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  1. Vehicles have what are called "master" cylinders and "slave" cylinders for creating hydraulic pressure - totally harmless, and this was the first thing I thought of. In contexts such as this, or in programming language, I honestly believe that the definitions of these terms make them apt and - in my mind - more than justified. There are many words with varying degrees of stigma, and I personally don't believe in relegating them exclusively to the context from which their stigma was borne, because then these poor words will never be free from their baggage. #freethewords (no this isn't a real hashtag)
  2. RonnieJamesDiner

    Iconography - The Obligatory Icon of Sin Community Project

    @DeXiaZ Yes, the "BossEye" can be used to spawn any type of monster, and in fact any type of item as well. So it can definitely be used to spawn barrels as frequently/infrequently as you'd like, based on the numeric parameter you give it. If you go to this page, it describes it much better, and shows some examples at the bottom under Customization. In fact, someone could even create an IoS that's on the player's side, if they wanted. Kind of like a UAC field ordinance generator, constantly spawning weapons, ammo, health, armor, powerups, etc. Could be an interesting way to create a slaughter-style map. @Darch If you really want to force the player into a pistol-start only on your map, you can throw something like this into your map -
  3. RonnieJamesDiner

    Iconography - The Obligatory Icon of Sin Community Project

    Well, time to get this party started! This is a very short, and simple map called Vilified. The theme is tech/base, and though I’m not entirely sure where it should line up in the map set, I reckon it belongs somewhere within the first 8 maps at best. (I just have it set up as map01 for now). Weapons available in the map are the Shotgun, SSG, and Chaingun. The spawnshot has been reduced to ShotgunGuys, ChaingunGuys, Imps, Pinkys, and (rarely) Revenants. The song is Stomping Grounds from Crunchynut44’s MIDI pack. IWAD: Doom 2 Made in UDMF, intended for gzdoom (tested in v3-5-1) Jumping, crouching, & mouselook are not necessary - but they won't ruin the map either. If you have any troubles, or find any bugs, or just hate the thing, let me know! Have fun! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/dxw66g5swix1r49/Vilified.wad/file
  4. RonnieJamesDiner

    Point of No Return / "Back Tracking" - Public Opinion

    Thanks everyone. On Empyre's note, I really like this idea. I noticed that antares031 implemented this a lot throughout Struggle - Antaresian Legacy. Often, it seemed, the latter sections of those maps were points-of-no-return, and then he'd slap a portal down almost right beside the exit, which took the player back to the main body of the level (for no real reason other than just in-case the player wanted to go back). This certainly feels like the best solution/compromise. I appreciate all of the different thoughts, though. Getting the general feel that, like anything, if it's used in moderation and brings character to a level (such as tension), then by all means. And whenever else it is possible, leave lots and lots of room for exploration. The idea I was tinkering with in my mind had to do with a level where, almost right from the beginning, the map split off into 2 separate paths that do not cross (other than visually, perhaps). But, the point was that whichever path you picked at the beginning was the one you were stuck with, essentially, and dictated what kind of experience the level was going to be for you. The concept was based on a large canyon, where path (A) is the low path, where the player treks along the canyon floor, characterized by more wide-open spaces with larger battles, pools of toxic sludge or slime, and more enemies unique to that particular path (pinky, mancubus, etc.), and then path (B) is the high-altitude route, where the player creeps along the cliffs of the canyon, characterized by more dangerously narrow ledges, less enemies (as the environment makes combat far more stressful now), platforming, and more enemies unique to that path (lost soul, cacodemon, etc.). However, this became one of my greatest concerns in trying to lay out the design of it, in that, I'm really not sure how to communicate this to the player. Without totally breaking immersion, how do I tell the player, "Hey, you can only pick one of these paths, and then you're stuck with that path for the whole level. And path A is combat-heavy, while path B is more tense/platformy"? Because, like many of you stated, I think the point-of-no-return thing would be a non-issue if it was fun, and if I could somehow figure out how to effectively communicate that decision to the player, without having to resort to some kind of ACS dialogue event with a marine NPC who gives you the lowdown on all of it - which I thought about!
  5. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a small mapset, and I'm curious what the general consensus is on maps which include a "point of no return" in their layout. I've noticed the odd comment by people here and there concerning this topic (and typically they're against this layout), but I'd love to get a broad viewpoint on it. If a map has a threshold by which there is no possible way to back-track to the previous areas, is this considered wrong? Or bad level design? Is it considered annoying but still acceptable? Is it more-or-less just an aggravating tick for the rabid secret-finders? Is it overlooked if the point-of-no-return actually adds to the level, from a thematic, gameplay, or re-playability perspective? Or are most people indifferent to it? Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. RonnieJamesDiner

