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  1. I play many games. Lately I've gotten into Saints Row. That game is like the movie "Crank" but cranked up to 11. This is probably my favorite type of game, just balls to the wall action with no regard for realism or decency. I also love Metal Gear Rising, and Devil May Cry. As far as retro gaming goes(which is the bulk of what I play), I love most of the 2D Sonic games, all of Metroid, Castlevania and Kirby games. Legacy of Kain is one of my favorite series too, but mostly because of the story that is really engaging and well written, specially considering the time they came out. Many others I could mention, but they're too many. I love video games.
  2. I like the new Doomworld. It's modern, but still very light. It's not bloated to hell with unnecessary javascript and doesn't require cookies from millions of other sites in order to work, which is great.
  3. http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/My_Dead_Girlfriend_Keeps_Messaging_Me_on_Facebook Just read this, thought it was pretty good
  4. I was a wimp before playing Doom. Now I'm a JERK and everybody loves me!
  5. All of these refer only to classic Doom and Doom 3, since Doom 4 seems to, at least attempt to, explain some of these quirks: I constantly try to rationalize and understand how Doom's hell works, and the origin of demonic life. I have no idea why, but I feel compelled to do that, probably due to how Doom games shove story and lore aside, I feel more comfortable to insert my own lunacy-induced logic into it. Currently, I have a well thought out and complicated head cannon that I will not go into detail at this time because I'm lazy. How does Doom guy survive on space with so little protection? How come all demons of certain species have prosthetics? Have they always looked like that since the dawn of time in hell's dimension or did UAC's influence(?) and experiments(??) on the demons cause this(???)? Do these "prosthetics" occur naturally? Did the demons actually develop it themselves? IIRC, the manual implies that UAC might have done something, but it's never really clear.
  6. That's Kenshiro's sprite from Jump Ultimate Stars for the Nintendo DS. It's a Smash Bros-type game with anime characters.
  7. *Linguica's shipping avatar is great for me because I can't help but to read his posts as if they were written by the Rock himself. *Mechadon's avatars(both the current and the previous ones) are simply awesome. *Wildweasel's NES looking Doom Guy is also a personal favorite because it looks authentic. Looking authentic is very important is pixel art for me, specially when trying to imitate a specific console's style. *Maes's Cyberdemon ass avatar is a timeless classic and should be revered. *That one Tracer avatar that was the Black Sabbath "born again" cover. I like that cover. *I'm indifferent about anime/waifu avatars, but some of them look really cute, like that one rdwpa one that was a dancing Touhou character, Mr Freeze's current avatar, and AgentSpork's current one aswell. *<---This is by far my favorite of the "default" Doomworld avatars.
  8. "I regret nothing", specifically when said by the Postal Dude. It is the epitome of not giving a damn.
  9. Don't mind me I'm just gonna be that guy who plugs his own work shamelessly. This is a mod I made that replaces the demons with the Wolfenstein Nazis, and you can customize them and stuff.
  10. This is a little known fact, but Lost Souls are actually very polite. Unlike the other demons who just duke it out in front of everyone, Lost Souls prefer to resolve their conflicts in private, even if it is just a few meters above your head.
  11. Creepypastas are in a lot of ways the "urban legends" of this current generation of kids. Creepypasta is by definition however, fiction, unlike Urban Legends who are usually presented real, or at least based on a real incident. This is part of the reason why there are so many bad creepypastas, because a large part of the fanbase is so young and doesn't really have the knack for writing just yet. But that's good too, I suppose, at least they're putting their energy towards creative pursuits. I don't know why, but kids just love being scared(granted they're not actually in danger, of course). I did anyway, and I still do(despite it getting increasingly harder to get spooked nowadays).
  12. Oh god, oh Jesus, oh fuck, please make this happen. We have all been teased far too many times with promises of Blood ports and remakes.
  13. Steroid abuse is not only encouraged, but it allows you to punch holes in people like the Chosen one in Kung-Pow.
  14. To add to that, whenever a map has lots of cyberdemons/masterminds/boss eyes in the same room, and as soon as you walk in their line of sight your ears are assaulted with a deafening ear-rape of a demonic wail.