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  1. Seems like you just wanted to complain about Falling Down
  2. So the behavior that originally caused people to suspect that he is a pedophile was denying that he was a pedophile after the behavior that led to people thinking he was a pedophile? Use that "critical thinking" that you complain about us all lacking and realize that that doesn't make sense.
  3. "Filling in the missing context" is also known as "context clues" which are a pretty handy thing to leverage when information isn't explicitly lined out. Humor me for a moment, though, what other behavior would explain having to explicitly make a statement such as "I'm no fucking predator or pedophile."?
  4. Let's check out the X post you linked: Yes, I'm sure it wasn't about sexual content.
  5. This may come as a shock, but you can do something morally reprehensible without it technically being "a crime". You seem to reaaallllly want to turn a blind eye to this.
  6. Is "Groomer Apologist" the hill to die on?
  7. "I was just pretending to be a groomer"
  8. Just to be upfront about it, voxel support is removed from the current repo and will not be in the next release. ketmar's voxel loader was excellent at supporting and optimizing several voxel formats, but for us this is really something that should be added after a renderer rework. We still use essentially immediate mode OpenGL 1.5 and the triangle/vertex counts for voxels bottlenecks EC very quickly (MDL and MD2/MD3 models we can usually get away with). Regarding a launcher, Lobo's DoomPAL (note, this is an HTTP site so if you get the usual browser "not secure" warning this is why) works with EDGE-Classic and likely most other ports that can use response files. That being said, EC should still work fine with DoomRunner, ZDL and the like.
  9. Well, they are the same patterns. Levels grow according to a finite set of rules created by humans using a finite set of prefabs also created by humans. I've said this before but I think it pairs best with gameplay mods that would break intricately handcrafted mapsets and although I hate the term, feature "roguelite" gameplay. If you go into it expecting something like No Man's Sky and its initial promise of "every world is unique and endless possibilities abound" then yeah it will be disappointing.
  10. No, we don't need or have a mechanism to accept payments. The best contributions would be new content in the form of Lua or prefab WADs.
  11. Appreciate it, but just standing on the shoulders of @andrewj here. There's a link at the top of our Github site for both our Discord and repo if you have any other feedback/ideas for future direction.
  12. Gotta be the entirety of Skies of Arcadia