    Doomworld Omega Project 2018

    I'm starting to get more comfortable with Doom mapping, though still quite novice. Put my name down if there's room for one more! Excited to start working on something new.
  7. RonnieJamesDiner

    [New Map] Spatial Anomaly

    It’s not every day that I get to experience having no ammo, 16% HP, and chainsawing an Arch-Vile to death while using its fiery torso as a shield against a Mancubus, and other waves of fireballs and hitscans – but today was one such day. Overall, I had a blast playing this map (on UV). From the first moment I loaded into it, I had a smile on my face from the music, which I personally found to be one of the most perfect unions between music and gameplay in a Doom WAD that I’ve experienced in a while. Initially, I felt quite disorientated from the labyrinth-like portals that infinitely loop back into each other all over the place, but the longer I played and farther into the level I got, I quickly became comfortable with your style of design, and actually really enjoyed it – again, the music kept this constant upbeat atmosphere that managed to massage away the feelings of a claustrophobic maze of horrors, and make it feel intriguing, tense, and more than a great deal of fun (to the point of almost comedic). I found myself lost at several points, and back-tracking a lot (probably needlessly), and if the design was lacking anything, it was a general sense of direction – although this kind of felt like it served the nature of the map, more than an oversight, so it’s hard to tell. At the same time, I found myself laughing and excited at several points, from just the sheer mayhem and mind-trickery that this map can throw at you unexpectedly. I thought the use of enemies was fairly balanced, and the pacing in which you introduced weapons to the player felt right on point. Some areas of the map felt starved for ammo, but I think it had a lot to do with my poor conservation, as well as my apparent inability to find stuff (I never came across the rocket launcher, for example, which was the only weapon I didn’t find). I did manage to locate 4/7 secrets though! All in all, a very enjoyable map! Quite memorable design, with a lot of very interesting encounters throughout – the large, square room with the central pad that rotated the outer walls was a highlight (especially once I got the Cybie going in there). The self-destructing Pinky orgy while dodging Revenant fireballs was also quite entertaining! Hope to see more like this!
  8. RonnieJamesDiner

    Linedef Interactive Portal Bug [/SOLVED]

