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  1. RonnieJamesDiner

    The 12 Days of DOOMMAS! December Speedmapping Event

    Mayhem 2020 was a 20 sector limit (Mayhem 2020... wink wink nudge nudge!) :D
  2. RonnieJamesDiner

    [PRBoom-Compat] Unhallowed

    Screenshots look gorgeous. I love the mix of different marble textures, and that shade of blue looks yummy! Looking forward to trying this out.
  3. RonnieJamesDiner

    Ideas for different types of secrets?

    A posed a similar question a few months back. The thread got some really fantastic responses, and it's worth reading through if you're interested:
  4. RonnieJamesDiner

    doom 2 masterlevel

    Here, lemme correct that for you: There we go, much better. : )
  5. RonnieJamesDiner

    Supercharge [gameplay mod | v2.7 11/25/20 new weapon]

    Yeah, the old 3-round burst used to do more damage. As far as I know, the first round was 20 damage, second was 24, and third was 26. And you could empty that clip of 45 in about 7.5 seconds, totaling 1,050 damage, (versus the 7 seconds it takes to empty 1 and half clips of the new (30 round) fully-auto AR, totaling 900 damage). So, the damage overall has been slightly nerfed, but the increased speed and ability to properly stun-lock an enemy now is more than enough compensation, in my humble opinion. You could always go in and adjust the settings on your end if you wanted, and bump the damage to say... 22 or 23. I think that issue stems from not loading the gzdoom.pk3 as a resource in your map format (in UDB). You should be able to find it (along with others like lights.pk3, brightmaps.pk3, etc.) in your main gzdoom directory. As far as I know, you want to click the "Exclude this resource from testing parameters" when you add gzdoom.pk3 though (someone can correct me on that if I'm wrong).
  6. RonnieJamesDiner

    First Finished Map (Updated based on feedback)

    It's fine where it is. Like you said, the Lost Soul helps pull your attention to it. My point was that if players could access the secret before the Yellow Key trap, it would give keen observers the opportunity to not have to shotgun 11 Pinkys to death (rather, they could use that Berserk, saving time and ammo). Ultimately not a big deal, it was just a thought.
  7. RonnieJamesDiner

    First Finished Map (Updated based on feedback)

    This is an awesome first map. You basically had me at OTEX and AD_79 (that midi was a great choice). Although there are many things for you to take into account (the length of your set, your overall intention in terms of difficulty, personal preference, etc.), I thought this was plenty challenging for a map01 slot on UV -- it's not "hard", but it certainly demands your attention (especially early on when stimpacks are in low supply and there are hitscanners around every corner). That green armor is the real hero. I enjoyed the combat, for the most part, and I never felt lost thanks to the looping design of the level. Your creativity really shines with some of the finer details -- the feeling of the base falling into disrepair and breaking apart, and that extra bit of scripting involved in unlocking the main door with the two switches (and having the computer panels and lights change from red to green) was such a nice touch. There's even an adorable little screwdriver on the floor, at the start! As far as criticism goes: That secret Berserk is really useful in this level, but the option to actually reach it before the big Pinky swarm would've been nice. For anyone who doesn't discover the secret Chaingun, having to Shotgun a PE and two Revs when it's far easier to simply run past them and hit the exit switch, might be testing the patience of some players. If it were me, I might've just handed players the Chaingun near the end and stuck an SSG or RL in that second secret, to be quite honest -- that's totally up to you, though. Minor nitpicking aside, this was good fun. Hopefully there's more to come!
  8. RonnieJamesDiner

    Discussion regarding death traps in maps...

