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  1. Phade102

    Looking for WADs with high levels of detail.

    I'm surprised nobody has recommended skulldash.
  2. Phade102

    Another DOOM movie being made?

    Lets face facts there. Theres no way it can be worse than the first one.
  3. this isn't 'quality' sadly, its a bunch of slaughter maps where you literally just get the strongest weapon and mindlessly blast through enemies. Plus, the fact the author put blatant hentai in one of his maps shows that this wasnt really a serious project of his.
  4. Phade102

    Doom WADs being detected as viruses?

    This is due to your antivirus, whatever it is, but it could also be that you actually have a virus which is blocking downloads.
  5. Phade102

    Why is the radiation suit a timed powerup?

    For the radsuit to protect what it protects against (Lava, poison, ect) it would not be able to last long. Back there there weren't abilities that had 'durability' like ammo, otherwise it would have used that instead.
  6. All the screenshots are works in progress, subject to change at any time.
  7. We aren't interested in slaughtermaps at all.
  8. We are aiming for a challenging experience that doesn't rely on massive slaughtermaps. For some, this may be easier, but we want the detail, the gameplay to speak for itself instead of the challenge of thousands of monsters.
  9. Thanks for your interest everyone! for now we aren't looking for anyone, but down the line we will definitely be interested in testers. The mapping team is pretty concrete, set in stone, ect.
  10. We have no intention of cancelling it =) Its been in development for a while now, but we're only really just kicking stuff into gear.
  11. None of these pictures are final, so be sure to look back at the main thread now and then to see updated pictures!
  12. Phade102

    Stephen Hawking Has Died At Age 76

    The man was amazing, and one of the strongest people on this planet, not for physical strength, or even mental, but for all of it. He survived when the odds were so pitted against him. It was unfair on him to be struck down with such a terrible disease, but he fought through it, and gave people so much to think about. he will be sorely missed, and all text to speech programs will miss his loss.
  13. In any case, resealed or no (which I think they are) Those boxes are in pretty decent condition, which is definitely rare for these days.
  14. Phade102

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Who is Tovarish?
  15. Phade102

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @Nebula-Kristian I'm getting a very E3 vibe from these screenies. is this intended as a replacement, or just a hell map/project? either way they look great!