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  1. First Mission after Holdiday

    The contact to the research station on Pluto is lost. Our Marine has to interrupt his holiday and must fly to Pluto. During the flight, he falls asleep. When he wakes up, his team already explore the station. Thats the story or completely different.

    My first map. Mostly weak weapons & monsters. Custom monsters. Very few monsters with the element of tightness. I guess i was influence by Quake 4 singleplayer which means linearity and frontal attacks. Recommend is the use of a GLRender.


       (1 review)


  2. Eagle Speedmapping Session 1 - Rough Beginning

    The first Eagle Speedmapping Session's goal was to make maps within a 2 (in practice 3) hour limit. Six maps were made, and the themes were: - Map must contain a lot of lava and a scene of an erupt volcano - Map must contain a switch which opens the only gate leading to a jungle - Map must be laid out in two floors - the surface and a tunnel leading to the Earth core


       (4 reviews)


  3. Earth Assault

    3 level singleplayer wad. Also designed for deathmatch. The levels were made individually over the course of about a year and a half, and eventually compiled into one single wad. MAP03 wad built first, and intended for use in TNT: Revilution (as MAP07 I believe), but I took to long to finish and it is used here now instead. MAP01 was made next after I thought of a neat idea for level repopulation without the use of ACS. MAP02 was made last, about 1-2 months ago. There were more maps for this wad, but some of them just never got finished, while others were put into my community mapping project currently known as "Plain Old Doom 2" (the name will change before release).

    The story of this wad is simple: You're a marine stationed at a base of classified location. When hell invades earth while Doomguy is on Mars, your whole base is overrun by demons. After being knocked unconscious in an attempted evacuation, you awaken and start kicking some demonic ass.


       (2 reviews)


  4. The Deserted UAC Plant

    This is a short level I made using a spooky ambience. Enjoy!

    One day, no one showed up for work at a UAC nukage facility. You go in and see what is going on.


       (4 reviews)


  5. Deathtrap


       (13 reviews)


  6. Final Mission

    A final mission against Hell.


       (8 reviews)


  7. Emergent

    Emergent is 4 small Boom maps, designed for pistol starts. They're meant to be played without saving, on a difficulty setting that will kill you quite a few times before you get an exit. Enemies are shuffled early in the maps, and will spawn in unpredictably, which (hopefully) will make your repeated attempts fun. If you save, you will get a more predictable experience.


       (18 reviews)


  8. DOOM II: Hellscape

    A re-imagining those Doom II levels that take place in Hell (21-30). As such, these maps will probably be a lot more entertaining if you have a reasonable working knowledge of the original IWAD levels...


       (30 reviews)


  9. Disjunction

    A small mapset containing 11 thematically and visually diverse maps. Bit challenging, but hope you have fun!


       (37 reviews)


  10. Fanta Factory

    A (very) short 1024 map made for the Vinesauce Doom mapping contest, run by groupmember Joel. Unfortunately it didn't make it in due to unforeseen complications. Not that bad in retrospect, since it would have been easily dwarfed by the other entries.


       (17 reviews)


  11. Ever Shrine

    The only remaining crew member of the ship, captain, has met the eye of the storm all alone, in search of what J. Paddock wrote down in his journal, completely shipwrecked having lost all the supplies, using his puny pistol he has ventured onto the island, he may find what Paddock tried to find, the Evershrine


       (19 reviews)


  12. The Floor Is Lava!

    Demons have invaded your home and turned the floor into lava.

    Your only ally is the furniture. And all the heavy armaments and medical supplies you have littered all over your house for some godforsaken reason.

    Try and beat the par time! :D

    Requires: jumping, crouching, freelook, and perhaps a lot of patience.


       (15 reviews)


  13. Dark Invaders (w/original music)

    The invaders are beside themselves after I foiled their plans. Now they have opened a gate to Hell on my front lawn and they want revenge! ***See if you can find a way to kill the Cyberdemon who watches over the battle from afar (hint: find the switch that appears at a later time in the level)


       (10 reviews)


  14. Miscellaneous Mayhem

    Three small/medium sized maps I once made for two different projects. Given the size I thought these three maps would go well together and will make the download more worth the time. I've been putting more work into these maps lately, making them play even better and should offer you a more enjoyable experience. The most work has gone into map01 where I've removed a large chunk of the map to create something better and make the map much more fun to play. I think the maps all have a very good layout and the first two offer alot of non linearity. Hopefully these maps are a blast to play on Death Match too, as I've been focusing more on that too. Gameplay should be somewhat challenging at certain times, but I'm guessing most players will not experience too many problems. I just tried my best to improve on these maps and make them play much better, and I think all three are as best as I can get them. Anyway have fun, hope you enjoy these as much as I have been creating them. Happy Dooming.