    [SOLVED] I'm a goof, sorry for posting this so hastily. I didn't realize there was already newer versions of GZDoom available (lesson learned, I'll check that first next time). GZDoom version 3.4.1 appears to have fixed this bug. A mod can delete this thread if they'd like. Again, sorry. Hello everyone, I've been working on a map that uses the interactive linedef portals (Action Special 156 in Doom 2 UDMF), and I've hit a snag that I don't understand at all. I've created a small, simple demo map that duplicates the scenario and problem (a download link for the demo map is at the bottom of the page). First, I'll attempt to explain/show how the scenario (and the glitch I'm getting) actually works: The player begins in sector 1. Linedef with TAG 1 is an interactive portal (Action Special 156) which exits on linedef TAG 2. Now, linedef TAG 2 is also an interactive portal, but exits on linedef TAG 3 - and TAG 3 is initially setup as an interactive portal, but with no exit line. Basically, once the player passes into sector 2, they cannot go back into sector 1, and can only pass into sector 3, and once they pass into sector 3, they cannot leave sector 3. The next step involves getting a key (which the player needs in sector 1), and involves an ACS script. When the key is picked up, it executes a simple script which calls two "Line_SetPortalTarget" actions. The first instance tells linedef TAG 3 to now exit on linedef TAG 2, and the second instance tells linedef TAG 2 to now exit on linedef TAG 1 - essentially, the reverse path is now available to the player, but only once they have acquired the key. Now, this whole process works fine and dandy. But here's the catch... So, you're in sector 3, you've picked up the key and the script has been executed - but then you die! Well, if you've made a save game after picking up the key and calling the script, for some reason, the interactive portals are now broken. You still have the key, but the changes called in the ACS script don't seem to fair so well. First of all, the visual aspect of being able to see between the sectors is gone. Second of all, while the interactive aspect of the portal still *functions* (I say that dubiously), it portals you into the wall in sector 2, where you're now stuck. You can test this scenario (and strange glitch) for yourself in the demo map below. You can run from sector 1 to sector 3 using the interactive portals, grab the key (call the script), and then run back through the portals into sector 1. Restart the map - but this time, after you grab the key, cross the linedef with the autosave, and then step into the red square which will insta-kill you. When you reload at the autosave point, you should see the problem. You'll still have the blue key, but the portals won't work correctly anymore. I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on how/why this is occurring. I understand how much simpler my life would be if I just ditched the whole interactive portal gimmick, but it's an aspect to the map I'm working on which I would love to preserve, if possible. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. Have a great day! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v9hc4i52s191zii/bugtest_lineportals.wad If this information helps: The map is being built using GZDoomBuilder 2.3, in Doom 2 UDMF format I've tested the map in GZDoom versions 3.2.4, 3.2.5, and 3.3.2 - with the same result each time
  9. RonnieJamesDiner

    Black Room (Doom 2 map, /idgames)

    Good lord that was an interesting way to start the day! Deciding to jump right in on UV was certainly punishing, but incredibly fun and ultimately felt as though that's what the experience should be. Loved the aesthetics - the choice of textures created a very oppressive color palette, which added a lot to the tension. And I really enjoyed getting a good look at each new set of enemies before actually engaging, it helped it all seem a little less daunting and more tactical. I agree completely with Demonologist - despite successfully using demons as meat shields, provoking in-fights, and ducking around corners at the last second, I'm fairly certain that luck propelled me to victory more than anything. With flame from four different Arch-Viles licking at my very soul, I'd never been so relieved to step across an Exit linedef in my life. 10/10, would have a heart attack again.
  10. RonnieJamesDiner

    The Crypt (WAD) - From the Vinesauce contest, I had to share it!!

    @DMPhobos I'd love to see what you could do with that theme stretched over a few maps! @StormCatcher.77 In Joel's infamous "GLITCH OR FEATURE?" fashion, I have to say, indestructible demons and flying corpses sound like an amazing feature LOL! Glitches or no glitches, I'm sure the map is still the cat's pajamas, after seeing your submission last year (er, 2016, whatever it was). @qbradq Well, my dear sir, I'm going to go out on a limb and say ... I don't think you enjoyed it very much. I got the sense that you would have preferred at least two Cyberdemons at the beginning, with tighter corridors, haha. No... all jokes aside, I appreciate you taking the time to review the map! A fair assessment, all around. It made me realize a few things that I should have specified, namely, that when I was making it/testing it, I was always running OpenGL, and always using free mouselook, which seemed to make it a little easier to avoid rockets in a split second around hairpin turns at mach speed. That said, the map is still a pain in the arse. And, in the future, I will absolutely specify in bold letters in the main post that this is a survival-themed map with NO WEAPONS, based on split-second timing and execution! The point you made regarding 45 degree turns is duly noted, as well, and I appreciate that. Either way, I loved the review! It was the response I was expecting from the bulk of the doom community, haha, given the fact that - as you rightfully distinguished - doom is a fast-paced, first-person SHOOTER. I may or may not also enjoy torturing players with unnecessary dramatic encounters... sorry about that :P But, I'm already knee-deep into a second installment of the Quick and the Dead, so I'll be ruining peoples' days again, real soon :D
  11. RonnieJamesDiner

    The Crypt (WAD) - From the Vinesauce contest, I had to share it!!

