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  1. Does Yugiboy make some mapsets that you enjoy? =D
  2. Its a good way to test encounters! keep it up!
  3. This is the type of room that would profit greatly from dynamic lights.
  4. Is there another confinement project? O.o I feel awkward if there is.
  5. I agree too, its by no means bad, just too many textures for my own tastes.
  6. Needhealth, please keep in mind that Rdwpa was only giving you suggestions on how to improve your map. They are their own opinions, and while they are great suggestions, they would never expect you to put every aspect they suggested into your map. If you enjoyed your map the way it was before, keep it! Ultimately, people making their own designs and texture choices are what make mappers unique. I personally believe that the screenshots look a bit too 'busy' at the moment now that you've changed them. Ideally each room should have 1-2 areas that draw the players attention, not including room objectives (Switches, Keys, ect) and in the second screenshot I want to look at e verything, because it is a VERY unique texture design. I PERSONALLY would use less varied textures but thats just me, thats my personal mapping style. Make the map your own, make it something that you can look at and say "This is my style." then you'll be happy with it. Definitely keep Rdwpa's ideas in mind though, theres nothing wrong with those screenshots, they look nice, just my opinions are what i'm giving you =)
  7. Thats intended. The level is so small that it wont take more than a few moments to find your way. But I suppose I can look into it =)
  8. Leave my void out of this thank you =)
  9. Darnit, there is a way to fix that revenant lift, I just forgot to do it. I'll fix it for the next release, probably just going to modify the void area too.
  10. Is this the same map you showed off a while back? It looks really nice!
  11. @Poohlyash They aren't designed to be used. the play area thats currently there is all that will be used.
  12. Just a link to the final version of my confinement project map. Nothing special, just a few tweaks.  Leaving it here incase anyone wants to take a look.

    1. rdwpa


      Did a quick -nomo, can't play it for real at the moment. The extra-playspace void areas definitely spruce up the visuals compared to v1. I'd hide these areas on the automap (you can set a flag for that in the editor); you can see the walls of the void areas on the automap, which spoils a bit of the illusion. I think I'd also move some of the structures farther away. A lot of them are crammed right next to the openings (e.g., so there isn't much depth. 

    2. bzzrak


      It's not like the project has its own thread you can post updates in. Pff, that would be silly.

    3. Phade102


      @rdwpaThanks for those tips, it a good idea. I'll spread them out a bit, make the 'void' feel a bit more expansive.


      @bzzrak Pfft, its not like this status update will be drowned in hundreds of others in less than a day. pff that would be silly =P

  13. Sorry, only cc4-tex is allowed, so you'll have to use the skies from there, i'm sorry.
  14. Final version of my map, Monochrome Hell. I've removed multiple pillars in the first room to make it a bit less confusing (There is still some annoying bumps here and there, but its no where near as bad) and I have used the area outside of playable space to amplify the void setting a bit. I have also removed two demons from the second room, and added them to a teleporter on a conveyor so they dont make the room too cramped (Don't go BERSERK.)
  15. HOnestly haven't seen many asian styled maps. this looks really interesting!