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  2. (Whoa, oah, oah, ooaahhh)


    Ain't psf74Xh.png 

    loves me better

    makes me happy

    makes me feel this way

    Ain't psf74Xh.png

    loves me better than you

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  4. Your counts about map e3m8 of Bedlam.wad is wrong. In my map there is about 250 monsters indeed, but only around 50 lost souls. So it is 200 normal monsters + 50 lost souls. that is 1/5 of all monsters are lost souls. Yeah it might be too much, but it is not as bad is you make it sound. Also some lost souls do not appear or lower difficulties, so try to play on HMP next time.

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  6. Damn, I have been quite busy these days, I have not even been able to connect properly, but I have to say, that even so, I'm having a good time.



  7. @Cyb When can we expect a Massmouth3? :D

  8. "And diabolic 3-eyed wolfhound found me in desert, and so was I freed from chains of my inner limits. I've become something more than just a human. It brings me joy to fill it. Fire of the cursed souls inside of my eyes."


    Also it might to be my persona in some TiberiumSoul's mod... I hope? Need to figure out shape and form of.

  9. Oh, don't get me wrong, I am interested in making a sequel to Doomguy's Pimp Ventures! But if I wanted to do it right, that would be quite the task, you know? The conflation of sex and death is a very existent and significant thing! Just ask Ashley. And how are we managing it societally? There's A LOT to say! What do Doomguy's Pimp Ventures mean? And what is the logical extreme? This logical extreme is rather disturbing! There's so much psychological, sexual extremity in the world. And everyone could glimpse at laest some of it by now. There's always someone who'll stumble upon you and say, listen, according to my understanding of the game called sex, you're a natural born loser! And I don't need to see you having sex to understand it, because sex is everything and everything is sex. Well, they won't use those exact words. They'll just imply it. They're going to project their imaginary concept of the world onto you, but is it not real just because it's born in their heads? They're gonna make it real.


    I thing I could make a decent effort... who knows. I have some relatively graet ideas. But it's just like EEEEEE: nothing could truly do it justice.

  10. I just realized I never uploaded my SoD MAP15 video. I've had that recorded for about a week. I should probably do that tonight. 

    1. GarrettChan
    2. Nevander


      I was wondering what was taking ya so long. No rush of course. :)

  11. Ok muuh dudes i have 2 out of 4 maps ready for my map pack but i don't have any inspiration left for the other 2 :(
    What should i do,release the 2 and then release the last 2 (or more ;) ) as a sequel or just continue working on it even if all my inspiration left me?

    1. Myst.Haruko


      I often let myself rest if I see that my inspiration is gone for mapping. Maybe release two maps and play more other games until you feel that you want continue your previous work. 

  12. For the past few days I've been experiencing physical anxiety symptoms even though I don't actually feel apprehensive. I've been losing sleep and feel like jumping out of my skin because I feel so weird.

  13. Why didnt I sign up for this earlier.

  14. .

    MAP09 at 2017.10.15 20-33-56.903 [R2990].jpg

    MAP09 at 2017.10.15 20-34-10.514 [R2990].jpg

    1. Doomkid


      Looks really nice, love that teal color for the water. Almost gives off the vibe of a Zelda 64 temple or something.

    2. Memfis


      Gatorade. Gaaaaatoraaaaade.

  15. Last week
  16. Been getting into Quake mapping recently but I fucking hate the default Quake textures. I like Quake 2's textures way more than the ones from Quake 1 and I think I once saw some custom map use them. Do you have any idea where I can get Quake 2 textures to use in Quake 1 for my custom maps?

  17. So, who remembers the beta of TNT: Revilution? If so, perhaps you'll also remember the ice-themed MAP32 and it's 7-minute MIDI, neither of which made it to the final release. Here is that MIDI, in its recorded form! :)


  18. What just happened? Did anyone else see that?

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Yes, if you talk about status updates. 

  19. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  20. I miss the blogs forum. Status updates just aren't the same and there's things I'd post there that I wouldn't post as a Status.


    Kind of brought out the sad realization that I haven't really been on Doomworld a lot the past few years outside of browsing and posting in Blogs.

  21. Oh wow, boys, look at this funny shite happening here. Tralenk "invasion" TerryStyleDong mix remi-a-dux edition.


    No, seriously, is it okay for forum novadays?

  22. My transfer haven't been done. oh Christ I hate my batallion so much, bruh... also, happily on vacation until 1st of November.

  23. So apparently Doom being perceived as kinda cute is women's fault. At least I can put that one mystery to rest.

  24. Earlier today I bought some DVDS for my son, and when the cashier scanned one of the Dino Dan DVDs, the cash register required my birth-date. I guess when they say "for ages 3 and up" they fucking mean it.

    1. Nine Inch Heels
    2. 42PercentHealth


      We can't have underage kids watching Dino Dan. Just think what kind of society that would produce... *shudders*

    3. 42PercentHealth


      I get a kick out of the warning label on this product:


    4. Megalyth


      Getting carded for Dino Dan takes the cake, but another one that struck me as odd was for a two-dollar sharpening stone from Walmart. Not a knife, not a canister of flammable liquid, not a potentially abused medicine, but an inert block of abrasive material.

  25. We all know how much the lower unpegged on doors is almost an obligation but, should that flag be unchecked if the door track is a chain? Like, should the chains move alongside the door or should you still put Lower unpegged? Personally, I think it looks weird if you have the track moving alongside the door but, that's probably because I'm used to seeing/using doors that have the LU on way too much.

    However, I have no problems with the chains moving when they are attached to a lowering floor (or maybe lift). 


    What do you guys think?


    1. an_mutt


      Yeah, I've always thought that things like chains shouldn't be lower-unpegged. Same thing with lifts that seem to have a set bar that raises/lower the platform, so they move with it.

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