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  1. Welcome Hopel. Always remember that theres a fine line between overdetailing and not much detail. If the amount of detail you put in hampers the player in any way, its probably a bit too much.
  2. Oh memfis those are some amazing tips. thank you so much!
  3. Hi all, For the map i'm currently designing, I am attempting to build a medium sized cave, with two or three rooms. However, I can't seem to make any decent looking caves, they just end up looking like normal rooms. Can anyone possibly give me any tips on how to make caves look unique?
  4. Does this room look too dark for an outdoor area? What do you think?Screenshot_Doom_20170923_021448.png.e41d78f5dff214dcc4319c7f930aab75.png

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    2. Phade102


      It looks brighter in the editor because its using the level 1 sky, but I like the atmosphere here. This is also in zdoom on a software renderer, so yeah.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      I'm no artist, but I'd say it looks OK.


      Resurgence did a good job with dark outside areas by using a dark skybox, to give the impression of twilight/night time. If you're concerned about it, you could try changing to a darker skybox...

    4. Phade102


      No no, I dont want it to be too dark to the point where the player has to strain their eyes. I think it's okay, its at 176 light level.

    5. 42PercentHealth


      Resurgence wasn't too dark either, just darker than "fully bright":



    6. MrGlide


      looks fine to me.

    7. Phade102


      Thanks all, i've added some torches into the cliff face in little alcoves and lit them up to make it look a bit brighter. The map is 50% done, next I need to do the caverns, then the final room, and it'll be done. Balancing is difficult though.

    8. leodoom85


      Phade, look at the config of GZDB by pressing F5, then go to Appearance and set "Textures and flats brightness" to 0, by default it's 2. That way, you'll have a better idea of how it looks in-game...

    9. Phade102


      Thats a great tip @leodoom85, thanks! I didnt know about that O.o

    10. leodoom85


      No problem m8 ;)

    11. Phade102


      Oh my god it is so much easier to figure out lighting with this. Its so useful because i'm making a cave next,  so it needs to be darker. Thank you Leo

  5. I'm absolutely interested! I'd love to just play the original game with the new updates, I can test levels too!
  6. I downloaded the last version of skulltag and that had it. it works now =D Level 3 and 4 I didnt manage to 100% because i couldn't find the secrets =(
  7. Actually, just realized the zandromum I downloaded doesnt have skulltag_data only skulltag_actors
  8. I've added skulltag_data but it still wont load any custom textures. its like they're not in the .pk3 file. even cc4-tex doesnt help
  9. @Dragonfly I tried to download the original version of skulldash from the idgames portal, since your site doesnt actually have a download link. However, the idgames version wont load any sort of textures? Is there a texture wad I need, or am I missing something here?
  10. wait, did this map take you an hour to make? or does it take an hour to complete?
  11. Slaughtermaps are looked down upon by people who prefer more tradtional levels. I like traditional levels too, but I dont hate slaughter maps, dont enjoy playing them but I can erspect them for what they are. Lets face facts, for a lot of people doom is just too easy these days, you get people like Stru or Dragonfly or Rdwpa going through the vanilia levels and for the most part not even the most challenging levels in plutonia will stop them. Slaughter maps are a whole different beast, they require you to play different from the vanilia doom, plan your attacks out and take on hordes of hell, which is what people feel doom should have been about. it was about a demonic invasion, yet there were very few enemies for an invasion. Ultimately, there are those who love slaughter maps, and those who prefer the more tradtional style of maps where exploration is key. Then you get people who think outside the box, like skulldash and sonic doom. Its all about what the person likes.
  12. Or even with monsters, as like a 'practice' mode, so that people can find the best route without a time limit.
  13. Is there like a no time limit option? So you can really take the time to explore the levels? That'd be cool O.o
  14. Its disheartening, and also encouraging to see maps in places like skulldash, and then I look at my work, which is below. But this is my style of mapping, and I like it.



    1. bzzrak


      the solution is simple:

      don't look at other maps :]

    2. Myst.Haruko


      Idk, everyone has their unique mapping style, don't feel bad for that and your map looks great from my perspective.

    3. leodoom85


      Phade, you have your own map style and folks still like's the gameplay and the touch of the mapper that makes the difference.

    4. rodster


      Your map looks good!

    5. Memfis



      But this is my style of mapping, and I like it.

      Yeah, this is what it all comes down to. You (probably) can't top the masters, but you can create something they never could because you have your own unique vision.



      What's wrong with that screenshot, again?

  15. I got it working, and it looks perfect! Thank you everyone so much, its so much nicer looking than throwing random wooden pillars to run across!