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  1. I hate these Kleer Skeleton's in Serious Sam 3, they can be very annoying to deal with even with powerful weapons. They are like Demons/Pinkys on steroids.

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    2. Albertoni


      Rocket launchers aimed at the floor, my friend. If life doesn't give you grenades, but gives you rockets, turn those rockets into grenades.

    3. GarrettChan


      @R1ckOh yeah... totally forgot about the secret exclusive weapon...


      @AlbertoniNice sentence, love it. Just in case you're not joking, hitting the ground with rockets doesn't deal much damage, and you have a risk to "launch" the Kleer towards you, but it's difficult to compare because there's no such thing in 3.

    4. Albertoni


      I was half joking and half giving an idea. I don't remember much of SS3, sadly.