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  1. Today
  2. Something strange & bad just came to my attention. In UDB, while I was expanding my WAD, I started to experiment with scrolling floors to create conveyer belts. The problem is that when I start to scroll the texture in the right direction, the pulling force seems to be set at 90° to the right. So I'm stuck with a conveyer that looks to be going in the right direction & forces you to the right or it brings you to the right place but it goes left...?

    1. Naarok0fkor


      I found the solution...Instead of using sector & thing actions, I used two linedefs with the scroll action on both. One keyed to the texture only & the other for scrolling things. Ergo, it is possible to get past the scrolling floor problem.

  3. Doors, doors, doors...




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    2. MidnightMage


      These door recolors are really awesome! I really like these.

    3. Naarok0fkor


      I used the red door from Brutaldoom but I removed the two lights & a shadow on top...

    4. Naarok0fkor


      Who doesn`t like rubber bands?



  4. Anything new in the works from the master of architecture?

  5. hey, havent seen you in forever mr... axolotl... scarf...  


    after several months i still dont know what it is.

    1. URROVA


      im still connecting here to see whats up, its just that right now im not feeling like posting (also im being really busy). i think someday i will be more active, but not right now

  6. wolfenstein strife tc coming soon


  7. Yesterday
  8. Play through of Devil Dogs is up.


    1. Clippy


      Hey I played this too! Good times



    2. Clippy


      The evil computer was the BEST

  9. The Cult has launched its next project!


    WMC04: Heresy

    Aimed at the dark-fantasy brother of our beloved game, we're doing a Heretic project. Join us for this blasphemy!



  10. Boy, have I been busy this morning.

    I've been giving away shiny Zacians and the occasional shiny Zamazenta like an Arch-vile who's had a few cups of coffee too many.

  11. Decided, my next buy will be Left 4 Dead.

  12. New flats, new monsters...




  13. Last week
  14. Paf

    Will we ever get a Full Moon Part 2 or something like that? I really liked the community project, it was fun to map for.

    1. Dubbag


      I have no plans for it no. I'm done heading things for a while. If you want to do it though be my guest but I'm pretty sure most are pretty burned out on the idea.

    2. Paf


      I understand that, thank you either way!

    3. Dubbag


      youre welcome :)

  15. Fumos are the precious things of this world and you've become on of them. Good job

  16. I am considering not making standalone maps anymore since I doubt I will be able to learn enough to be able to make maps that people enjoy.


    It seems that there has been more than a few people on the internet that has been very unsatisfied with some of my maps especially the ones I made for RAMP.


    I guess I could focus on other stuff like assembling 3D monster packs as addons for playing gzdoom maps etc.


    I am worried if my plan for combining gzfied freedoom levels with 40k 3d monsters would somehow give the freedoom folks a headache and I dont wish to do that.


    I could still gzfy the freedoom levels and just release that and then release 3d packs seperatly I guess.

    1. MidnightMage


      Having read through this, I'd recommend yourself not beating yourself up over some negative community feedback.


      If you enjoy making maps and like the process of creating something, you should do it. You will not be able to please everyone in the community online. There's simply too broad a spectrum of players out there. That being said, there likely is a silent majority of players that enjoy the maps you've created but never bothered to write anything.


      If you want to create 3d model packs for GZDoom, absolutely go ahead and do that. The beauty of Doom editing is that it isn't simply mapping. Some people make mods, others 3d models, others make midis, others work on texture packs etc. There's a lot to it.


      So I guess what I'm trying to say is don't be discouraged.


    2. CBM


      Thanks. I've had similar positive feedback from various doom playtesters on youtube.


      I will try to find the strength to soldier on... I am currently toying with prefabs made by lazy gamer... It could end up becoming a level at some point :-)



    3. MidnightMage


      I'm fairly confident most Doom mappers at one point in their career share the thought that the community doesn't appreciate their work.


      I'll be glad to playtest your prefab map when it's complete!

  17. Time to rethink some things!


    I think I'm kinda at junction in life.  I recently got some mental health diagnoses* that have really gotten me thinking about how I approach my mapping hobby.  Specifically, I'm thinking that large projects like Eschatology, Umbra of Fate, or SoTNR are just a bit too much for me to handle anymore.  Even if I do complete them, I'm left feeling incredibly drained and it takes me forever to recuperate.  They just aren't fulfilling and I don't feel that they're a good fit for me or my mental issues.


    So from here on out, for the foreseeable future, I think I'm mainly going to concentrate on individual maps.  Things like my Freaky Panties series, or WMC, or my one-off maps like The Unending or Halls of The Goat Child.  All of those have been far more fun and rewarding to work on than any sort of large project.  In a way it makes sense, too.  If I consider the maxim "build what you want to play", then long huge projects aren't what I enjoy playing.  What I enjoy playing are concise 10-25 minute long maps, bite sizes pieces of gameplay and artistic expression that leave me satisfied yet unburdened by obligation.  That's what I enjoy most playing when it comes to maps (Doom and Quake).


