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  1. That's the one, thank you! Now I suppose I have to set some time aside and look up how to use it properly with prboom+.
  2. It's a tricky one to answer as far as I'm concerned. Some pwads will use midi that sound better with one device or another. At the moment I opt for fluidsynth because it's one where the music volume is just about right for me and I don't have lag when it loops, but people may have more elaborate solutions that should sound way better. I sort of remember a project to improve midi instruments from 2 years ago or so, but maybe I'm mistaken.
  3. This is good to know. I remember being told back then that it wasn't something that could be solved, but I'm glad it eventually happened.
  4. The only sticky point to me is that some vanilla effects don't display properly with opengl rendering (like the deep water in Alien Vendetta Map 01). I used to routinely bug devs about that (don't leave immature brats around doomworld) but there's nothing to be done I think. "Thankfully" software rendering grew on me again after a while. Maybe it won't bug you as much as it did to me. Anyway, I didn't know how to add a quote that's mentioning an user when editing with this "new" interface, so I was waiting for new posts: You are right! I worded it poorly but I assume it's an hassle to plan this beforehand when you are new to pwad and sourceport goodness. I strongly recommend doing it ASAP if you enjoy your time here though. By the way I guess it's true that shortcuts give the same functionality as a .bat with how me and @Nine Inch Heels use them, but I find it quicker to access the command parameters I want to change with notepad. I am a super lazy user.
  5. Here is the Slaughterfest 2011 example once more on my current setup (I've been lazy about sourceports here and paths aren't portable at all): "D:\Program Files (x86)\Doom\files\prboom-plus\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad doom2.wad -file sf2011.wad -complevel 9 for the wad and here it is for the maps 28/29, where another wad was supplied to improve visibility when there are hundreds of cacodemon corpses: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Doom\files\prboom-plus\prboom-plus.exe" -iwad doom2.wad -file sf2011.wad sf2011tod.wad -warp 28 -skill 4 -complevel 9 I don't have a zdoom example right now but I essentially use the config parameter and don't bother with compatibility flags. It isn't much of an overhead to set it up because indeed, most of the time I simply copy-paste another bat and change the -file and -complevel bits. As you can see in the second example, you can also directly give the map and skill you want to play at, which I often use since I only do pistol starts and never use saves. But we are in 2018, maybe there are good apps that allow the same level of case-by-case customization and organization.
  6. I sort everything in folders with .bat files that are set according to what I see in the readme. I favor prboom+ so I'm mostly making sure I have the proper complevel and sometimes intended deh to use for specific maps (see slaughterfest 2011 in the example below). I like it because I can then create folders where I sort my .bat files according to how much I like the maps or the gameplay style, or even copy paste and change a file so that I go straight to the map I focus on. Quite useful when you have dozens of pwads to juggle with over decades. For (g)zdoom it allows me to easily juggle with different config files so I can e.g. play with mouselook + jump on some pwads and "vanilla" controls on others. The con is that you must plan a good folders tree to keep the command lines as simple as you can. Usually I have a dedicated "sourceports" folder with a subfolder for each, and unzip all wads into their own folders then proceed to cut and paste the wads themselves into a common one (so I can keep the -file command super easy plus convenient prboom+ demo playback, while avoiding conflicting readme filenames etc).
  7. Masked Hibernating Scaleless Dragonborn seems like a perfect fit for me. Edit: Can't into logic. Replace Scaleless by Crystal.
  8. Kira

    How far have you made it in Plutonia?

    Completed all the maps on UV + pistol start + nosaves for pl/pl2/prcp. Did it a second time for pl and it was then a cakewalk. It looks like I'm bragging but it's actually a ridiculously small achievement, since we are living in a post-Sunder world where the best players out there earned their ticket to Valhalla. I mean, just give Eternal Slumber Party a shot. Or you can even go back to nochance or eaxt, and cry (note I'm mentioning wads with thought put into their gameplay, else I'd be taking bigger and pointless shortcuts). That said I remember it being like a massive, scary wall in my beginnings and it was a very special feeling. I hope you are savoring this moment :-)
  9. Kira

    Popular vs obscure stuff on avatars

    My avatar will be a bit less unusual as a movie is coming (not that Tsutomu Nihei is obscure by any stretch). And I remember snatching it from another forum, so we will pass on originality... maybe I should update it to a better looking Killy.
  10. Kira

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Nah he censored the penis.
  11. Kira

    Am I the only one that likes the Doom movie?

    Watch it for the FPS scene. It's 4/5mn long. And it looks like a stupid haunted house mixed with a shooting gallery. But it's cool.
  12. Kira

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Only thing it needs would be that some eyes face other directions, like Wilou said in the CFD. Other than that I love the idea :) Edit: probably, I am not completely sure it would work well either. Your call!
  13. Kira

    Why all the hate for The Chasm?

    To be fair most UDoom/Doom 2 maps are awesome when played like speed/max runs. But yeah, Looper's demos are cool stuff.
  14. Kira

    What's your structure for playing games?

    I play one game at a time, obsessively, until I burn out and do something else. Sometimes I don't play games for a very long time.
  15. Kira

    Why all the hate for The Chasm?

    Well, in that case, I think The Chasm was actually funnier played in Pistol start. Especially the start itself with imps & caco pressure while you collect necessities and do some platforming, all to find yourself in a situation where a bit of tactics won't hurt. In continuous it always felt like an unremarkable map with an inescapable nukage pool at the end as a landmark.