       (14 reviews)


  15. Ave Exitium

    One map for Boom-compatible source ports. Was originally a map for this year's MAYhem until the entry criteria changed.


       (6 reviews)


  16. My First Wad

    This is (obviously) my first wad, made for the Vinesauce 2016 Doom Mapping contest and submitted to said contest two months ago. I was originally planning on uploading this once my wad was played on stream, but since Joel seems to be inundated with so many wads that it'll likely be months from now before he finally gets to playing mine, I figured I might as well upload it now.

    Map01 is the very first thing I've ever made in Doom Builder, originally based somewhat around MAP01 of doom 2 but deviating more from that general concept as I worked on it.

    Map02's basic premise is shamelessly copied from Map08 of doom 2, and is objectively the best map of the 3 uploaded here

    Map03 was made almost entirely while intoxicated, and plays around with outdoors areas. It also has a lot of graphical issues if not played in GZdoom or Zdoom, and is really terrible in general as a result of the aforementioned intoxication.


       (3 reviews)


  17. Foursite

    4-in-1 map concept. The Foursite military base lies abandoned. You’ve heard rumors of a secret backdoor entrance: find the entrance, explore the four quadrants of the base, reach the heart, and escape alive.


       (25 reviews)


  18. Fort Doom

    This is my very first map, it's pretty short and not too hard. sorry for any mistakes, i hope you enjoy.


       (8 reviews)


  19. Deliverance: ONI Facility Demo (stripped version)

    A simple one-level demo with three exits. This version fixes a lot of bugs and is stripped of music to comply with /idgames standards.


       (3 reviews)



    If you want to play this wad with doom2-plus, then you should append sprites & flats of Doom2 to the pwad: deutex.exe -append ENDPOINT.wad


       (17 reviews)


  21. Secretdoom: Disrepair 2

    Six Years after the crumbling catastrophe of Hell's invasion overtook the complex in the Northern Sector, a young marine was dispatched to go and clean up the mess that Hell left behind. That young marine was you. You must travel to the Northern Complex for the first time since the invasion and clear out the demons that occupy the area. It's crucial that you reclaim this important stronghold, for it may be one of the last beacons of hope for this war...

    DISREPAIR 2 is an 11 map episode for GZDoom that expands upon the ideas and themes of my original Secretdoom episode "Disrepair" and transforms it into a new expansive world. This mapset features new monster types, new music, new textures, and of course new maps .


       (12 reviews)


  22. Extinguished

    A somewhat difficult DOOM 2 map playable with any limit-removing engine. This map was originally meant as a remake of MAP21 of Doom 2 ("Nirvana"), but soon became its own thing entirely. The original Sanskrit word "nirvana" meant "extinguished", hence the level's name.

    This wad features a custom palette that I made myself. I think that it gives the level a more grim and less cartoony vibe without being quite as dim and dark as Sigvatr's PalPlus palette.

    A note regarding one feature of this level: If you reach the exit, having slain every monster in your path, and yet the map screen shows that 100-150 monsters still roam the map, you have not accessed all areas of this realm, and thus you have not thwarted the Gatekeeper's attempt to drive you insane. Search harder.


       (15 reviews)


  23. Fort Tiamat

    A short techbase map. Difficulty settings had very little thought put into them, to the point where there might as well be none. Honestly not my best work.


       (5 reviews)


  24. Tyson's Delight

    2 berserk-oriented maps made in different times:

    MAP01 "F****** Metal!" (Nov. 2015):

    A short map with bricks and rusty metal, some of the original textures are been changed with some new placeholders, because i had to use WadMangle since Slade3 get crushed in the making of MAP02 for some weird reason and i can't still know how fix this problem... also WadMangle is bad (or at least is pretty basic for editing stuff)

    MAP01 "Techubus" (May 2016):

    a medium difficulty map sets in a open techbase filled with sea, monsters and giant swimming mancubus, or at least it could be that in my intentions.

    Beware of new opening section and strange lights in odd places... and remember: after you kill the mancubus at the start, everthing will go easier!


       (2 reviews)


  25. "Fallen HQ" & "The Terminal"

    MAP01: "Fallen HQ". Escape tfrom your former HQ to the streets. MAP02: "The Terminal". Visit a Doom II style installation.