    I think this is the best breakdown of it, personally. Like anything (and this point has been beaten to death around here in various discussions), it's one of those contextual elements that I believe depends more on "how it's used", rather than any sort of black-and-white "whether or not it should be used". There will always be people for and against it, but as a mapper, that shouldn't stop you from using it if it feels like the right decision for your map. A recent (personal) example was my MAP30 for 1KL2. It's a small, relatively short IoS battle where you're scrambling along walkways to gather 3 keys in order to unlock the platform necessary to actually kill the Icon. The whole thing is supposed to be floating in the "void", and the entire playable space is surrounded by a death-pit (falling at any point = death). Because the player has access to Soulspheres, Megaspheres, tons of health and armor, etc. I knew that as soon as I put escape teleporters down in the pit, I would basically be giving players the option to "bug out" whenever they wanted to -- to leap into the void and just teleport to safety (the 20-damage pain sectors wouldn't mean anything). I didn't want that to be an option. Reviews for that map (and that decision in particular) weren't always favorable, but, I had a very specific vision in mind for that map and I stuck to it. I do agree, though, that insta-kill sectors feel like a better approach over pain sectors in a death-pit (which is exactly what I did for Tartarus and Deadtech). I know @Aurelius figured out a vanilla-compatible way to do that for someone else's map, I just haven't looked into what it was.
  9. RonnieJamesDiner

    I.H.N.I. Episode 1 (no - the other one)

    What an absolute labor of love. There's this fantastic "old-school FPS" vibe that hooked me almost instantly (and kept getting better and better). Finely-crafted atmosphere, fun weapons, decent level design with some great visuals, and all of the zdoom-isms and different features are used to phenomenal effect. It was easy to forget I was playing a Doom wad. Loved the music, as well (it gave the entire thing a very fitting and unique ambiance). I had an absolute blast playing through this. I enjoyed using all of the weapons (particularly that pistol), but I have to agree with Murdoch that the SSG animations feel a bit stiff (they really undersell the power of that weapon). Otherwise, the arsenal is tons of fun to use. I also loved how you handled secrets (the "kiss the chef" moment was amazing!) Super minor nit-pick here: The arrow on the menu seems a bit off. It almost seems to point to the option below the actual option I'm highlighting, it's weird. Not sure if I was the only person who experienced that, or not. I also experienced that same visual glitch with the final boss that Caleb mentioned (where the model turns into the classic Cybie sprite if he kills you). I was running gzdoom 4.5.0 if that helps at all. Can't wait to see what you have in store for us with Episode 2!
  10. RonnieJamesDiner


    From that page linked to you by the mod. Apparently no one around here is interested in saving Pepe... feelsbadman :(
  11. RonnieJamesDiner

    Shooting Down Revenant Missiles

    I tried playing around with the idea of "shootable projectiles" once, for zdoom with DECORATE (rather than the Whacked approach). It seemed like a fun concept for a while, but it really shifts the entire balance of power in a huge way for the player. Without giving the enemy projectiles a ton of extra speed/damage to compensate (as an example), I was just left with that "Doom 3 Revenant effect" where the monsters were completely neutered as long as I had an automatic weapon (or often times, any weapon). Ended up being one of those things that seemed more fun in concept, than in reality (unless I'd been willing to tweak the entire gameplay from top to bottom around the idea, which I wasn't).
  12. RonnieJamesDiner

    I.H.N.I. Episode 1 (no - the other one)

    Oh my... that looks incredible. Will definitely check this out (hopefully soon)!
  13. RonnieJamesDiner

    Anyone scared of water monsters in video games?

    In most games? No. In Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Yes.
  14. RonnieJamesDiner

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    That's true, if you can at least articulate and explain what the "intent" is supposed to be, you're probably already doing yourself a huge favor in terms of feedback (again, assuming you get it).
  15. RonnieJamesDiner