    @Walter confetti Thank you, kind sir! @KVELLER I appreciate the honesty! Getting the ole heart racing was definitely the core of the idea, but I absolutely understand where you're coming from. Personally, I'm a huge fan of games like Amnesia, SOMA, and Outlast, and always wanted to create a doom WAD based on that concept. That style of gameplay is certainly a niche, however, and I figured just as much that an attempt to re-create that experience for an action-packed shooter would see only a handful of people who found it enjoyable, and not just frustrating, haha. Thank you for trying it out, though! @StormCatcher.77 Wow, thank you! In all sincerity, I didn't enter this map with any hopes of winning, I genuinely just wanted to watch Joel sweat and panic a little. I really appreciate the kind words, though. I'm really looking forward to seeing your submission, after getting a glimpse of those screenshots you posted in the "Who is entering the contest this year?" thread - those screens looked delicious! And I have to say, there's been a bundle of very strong maps already, it's been exciting to watch. Really, really loved @DMPhobos's Arctic Base - it had brilliant atmosphere, the layout and architecture were detailed and immersive and yet, really highlighted the cadence of the original, Doom 1 Phobos maps, which I adore. And that Arch-Vile interaction... with the dramatic shift in atmosphere to accompany the dread of the whole scenario - beautiful.
  12. RonnieJamesDiner

    The Crypt (WAD) - From the Vinesauce contest, I had to share it!!

    @Terminus Yeah it seemed to work out. I started to feel a little bad when he was struggling with the Arch-Viles, but, 3 seemed like the perfect number while I was playtesting - not impossible, but still hectic enough to get the sweats going. @DMPhobos Thanks for the comment! Originally, it was going to be almost twice the length, and I ended up stripping away a number of rooms/scenarios (trimming the fat, essentially). I figured in the event that people hated the concept, or the execution, the saving grace would be to end the map before I beat the idea to death. I've started tinkering around with a second map however, and this one will most likely be longer. And, actually, so far this one feels even more inspired by Cyberdreams, so hopefully that's a good thing and not a bad thing!
  13. With Joel’s streams underway, and this map having already been played, I was kind of excited to share this little bugger with the doomworld community. I love games where the players' arsenal is reduced to things like running for your life, cowering in a corner, and pretty much having no other option, other than to suppress every involuntary scream and heart attack as you search in a frenzied panic for escape and survival. While trying to come up with a map for Vargskelethor’s second Doom Contest, I thought to myself, what a glorious opportunity to make a Doom map like this. So, here it is – It’s just a single map, and uses the Doom2 IWAD. It was only tested and played using GZDoom (versions 3.2.5, 3.3.0, and 3.3.2), so, I’m sorry for not testing it in any other port. Some of the visuals require OpenGL rendering, and I highly recommend using free-mouselook! Crouch is also necessary. Nothing is added or taken away depending on the difficulty setting, so choose whichever one you feel is appropriate to your spirit animal. Credits for the custom content are included in a .txt file in the .zip folder. I really enjoyed making this map. It was about a week of child-like giggling as I came up with ideas and flushed them out in Doom Builder. If you find this sort of thing entertaining (and not overtly frustrating), let me know, because it would be my absolute pleasure to make more of them. This a survival-themed map with NO WEAPONS, based on split-second timing and execution. Good luck! Download: thecrypt.zip /// A quick, no-spoilers review! ///