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  1. Agent6

    Secret levels

    Simply put, but best description of their purpose so far, imo. They're there if you want to take a break from what the megawad has to offer up until that point, to be accessed at your own discretion. I personally am not a fan of secret levels, I'm more interested in what the regular levels have to offer, and I'm too bad at finding the exits that lead to them anyway. I mean, I still haven't played the secret maps in Plutonia, TNT, Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 even after all these years by myself, just how much I care about them.
  2. Agent6

    What are you playing now?

    Then everything it will be, to experience it in its fullest.
  3. Agent6

    What are you playing now?

    -warp to any level after the first half or so...
  4. Agent6

    My ideas for a Duke Nukem fangame

    I remember seeing this a few years ago. It looked amazing but based on what I've read it was supposedly cancelled due to a C&D from Gearbox.
  5. Agent6

    Scooby Doom?

    Looks pretty awesome :v . Now that I see this, it reminds me of something from the Random Image thread:
  6. Agent6

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Same, I think our overall experience was really dumbed down at the time since we didn't know shit about what we were supposed to do, yet we somehow managed to do it despite being brainless fools lol. Fighting games? Nah, just beat the crap out of everyone and see what happens. Shooters? Same principle. Racing games? Just be faster than the competition. RTS games a la Warcraft or Diablo? Hmm... build some shit because it looks cool & why not, slowly explore the world without wasting all resources and men, kill whatever crawls and isn't friendly, and see what happens. How we made progress in video games back then will always be a mystery indeed. @Gaia74 I suppose your understanding of the language has improved, but your English is still extremely broken. It almost looks like you're choosing words randomly sometimes and put them together hoping it makes sense.
  7. Agent6

    Doom64 EX Multiplayer

    I could be wrong about this, but I don't remember MP (or co-op) working in the last stable version of the game. https://doom64ex.wordpress.com/2016/09/24/announcing-nightly-builds/ That nightly build seemed to have been the last one to have working MP, albeit very buggy. Unfortunately the link is dead though...
  8. Agent6

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Back when I was a kid I played video games only for how fun they were or if their theme appealed to me in some kind of way, but I didn't know anything about their plot whatsoever considering that English is not my native language. I didn't even know what the various options in their menus did, I only knew what "Start" and "Quit" meant :v .
  9. Agent6

    What do you love most about Doom?

    I didn't even know there was such a thing back when I first played Doom (and other games I've played back then), on top of not knowing English, therefore even if I knew it had a save function I wouldn't have known how it worked/how it was accessed because I didn't know what "save" meant :v .
  10. Agent6

    Game is a bit too easy ?

    There are still plenty of difficult games though, without counting Dark Souls. Also, you might have time, others don't.
  11. Agent6

    What do you love most about Doom?

    I think we already had this topic but whatever, my answer's the same, that being the fact that the games aged beautifully and their community is still very much alive.
  12. For me these problems are going to be: Confusing layout, overuse of a certain enemy or enemy type, texture misalignments, cryptic progression, very controlled fights with no sense of danger to them, mandatory secrets, garbage visuals, and resource starvation or the polar opposite of it.