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  1. It still lacks areas and level 12 will be finished ah yes and the music too :)
  2. well I'm forced to redo the entire map 12 because my little brother my delete the map 12 and empty the trash :(
  3. I am interested in this project and for the slot I would take slot 4
  4. complexDoomer


    sorry I forgot to put it back in English
  5. complexDoomer


    Damn, however, when I test there is no problem is there is a problem I will redo a test on this map. Thank you for telling me all that ^^
  6. complexDoomer


    I change the link
  7. complexDoomer


    Good evening everyone, seeing that I was bored, I had fun creating a map for UDoom named "Hanger". It has only one card (E1M1) and is based on the basic theme of vanilla. link here:https://mega.nz/#!jHhVHAjY!n09d31qQGAtUXRmBb-q9kGYKIrbvJM_8Y-IBijFis0Y
  8. complexDoomer

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    OK now I understood thanks for the reply
  9. complexDoomer

    Doomworld Mega Project 2017 (Final)

    ok thank