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  1. Its been so long since I've had an adventure that one found me. I was walking into Target at night, crossing the drive closest to the building. 3 people ran out of the store. No one runs out of a store without being a shoplifter. It looked like 2 shop lifters and someone in black chasing after them.

    A car raced up, stopped, one person got in and it looked like the other was trapped outside the door like stuck. I got in front of the car. Then I realized its not 2 shop lifters, its 2 Target employees wearing different uniforms. Turns out Target security uniforms are black and bluntly say Security while the typical uniform is just a red shirt.

    Anyway they got the shop lifter, but they were outside the car he was inside the car. The guy in red looked like he was stuck in the door and chances are it had to be painful because he went in through the pit of the door rather than the handle side. The two employees went in through the side with the handle. Maybe the merchandise was caught in the door.

    The car went backward, then forward and just went around me pretty fast with the door still hanging open. If only I were in a position to be closer to the car.

    To me it looked like 2 shoe boxes, one black and one red colored. I didn't get a good look at the merchandise even though I followed the 2 employees into the store who were carrying it. Even if it was just 2 pairs of shoes, you can always take the shoes out and put something else in there.

    Even though I saw everything happen 10 feet away from me, looked at the driver, looked at the shoplifter, I remember nothing about them. I want to say the driver had a black coat and the shop lifter had a red 2 tone coat with a winter cap. The details of the actions are there, but not the details of what they looked like. Not even the car. I wouldn't be a credible witness. That's why Target has cameras.

    In my defense it was dark and that particular Target didn't even have parking lights, instead it had generator lights. I'm not sure if their real lights had a power problem or what. In hindsight I probably should have taken a picture or video.

    I would have loved to have a rock to throw but well who carries one around? Then again I could be in the wrong if I do that. Not my job.

    1. Blastfrog


      What the hell kind of a national chain business doesn't properly light their parking lot?

    2. Csonicgo


      Blastfrog said:

      What the hell kind of a national chain business doesn't properly light their parking lot?

      K-Mart. They literally have just enough money to keep the lights on - the ones that still work, that is.

    3. Aquanet


      I was driving home with groceries on the passenger seat a while back and a teenage girl came running into the street in front of me, waved me down, and jumped in, on top of the groceries. Drive, drive, drive! she said. Turns out she had had a dispute with a couple guys on the side of the road over some weed. They were laughing/trying to look casual/making various gestures. The girl said they had threatened her; she just wanted me to drive her a ways and drop her at a bus stop. And I did. The groceries were mostly fine.