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  1. Can these new people who have come out of the woodwork go back in and stop besmirching our beautiful doomworld with their taint.
  2. Phade102


    the irony of this linking to his current stream, which happens to be zelda. Blegh.
  3. Hey congrats on finally having it done on stream. Loved this map, shame it took Joel so long and so many streams to get to it but it was definitely worth the wait!
  4. Phade102

    why was the master/slave thread closed?

    If you are incapable of being respectful to even a level of what is expected for a decent human being, digging up the past is absolutely nessecary. Dont comment if all you can do is abuse people.
  5. Phade102

    why was the master/slave thread closed?

    To Cacodemon345: Many people on this forum would happily say the same about you. Since you're obviously okay with being honest.
  6. Phade102


    Except size does not = length. size can be bloated due to the textures involved, new enemies, weapons, items, anything. I know for certain that one persons map is one of the larger ones, and his map is only about 15 minutes long. And for your information, i'm not calling the contest 'silly' i'm calling the management of it poorly executed, but not silly.
  7. I think its stupid. Master represents the primary, and slave represents the secondary/tertiary and beyond. Theres nothing wrong with it, they arent living things.
  8. Phade102

    Share Your Jokes

    Thats not funny. Not funny at all, and extremely bad taste. dont disrespect the dead.
  9. Phade102


    Yes. I hold nothing against joel, but a contest like this should not be held again unless there is a team of people ready to commit to it.
  10. It sounds like to me that you're trying to make a wolfenstein 3d map in doom. why dont you stick to wolfenstein 3d? you have talent in those sort of levels.
  11. Phade102


    This is sadly true, and false at the same time. Joel is very capable of keeping to this commitment, but the problem is that if somone starts a contest, there shouldn't be 'breaks' in between. Dont stream other stuff, because ultimately the contest should come first. thats my major issue with vinesauce, its the fact that joel only streams it when he feels like it. Also, a lot of maps are being left to last because of their filesize, and thats just silly. it sounds like people are playing favourites, like 'if i played your map first, it has no chance' I just dont get it really. all in all the contest has been handled very poorly, though if Joel is dealing with RL stuff then theres no way anyone has a right to judge him for that.
  12. Phade102

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    I dont think you really understand the implications here. You really dont. At this point, you would almost need to completely restart the project in order to recover it from this mess. You shouldn't even think about a new project before you address the obvious concerns on this one. Your project is full of bugs, glitches and for some people is completely unplayable. If this is a 'satisfactory' result to you then your future projects will suffer just as much, if not more than this one because you'll get more ambitious and make more mistakes.
  13. Phade102

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    I was going to download it. but after seeing Jimmys review, i've realized that this is a case of a new mapper, thinking he can make something nice because hes probably mapped for doom 2016 and snapmap. Fact is, if you put all the effort into graphics, then make a wave based shooter that is frankly so full of bugs its unplayable, its clear you dont konw how to map for doom.
  14. I support him. I dont support you, you're a scammer, and your trying to kill us with kindness pretending to be interested when you're secretly laughing your ass off because you managed to get poeple to fall for your con.
  15. Im just gonna be blunt here. @Pan your mapping skills are quite frankly atrocious. You make terrible maps, with no real skill or thought put into item placement, difficulty, or balance. You know for a fact the map is incredibly laggy, and thats one of the reasons you do all these terrible design quirks. The thing is, you KNOW this. That is why you do these stupid 'competitions' where you offer people money to beat your map, because you know that they probably cant under any sort of reasonable rules. And THEN when someone BEATS your map, you cop out on the reward. Because quite frankly, you're a scammer. you never intended on giving the reward out, you made the map so insanely hard because you were confident nobody could beat it, because I doubt even YOU could have beaten it. You sir are a scammer, and an all around terrible person. Either give the 150 to the winner, or change your thread title, because by now everyone knows what type of person you are, and they dont trust you anymore and never will. I also know there wont be another blighted moonbase, especially because now you've proven that through this thread, you want nothing more than attention for your maps. People now know you wont give money to the winner, which means that your map isn't worth playing. Which means your map is just another one of the piece of crap maps that people make for attention, that dont get a second glance. I'm sorry about the harshness of this post, but Pan needs to realize that bribing people for attention isn't the way to go. make a decent map. If you like wolfensteins style of mapping, go map for wolfenstein.