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  1. Honest question, are you actually incapable of being positive? I mean, i'm looking at the shit you posted in, and its all just negative comments. Hell, even a wad you helped contribute 2 has an abusive review. I dont get it.

  2. @Skorly I just wanted to add, that if you want to use wall textures on floors that completely your choice. however, note that Wall textures on floors is a zdoom/gzdoom only feature, and ports like boom and such will not run the map with it. theres absolutly nothing wrong with that, in the end map for yourself and no one else, If you map with the intent of other people liking your maps, you'll end up not enjoying the map yourself. Look at Disjunction, which is a rather new wad, but its made by one guy who tested it privately. He built the maps for himself, and damn some are hell hard, but I could tell he enjoyed making them.
  3. I'm the same. did you ever like, go back to page one of this thread and just scroll through looking at the beautiful pictures?
  4. The wad i'm making is just this. I'm trying to keep the map looking as vanillia as possible, but I'm using advanced features to make the map a bit more fun.
  5. Screenshots look pretty good. Ill give it a shot when I get a chance and let you know. has a very doom 1 feel from what I can see.
  6. I design for UV in mind, since I like a really good challenge and make the wads as challenging as I can handle. After I've tested the map myself in UV, I add new things, or change things so they dont spawn in HMP. I have recently had someone offer to help me test exclusively for HMP, as that is the difficulty level they play on, so it should go better!
  7. I'm in your status feed. I shall stalk you until I get noticed, you adorable lil cacodemon.

    1. Jayextee



    2. Phade102

      You're weird?



      ...I'm literally stalking your status feed. You aint got shit on me.

    3. Jayextee
  8. Thank you Gez. I think i'm going to do just that. I'll open my old wad (not my current one) and play around with adding some textures and such.
  9. I am following the cute Cacodemon to every thread he is in. You shall notice me or I shall cry. On another note, congrats on getting it done Yuki. it looks AMAZING.
  10. Ah, so, leading on from that, the texture wad contains 208 tnt textures. however, if I move them into my wad, only 194 show up. would that be due to the composite textures just merging into one sky texture? Sorry for asking all these questions Gez, I just wanna learn.
  11. Okay, it seems i'm having trouble adding textures from realm667, because I already have a pnames and texture1 lump. Is there an easy workaround for that? I wanted to add the tnt textures, and some other little pieces for like, supports and such.
  12. Managed to get some textures added, trying to add the tnt sky textures but i'm having difficulty figuring out how, they dont seem to be just a single texture in the list...Im sure ill figure it out. Thanks Gez and everyone else.
  13. Thanks! I know how to do the mapinfo, i've already changed the sky textures (using the stock doom2 sky) and the map names and such. I'm just still a bit unsure how to add new textures. is there a guide on that that you guys would know of?
  14. Hi, I'm looking at some skyboxes I'd like to add to my wad, but I wasn't sure how I could go about it. do I have to replace the default sky textures? or can I actually add new ones? if I can just add new ones, could someone possibly give me a link to a step by step guide on how to do so? The default doom 2 skies are rather...bland.
  15. awh thats great though good on you!