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  1. That doesn't happen so often though, people usually die few times then realize their mistakes and start working together. Waifu is laifu.
  2. RIP SnapMap forum.

    1. Job
    2. Job


      Never mind. I think it just got merged into one since the activity was minimal for each subforum. It might also help the forum load faster overall.

    3. dmg_64


      Indeed, SnapMap and Multiplayer forums were near dead anyways.

  3. Co-op or Survival, Honestly, It's fun to work together and talk with each other about what to do and what to not do, which trap should be triggered first ... etc
  4. TotalBiscuit made good points, Recommended to watch if you haven't already.
  5. Just got PlayerUnknown's Battleground, can't wait to try it.

    1. MrGlide


      It's pretty good. Perhaps we should play sometime. My little brother bought it on my account and plays it when he comes and babysits.

    2. dmg_64


      definitely :)

  6. This should join the "Make Ugly wad into great wad Megawad"


    1. DoctorGenesis


      Make Ugly wad into great wad Megawad rhymes.

  7. Favorite Movie Genre: Comedy. Favorite Food: Rice Salad with some tuna. Favorite Holiday: idk, they all look alike. Worst Memory: Fell hard on my head on some broken glass near our building, the mark remains till this day. Age: 19 Favorite Outfit: blue jeans, white t-shirt, grey shoe. Favorite Genre Of Music: Dance. Most Hated Genre of Music: Nightcore Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Favorite Hobby: 3D Modelling. Your Definition of Success: work hard, don't let others do your work for you.
  8. DW is like Facebook to me, I keep re-visiting Homepage to see if anything interesting pops out, whether a thread or a status update.
  9. I enjoy the whole process, I just can't wait to get it finished, It takes me long to get rooms detailed.
  10. Apparently he also recorded a bunch of clickbaits about other video games, a great way to harvest views is to have a video about a controversial opinion I guess.
  11. IGI 2 : Covert Strike
  12. Probably because it wasn't what they were looking for, or because they simply didn't like it, tastes differ.