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  1. Have you ever 'missed' somebody that you met in a dream?

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    2. baja blast rd.

      baja blast rd.

      When I was a teenager, I'd sometimes dream of 'the girl of my dreams', and I'd be in what I imagined love to be, and upon waking up I wouldn't even feel sad or wistful, it just felt good. 

      I also had dreams in which I'm listening to an amazing song, and when I wake up I'm disappointed to find that it's not actually real, and that I can't remember much of it, either! Such a cosmic tease. I think it's part of why when I look for music these days it's chill/dreamy stuff that can evoke that feeling again, but with a song that actually exists.

    3. nxGangrel


      I think there was one instance where I dreamt I had a best friend. I can't remember much but I remember that she was such an amazing person and fun to hang out with. When I woke up I was so disappointed.

      I have those moments every now and then.

    4. Tracer


      Oh God, yes.  I once dreamed that I was some kind of officer.  I had a canine sidekick.  Here's how the dream went.


      "Trace, we've got a case for you.  But this one is too much for one guy.  We're sending a sidekick with you."


      "You know I only work alone."


      "Can it, [my last name]!  You're a loose cannon!  Don't worry, this is a guy who is eager to really sink his teeth into the life of law enforcement.  Officer Krawl!  Come on in!"


      Then this awesome looking Bull Terrier came in (their unique head shape makes them my favorite dog breed).  The rest of the dream is shrouded in mystery, all I remember is he and I jumping through a window in slow motion.


      Ever since then, I have wanted a Bull Terrier named Krawl.  I miss that dog very much.