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  2. Congrats on 10000 posts!

  3. Today
  4. Oops, fell into a trance and got sidetracked heavily by digging deep into researching retro budget bin jank to stream - and buying a shitload from Steam and GamersGate for about $1.50AU each during 80-90% off sales. I already have a sizable collection on GOG that I've bought over time for roughly 75% off so it'd be fun to stream what I have and edit into reviews for Youtube. There will be a good focus on FPSes and strategy games but I'll also branch into other genres as well, especially platformers and fighting games.


    Speaking of streaming, I'm aiming to do my first stream on Twitch within 48 hours from now - going to start off with a UV pistol-start-each-map run of each of the IWADs as it's a good way to get back in the swing of things, not to mention that I need to get used to the WASD-based config as I can't use my custom config effectively with the terrible right-mouse button of my otherwise fantastic ELECOM Huge trackball, so this will also be a fun exercise in excising my muscle memory!


    Fortunately, further testing with recording in OBS has revealed that I can record 720p60 streams with a Wayland desktop in Linux with a very small amount of frame drops as long as the GPU is using less than 70w power, which with pretty much all retro jank that's at least 15 years old and good ol' Doom in software mode it's a trivial thing.


    I also need a new SCART cable for my Amiga, as my current cable is about ~30 years old does not play nice at all with the cheap SCART->HDMI converter I bought. It's definitely not an issue with the converter, as I can output my Mega Drive via SCART without any problems. At first I thought my Amiga needed a recap so I did that, but that didn't affect anything, so I need to wait for a new cable to be shipped from Europe. It still outputs composite (black&white only) so I've been using a cheap $15 composite->HDMI converter to record MODs for my stream playlist. Apart from a 16khz tone, the audio quality is surprisingly clean!

  5. @Linguica I think endless should be a "Wadazine Master" by now. He's amazing enough to earn it!

    1. Endless


      Haha, I still have much to do for this project. ;)



      Endless member also fits me hehe

  6. when you're done with the megawad, create a topic about it on here. It will get a lot of attention. Not a lot of people check the status updates.

    1. Origamyde


      Thank you for the input, I really mean it !


      As for the topic, I'll wait until full completion. Don't know when it will drop, but I'll keep updating until the final map is done with ;)

  7. Yesterday
  8. Nice custom title! 

    1. Ichor


      It isn't a custom title.

    2. LiT_gam3r


      @Ichor is it a regular title that hasn't been revealed until now because nobody has had 20,000 posts?

    3. Gez


      The irony being that I never cared about getting a custom title.

  9. Hello there, fellow Doomers !


    MAP05 is F I N A L L Y done. Some time was also allocated to polish parts of the first 5 maps so far.


    Next step : MAP06, which will conclude the first fifth of my Megawad !


    (Don't mind the FPS counter on some of the screenshots, it runs perfectly fine on my potato computer ;-; )



  10. Why does Waldo wear stripes?



    Because he doesn't want to be... spotted...

  11. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes I have made!

  12. The current Zappa avatar is the best one, please don't change it :p

    1. Doomkid


      I'll keep it then!

  13. My sister just bought a Beatles mask on Etsy, so I decided to check out the website, and there is really cool stuff there! I searched up DOOM, and there are so many cool key-cards, SSGs, Blades, and miniature figures! People are really creative! 

  14. Last week
  15. Today i learned to make light reflections on water with unclosed sectors, and mikoportals. woah.


    someday i will make a vanilla map using these tricks :)

  16. Hi, i want to tell you iam ending with creating wads forever. Have a nice day and bye!

    1. Clippy


      Get back here I want to play more of your maps buddy



    2. Pezl


      @Clippy thanks for motivation iam going to try to do somenthing

  17. Fuck me sideways with a rusty spork, Vrack got mean at the end there. Certainly in no rush to play Vrack 2 or 3 after that experience, oy vey.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Horus


      Heh, Vrack 2 & 3 both play differently from the first, but both are also harder so perhaps a good call lol. Vrack 2 has a lot of traps and arena-based fights, whilst Vrack 3's challenge comes more from ammo scarcity and an incredibly evil laser maze trap, one of the most evil I have ever seen...

    3. Endless


      That Lazer trap is pretty damn genius tho. I actually like the challenge in the trilogy.

    4. Biodegradable


      I'll brave them one day, my friends. But not yet... not yet. ;^)

  18. Check out this huge beast of a review of Doom from a modern perspective:


  19. I public my status updates and people visit my profile. 

  20. Blah blah blah part II

  21. Review of Doom II: 25 Years on Earth (One Year Late Edition) by @Phobus:

    one year late so you're telling me this could've been a 2019 megawad, in any case, it's our 22nd megawad of 2020 (23 if you count both 64kb wads). there's not much to really say, other than this does indeed use every line and sector action at least once. so it's got some creativity right there, some levels have one-time only switches which are only troublesome for secret finders and will not render levels unsolvable, and there's such things as a five-minute door, thirty second door traps. surprisingly map size and monster count are mostly small, but even the smallest maps have their hard parts. some maps work better than others as usual, like I really don't like MAP15 and its lifts at all but many other maps around it were great. gimmick maps were fun to get the hang of.

    1. Phobus


      Thanks for the review! I didn't even know we could still do Status Updates...

  22. I made a funny map that so many will love.


  23. By the way, here's today progress on Map05 of my Megawad.1795851900_2020-09-2122_07_15-ALIENREVENGEANCE.wad(MAP05)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3580(64-bit).png.03703b2dd9416564773bdb2c299d0739.png1350994400_2020-09-2122_10_34-ALIENREVENGEANCE.wad(MAP05)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3580(64-bit).png.8dac5afc41ad958d5fb59c8a8d7489c0.png1307156520_2020-09-2122_08_18-ALIENREVENGEANCE.wad(MAP05)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3580(64-bit).png.16e6491a77ed093316d0cdf3bffb2605.png

  24. Life finds a way. Always.


    (Reacting to Microsoft's 7.8B purchase of Bethesda Soft. and Zenimax. What a time to be alive.)Screen_Shot_2014-06-29_at_4_48.37_PM.0.jpg.9fba9eaad86d228a5375fa552d600225.jpg

  25. I do apologize if you have been asked this question... but I have to know, what is your profile pic from? Or is that an original? I keep seeing it and it sparked my curiosity.   

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Smoothandz


      Ah! Well now, this looks cool. A visual novel based on National Parks personified as cute anime girls? Yes Please! 

    3. Endless


      No man can resist a girl in flannel.

    4. Smoothandz


      Let's start a new adventure! 


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