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  1. Bdubzzz

    D5DA4 Final release

    We even got special guest mappers this time like Xaser, Dragonfly and Decino so wow make sure you don't miss out on playing this masterpiece!
  2. Dubzzz's 5 Minute Design Assembly 4ever ! So the doom speedrunning discord community has brought to you 138 maps this time. (69 maps in each wad, nice.) If you aren't familiar with D5DA it's a speedmapping project where the idea is to make a map in 5 minutes. You have extra time after to make bugfixes/changes so it's probably more like a 15 minute map. The wad is intended for ports that support UMAPINFO and is boom format ( complevel 9 ). Just a warning that a lot of the maps are difficult/require speedrunning tricks and there are no difficulty settings since who has time for that in 5 mins... Good luck have fun. Special thanks to Keyboard Doomer as he used scripts to quickly compile the wad this time instead of me manually doing everything... :) Download the wad: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ASx_J-ELtieqfP9-RKFzkQprgb0tFnOi/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/QXgPmVi
  3. Bdubzzz

    Profane Promiseland RC1 Release.

    well you can go the other way from the start to the cliffs and should be a way to the end of the map cause the one area opens up a wall, don't really want to update the map as I believe some1 was working on a TAS run and I told them I wasn't going to update the map :p
  4. Bdubzzz

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month II

    Hi this still counts on time because Shock said so, my 1st demo of 2024 wow ! https://dsdarchive.com/wads/philmas Map 01 UV-Max 1:56.11 Philmas01m15611.zip
  5. Bdubzzz

    Profane Promiseland RC1 Release.

    Well only reason it never got uploaded to idgames is there was talk of making actual difficulty settings but I don't think anyone really wants to bother with it so better off just uploading it when I get the chance. ( wont be until this weekend) Edit: iirc still gotta make the text file :^)
  6. Bdubzzz

    Grindfest DLC

    Hello, this project started out as "grindfest 2" but it's just been sitting around for months collecting dust because I guess most of us got busy irl or lost some interest in doom *shrug.* We decided to release it as "DLC" to the 1st grindfest instead cause who knows if any1 will get around to making more maps for it :p In case you aren't familiar with grindfest the concept is grindy slaughter maps ( wow !) Mappers: NoReason, Dubzzz, Meowgi, and Phoenyx. There are 13 maps. ( full credits in the textfile ) Tested/intended for DSDA-Doom Complevel: 21 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/113h1Fj6i-yta6clW1ltLmMFCWUhy2Mln/view?usp=sharing Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/n2jsaFO
  7. Bdubzzz

    Junkfood 2 [Slaughter, Boom]

    is this another one of those "speedrunner wads"? smh.
  8. Cat 1 Well the "krypto streak" comes to an end, dead on E1M9 finished E1M3 at 32:46 DWIronman_ssym_dubz.zip
  9. Post your SpawnSQwad 2000 demos here. Naming convention: ssq2xx-yyyy Idgames link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/spwnsq2k cba to manually type in all these times :p ssq201-386.zip ssq201f2380.zip ssq201m2237.zip ssq201n363.zip ssq201p543.zip ssq202-920.zip ssq202f4823.zip ssq202m4977.zip ssq202n989.zip ssq202p1289.zip ssq203m2240.zip ssq203p037.zip ssq204f22711.zip ssq204m22580.zip ssq204n1509.zip ssq204p1640.zip ssq205m451.zip ssq205n471.zip ssq205p443.zip ssq206-614.zip ssq207-1537.zip ssq207f5971.zip ssq207m10543.zip ssq207n1560.zip ssq208-340.zip ssq209-023.zip ssq210-3174.zip ssq210f5249.zip ssq210m5423.zip ssq210n3151.zip ssq211-497.zip ssq212-023.zip ssq213-394.zip ssq214-597.zip ssq215m2489.zip ssq215p777.zip ssq216-397.zip ssq216str791.zip ssq217-580.zip ssq217m963.zip ssq218m1483.zip ssq218p491.zip ssq219-571.zip ssq220-766.zip ssq220m1560.zip ssq220p777.zip ssq221-046.zip ssq222f3917.zip ssq222m3740.zip ssq222p1294.zip ssq223m783.zip ssq223p686.zip ssq224m2071.zip ssq224p560.zip ssq225m897.zip ssq225p886.zip ssq226-294.zip ssq226str709.zip ssq227-360.zip ssq228-497.zip ssq229-1383.zip ssq229f13937.zip ssq229m11814.zip ssq230-2220.zip ssq230f13883.zip ssq230m13706.zip ssq230n2283.zip ssq230p3254.zip ssq230str11340.zip ssq231-1546.zip ssq231m2297.zip ssq231p2514.zip ssq232f10420.zip ssq232m10211.zip ssq232p869.zip ssq232str2014.zip
  10. Bdubzzz

    Grindfest demos [-complevel 21]

    oh I maxed 07 yesterday but never posted it :p Map 07 UV-Max in 11:29 gf07m112963.zip
  11. Post your Grindfest demos here. Naming convention gfxx-yyyy idgames link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/grindfest Map 01 UV-Max in 4:15 Map 02 UV-Max in 5:45 Map 03 UV-Max in 6:10 Map 04 UV-Max in 5:14 Map 05 UV-Max in 7:32 Map 06 UV-Max in 4:15 gf01m41563.zip gf02m54514.zip gf03m61069.zip gf04m51469.zip gf05m73220.zip gf06m41529.zip
  12. Bdubzzz


    Hello Doomworld. Grindfest is here at last. That's right, the wad no one asked for. The purpose of the wad was to make grindy slaughter maps. You know how everyone likes to complain about a fight being to grindy? Well look at this wad before you do that again. These were made within a month and most are speed map ish Map Authors: Dubzzz, NoReason, Spendo, 4shockblast, lonely, Meowgi Compatibility: MBF 21 / Complevel 21 Tested with: DSDA Doom 26.0. Not sure if other ports can handle a lot of the maps due to the amount of monsters Difficulty settings: UV Only Download: grindfest.zip Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/bfPBziR
  13. Cat 1? Technically I saw 4shock play like 1 minute of this wad during his ironman attempt ( didn't know he was streaming it ) but idk I just remember him SSGing some monsters... so up to Naza if he wants to count it as Category 1. Survived + 2 in 1:10:03 DWIronman-purge-bdubzz.zip
  14. Bdubzzz

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    02what UV-Max in 1:14.34 02whatm11434.zip