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  1. Update 666
  2. No one is perfect, so no one can create something perfect :)
  3. Shadow, Mephiles and Coldsteel, now in 1 OC
  4. R1D4, Operation Tea : Tactical Espionage Action, city themed level with few buildings that can be entered, vents ... etc.
  5. I wonder how an upside down Imp will play.
  6. I thought the game was perfect as it is, well Singleplayer at least, but it gets repetitive and the levels feel the same, More level themes and more ways to play them could've helped the replayability value of the SP Campaign.
    Love the smooth weapon animations <3
  7. If you intend to make this for GZDoom it would be better if you simply use your 3D Models directly rather than exporting a set of frames, but then the result will be pretty much as terrible, I have yet to see a mod that uses 3D Models without making them look so unrealistic and unfitting.
  8. Yay, time to redownload the whole damn thing !
    Can I give half a star rating ?
  9. R1 D2 is ready, MAP11 and MAP03 Finished, and MAP04 Remade entirely, now known as Heat Castle.
  10. Some sections are slippery yes, Last section is kinda unfinished right now though.