    Eschatology, while not exactly the antithesis of all that, doesn't really align with what I enjoy.  It's a large project with multiple levels, a hub, and a story that further extends my personal Doom cannon.  It's not bite sized pieces, it's long and (potentially) never ending.  To put it bluntly, it's not what I want to do.  Buuuuuut... I still like and am happy with Eschatology.  Heck, I very proud of what I've done with it so far, as it's probably some of my best Doom work ever.  It's just that it's turned into an odd dichotomy for me.  So is there a way to reconcile this dichotomy?  Well, I think there might be, actually.


    Freaky Panties started off as a single one-off map.  It was just an experiment, a short "let's see what I can do in one month's time" combined with an idea for how to do a dynamic difficulty system.  Then came Freaky Panties 2, which had a similar theme (techbase), a short development time, and continued with experimentation (this time more backend/workflow stuff).  Then I joined WMC and made Freaky Panties 3: Spooky Panties for WMC01: The Rising.  Again, it was techbase + experimentation + short development time ("make a map compatible with both GZDoom and K8Vavoom" specifically).  Now there's Freaky Panties IV, which will be released this month and continues with the trend of techbase + experimentation + short development time.  It has, effectively, turned into a mapping series, and since they're all the exact kind of bite-sized concise maps that I enjoy, it's a mapping series that's been immensely fun and rewarding to build.


    So... why not do the same with Eschatology?  The levels are already "separate" in a sense.  The way the game unfolds currently is just like in Arcane Dimensions, where you have a hub that you use to select any level in any order, and each one is a pistol start.  It's basically a mapping series... digest?  I guess?  But with extra steps.  So why not take out the extra steps and just turn it into an actual mapping series?  I can still have its overarching backstory for flavor (slightly adjusted now so that it's less confusing; thanks to those who have given me feedback!).  You can still play them in any order.  I can still use all the same resources.  But rather than it being inflexible, where I try to shoehorn it into some awkward idea of a "digest" of maps every year or so, it becomes more fluid.

    So that's my plan.  Eschatology as a mapping _series_, with individually released maps utilizing a common theme.  They'll all feel and play similar (just like Freaky Panties tends to feel similar between maps), they fulfill my desire to create concise one-off maps, and it relieves the pressure of managing a huge Doom project.


    And of course I'll continue to head up the WMC series :-P  That has been incredibly fun, and has also been a wonderful learning experience since it's successfully brought me outside my comfort zone.


    Side Note: On a technical side note, I think as far as my own levels go, K8 and Doomsday will be the ports I target anymore.  I find them easiest to work with, and they have the features I want.  And they deserve some love <3  So I'll likely be reworking some of my past stuff, like the first Freaky Panties, for K8 in the coming months as well.


    * If you're curious, I was diagnosed with Paranoid Personality Disorder, as well as something sorta like PTSD.

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    2. Gaia74


      I think you already know it, but I'm with you and if I can help you, count on me, do whatever you want, mapping is a hobby, and really be happy with what you do, is a game after all! n.n, don't be like me xD

    3. StormCatcher.77


      Following your creativity, I have always been amazed at your productivity and innovation. Until now, I have not played your largest projects, but I tried to match their quality, taking screenshots as samples. Recently, I burned out so much that starting a new map became a psychologically difficult threshold, which caused the skipping of all very promising projects of this year (RAMP, WMC series, etc), and places that could previously be done in a few days now stretch over months. Mapping has ceased to be enjoyable at any stage, and I don't even know what I will do with it... 

      Perhaps it is in your new works that I will again be able to find some kind of impulse to creativity. Maybe I will even overpower myself and join WMC. Take care of yourself and keep creating. I always be glad to see new stuff from you!

    4. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      @StormCatcher.77 Aww that's too bad to hear... but I definitely understand.  Taking care of yourself is very important, and I hope you'll be able to get over your burnout soon.  Please be sure to take care of yourself ^_^


      And if you ever do join WMC, that would be awesome!

  18. my c drive was saved and i found SLADE backups in it! including my halloween wad Devil's Hour!!

    things arent so bleak after all! if you cannot tell, i am extremely happy right now)

  19. this dude is an irl boondocks character lmao


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    2. Yandere_Doomer
    3. The BMFG

      The BMFG

      then i cant help you on that. those are the only 2 ways i know how to watch the boondocks. sorry man

    4. Yandere_Doomer


      its okay.


      also ive been hearing about a game about squids or something, apparently it is all the rage nowadays.

  20. hey butthead heh heh heh. wanna go kill that green dude? heh heh heh

  21. I wonder what Stephen is doing now

  22. Anyone who likes Shantae is probably a pretty good person.

  23. Hey, Microsoft edge really stepped up its game since i last checked, and it got this cool tts feature for language learners.

    1. Yandere_Doomer


      i guess im not using chrome anymore.

  24. Winner for the longest (1 month) and most mundane derail ever probably:


  25. I managed to insert my Boss cacodemon in a WAD-file...How can we have it listed as a monster instead of a player?


    1. Kyka


      That looks great. Well done.

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