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  1. I don't know why they called him the Summoner instead of Archvile. He's a summoner instead of a healer, but so was the Doom 3 archvile, and they still called it by it's original name.
  2. Lately I have cultivated an increasing dislike towards pinkies. They are the kind of enemy that are so weak you can confidently place them in hoards and mazes, but at the same time strong enough that getting through all of them becomes tedious. Problem is that they are only challenging when used that way, so almost every time you encounter them you're guaranteed to spend at least several minutes getting through the bulk of them just so you can proceed.
  3. I think Doom 2016 is everything I wanted from a Doom remake actually. Only two things that rub me the wrong way besides the price and the required specs is The lack of proper modding tools. More often than not, mods are what keep a game's community alive way past it's prime. Limiting the modding possibilities of Doom 2016 to snapmap is not only stupid, but kind of an asshole move. The boss battles are scripted, and while they are fun, I wish there was at least a non scripted version of the bosses that could be used in regular maps. I mean, there is the Cyberdemon in the Tower of Babel remake, but you can tell he's just a buggy afterthought thrown in there, given how he just walks towards you and continually shoots missiles, without using any of his new attacks.
  4. Admittedly, I've only played Duke 3D, so I may be making premature assumptions. I may also be a little biased since Doom and Quake incorporate a lot more horror elements, whereas Duke borrows more from action and science fiction :p
  5. I really like Duke Nukem, but I don't "love him" like a lot of people do, both the character and the game. The game is genuinely fun and challenging, and I love the more realistic environments, but I have more fun playing through vanilla Doom than vanilla Duke 3D. I haven't really given it that much thought, so I don't know why that is. As for Duke himself, he's hilarious and cool, but kind of a one trick pony. 90% if not more of his lines are just quotes lifted from somewhere else, which makes him kind of flat as a character. That may sound silly since Duke Nukem 3D is the kind of game where you're not supposed to care about character depth and all that jazz, but I find that even Doom guy, who's supposed to be a blank slate for the player, has more character than Duke. Same thing applies for Lo-wang, his only gimmick was having a "funny" accent and talking like a stereotypical non-english speaking asian. I'm actually glad they gave him more character in the remake. [/unpopular opinion] I seriously can't decide between Doom or Quake 1 for my favorite FPS game after all these years.
  6. The thing about sounds in reverse is that you can hear literally anything in them. This is how those religious nuts convince people that some songs backwards have satanic messages in them.
  7. I've been meaning to try them out. Downloaded the Zork trilogy, but haven't actually played them yet.
  8. I have a few internet friends I met on skulltag long ago, but that's about it. But we are all very close, and I consider them as important to me as family. This is the only thing I could recommend, try and find friends online. Some say "it's not the same thing as irl friends", but I think people who say that are just out of touch. The internet has made it easier than ever to find people with whom you click with. I really don't like to give blanket, "one-size-fits-all" advice, but trust me. I am one of the biggest weirdos on the planet, I don't fit in anywhere and I've all but accepted that fact long ago, and yet even I found people who understand me and who have been my friends for 7 years, give or take. If I managed to do that, than so can you.
  9. I beat Going Down on UV without cheating or resorting to gameplay mods for once.
  10. Bought Serious Sam 1, 2 and 3, Skullgirls, Shantae: Risky's Revenge, Sleeping Dogs, and Killing Floor 2 so far. Flat broke right now, so I'm gonna have to wait till the 1st to hoard more games. Boy, I love this time of year.
  11. I can't run anything either, but I'm still buying them in the hopes of one day upgrading my shit computer and playing them. This makes me either incredibly smart or incredibly dumb.
  12. Just Doom. People port everything to Doom, so I would still be able to play every game on it.
  13. Chaingun is great for accuracy and stun-locking monsters up to cacodemon/revenant tier. But otherwise I feel like it's not a very useful weapon, which is a shame because I love how it looks and how it feels. Hell, if I didn't know about the chaingun tapping trick I probably would never even use it for anything other than zombie type enemies.
  14. The problem is that gore's "scaryness" comes mainly from it's shock value, which grows stale overtime. It's like, in the 60's, those Dracula movies with Christopher Lee were probably the scariest thing on the planet because they had blood in it, but it soon lost it's impact. Then came the 70's with it's super gory exploitation films, which shocked people left and right, but eventually also lost their effect. Same thing in the 80's, then 90's, 2000's. We have raised the bar on shock value so high that some movies are starting to resort to scatology(Human centipede, Septic Man). That's not so say movies with gore can't be scary(original Evil Dead for example), but it's gonna be REALLY hard to make your product scary if you base it on shock value alone, specially in this day and age where everything in fiction that is shocking and disgusting has already been made in one form or another.