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  1. Who is Tovarish?
  2. @Nebula-Kristian I'm getting a very E3 vibe from these screenies. is this intended as a replacement, or just a hell map/project? either way they look great!
  3. Hey! I dont feel that square rooms are a bad thing at all. i'm looking at your map view, and it looks like the square areas have been detailed enough to make them not really feel like a square. Plus, since its a tech base map, square rooms aren't uncommon, Techbases frequently use 45 and 90 degree lines.
  4. Thank you for your kind comment =) This tunnel is the main area of the level i'm designing, you'll come back here multiple times so its important that its something worth looking at!
  5. This isn't done yet, not by a long shot, but its probably the most detailed room i've ever designed.
  6. You would have earnt yourself a lot more respect if you'd admitted your mistake, instead of just being a coward and leaving doomworld.

    1. Myst.Haruko


      He will create a sockect puppet account and post like nothing happened, lol. 

    2. Gothic


      What did he do?

    3. Myst.Haruko


      He posted fake photos in "post picture of yourself" thread and got busted.

    4. Gothic


      Oh I thought he threw a tantrum or something.

  7. I wanted to use the Afrit (the hexen gargoyle) and thats it. will Idgames reject the wad if I do?
  8. As the title says, are you allowed to use heretic/hexen monsters in a doom wad? I wanted to grab the hexen gargoyle out for one of my projects, but i wasn't sure if I was allowed
  9. I can go back over it, but both this picture and the one he posted on a previous page are from two DIFFERENT people's instagram pages. A google image search will show it.
  10. Might be a monday look, but its not YOUR monday look. this is an image from instagram that you've taken and are pretending its you =) Meant to post a picture of yourself, not someone else.
  11. I find it hilarious that Netflix revealed an advert for the next cloverfield movie during it, and then said "Avaliable after the superbowl" They definitely got the views they wanted, but I watched the movie and its absolutely crap. it goes away from the 'monster' genre for most of it, and its all about time travel and weird things that just dont make sense. its like they made a movie made of random scenes and situations, and then said 'lets put some time travel in to try to make it all work.' P.S: It doesnt.
  12. I can tell you that a fair few maps of Sunlust will cause massive frame drops. I have a beast of a computer and even I have trouble running it.
  13. It sounds to me that your battleye launcher is trying to load Gzdoom for some reason. I'm not sure though, I have gzdoom on my computer and pubg and both work just fine. A suggestion, delete the gzdoom.exe then try to launch. or rename it, see if that works first. If deleting the file works, just redownload gzdoom