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  1. StupidBunny

    Rest In Pieces

    A large map from the olden days. Ugly texturing, barren design, fullbright almost everywhere you go, locked/vital doors with no associated visual cues, nonsensical layout, tedious gameplay...it sucks.
  2. StupidBunny

    Tele-Direct Atlantic Doom

    One of those "made my workplace into a level" levels. And not one of the better ones.
  3. StupidBunny

    ROGUES2, version 1.131

    Lots of fun, though pretty easy to get lost. The GRAY textures get tiring after a while, but there's just enough variation to keep it from getting too tedious. Another great map from the early days of Doom.
  4. StupidBunny


    A fantastic map even before you take its age into account--it's 20 years old 2 days ago, incidentally. A robust challenge with a nicely well-connected layout.
  5. StupidBunny


    The map is, indeed, Homer Simpson. A lot of secrets, a couple of good battles, but mostly not much to see here.
  6. StupidBunny

    Demon's Alley

    Pretty fun map. The texture choices are enjoyably quirky in some spots, ugly vomit in others...it's up to you which are which. Has some good traps, and doesn't wear on too long.
  7. StupidBunny

    Submarine Deathmatch

    I've had this on my computer for years, and was surprised that the "Random File" link brought me to it. Anyway, it's a nice-looking DM level, though very small and simple.
  8. StupidBunny

    Temple Of Reflection

    Has its moments, and the music is pretty cool. But most of it is a cramped, tedious labyrinth, made worse by all the blocking grates that don't show on the automap.
  9. StupidBunny

    Metal doom][

    A medium-sized map from the early days of Doom. The design is mostly pretty good for the time, with lots of traps, secrets, and room to explore and get lost a bit. There is one spot where you can easily get stuck if you don't land on the rising floor in time...unless there's something I'm missing. There are also some freaky nodebuilding bugs here and there.
  10. StupidBunny

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    This song has the best intro of any song ever created in the world. Also Locust Abortion Technician is one of the most batshit weird things I've ever heard and I can't stop listening to it.
  11. StupidBunny

    words you get wrong?

    For some reason I used to pronounce misled as "MAI-zuld", despite my full knowledge that "miss-LED" was a word. Though in an odd way, my mispronunciation somehow communicates the same idea. I did pronounce Star Trek as "Star Track" until I was, like, 7 or something. Didn't take long for someone to correct me. :P I'm still not sure how to say Ouroboros but it's not like it comes up in conversation often. I think I've confirmed my pronunciation of revenant is correct. There's another word I only just recently learned I was saying wrong but I'm blanking on which it was.
  12. StupidBunny

    Most "cryptic" level in Doom?

    I'm tempted to go with MAP28 just by merit alone of that bogus door you have to open by shooting that one wall.
  13. StupidBunny

    An idea inspired by Doom 2 In Name Only

    I think it would be funny to call the secret levels after like Pong and cribbage or something. I like for secret levels to be thematically "different" somehow.
  14. StupidBunny

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I used to be terrified of revenants myself. There was nothing scarier than to be walking around some dark room, turn around and realize some tracer missile has been following you. The "HRAWWWWW" sound they make is also unnerving. I feel like archviles have kind of replaced revenants as my enemy I'm most terrified of, though. Maybe I've played too many maps with too many revenant hordes that have kind of just turned them into high-powered foot soldiers. Plus I got better at dodging their missiles, which made the mere presence of a revenant less totally threatening. Nonetheless, revenants can still be used to frightening effect in the right locations. Not only have I never played the Master Levels, I usually forget they even exist until the rare occasions that somebody mentions them here. I'm not sure how much of a confession that is, though, I have no idea how many people here have them.
  15. StupidBunny

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    And then Linguica finally tried Doom95, bringing on the End of the World. Doom95 didn't turn out to be worth it.