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  1. dasho

    How many LGBTQIA+ people are here?

    I think EBS (Everything But Straight) would be an easier acronym at this juncture
  2. dasho

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Mighty Doom prequel incoming
  3. https://timecube.2enp.com/
  4. Obligatory HDoom joke
  5. Exactly, neither of which you control when you are on rails, hence why it is a bad choice of phrase.
  6. So does A/B routes make Counterstrike de_* maps glorified rail shooters? Is Capture The Flag a rail shooter because you are trying to get to their flag and back until you have to react to something? I really feel like you are trying to force this term to the detriment of your other points. "On rails" is something like Area 51 or House of the Dead.
  7. Sorry for the confusion, but what do you mean by donation? We do not solicit or even have a method to accept funds, although the thought is appreciated. If someone is claiming to accept money on behalf of EDGE-Classic it is not an official team member.
  8. A bit tied up, but to be clear it is much more forgiving of old hardware at the expense of not being able to do certain things that other ports with modern hardware do as well (rendering very complex maps, using a lot of models or voxels, etc). For the rest, it would sound too biased coming from me but I clearly like and believe in EDGE's way of doing things.
  9. Have you ever played one of these games, or is this something YouTube said? I can't think of a less accurate description for arena deathmatch gameplay.
  10. dasho

    What is your favorite book?

    King James Bible.
  11. dasho

    Why isn't there a TC OG X-COM Doom Mod?

    Well, the simplest answer to your question is: "It's a lot of work and nobody has been sufficiently motivated to do it."
  12. dasho

    Freedoom needs more attention

    I think people who STILL think Freedoom is about saving $5 USD should do the following thought exercise: What if Bethesda, for whatever reason, was able to successfully Cease&Desist Realm667, /idgames, and the like for redistributing its copyrighted assets? What if all of the mods based on palette swaps, lifting sprites from other non-free games, and frankenspriting were taken down, and people were extremely hesitant to make new mods at all for fear of the consequences?
  13. dasho

    Doom IP control/quality issue

    I think Doom is one of the last games where this concern is valid. When they stop distributing an IWAD (even one that differs from the vanilla version) with the latest ports that are released, then I think it would make more sense.
  14. dasho

    Freedoom needs more attention

    I think he was trying to suggest that Freedoom is stuck in development hell