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  1. It does defeat the purpose of an Ironman if its a prepared run IMO, its basically just a one "official" attempt at a UV-Speed with a safer/slower route at that point. As far as if you care about competing against other players on the leaderboard then you're kind of forced to do a prepared run unless you only count people in your same category I suppose. I guess you could look at it as competing against your self and see if you can survive the wad ;p
  2. Bdubzzz

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    Stardate 20x6 map 01 UV Max in 5:41 - this run is actually terrible and sub 5:30 is easily doable with good rng on the last fight (and better movement then me) but I'm bored of running the map. Also this route grabs the armor first which might be slower but as 99% runs die to the imp fight with no armor its probably worth it. SD01-541.zip
  3. This guy hasn't even played his map on UV so any video of lag free gameplay is a meme :)
  4. Bdubzzz

    What are the best slaughter maps in your opinion?

    Rush Combat Shock 1/2 ( 2 is a lot better then 1 imo) Kama Sutra ( kind of an oldschool/weird slaughter wad) New Gothic movement 1/2 ( 2 is again a lot better then 1 imo) Speed of Doom ( skip to later maps if you just want to play slaughter) Ancient Hatred (single map inspired by Hell revealed 2) Well thats just a few anyway... think most people know about those suggestions though :p
  5. Dead on map 09 to the final area because i stopped moving since I thought the rev rocket trail was gone for some reason... Category 2, played Plutonia for the first time in like 2015 otherwise I've 0nly seen the occasional speedrun of it here and there.
  6. Bdubzzz

    The King of IronCamel Doom Tournament #3: Demonfear

    @leodoom85 I mentioned this on a different post but the rules/comp level settings (comp level 2/doom strict) are in the google doc ;p ( I know camel could post them here too for less confusion on that also some rules obviously don't apply if you are submitting a demo)
  7. Bdubzzz

    Counterattack - Now on /idgames!

    I think Map 01 fix would only desync demos on medium and most people only care about UV so should be fine there. Also would this be a re release to idgames? Don't know if it's worth it as the bugs/miss aligned textures seem to be minor issues.
  8. Bdubzzz

    DyingCamel's Demons #1

    nice job @mArt1And00m3r11339 that map was indeed an easy one I made for this project. The original map I made was the Green Machine and I was told it was probably going to be to hard solely based on the monster count but after Camel played it, he said it was fine to include both maps.
  9. Bdubzzz

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    I took a quick look at map 14's changes and while it is more fun now it is also harder so I would say to at least switch it with map 15 so the transition from a more casual Doom to kick your ass Doom isn't as rough :)
  10. Bdubzzz

    The King of IronCamel Doom Tournament #3: Demonfear

    The rules/comp level are in the google doc @Aquila Chrysaetos but I guess for less confusion on that, Camel could post them here as well ;p
  11. Bdubzzz

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    So all maps were accepted I guess? :p Ill try to make a list later after work in this post since I played all the maps. So this is based on the RC2 release, if anyone updated their map after I didn't replay it to see the changes. 1. Failed Mining Operation 2. Aquila's unnamed map I think? (the one that has a lot of doors and hallways and ammo) 3. Surreality 4. Aquila's island map 5. Purplurium Processing Facility 6. Sugar, water, Purple 7. Everwhere 8. Breezeep's map 9. Heliotrope 10. I can Smell your fingerprints all over my computer (what?) 11. Thunderstone 12. purpleopolis 13. Pluto 14. Nailbiter 15. Haunter 16. Lilac Anomaly 17. Permanganic Shores (I feel like this was the hardest/longest non slaughtery map so it would be good to place somewhere inbetween 2 slaughtery maps for variety) 18. Omega Anger (potential secret map if we are having secret maps) 19. Murasaki ( I think this map would be a cool final map but its not the hardest) 20. Tesseract (potential secret map if we are having secret maps) So this is just based on my bad memory, I think its safe to say 14 - 20 are the "hard" maps, 1 and 2 are "easy" maps and 3 to 13 fall in to a "medium" difficulty so you could swap them here and there.
  12. Bdubzzz

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    I watched his YouTube video of map 22 in i think 4:46? And was only able to get a 5:xx with god mode (I use god mode to practice the route) so idk, it didnt even seem like his run was that fast but I still couldn't get a 4:xx :p
  13. Bdubzzz

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 22 UV-Max in 6:09 Pretty cramped map to go fast and theres respawning zombiemen and the monsters sometimes take forever to spawn in at the end or he might have some kind of teleporting system for all the monsters in the map, either way this was my 2nd exit and eh good enough :p (1st exit was 7:11 but waited forever at the end looking for monsters) gd22-609.zip
  14. Bdubzzz

    DyingCamel's Demons #1

    @Pinchy did you ever update the wad with the fixed version of the green machine? :p
  15. Bdubzzz

    Going Down demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 15 UV-Max in 2:17 Really it was kinda bad but just good rng on the cyber and mastermind and good secrets/button presses but I can't get anything lower for now :p ( wanted sub 2:10 ) gd15-217.zip