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  1. In no particular order: Doom (64). Aliens vs Predator 2000. Half-Life 2. Quake. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl (to this one also goes the award for the most frustrating, painful, and yet, somehow, still enjoyable title I have ever played and never managed to finish.) Counter-Strike (GO doesn't count). Duke Nukem 3D. Shadow Warrior. Unreal Tournament. Left 4 Dead. The Darkness II. Painkiller. Crysis. Unreal Tournament.
  2. Hm, definitely try more Doom mods (as it stands right now, I'm yet to play other mods than PB or BD) and become a better player. And ever since I managed to actually create a very basic (not to mention small) map for Doom 2 I've been thinking about learning mapping "for real" (to say so) and make more (advanced) maps, if I'll have the time. It worked once, so I know I'm at the very least capable of creating something. Now all that's left is not giving up on the way like I all so often do when something doesn't work, or lose my interest. I'll also try to engage more into various discussions around here rather than just act more like a lurker.
  3. Some limitations perhaps, but EX is pretty much identical since it also uses the original content, so no, the super shotgun doesn't have a reload animation there either. What I realized last night after starting another playthrough of Doom 2 is that the weapons in Doom64 are more powerful than how they are in the first games. Playing on the same difficulty and the super shotgun is one of the more noticeable differences, it really is weaker here than in Doom64. Talking about the power ups, yeah I agree with what you said in another reply above, lots of powerful items in the first levels which don't server much purpose. But then, Megaspheres or Soulspheres come in handy only during a couple of levels towards the end of the game when more powerful and annoying enemies are present. Lost Souls in this game actually are a threat, they're so much more aggressive than their Doom 1-2 counterparts. I was killed by waves of Lost Souls many times, especially later in the game where the Pain Elementals are very present. Doom64 took a darker and more horror oriented approach, as seen in its level design and overall tone and atmosphere, which I really enjoyed. The emphasis on the blasphemous, violent, macabre and even medieval imagery rather than the sci fi theme of the first games is welcome for me. My favorite levels include Unholy Temple, Dark Citadel, Altar of Pain, Blood Keep, Even Simpler, The Bleeding and The Spiral. Not all of them are complex, but then they don't have to. Due to this change in style I also believe fans who disliked or hated Doom 3 due to the dramatic shift in tone will prefer Doom64. I enjoyed the soundtrack. My only problem with it is that lower volume really doesn't do it justice, and possibly due to a bug it doesn't loop in all levels, making you run across the levels in total silence sometimes when no enemies are around. At least I can admire the grotesque beauty of the levels more eh :v . But still, the fact that the Demon Keys are located in secret levels is bs. Without them there's no point in using the Unmaker since it's too random a weapon. Great potential for a devastating weapon which uses far less ammo than the BFG, but near useless without the upgrades. Overpowered? At its fullest perhaps, but then it will be used only on powerful enemies just like the BFG, killing everything in sight with it is 0 fun otherwise. I'm definitely up for a sequel in the vein of this game, which makes me wonder what's going to happen and what tone with take the follow up to Doom 2016, whenever that might be.
  4. Same, only that I don't play as many games today as I used to due to time constrains and other problems, but most that I do are generally oldies or classics. Both video games and music used to have something special in the past which is sorely missed from nowadays' stuff. So of course, when it comes to music, I prefer the old school style of metal as well (doesn't apply to black metal as much as it used to though, but it strongly does to death metal), and I rarely I like something with very good production which, interestingly, tend to have shit vocals (Immolation's latest album, Atonement along most of their releases, Vader's albums, or Ouroboros' are some of the exceptions to the rule). Now then, onward to more old school stuff xdd. I'm hoping their next album will be at least on part with Den Svarte and Djevelens evangelie, Kaosmakt sucked (a very similar situation to Craft's Void. 3 misanthropic masterpieces infused with rock on Fuck the Universe, and then bullshit. Well, at least Void still had a couple of top notch (and mad) songs, such as I Want to Commit Murder).
