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  1. It doesn't feel right to me when people from the USA say that they're american. I mean, America is the whole continent, not a country. It just sounds like if they owned whole thing.


    Now, if someone says that they're calling themselves american because the USA is in that continent, then I can call myself an american as well because I'm from Chile.

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    2. Tracer


      That is not he fault of U.S. Citizens.  Besides, anywhere in the world you go, if you say "America", everyone thinks of the United States.  I think this is due to America (that's the United States of America since someone will undoubtedly ask me to specify if I don't) embedding itself all over the whole fucking world...but that's a whole other discussion.  

    3. 42PercentHealth


      ^^ This deserves two likes: one for the opinion that we don't belong all over the world, and one for saying "whole other" rather than "whole 'nother."


      I'm not really a grammar nazi, but that one kinda irks me! :-P

    4. Tracer


      I just don't think we need to have a physical or spiritual presence anywhere outside of our borders or embassies.  This idea of a global culture is slowly destroying the cultures of every nation.


      Hell...America is the "cultural melting pot" and look how we're doing.  I don't want the whole world to end up like this.  I always liked the idea of a cultural salad more.  Yeah, everyone is living together in harmony, but each ingredient maintains it's own identity and isn't lost in he cultural fondue.  


      Heheh...it always amused me how people think we have our own "American Culture" when what it really is is a mutt culture produced by everyone being ordered to embrace all cultures lest they be labeled a xenophobe.  Fuck that.  Don't be hateful to anybody.l,  respect everyone...but maintain your culture.  Nurture it.  Otherwise the whole world will end up becoming a boring, gray place instead of the potentially beautiful, multicultural world that it once was and still could be.


      Rant over.