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  1. Masked Hibernating Scaleless Dragonborn seems like a perfect fit for me. Edit: Can't into logic. Replace Scaleless by Crystal.
  2. Completed all the maps on UV + pistol start + nosaves for pl/pl2/prcp. Did it a second time for pl and it was then a cakewalk. It looks like I'm bragging but it's actually a ridiculously small achievement, since we are living in a post-Sunder world where the best players out there earned their ticket to Valhalla. I mean, just give Eternal Slumber Party a shot. Or you can even go back to nochance or eaxt, and cry (note I'm mentioning wads with thought put into their gameplay, else I'd be taking bigger and pointless shortcuts). That said I remember it being like a massive, scary wall in my beginnings and it was a very special feeling. I hope you are savoring this moment :-)
  3. My avatar will be a bit less unusual as a movie is coming (not that Tsutomu Nihei is obscure by any stretch). And I remember snatching it from another forum, so we will pass on originality... maybe I should update it to a better looking Killy.
  4. Nah he censored the penis.
  5. Watch it for the FPS scene. It's 4/5mn long. And it looks like a stupid haunted house mixed with a shooting gallery. But it's cool.
  6. Only thing it needs would be that some eyes face other directions, like Wilou said in the CFD. Other than that I love the idea :) Edit: probably, I am not completely sure it would work well either. Your call!
  7. To be fair most UDoom/Doom 2 maps are awesome when played like speed/max runs. But yeah, Looper's demos are cool stuff.
  8. I play one game at a time, obsessively, until I burn out and do something else. Sometimes I don't play games for a very long time.
  9. Well, in that case, I think The Chasm was actually funnier played in Pistol start. Especially the start itself with imps & caco pressure while you collect necessities and do some platforming, all to find yourself in a situation where a bit of tactics won't hurt. In continuous it always felt like an unremarkable map with an inescapable nukage pool at the end as a landmark.
  10. But that's what's sooooooo good about Plutonia~ Chainie/Archvile/Revenant combo >>>>>>>>> everything
  11. As a kid, I was completely stocked about the numbers of Doom levels: 36 for Ultimate Doom, 32 for Doom 2, 64 for Final Doom, 20(+1) Master Levels... wow! So much content! And some levels look really hard. I can play Doom all my life with all of this! And here I am, decades later, and everytime I think I got the best there can be for my own tastes, someone comes from nowhere and surprises me. And sometimes, I look back at wads done long ago, and realize that there are gems that slipped under my radar. So thank you, guys. Whether you are still contributing or not.
  12. Aaaah thanks for explaining it to me! Looking forward to how you'll re-use what you have done for it.
  13. Wait, I feel like I misunderstood what SiH2 was refering to. That's what missing out on the community for years does to you.
  14. Going to ask JC because I want to know as well. I played through SiH recently and really loved some of its maps.
  15. Still unapologetically a Plutonia fanboy.