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  1. Thanks @galileo31dos01 ! I added monster blocking lines to some maps. Changed already cyber's platform to the newest version.
  2. Thanks @komojo You can search for more textures like this on my texture credits: "Credits (music): Jimmy Credits (textures): https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/rtp tenebrae.wad -Realm667 Texture Stock -Textures.wad -Blood -Duke Nukem 3D -Shadow Warrior Stonghold.pk3 Valve.wad DoomPotpourri.wad Community chest 4: cc4-tex.wad, Resource Wad Doom3 textures: https://www.doomworld.com/vb/wads-mods/92309-doom-3-textures-for-doom/ http://www.realm667.com/index.php/en/texture-stock-mainmenu-152-97360/doom-style-mainmenu-153-87237 www.realm667.com/index.php/en/downloads/texture-stock/987-soldier-of-fortune/file NiGHTMARE Ghostbusters Doom Tex's Cage's Texture Pack, cage_tex.wad Captain Toenail for urn Omegalore for doomsky Mechadon (skies etc.) Hellcore 2.0 https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hc20 Eradrop (skies) Viggles http://thief.washboardabs.net/textures/ Cybermage textures http://realm667.com/index.php/en/forum-board/texture-stock/536-submission-cybermage-textures Killing Time: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=52113 Epic 2 https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/epic2 +Some own textures. They start with ji_. Don't tile (yet). Also some modifications which I can't remember. At least some of those bridge textures."
  3. Jaska

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Very cool! Nice to see doom developing.
  4. Jaska

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Big rocks and mountains are difficult even with custom textures. Some ideas. I would try to keep the rocks as little as possible and let the skybox do the job. And/or just add many round sectors with maybe 2-4 different textures to break the patterns. Some "spikes" (smaller round sector which would be taller than others) with contrasting color. Then maybe make the further rocks's light level dimmer. Lavafalls would be nice but those aren't at your textureset if I remember correctly. Or if the mountains would be almost totally dark except the red texture. Then add light gradients around the red parts...
  5. @hedgehog Thanks for very detailed feedback! I'll really have to think about the sound replacements. Map02: I removed some monsters on easy-skill. Map03: When you arrive the level and look at the sea you don't see the pyramids. They appear when you cross the bridge. It was to surprise the player a bit. The purpose was to introduce them and use them on later map / maps. I'm not quite sure if I do pyramid-themed map anymore. At least it hasn't progressed in an year. There can be multiple keys in other maps too. That is to get more nonlinearity. Map05: I'm planning to add more landmarks. Not sure yet what kind of. Map06: Fixed texture alignment. I have to think something to the mastermind battle. Position behind the fence was to only add a little feel of danger and then later teleport it to the middle. The ending wasn't designed in the best way. I just hadn't a good idea for it. @dsm At first I thought to add enemies on the upper part also but when testing the map I felt better to leave it empty. It's kind of small puzzle where you don't quite know where to go but always arrive to the right spot. I think it works nice like that. At least if you don't fall. @Crunchynut44: Yeah, rewarding is difficult with these items. Balancing secrets has been also surprisingly difficult. If you find all secrets you get maybe too much. And you should be able to finish the map without finding one..
  6. @SP_FACE1 I have intel i5 2,6ghz cpu & hd4000 graphics. Maps are playable but framerate isn't very good. Yes, maps are too open so basically everything gets rendered on some cases. Yes, it is quite impossible to get that bridge to work on multiplayer.. Or I should look on other wads how those are implemented when multiplayer is targeted. Does anyone know where to look at? But it did fail randomly on singleplayer too. I also have hopefully fixed that bug of empty area on "lost in the forest" map on version 9. You could miss the last encounter by dropping into the water and teleporting up. @dsm I was also thinking if the forest would be too long. At least I didn't include the sawmill part to that too as I originally thought, heh. That will be included in some future map. I have to figure out how to make the ending of the castle-map more interesting. Big open area doesn't leave too much options without being the same as in the beginning. Maybe I should make the interioirs more bigger / longer. I've already removed BFG on the newest version (on UV). There may be too many cells though.
  7. @SP_FACE1 Nice to hear feedback from MP also. -Most of the maps lag for me too but I thought most have quite new hardware so that wouldn't be a problem. And I don't want to compromise my vision to framerate. Maybe lag is caused by the (over)use of middletextures on vegetation. I've always hated limitations on mapping. Like 800 polygons on view in quake 2 and something like that. I erroneously thought that I could map without any limitations on good old doom, heh. BTW what would be acceptable "max" limit for linedefs on one view? Or what is the metrics used in doom anyway. -I'll add more enemies and ammo on future release. It's another story balance and add ammo for coop than to single player. Not much experience on that. -I think I fixed the bridge on version 8 or 9. Trigger linedefs were propably too close to each other. Distance less than 16. At least I couldn't get stuck there myself on prboom. @Jimmy Whaat, your MIDIs are great :) I respect your work and vision so I can change the MIDIs as you suggested and put you in the credits on wadinfo (as you already are). Bjorn Lynne's MIDIs are also good. I'll see if I still keep map01's MIDI. Farmlands and downtown are going to be back in the set. I'm going to change farmlands a bit but I think downtown is quite fine as it is now. I've had the same fear of endless cycles myself, heh. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. Jaska

