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  1. Thats a very closed minded attitude sadly. Theres nothing wrong with UDMF, and it allows people to customize their maps even more. Unfortunately, when it comes to boom based ports its a dying business. Gzdoom is becoming more and more popular. But, theres nothing wrong with boom format either, dont get me wrong. each has its positives and negatives.
  2. Bonnie, there was never any pressure on you to complete a map. I understand entirely if you are no longer interested or feel unable to do it. Thank you for trying anyway, maybe my next project when I decide to do one might fit more into your mapping stylee.
  3. If you want a good example of a UDMF Map, look up skulldash. most of the things in skulldash wouldn't be capable without the UDMF features and scripting. If you want a good example of boom maps? Ancient Aliens and Valiant. Both look incredible, play fantastically, and feature no scripting at all.
  4. The date is still the same for entries to be closed, however I cant release the wad on that date, so if you want to do a map, I'll put it in as long as its at least ready by the end of the year. I once again wish to apologise to everyone in this project. i am not giving up on it, I have just been so insanely busy I haven't had time for ANYTHING. I have someone willing to help me compile the final version of the wad once its all complete, so it should go faster soon. the post will be updated within the next few days wich all the new maps and contributors.
  5. That looks great, @SGS Man! I apologise for not updating the main thread, i've been absolutely swept off my feet with work and such lately, plus a family emergency. It will be updated VERY soon.
  6. That first picture....I have never seen a doom map like it. That colour scheme is unique, yet incredibly beautiful at the same time. bravo!
  7. Going to be updating the main post with all the new mappers in the next day or so. been really busy, sorry all.
  8. @RonLivingston If you're going to blatantly steal an iwad map, at least do a good map, not a PoS like Habitat. I mean, its obvious by now the other parts of that map are probably directly stolen from other wads as well. you've gone from directly copying and pasting, to copying and pasting certain parts of wads. We can see your work in the middle, with the empty lava. but this needs to stop.
  9. I think the fact you still act like its a smart idea to steal maps. The simple fact is, you dont have an ounce of creativity in you unless you're blatantly stealing maps. what your doing is completely wrong, and this sort of stuff really isnt acceptable. Make your own maps, or dont make any at all, dont just copy and paste maps into your wad and act like its original, because its not.
  10. @Xyzzy01 Yes thats fine, you have map31 and map32 is reserved as well =)
  11. I'd like to nominate Dragonfly's Skulldash: Enhanced edition. I know the old version recieved a cacoward, but this new version feels like a complete different game.
  12. @Dreadopp Thank you for your contribution! The project has been quiet lately, but please dont mistake me when I say this is still an active project! Deadline is still the same, and theres plenty of spots avaliable!
  13. Well, considering the tone of the map, he clearly isn't around anymore!
  14. I suggest the community map 'world devastation' the guy that made that was awesome.
  15. Yeah it seems like a lot of people are trying to download this! I recieved teh same error myself. Just refresh the page if it happens.