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  1. I was at a friend's house before she leaves for a 7 day vacation in about 5 hours. I forgot my coat at her house in a blizard, but I never noticed until I got home 20 minutes away. I gave her a heads up I was coming back, she told me to wait the 7 days to get it back. I wanted my coat. She said I have other coats, when the reality is no I don't. It's brand new and I threw the old one out.

    So I went to her house, she had fallen asleep. I drove the 20 minutes through blinding snow at this point. Got there and the door was locked. So I went back to my car and screamed the word Fuck loud enough that within 5 minutes there were lights on everywhere.

    Yikes! Lights on in townhouses 3 floors up. I was stupid and didn't think, golly, yelling at the top of my lungs wouldn't be heard because its in my car. I feel pretty terrible and embarassed.

    I fully expect after her 7 day vacation, I won't get called.

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    2. geo


      Super Jamie said:

      Your life just gets worse and worse. Stop leaving the house.

      I honestly don't have to leave the house for interesting things to happen. There have been a lot of interesting things that come to my front door.


      Oh and as for the list of terrible things that happen when you're in the express line. I've once waited in line at a Walmart in Iowa, where a woman was buying clothes for her 2 year old, with the woman's mother or mother-in-law.

      Well there was $210 worth of clothes. No food, no extras, it was all literally clothes. It was my understanding from their banter that grandma was buying the clothes.

      My understanding, because grandma kept on mentioning to the baby, "mommy can't pay for these clothes, so grandma has to buy them." Just really rubbing it in and I wanted to tell the woman to shut up. If I did that, then I'm sure even the daughter would come to the aide.

      Well it turned out to be $210. The grandma only had $65. Then used a debit card, then used a check. All three methods to pay for the kid's clothes. There must not be garage sales.


      Someone needed milk the next day. I was out at a friend's house and I went to get the milk at midnight on my way home.

      I went to Walmart, and there was only 1 line open and when it was my turn the store clerk was yacking with another clerk that was just hanging out. When I walked all the way to the oposite end of the store to leave, the greeter checked my milk, where's the receipt? Yeah where is the receipt?

      So when I went back, there was the longest line of goths and metal heads waiting with their groceries. I had to wait 20 minutes and then the clerk gave me my receipt.

      On my way out, the greeter checked the receipt and said, there's no milk on this. Then she said, just messin' with ya!


      I buy from Gamestop. I bought a used game, it didn't work at all, so I returned it. The girl working had to check my ID, she checked it to get a refund. Later that night Modern Warfare was released.

      The next day I had to go back, because I was about to go out, before I realized she had my ID still. So I went back in the next night. There was a long line, the longest I've ever seen. The girl was working and instantly recognized me. She got my ID immediately, and wanted me to cut to the front.

      She quickly gave me my ID and appologized for not giving it back. Accidents and overlooks happen all the time, so its fine.

    3. rf`


      Danarchy said:

      Those express lanes are never very fast.

      That not only depends on the customers, but the cashier as well. I've found after working at walmart for three years, the fastest people running the registers are NOT cashiers. Its us salesfloor people. We go through lines like nuts because we don't want to be up there all day. We have our own work to do. (Coincidentally enough, we're usually nicer than regular cashier too. Go figure :P)

    4. Csonicgo


      fraggle said:

      No it isn't, that's bullshit. If you're legally not allowed to sell alcohol, that's one thing; not wanting to sell alcohol because it's "against your beliefs" is another. That guy should do the job he's paid for, or find another damn job if it's not compatible with his "beliefs".

      you need to come to alabama and clean house. some cashiers won't even let kids buy condoms. Moronic!