  5. Not to rain on your parade, but, changing the atmosphere and style for a sec, @Mayhem666 you might be interested in/like this. I've known them for a long time, but coming back to the "oldies" is always good. I also really like the logo they had (I pay attention to all details), and the cover is extremely similar to what would be used on Satanic Warmaster's Ondskapens makt / Forgotten Graves. They have split up after their singer died, but reformed as Dark Sonority a few years later.
  6. I agree, it definitely is easier than the first games. It's just that the Mother Demon can be a pain in the ass without the powerful weapons (what, I wasted those due to poor tactics during the wave of demons from the teleporters), so my last resort was the super shotgun :v . Many instant deaths came until I decided to just run into her in frustration, only to notice that she can't use the homing missiles at close range, so I just danced left and right and shot her continuously. I do strongly consider that the decision to place the Demon keys in secret levels was shit. After all, what's the point of featuring a brand new weapon (or should I say brought back from the dead, since it was planned to the included in the original Doom along the Demon Claw) that can't be used at its full capacity during normal play? I just can't imagine many players finding the keys, so most would probably just keep it in the inventory and rarely use it. Like I did. Without the upgrades it's almost useless since the damage is random. It sometimes killed powerful enemies in a couple of shots, while other times it didn't kill zombie men and Imps in one shot -__- It's far too unpredictable in that state. But, coming back to locating secrets, that might also be due to inexperience on my part. Back when I was a kid I only ever played Doom 2 and never other similar titles, such as Duke Nukem 3D, so I never had a good eye for them. I also never finished any of the games at the time, therefore I never got used to their structure, or rather, the '90s FPS level design as a whole. But I did enjoy it, and it's quite possibly still going to remain my favorite Doom game for now, with all its flaws. The atmosphere, levels and enemies all looked fantastic, and so did the guns. One thing I hate about the weapons would be the lack of a crucial animation of the super shotgun. It has no reload animation. Other minor "problems" would be the lack of actual music, and the existing tracks to make their presence more known in the levels, but maybe that was just me playing at lower volume which didn't do it justice. On the technical side of things, don't know whether it's due to nowadays monitors, but the game, with the brightness left default (which, supposedly is how it's meant to be experienced), is unnaturally dark. Yes, it has to be dark, that much is not questioned, but it feels more like an over-darkening issue. I've seen various topics on the internet on the matter, but, either way, setting the brightness at higher values fixes this. I also suspect the latest build of EX might have some issue with music playback. I've previously said it's not very present in some levels, however I'm quite sure it's supposed to loop in all of them, which doesn't always happen. I think these would be all. All things considered, still a top notch experience.
  7. Replaying Doom 2. Also finished Doom64 EX today and damn, that final boss fight is shit. Until, after 10 attempts, I'd managed to find a pattern in her attacks and easily dodged them all at very close range. Fighting from a distance is not a good idea at all due to her homing missiles. I also really wish finding the Demon Keys to upgrade the Unmaker was mandatory, I wasn't able to find any of the secret levels in which their located on my own :( . Without the upgrades the weapon is just far too unpredictable. Either does lots of damage, or barely any. But other than that, enjoyed the game, and I like the levels, textures, and enemies more than the first 2 games.
  8. Hm, well, not features, for now I'm satisfied with what it offers and what I'm doing. However, the options menus as seen in Doom 2 for instance could really use a rework of some sort, that's something I'd like to see. There's just so many options and not all of them are self-explanatory, allowing you to mess with them until something breaks.
  9. Heavy Lost Souls attacks, Pain Elementals, and the occasional frustrating level structure.
  10. This, it was also my case, one of the main reasons I left it for good without turning back or any second thoughts years ago. All it ever managed to give me were feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment.
  11. I see some talk about Japanese metal above, here's another band (black/thrash, and my favorite). Most of their albums are in english, except for Karisma, which is in japanese from start to finish, although they also made an alternate, english version with a different, green cover. All their works are solid, although their early albums might be a bit difficult to get into, especially for the average listener, due to a slightly different, crazier style :v . Other notable bands are Sigh and Abigail. And the japanese album:
  12. "These three records are the true shit man". @Mayhem666 I agree. Warning of Danger is my favorite Omen album :) .