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  1. I absolutely love this. I was eagerly awaiting DrPsy's revenant, but there haven't really been news about it in a long time... I like that you tried to capture that "90's CG" look with these, and I think it fits the bill honestly. I really wanna see how these look like once rendered into sprites tho. Of course, you can't rush perfection, I'm just saying!
  2. HorrorMovieGuy

    My ideas for a Duke Nukem fangame

    Poor old JSJ sounded almost depressed in Duke3D World Tour. And as much as I want to blame Gearbox for that, I can't help but to feel like he might be getting tired of the character. But I hope that's not the case, because he's the only Duke for me.
  3. HorrorMovieGuy

    What if id Software never made Doom?

    Id Software never made Doom. We are all colectivelly hallucinating.
  4. HorrorMovieGuy

    "Favourite Horror Movie?"

    Obviously there are many horror movies I love *ahem* username *ahem*. But the Evil Dead trilogy will always be the one closest to my heart.
  5. Haven't seen you for a while. Hi! I'm one of dem lurkers who finally registered. Knew you during your active days.

    1. HorrorMovieGuy


      Hi! I had decided to take a break from forums in general, but I'm back now. Well, welcome to the forums, I guess :)

  6. HorrorMovieGuy

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    This is an old screenshot but: RICH
  7. HorrorMovieGuy

    "It's too cartoony"

    I, for one, love how cartoony it is. I got some real Army of Darkness vibes from the reveal.
  8. HorrorMovieGuy

    What would have made Doom 3 perfect to you?

    No pesky spiders, or those annoying cherubs. The lost soul already fills the quota of "small and fast shitling", we don't need any more monster like that. Also, make the Wraith more damaging, maybe even an insta-kill enemy. Their teleporting ability is barely a challenge, and as it stands, they're basically a melee-only imp. Other than that, I already think Doom 3 is an amazing game in it's own right and I wish more people gave it a chance.
  9. HorrorMovieGuy

    What's with players punching in the air?

    They're pumping their fists in excitement
  10. That sucks to hear. Guy was an absolute legend and single-handedly created one of the most popular horror subgenres. His legacy will not be forgotten.
  11. HorrorMovieGuy

    If you could rebalance Doom 2, what would you change?

    Lowering the Lost Soul's health, as previously mentioned. Making the Shotgun shoot 10 pellets instead of 7. This one is more of an OCD thing, because the Super shotgun shoots 20 pellets. Making it so the revenant fireball deals 8 base damage instead of 10. It seems a tad unfair that it deals the highest damage out of all enemy projectiles(except for the cyberdemon) on top of homing. Also, make they always home in. Make it so the Baron of Hell can shoot in 3 directions. That would make him more interesting than just being an Imp on steroids. Maaaybe make the Baron/HKnight fireball deal 10 base damage. It kind of makes sense that they would pack this much of a wallop. Make it so the Blursphere works like it does on ZDoom.
  12. HorrorMovieGuy

    Battle for Net Neutrality

    I'm really tired of this same song and dance every 5 years or so. Remember SOPA way back in 2011? Or when it happened again 2014 like NiTROACTiVE said in the other thread? What a fucked up world we live in. These companies are constantly taking things from us, but apparently it's never enough.
  13. HorrorMovieGuy

    Why are vampires okay with moonlight?

    Vampires are the real victims. For reference: