks good.
  14. Thanks @MarcinC for the feedback! That is just what I like. What is good/bad and why. I'm not planning to add more maps, unfortunately. This is propably the last doom-mod even.
  15. If you liked myhouse, this might interest you: @Tomppa84 It's technically very impressive. This kind of mod I've never seen. Not going to spoil more.