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Good pics! Makes me want to play those map and doom1 stuff in general.
  9. -Going to change or remove those chandeliers. Keeping them now because they doesn't affect gameplay. -Extra midis are kind of placeholders now. I saw a bug on your video so I updated the wad & link. You avoided one encounter by going on a path that I didn't notice so you missed a trigger linedef. I don't like chainsaw either but I've put it to maps because.. I don't know. Chainsaws are supposed to be in secrets in doom :D I'm glad you liked the maps :) It was nice to see that you didn't get too lost on the forest.
  10. Hope all are fixed now! Link updated to the 1st post.
  11. @Suitepee Yeah, you've played the extra maps. I just forgot to delete them. @benjogami: Maybe the start on map04 is a bit too difficult. Added armor there on UV. I also added another RL and SG to the map. I did also some minor tweaks directly to maps but don't remember anymore what. Thanks for FDAs and feedback.
  12. Yeah, the ending wasn't the best. But I think it is also boring that there is always (too) epic fight at the end. But the last fight could still have been better. Removed rockets. The fort will be later on.
  13. Noticed you played on HMP. Maybe it was too easy to you. UV is a bit harder. Map04 start is greatly more difficult at least for me (without secrets). Map01: Changed the soulsphere to easy only. Blur sphere may be unnecesary, but I'll leave it for now. Berserk is set to multiplayer only. Removed some rockets. I thought the previous opener was maybe too explorative and maybe boring. I'm adding it to the final wad but changing the gameplay a bit. Map02: Yes it's reversed and there are some changes. Fixed buggy waterfall Map03: Strange bug in the bridge. One activation line's distance to another was less than 16 so changed that. Map04: There is a ssg in a secret. And depending on exploration it can be found quite fast. Fixed sky cutout. Map05: I have to think something to fix getting too much lost.. Fixed the triggers. Map06: Changed one lift texture to upper unpegged. Aligned other lift's textures. Fixed monsters getting stuck. Added more challenge to the yellow key fight. Removed rockets. Have to think other thing placements also. Actually I got the map to that state 9.2 but yeah, I didn't quite continue it after that. Demos are good to see. Many things can be easily fixed when watching them. On own play I come blind to what I play. I you know what i mean.
  14. Hmm, what triggers you mean? On map6, what a strange bug.. At first I thought that there wouldn't be exit at all. Then I added that "secret exit".
  15. I forgot to delete older maps from the previous release. So should I make more landmarks into that forest section?