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  1. DoomGuyFan45

    Fan-Made Doom Games

    Doom in Jump n Run style. i like that Idea. thats a good one Mate
  2. DoomGuyFan45

    Fan-Made Doom Games

    Wonderful, i liked it alot, here have this: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/58822
  3. DoomGuyFan45

    Fan-Made Doom Games

    That shit is hard indeed, im addicted to it. already playing it. too sad it does not include Hell on Earth though. maybe it will be added in future Updates
  4. DoomGuyFan45

    Fan-Made Doom Games

    Put in some of your favorite Fan-Made Doom Games in here. i want to see ALL of them. (Sorry, im on a big Fan-Spree right now and im searching for everything Doom-related)
  5. DoomGuyFan45


    This shows Doom how a Wad can be NEW but at the same time have a CLASSIC feeling! 5/5 -DoomGuyFan45
  6. DoomGuyFan45


    Tutorial for launching this: Load up the wad. load up Brutal Doom. play through the game and FUCKING FEEL LIKE A BADASS
  7. DoomGuyFan45


    The Design of the Map is really good, above the Average Wads i have seen, There are a little bit too many Items, as if you have to fight a Cyberdemon or Spider-Mastermind or a flood of Enemies. but there are 2 Minor Problems with this Wad: 1. NO MONSTERS 2. NO SECRETS. so i will have to lower the Rating down to 4/5 -DoomGuyFan45
  8. DoomGuyFan45


    I did not like the Arena itself, it should be alot bigger, should have some walls so you can try to get into cover. but 3/5 for the Design and the choice of having secrets
  9. DoomGuyFan45


    Wonderful Game, scary Atmosphere. way alot of Jumps for me haha -DoomGuyFan45
  10. DoomGuyFan45

    Legacy Of Suffering - v1.01

    Dont let some of the other Comments fool you! this is a Doom 3-ish paced Scary MEGAwad that is totally worth your Time. it has alot of custom Textures and and Hud. i am very impressed by this Wad. since this is by far the best i have seen YET. but the only thing that really disturbs me is the Health Regeneration. but this does NOT affect the 5/5 Rating i am giving this. Good Job Logan! -DoomGuyFan45 [Note that Resurrect does not work here :3]
  11. DoomGuyFan45

    Jason's Hell

    Same as always, Doomguy2k delivers his WADs, even though they suck ass its fun to play them... WHO THE FUCK IS ANJALENE?!
  12. DoomGuyFan45

    Escape the Inferno

    The Arena was so awesome. but the Ending turned it down alot 4/5 -DoomGuyFan45
  13. DoomGuyFan45


    The Cacowards said the right thing! 5/5 -DoomGuyFan45
  14. DoomGuyFan45

    UAC Military Nightmare 2

    Awesome work Jack!, but it does not run on Zandronum -DoomGuyFan45
  15. DoomGuyFan45

    Terry Sux

    Awesome, i remember ALL of these Terrylevels, Terry got beaten by the Guy from the Picture he uses in his Wads...good Job Somemong! -DoomGuyFan45