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  1. 18 months ago, I dated a girl for 3 months. It ended. After that I would always try to say hi here and there. She'd flat out ignore me. I got the picture and deleted her number. Last February we had a single date again after she started talking to me last December. The date went pretty well, it looked like she didn't sleep since I last saw her in almost a year. Then nothing.

    In a mass text I wished everyone a Happy Easter. She was one of them, because she was in my phone again. She text me back saying its been a year since I saw her and I need to stop talking to her. She forgot about the date 2 months earlier I guess. I deleted her number, but I still recognize it due to how easy it is.

    Now its been 2 months and she wishes me a Happy Birthday. Its not my birthday for exactly 1 month. When I told her its not my birthday, she said she saw online that it is. Not only would I not mess up my own birthday online, but after having a psychotic ex with friends online, I block anyone from seeing me who is not already listed as a friend. Plus to top it off, she and I were never friends on Facebook or Myspace, because she didn't have either one when we dated. I didn't have Facebook until after her.

    I thinking that she must want a date or something even after telling me to bug off and ignoring me for a year. Here is my evidence:
    1. After not wanting to talk to me she would talk to me.
    2. She would remember approximately my birthday.
    3. She would bother to wish me happy birthday.
    4. She would still have my number.
    5. She wants me to call tomorrow (that doesn't mean she'll answer).

    Am I thinking too much into it?

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    2. Danarchy


      Severely bipolar, at the very least.

    3. Coopersville


      Can you do better right now? If not, there's no point in not calling her can seeing where it goes.

    4. EarthQuake


      Is this the same psychobitch as before?

      Seriously, do you go to the mental ward to meet girls?