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    Something that I feel is worth pointing out, given how apropos it is to this specific bit of the conversation, is the sheer (largely unspoken) disparity between mappers in this community who can get reliable, competent playtesting in high volume, on demand. Let me prefix this by saying that I have huge respect for the amount of work and dedication that Bridge put into Bastion of Chaos, between his own personal playtesting, and rigorously tweaking the combat until it matched that “intended philosophy and target audience” for each skill setting, based on feedback. Tons of work and long hours, and as stated, it really shows in the final product. It’s one of the most accessible “large scale slaughter” maps I’ve ever played. That said, Bridge is in a position that not a lot of mappers could even compare with – he leads a rather large and impressive Discord community, he’s gaining more and more popularity on Twitch, he’s won a Runners Up Cacoward for his “The Slaughter Spectrum”; he has a certain clout within the community (both in DW, and his own). My point is, he has access to an incredibly valuable resource. The effort it takes for him to find a large group of playtesters – most importantly, ones who have the skill and knowledge to provide comprehensive and well-informed feedback, at a decent rate – is a lot less than the average mapper around DW. And, I’m only singling out Bridge (and BoC) in this instance because you did – this is true for the majority of mappers in the Doom community who have gained some degree of clout, for various reasons. Most “high profile” releases come with an equally impressive “credits list” of playtesters. Yes, there are options. There’s the WADS and Mods sub-forum, there are dedicated playtesting threads, there are discord servers, other forums entirely, you can PM people directly – there are options, but these still come with caveats that a large portion of mappers bump into every single day, around here. Posting in WADS and Mods is hardly a guarantee of feedback; we’ve all experienced great releases disappearing into the void with next-to-no response. Relying on that forum for comprehensive and well-informed feedback sometimes feels like relying on a Rev rocket rolling 10 damage. A lot of the people who post video playthroughs tend to use gameplay mods, and we’re left with the extra job of having to discern whether or not the combat actually needs to be tweaked – if we don’t know anything about the mod they’re using, this can be particularly difficult and frustrating. Most of the active, dedicated playtesting threads aren’t very enthusiastic about playing “challenging” maps, let alone full-blown slaughter. And, a lot of gzdoom-exclusive, highly customized content can be just as difficult to hustle for feedback there. Discord servers can be an awesome medium for finding playtesters, with lots of traffic and conversations happening in real-time, but you’re still never guaranteed much. Especially if you’re inexperienced, relatively unknown, or you simply happen to post at the wrong time. Directly messaging people through DW or Discord, or wherever, can be super useful sometimes, as well. But, again, it’s a crapshoot. It’s easy to get ignored, or forgotten about, or peoples’ lives become busy and it just falls to the wayside. While these problems are obviously felt by everyone, at times (even the high profile mappers), there’s an unmistakable difference between high and low profile releases, in terms of feedback and playtesting. Having a lot of clout or popularity in this community often means that people will actively carve out time in their day to playtest a release candidate, because they respect the author, or they know from experience that they’re (probably) guaranteed a good time. And, for high profile mappers this generally seems to occur before the release even hits DW. It’s an advantage that a lot of mappers simply don’t have, or would need to fight tooth and nail to have, simply because they’re inexperienced, or relatively unknown, or they happened to post at the wrong time, or they simply don’t know how to find the right playtesting audience for the kinds of map(s) they make. Balanced skill settings are wonderful, but they’re partially (if not predominantly) out of a mappers direct control, due to how much they rely on A) Years of experience to be able to balance things on your own, and/or B) Enough popularity and respect to galvanize the kind of volume and knowledge necessary to really balance a map “properly”. I think pointing at something like Bastion of Chaos is a bit of misnomer, in this sense. Sure, you can pick it apart to see what Bridge did in terms of balance (how he setup various arenas with monsters, resources, etc.) as well as taking notes on how he explicitly outlined each skill setting in his post (which was great), but at the end of the day, a lot of mappers simply don’t have that same kind of free-flowing access to testing, feedback, and general response that someone like Bridge has access to. That’s not to take away from his incredible efforts, it’s just an unfortunate part of the process that low profile and inexperienced mappers have to contend with. It’s nearly impossible to balance a map effectively when it’s a fight just to find an audience.