       (7 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Havoc Crow · Posted
      An example of how not to make a map. Lots of ugly rooms filled with same types of enemies. The blue key room in particular has about ten hell knights and barons trapped on pillars, and you have only a super shotgun to fight them; thankfully, what _would_ have been a mind-numbingly boring fight is skippable because the blue key is right there for you to take. Errors large and small abound, such as the pass-through metal bars or the clumsy approach to detailing and shading.
      New music, in the form of a bad-sounding midi which barely has any rhythm.
    • By Havoc Crow · Posted
      Finished within 4 minutes or so A 2016 re-release of a 1994 level. The text file warns: "Bad, really bad 1994 quality", and is right; there's nothing whatsoever interesting about this level -- you enter one flat room after another and shoot at haphazardly spread out monsters. There is an "invisible teleporter" gimmick which, however, I have barely noticed in my playthrough. The exit isn't even hidden or locked in any way, and can be easily stumbled into accidentally. There's nothing to say.
    • By Havoc Crow · Posted
      The map feels very linear throughout, with you basically doing one thing in each room and moving on to the next. The rooms are very varied though, and there is actually something pleasant to uncovering the successive areas. There are some puzzles, one of which involves illusionary walls, with a zombie shooting at you from "nowhere" being the only hint; this is a clever puzzle but it could ruin the map if the player accidentally kills the zombie early and gets stuck. The spiderdemon hall near the end contains what is either a glitch or a really annoying "trick": columns that seem safe at first, but actually don't shield you from the spider's gunfire at all.   Almost finished, ~20 minutes; died to the spiderdemon.
    • By Havoc Crow · Posted
      (MAP03 review only)   Finished, ~20 minutes Yet another map which drops the ball in terms of difficulty. Health is provided in extreme abundance, and even when heftier enemies show up, their attacks are easy to dodge in the huge arenas (even the cyberdemon/spiderdemon fight at the end provides such ample cover that you need almost to be _trying_ to die -- as, uh, has happened to me). I've once read that, with the advent of modern source ports which streamlined mouse aiming, older Doom levels suddenly became very easy; this would explain why so many of these mid-90's maps feel so strangely unchallenging...
      The area beyond the yellow key door offers a more interesting fight, what with the corridor filled with lost souls. However, the map quickly loses momentum after that, wasting the player's time with the pointless room of six teleporters, which all turn out to lead to identical closets with medikits. Turns out, that room is just a red herring; the real way to progress is to open a door indistinguishable from a wall. Annoyingly, having to hump the walls to find the hidden door happens several times throughout the map.
      Powerups are scattered haphazardly, including a pointless invulnerability sphere, numerous invisibility spheres despite the total lack of hitscanner enemies (this is another 90's thing, it seems; did the people back then _really_ think invisibility spheres helped against projectile-throwing demons?), and a light-amplification visor despite a lack of dark areas where it'd be useful.
      The map topology is as basic as it gets: a small starting room with four doors, one initially open and three locked with keys, each door leading to a totally separate area housing the key to the next door over. Each area is distinct visually, although there's a lot of simplistic-looking, overly large rooms. There's fairly little interconnection between individual rooms within each area; mostly you just progress from room to room, and things like windows are rare. The map suffers from "symmetry syndrome", where the mapper goes out of his way to make every room symmetrical, without thinking if it improves the room or not (example: in the red door area, there's a side room housing an irritating slow-moving lift, not worth visiting except to get 100% kills... and this side room of course gets dutifully duplicated on the other side of the area).
      There is custom music in the form of a rock midi, not particularly well-made, but not overly grating either.
    • By Havoc Crow · Posted
      Played for 13 minutes before dying. Did not enjoy this one; the caves ("catacombs" according to the text file?) section being unmapped AND full of samey corridors AND full of "mystery meat" switches was obnoxious. Likewise did not enjoy the "nested squares" section at the start, with ugly gray walls. Only visual highlight I've seen during my playthrough were rooms with water pools. Could not find a way to access yellow key, or do much of anything in the nukage area except dying, although it was satisfying to risk the run across nukage in hopes of finding a radsuit--and subsequently find one. 
      Slightly interesting is how enemies roam the interconnected caves and can surprise you from unexpected directions, but this only happened to me once or twice. 
      The revenant was placed uselessly and could be taken out too easily with hit-and-run tactics. 
      Too generous with health (soulsphere) and weaponry (room in caves). 
      The entrance to caves, with a long corridor which has to be entered from a demon-infested pool, was a briefly tense moment, but not sure if the demons chasing after me from the pool could enter the cave area; would have made for an even tenser experience.