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  1. Today
  2. Tried my hand at scenebuilding a tf2-styled japanese shrine-thingy. Maybe I'll get some ideas for doom maps along the way.

  3. Yesterday
  4. Hi there !


    Even though I mostly took the week-end off, I managed to make substantial progress on Map07. Take a look !1603767390_2020-09-2720_22_51-Window.png.a2267aa7924e66a24d2363b84d77d527.png

  5. Review of Three is a Crowd:

    so who could imagine, that in 2020, that not only would we have so many megawads, but also a one-man megawad made by possibly the most interesting modern mapper yet? @Scypek2 is known for participating in just about every community project, but whenever you play a map by this guy you're not gonna get conventional Doom. instead you get, well, the weird, but still playable level. the big bonus here would be that the entire set is vanilla-compatible and follows an interesting story. here, you are dealing with not one, but three marines, each setting off on their own adventure, with death exits and such to differentiate the different characters. the levels all try to combine neat concepts throughout and are assured to be fully playable and the gimmicks understandable. MAP24 is my least favorite though, because the switch puzzle for the blue door is bad, but this was still a fun megawad.

  6. Alright amigos i'm back from my 90s fps detox :D
    It's been a while since i was active here besides a few comebacks to see how many notifications i got (too many)
    I won't be as active as i used to but atleast i will exist again :)
    (Yeah my emoticon phase still isn't over)

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    2. SOSU


      When you said Arma i thought you meant the game...

    3. Catpho


      Glad to see you existing again Sauce

    4. SOSU


      Not existing was weird :O

  7. Finally had some time to play Doom again--funny how it always calms the nerves after a long week of work.   Made it up to map 06 of 3 Heures d'agonie 3   Had to skip map 05 as it's not beatable by me; though I did like the map visually, the gameplay  was an experimental/subpar attempt at a slaughtermap...just not my cup of tea (the map not slaughter maps as it could have been fun if it were frontloaded with weapons).    Map 03 is fun (actually the 1st 4 maps are really fun, though 02 is STARTAN ugly--fun to play but uugly)   What I like about this set is it kind of reminds me of the "bad old days" when maps were still amaturish and imperfect but fun to play still....you know, back when you didn't have to listen to some jackass piss and moan about having to traverse back through an area you spent months creating.   


    What else.   Played the sequal to one of my favorite levels of all time (Diapatra) and the sequal is such shit in comparison.   It must have been made prior to Diapatra and released after the fact...


    I'm inbetween projects again and will likely stay out of anything Doom related for the next year.   I have too many maps started that need completion before I rejoin something else.   (plus home projects as well as the writing project that needs to see completion).   Figure I'll dick around on the two maps I have going to satisfy my mapping.  

  8. Last week
  9. From time to time you get one of those shit reviewers that complain about stupid stuff.

    Before you got that one dude that complained about Doom mods not working on Doomsday, now you get one that favors a dead outdated sourceport (Skulltag) and thinks that not having new monsters is a bad thing.

    1. Voltcom


      This essentially covers peer review in a nutshell lol.

  10. You give some GREAT answers! (.....and: thanks for those answers, BTW!!)

  11. Just finished updating my portfolio folder on Google Drive for the first time in several months. I've used the default alphabetical sorting to highlight five projects above the rest of them. These are as follows:

    • Persephone (volumes 1-3 compilation) - my "best of" compilation for pre-2017
    • Doom II: 25 Years on Earth (One Year Late Edition) - the main highlight
    • Mini Doom
    • Winter Wonderland (from DBP19)
    • Abdicate the Throne (from DBP23)

    I've also removed any old WIP backup folders for released projects. I've tried to catch all of the Google Drive links this may have broken in my release and contribution threads, but some may be outstanding.

  12. For this episode, I play through Benjogami's map, "The Egg of Human Endeavors".


  13. If anyone would like to follow my and the Wadazine twitter account, here it is ;)

    There's some good stuff there.


  14. Are you a Nice member because you have 69 posts?

  15. "Two men enter, one man leaves !"


    -- Mad Max 3 : Beyond Thunderdome



    2020-09-25 21_16_56-● ALIEN REVENGEANCE.wad (MAP06) - Ultimate Doom Builder R3580 (64-bit).png

  16. Come back to us, Andro!

  17. Congrats on 10000 posts!

  18. Oops, fell into a trance and got sidetracked heavily by digging deep into researching retro budget bin jank to stream - and buying a shitload from Steam and GamersGate for about $1.50AU each during 80-90% off sales. I already have a sizable collection on GOG that I've bought over time for roughly 75% off so it'd be fun to stream what I have and edit into reviews for Youtube. There will be a good focus on FPSes and strategy games but I'll also branch into other genres as well, especially platformers and fighting games.


    Speaking of streaming, I'm aiming to do my first stream on Twitch within 48 hours from now - going to start off with a UV pistol-start-each-map run of each of the IWADs as it's a good way to get back in the swing of things, not to mention that I need to get used to the WASD-based config as I can't use my custom config effectively with the terrible right-mouse button of my otherwise fantastic ELECOM Huge trackball, so this will also be a fun exercise in excising my muscle memory!


    Fortunately, further testing with recording in OBS has revealed that I can record 720p60 streams with a Wayland desktop in Linux with a very small amount of frame drops as long as the GPU is using less than 70w power, which with pretty much all retro jank that's at least 15 years old and good ol' Doom in software mode it's a trivial thing.


    I also need a new SCART cable for my Amiga, as my current cable is about ~30 years old does not play nice at all with the cheap SCART->HDMI converter I bought. It's definitely not an issue with the converter, as I can output my Mega Drive via SCART without any problems. At first I thought my Amiga needed a recap so I did that, but that didn't affect anything, so I need to wait for a new cable to be shipped from Europe. It still outputs composite (black&white only) so I've been using a cheap $15 composite->HDMI converter to record MODs for my stream playlist. Apart from a 16khz tone, the audio quality is surprisingly clean!

  19. @Linguica I think endless should be a "Wadazine Master" by now. He's amazing enough to earn it!

    1. Endless


      Haha, I still have much to do for this project. ;)



      Endless member also fits me hehe

  20. when you're done with the megawad, create a topic about it on here. It will get a lot of attention. Not a lot of people check the status updates.

    1. Origamyde


      Thank you for the input, I really mean it !


      As for the topic, I'll wait until full completion. Don't know when it will drop, but I'll keep updating until the final map is done with ;)

  21. Nice custom title! 

    1. Ichor


      It isn't a custom title.

    2. LiT_gam3r


      @Ichor is it a regular title that hasn't been revealed until now because nobody has had 20,000 posts?

    3. Gez


      The irony being that I never cared about getting a custom title.

  22. Hello there, fellow Doomers !


    MAP05 is F I N A L L Y done. Some time was also allocated to polish parts of the first 5 maps so far.


    Next step : MAP06, which will conclude the first fifth of my Megawad !


    (Don't mind the FPS counter on some of the screenshots, it runs perfectly fine on my potato computer ;-; )



  23. Why does Waldo wear stripes?



    Because he doesn't want to be... spotted...

  24. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes I have made!

  25. The current Zappa avatar is the best one, please don't change it :p

    1. Doomkid


      I'll keep it then!

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