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  2. Thanks for the follow.

  3. Today

    Now, I am radioactive, that cannot be good.

  5. Yesterday
  6. I'm thinking about making a separate profile for posting topics and responses on the EE forums, because I am tired of waiting for the moderators. Although, I know that is loophole abuse. 

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Most likely they will ban your main account and additional one. I wouldn't risk that. 

    2. Starkiller


      Yeah, I shouldn't risk it. It sounds stupid indeed.  

    3. KVELLER


      Yup, bad idea. Your IP isn't a secret at all for mods.

  7. cache_2473213693.jpg?t=1538667036

    1. bendylives


      Stairs of "Doom" what the fuck is holding them up when the supports come out!!!!!!!!!

  8. wadget 0.0.9 has been released! Easily download files from /idgames using this "apt-get like" utility from the command line. Get it here: https://averyre.github.io/wadget/


    New features in this release:

    • Use DOOMWADDIR instead of working directory if -wd is specified. Allows your WADs to easily be found by source ports.
    • Progress bar added for downloads.
    • Various bug fixes.



  9. My grandfather lived a long life and was a good man.. it’s hard to accept that he just left us a few hours ago. Everything has to come to an end.. Rest In Peace Eric Post, it was truly a pleasure knowing you. 😞

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Catpho



      +What Avoozl said

    3. Doomkid


      Thank you all for the kind words, I appreciate it

    4. taufan99


      My deepest condolences, mate. May your grandfather rest in heaven.

  10. I like how now that YT went down, all the video threads are full of people posting a monkey

  11. Last week
  12. Shadowcaster is a complete pain in the ass to reverse engineer. int32s that store a single int8 field, map files absolutely filled to the brim with meaningless garbage data, and ravdata lumps referenced by lump number - oh my

  13. https://www.patreon.com/posts/22094944

    authentik dos dungeon music

    1. yakfak


      doom neural upscale 1.00000002x

  14. bad mood @ this time

  15. Is HACX 2.0 finished?

    1. Voltcom9


      Not that I am aware of. Nor has work been done on it in a long time as far as I know. Hacx 1.2 was completed.

  16. @Shaikoten 32in24 pls, also oda compat from the start instead of boom if pvp pls doomworld people need to be aware of what the baseline really is

    1. Doomkid


      Do you have that list that @Decay (or someone else idk) made that has all of zdaemon and odamex’s basic features, both what’s missing and what’s present? It would be super helpful to try and make what exactly the baseline is common knowledge just in case PVP mapping picks up again. I usually just tell people “please to be using zdoom format but only use boom features oh and also thing-based bridges” which is confusing for most and a mouthful to boot.

    2. Gothic


      screw 32in24, what we need is Moss & Lichen DM

  17. (Doom Builder)

    Help, there's something wrong with the doors in my wad if anyone can help fix it, that would be great. Send me the wad through my email when it's fixed (ryanramage909@gmail.com)


  18. I made a language that compiles to DECORATE!



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Gustavo6046


      Anyway, shall I make a separate topic/thread for it?

    3. KVELLER


      You should probably make a thread if you haven't already. Looks interesting.

    4. Voltcom9


      This looks really cool.

  19. I've got an episode 2 map ready for testing in case someone's interested. A little rough around the edges I think, so any feedback is more than welcome! Also, if someone can help me make it so that when the bosses die, the level ends, I would be very grateful! As it is now, the end fight can be cheesed/avoided and it isn't optimal :( The map is Boom comp.


    If you got any ideas or want to help me test it, then drop me a line here or in a PM. Thanks.


    EDIT: I figured out how to change the end fight with a dehacked lump. Still room for more to test the level, no need to be shy! :)




    1. Kristian Nebula

      Kristian Nebula

      Make a mapinfo file with cyberdemonspecial for example to get the boss end the level. Here's some instructions: https://zdoom.org/wiki/MAPINFO/Map_definition


      I could give it a go with testing :)

    2. Chris Hansen

      Chris Hansen

      But wouldn't that make the map zDoom only? I'm not really interested in that. Had my share of zDoomism accusations in the past! Not going back there! :D

    3. Kristian Nebula

      Kristian Nebula

      Yeah, I guess so but if you don't want to change the map into E2M8 instead it could be done with the mapinfo. Don't know if it would be possible with dehacked though. :)

  20. Good night and dream some good stuff...........

    even hot dreams hehehehe

  21. If a Person who Likes Grezzo 2 and wanted a True English Version Instead of a Translation of the Demo. Should I Make it? Probably not. But I Will.


  22. It's finally coming along like i want!!!!! it only took three weeks!!!!!!


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Myst.Haruko


      Press on your profile above and you'll see "my attachments", go to here you'll see what you shared. Honestly, I recommend get imgur account for picture shares, links here get embed nicely. Discord links into images also get embed. 

    3. zaszthedestroyer


      honestly? never had much luck with imagur. always showed up as broken links.

    4. bzzrak


      Some mad dudes use photobucket or something like that. 

      Maybe you've been embedding it wrong? You use it like

      [ img]   linktoimage.jpg [ / img] 

  23. just for now i have a wad that has 3 maps  that i made a long time ago  the wad i.m making now will be done


    1. haruko haruhara

      haruko haruhara

      warning i had put a red vox midi in this wad sorry for the owner of this midi an also in map03 there's a song called Thrones  Dominions i hope nothing bad happens an also the red vox midi will be in the wad i.m making

    2. haruko haruhara

      haruko haruhara

      if some of the textures are not there i might had forgot a wad

  24. Back to Doomworld after a 3-4 month hiatus (Life got in the way.)


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