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  1. Kira

    I'm looking for a tower of babel remake map

    If he was done he would have contacted you by now. It's probably not too useful to ask him repeatedly. Move on and either forget about it or get a good surprise.
  2. I'll be honest: do that instead of suffering more. It's only going to be more painful from now on.
  3. Kira

    Loving the return of the "unf unf unf"s

    Let's see it this way: in Doom 2016 he's groggy as hell and kills like there's no tomorrow for breakfast. In Eternal he's fully awoken and in a better mood now that the rustiness has been shaken out. Besides:
  4. Kira

    Plutonia 3 [boom-compatible megawad]

    From what I gather the announcement was a bit too early. I'm sure it's coming along nicely. Can't wait to do a massive Plutonia marathon.
  5. Welcome on Doomworld! Is your map flat, lighting-wise, like in the screens? When I read "disco" I expect flicking lights and the such. A few Sunder-inspired maps do this to good effect and I feel it would be a missed opportunity not to be playful with lights using your style. See TimeOfDeath's maps as well. A few of his could be good inspiration for your lighting chops.
  6. Just walk forward. You probably need to replay all of Ultimate Doom as a refresher because I feel you are going to suffer too much for your own good.
  7. I got lucky, but it didn't serve any purpose because all that was left was that former human :P
  8. Somehow there are still Quake (any episode) players doing this.
  9. Kira

    The big SIGIL poll

    I feel you, but I think the placement is quite good. The adventurous style and Jimmy's music made it feel like finding a path out of the deepest reaches of Hell after moody levels like E5M5 and E5M6 (that are my favorites as well), which contributed to my enjoyment. If the effect was intentional, it might explain why E5M8 is kind of anticlimactic, as a bridge to Doom 2.
  10. If we are going for a flat maze you just have to stick to the wall on your right or on your left the whole time. Not that you ever need that in the IWADs because they are all baby mazes. Edit: I dislike mazes by the way. But there are people who enjoy mazes in general, not just in Doom. To each their own.
  11. @AnotherGrunt I'm kind of amazed that you managed to run it on DosBox to be honest. It was meant for limit removing sourceports. That you didn't run the COMPAT version too.
  12. Definitely the weekend face. He's leaving Hell, saying "see you next week!"
  13. Kira

    The big SIGIL poll

    I didn't check linedefs and sectors with DoomBuilder but: On the other hand I think parts of SIGIL were reminiscent of Plutonia, though not voluntarily I reckon. Plutonia is actually very economical and places monsters in ways that are going to have you managing threats from multiple angles/directions at the same time. Plutonia maps actually have fewer monsters than in a Doom 2 map on average, but they tend to be higher tier. SIGIL did something similar in spirit, though it's more by virtue of being Romero's E4 maps pushed further, because Plutonia is indeed way more run'n gun than what we got there. As for the vote, I didn't have any opinion on the Buckethead soundtrack but the field was mandatory so I voted for E5M1, since I enjoyed it. I can't put a rating for SIGIL, but I'd say it's the E4 I kind of wanted, although there are bits I wasn't necessarily very fond of (like the crusher maze, it's so noisy, Jesus).
  14. Yeah I think if these guys had replayed TFC just before jumping on SIGIL they would have realized it isn't that out there. Though there are still people calling bullshit for E4M2 so I don't know haha.
  15. I mean most people coming out of the woods to try the new semi-official episode aren't necessarily familiar with the average hardcore wad. From their own perspective, I can understand why they are complaining about the type (emphasis on type) of difficulty SIGIL offers. If it was released in the 90's it would have enjoyed a Plutonia kind of reputation I think, albeit for different specific reasons. I did find it "difficult" as far as Doom 1 related content goes though. Then again my whole experience has been in saveless pistol start conditions. It is of course way, way more doable than some of the community's output.