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  1. HavoX

    This place just isn't the same without you... *sighs*

  2. Liam

    React To The Profile Above You.

    that dude is gonna hell this thread and philnemba sucks just like anyone else who is gonna try to sneak a post in before this one!
  3. Liam

    React To The Profile Above You.

    yukib1t is sometimes a good poster unlike breezeep also she likes ebm and i do too
  4. in computer role playing games that is exactly what the term "role playing" means, and crpgs were and still are a very different experience from tabletop rpgs, which was my point. computers, especially those around at the genesis of crpg development, can't replicate the spontaneity and emergent gameplay allowed by a human gm nor enable player's imaginations in the same way. but they can enforce the underlying rule sets, roll the dice and crunch the numbers a hell of a lot faster. the common thread between all older rpgs is separation of player and character skill, not blurring the line between them (fallout and planescape are not really older rpgs but they agree with this anyway). in diablo and diablo 2, the character systems are the roleplaying; just as in the gold box D&D games or wizardry or dragon quest. fallout and DX's multiple pathing and choice and consequence were governed and enabled largely by their character systems. bethesda games certainly qualify as well although as i noted the rpg systems have been getting weaker as design focus has shifted elsewhere; i haven't played skyrim but could present oblivion, which has a character system so pants-on-head retarded it's actually better in a metagaming sense not to engage with it. on the other hand, half-life truly immerses me in my "role" as gordon freeman through it's presentation and storytelling technique, visual novels allow me agency and the ability to alter the course of the story, far cry 2 allows me freedom of approach and the chance to meaningfully affect the flow of gameplay based on my choices. noone would consider these games to be RPGs even though i can arguably roleplay in all of them. which is exactly the trouble with the intuitive definition of an RPG based on the term "roleplaying"; it's extremely subjective, excludes a majority of the genre (most stuff before fallout and literally almost everything before U7) while including, as geo said, almost everything else.
  5. the term is flawed in that it originated outside of video gaming, unlike "FPS" or "RTS"... early computer RPGs were derivative of contemporary tabletop role-playing games, which were in turn derivative of tabletop war games but were on a smaller scale: so the difference was "the unit on square C17 has the best odds on a diceroll of defeating the enemy's unit on square C18" versus "dave's rogue character has the best odds on a diceroll of disarming the spike trap", hence dave is "playing a (specialized) role (within the party)". which in video games translated to one player in control of a party of specialized characters with an rng determining outcomes based on skills, attributes, etc. "RPG" in video game terms can be basically translated to "stat blocks and dice rolls enabling a strong separation between player and character skill". this has become really muddied especially in recent years since the two biggest western developers of AAA "RPGs", bethesda and bioware, have put the biggest emphasis on other elements (sandbox exploration and storyline/character interaction respectively) at the expense of strong system design.
  6. Liam

    Unofficial Doomworld Steam Group

    naw dawg. but i added a link in the extant matchmaking thread. yw
  7. Liam

    The dreaded "S" word!

    objection overruled
  8. Liam

    No facebook? You're a mass murderer

    Spending warm summer days indoors Writing frightening verse To a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg
  9. Liam

    The /newstuff Chronicles #414

    wouldn't say i didn't like it. you have a real knack for designing interesting scenery and layouts which i should've stressed more in the review. would just benefit from more gameplay variety and a "less is more" approach to monster placement
  10. Liam

    The /newstuff Chronicles #414

    consecutively including e1m9.
  11. Liam

    No facebook? You're a mass murderer

    i can't shake the feeling there's some context to this you're not letting us in on.
  12. Liam

    Divine Divinity?

    i probably still have the original retail discs hidden away somewhere. despite one of the stupidest titles in gaming it's a very competent diablo clone that set itself apart from the pack by way of a well-developed overworld, deeper leveling system and more nuanced quest design. gets a bit tedious towards the end but well worth the chump change it costs on steam (or GOG). infinity engine games and fallout 1/2 are still much better.
  13. let's edit out soda's haphazard introductory and conclusive sentences and resubmit his post for for EE's (dis)approval: fine gaming? it has a nice ring to it.