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  1. Tattoos are sort of a recent thing with me, even though I've wanted them for quite a while. So when I finally I finally got a pentacle on my left shoulder blade last year, I was ecstatic. Since then I've wanted a few more, and today I got this on my right forearm.

    Part of the reason I got it was to cover up a really bad scar I got there last year from a bad accident. It was large, ugly, and definitely noticeable. But the other reason I got it was because ravens tend to mean a lot to me personally.

    I might get another one next year on my other arm to sort of balance things out. Maybe more ravens, maybe something else. Or maybe, just maybe, I'll get the Doomguy...

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    2. geo


      Csonicgo said:

      Phases. They do happen.

      Yeah. I can't even put anything on my white walls. no posters, art or anything I'm always just a blank canvas.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I read a statistic the other day that about 14% of people who get tattoos end up regretting them. It was higher than I expected, but overall, still not that bad.

      I'm not too worried about mine to be honest. They're on me partially for religious reasons, partially for personal ones. Plus I don't work anymore, so I don't have to worry about that.

    4. geekmarine


      I got a tattoo... but it was something nice, something meaningful, and on my back so it's easy to cover up. To be clear, it's a stylized representation of Yggdrasil, the Norse tree of life. I liked the concept, and it's something I can't see myself coming back 20 years later and saying, "Well that was stupid." In retrospect, that was really not a bad idea, seeing as how an ex talked me into getting it and actually paid for it, but I made sure it was something that wouldn't just be a painful reminder if we broke up (which we did - goddammit, so smart planning on my part).