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  1. RonnieJamesDiner

    DoomWiki Month in Review (Issue #44)

    Woah, this is really, really cool! I always found myself bouncing between the zdoom wiki (sifting through pages) or having to just crack WhackEd open and clumsily root through it to find a lot of this info. Maybe there were better/faster alternatives, but, these new data tables seem to have everything. That's brilliant, and such a huge help and time saver! Thank you!!
  2. RonnieJamesDiner

    Give me three textures to make maps with!

    I feel like I'm watching the slow birth of a new 32 map megawad community project, and I love this haha!
  3. RonnieJamesDiner


    And we're live!!! Head on over to Steam or itch.io to check out the demo, links are in the OP up top! Massive, massive thanks to everyone who has helped support, test, and rally behind this project so far. Feedback, comments and criticism are highly encouraged, and hopefully everyone has some fun!
  4. RonnieJamesDiner

    Midnight Isle - 8 Very Detailed Maps [Boom] v1.9

    Holy smokes, this is looking incredible so far!
  5. This made me laugh so hard, haha. He is a soul thief, after all! Inb4 Dis Guy revealed to be the true villain of the story, coerced into stealing souls from innocent creatures by the power hungry malevolence of the Soul-Blade.
  6. RonnieJamesDiner

    The Doom Scene Rendering Thread

    This is a fun idea, and those shots are beautiful! Love the atmosphere in them. Many, many years ago I was a member of the forums for an old (kind of janky but fun) program called FPSCreator, and they used to have threads like this. Always a good time. Looking forward to seeing what people make!
  7. RonnieJamesDiner


    It's been great, so far. It's been stressful, and up and down, but it's awesome seeing things come together. We're far and away from the finish line, though. These are questions probably best answered at the end of the project! Though, I can safely say that the most difficult hurdle so far (for me, at least) has been working on the "gameplay sandbox", for lack of a better term. It was easy to forget how much I took Doom's gameplay for granted while mapping for it. The mechanics, weapons, items, enemies, and the careful & intricate relationships between all of those things (whether by intent or sheer dumb luck lightning in a bottle) have always just... been there, so it was a matter of simply taking them and making a new level. Creating that whole "sandbox" of stuff from scratch has turned out to be a whole other world of challenging!
  8. RonnieJamesDiner


    Lol yes, Hellsinger by Metal Invader is not to be confused with Metal: Hellslinger. Wait, I got that backwards.
  9. RonnieJamesDiner


    Hellworks Team is very excited to finally introduce Hellslinger, a brand new shooter being developed on the GZDoom engine. With influence coming from a variety of games including Painkiller, as well as both classic & modern Doom, Hellslinger aims to be a story driven, fast paced, and challenging single-player FPS. There's still a ton of work ahead, and we can't wait to share more with you down the road! The demo is here!!! Head on over to Steam or itch.io to play now, and please consider Wishlisting! (Steam Link): https://store.steampowered.com/app/2140540/Hellslinger/ (itch.io Link): https://hellworks-team.itch.io/hellslinger Hellworks Team is made up of Metal Invader (project lead, artist), Alphaent (blorc) (programmer), Lean (sound design, music), and Chester (RJD) (level design), and being forged in the fires of... well, our publisher Hellforge Studios, of course! And yes, we'll find at least 37 more ways to work the word "hell" into the game before launch. Some screenshots: And some links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellslingerGame Hellforge Studios: https://discord.gg/hellforge Steam page: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2140540/Hellslinger Itch.io page: https://hellworks-team.itch.io/hellslinger See you soon!
  10. RonnieJamesDiner

    Most influential ZDoom maps?

    Elend's Hurt was a massive influence for me. And, honestly it's still at the heart of almost everything I do with gzdoom maps. The giant, gothic structures, the slopes and arches, the fog; it's just oozing atmosphere and so, so damn cool looking.
  11. RonnieJamesDiner

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    Of the ones listed, I’d have to go with the Imp berserk one. Overall, I’d probably have to say Bumpy Stairs - where the ceiling height of stairs are just low enough that you can walk down them, but running causes you to boop your noodle every step of the way.
  12. RonnieJamesDiner

    Doom Dad Jokes

    How come Chaingunners, Hellknights, Revs, Arachs, PEs, Mancs, and Archviles weren't in Doom 1? They couldn't find the entrway.
  13. RonnieJamesDiner

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Press switch to die? 👀
  14. RonnieJamesDiner

    A Restriction-themed Mapsets List

    Literalism was a fun one!
  15. RonnieJamesDiner

    Crunchynut44 Entire WAD/MAP Library (finished and well, unfinished)

    Sinergy is still one of my favourite UD wads, and I’m constantly dipping into your midi work when looking for a good track. So, I just want to say thank you! I wish you all the best, and to echo what Bio said, Doom will always be there waiting for you!