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  1. Yesterday
  2. Don't forget to tell some persons that 'comfy corner' is not about discord server where you are king because you have right to kick some folks off.


    You know to whom that was adressed.

  3. Last week
  4. Finally I opened staying overnight at outside sessions at this summer. Sadly, these will be shorter and most likely be on weekends. Because of job and other things. Now, I'm enjoying the silence and big full moon, I missed it so much. It feels weird to write here, because these days I rarely share status updates or talk about myself that much.

  5. You would think someone would have figured out a solution to perfectly qualified job candidates being nixed in the process of filtering out applicants by now.

  6. Making decent progress on my next puzzle map, hopefully it'll be finished soon




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    2. dobu gabu maru

      dobu gabu maru

      No, the one we were working on is when you slide a block across ice and stuff. But instead of sliding, it'd just be pushing

    3. Linguica


      I meant the tile one

    4. dew


      I for one am not fooled. That's no map, that's a pizza with shockingly scarce toppings! 0/5

  7. Note to Self: The 'lower to and change texture' linetypes, take the flat from the sector the lowest numbered two sided linedef in the target sector, is attached to.

    1. Xyzzy01


      That's what it is? Thank you! Seems like such a convoluted way to crash the ga- ....uh, I mean program an interesting special effect like that.

  8. You can tell it's summer because I actually have time to finish my AMV/GMV projects :D

    [I'll eventually finish a Doom map too, I'm sure]



  9. How many would be interested in mapping for a new community project this upcoming week? I will be posting a thread with more details tomorrow, plus a preview map of what is to come!

    1. mrthejoshmon


      I can't promise much but I'd at least look into doing one.

  10. i don't wanna mess up that total biscuit thread cos everyone is generally being solemn and apolitical so i'll put it here: the guy turned his own fwp pet hates into an industry that made gaming culture worse for just about everybody. it's terrible that he got cancer so young but it's even more terrible that I know who he is

    1. leodoom85


      Sounds about right that actions are more important than the death of someone...

  11. Even though this is not doom related, i felt like posting this here since it has to do with level design, anyway this is one of the maps i've made for Catharsis Reborn check it out!



  12. Controlling my anger is not simple. I can't just let someone call me a bitch and let it go.

  13. good god what have i doneScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183151.png.b15be6f6438cd9f12600bae26b9985c6.pngScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183208.png.12f39a192ada3edb0bd53f971ea7493b.pngScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183222.png.5c36e3c6fe53ceba41ccde1146d780a1.pngScreenshot_Doom_20180524_183340.png.98a17c80254c8532cf44fb0f2aede9e3.png

  14. Luna AI - Doom2.wad - VanillaScreenshot_Doom_20171230_184645.png.7ba21adaac181bac4fb0a1d79c9f0dae.pngScreenshot_Doom_20171230_184708.png.bdfa1a9fe41299ac3c6080967be96788.pngScreenshot_Doom_20171230_184728.png.44570878125363433b9547d7b6b279dd.png


    My latest level is available to download. I did finish it a few months ok but didn't get round to uploading. 




  15. I'm gonna work, folks! see you later.

    1. Xyzzy01


      my avatar waves goodbye

    1. antares031


      I actually saw this level long ago from DyingCamel's livestream. Interesting custom textures. :D

  16. PSA: I'm finishing high school in 2 days 

    TBH I'm goddamn terrified of what will come next

    How y'all doing folks?

    1. ShoDemo


      Doing fine.   :)

      Don't worry that much. Have you written the final exams? If so, it is a waiting game, until you get the grades and if you go to college and stuff, the only thing that is kinda scary is the lack of order. It can get really easy to slack off the whole day, because you can spend your time any way you want.

      But if you have a good schedule and study regularly (you don't have to study for hours like in high school - 1 hour each day is definitely good and even a bit less than that is OK - plus, you can do small revisions at weekends on what you learned for the week).

      Also, being present in every lecture in college (or whatever the lessons there are called in English) and taking good clean notes is really helpful (if you write slowly or you are not that good with taking notes, take photos of others' notes - they won't mind if you ask them).

      Anyways, good luck and have courage!

    2. bzzrak


      @ShoDemo you legit made me feel better bro, not even kidding

  17. Years and years, yet this game is still one of the best in the world.



  18. Rest in peace :(

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    2. Bashe


      Very suddenly passed away recently. Only 31 years old :(

    3. Catpho


      Aw darn, RIP.

    4. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Rest in peace, man. Wish we'd chatted more often these past couple of years.



  19. ☯WIP☯




    1. Myst.Haruko


      You can use "post your doom picture thread" too for your projects and more attention. 

    2. Van Daemon

      Van Daemon

      I just did ^_^ thanks!

  20. What is an "invisibility sphere" like? That means you secretly like it? Like as a stalker? A half like? You like it but you dont want to be shot by a hitscanner (plutonia like?)? 

    1. mrthejoshmon


      I see what you did there...


      Wait, no I don't.

    2. StormCatcher.77


      I hope new "likes" are all equal...

    3. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      I gave this post an invulnerable like. It should withstand demonic attacks!

  21. Kinda want to record some Magnolia demos... shame I can't stream it though.

  22. Looks like another big FPS game title is on anniversary.

    Remember the Unreal game? Yes the same one that leads to the all known Unreal Tournament 99 and following games? Today is the birthday of that game....20 years ago man...

    I admit that I never completed that game...maybe now it's a good chance to replay it.

  23. Here they are guys. A double pack of 85% lean burgers made from 100% beef. How do you like that? 8 beef patties, sure to tempt the appetite of even the already overstuffed bellies of the fattest food connoisseur. Come on, you have room for one more burger, don't you? Is that really the most burgers you have ever eaten?


    And, real SPAM! It turns my stomach just looking at it. Look out stomach, here comes SPAM!


    some burgers.JPG

    real spam.JPG

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