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  1. ^ Some of the Pre 00s games however did it well, They gave you weak weapons against weak enemies for the beginnings.
  2. Your GIF loop isn't seamless, It hurts ;(

  3. So here's a Super low poly Couch, NormalMapping makes it look so detailed :o Sans_titre.png

    1. dmg_64


      The edge are 90 degrees slightly beveled, and the NormalMaps are baked from the High Poly mesh into the Low Poly UV.

  4. Won't be able to handle that music for 24 hours ;(
  5. Post Hell is in a better place now.
  6. His Helmet can play MP3s MIDIs.
  7. Gotcha, yeah that's sort of what i meant to say lol.
  8. Ugh ... lovely.
  9. "Put a code which prevents opening wad in editors" lmao if only things were that easy.
  10. Made a High Polygon Couch :o

    1. dmg_64


      245k Triangles, this'll eat whatever game engine you put it on, gotta lower it down ;(

    2. Ledillman


      Aw hell yeah, diggin' it! sad to know there are too many trinagles :( 

      Got the texture rady?

    3. dmg_64


      Thanks @Ledillman, I Still have to work on NormalMaps for shading to work good, I also managed to lower tris count to about 8k, which is alright for the moment since it's not a skeletal mesh :)

  11. Dunno how i forgot to Post this here... zSRB2 is my recreation of Sonic Robo Blast 2 on the Zandronum engine, the goal for v1 was to recreate the Multiplayer portion of the game, It features 3 New Game Modes, Match, a new type CTF and Race, I originally had plans to recreate even more things but the engine appears to be too limited for it, for example you can't change player height ingame and can't have 3D Polyobjects. Screenshots DOWNLOAD LINK : (Requires Zandronum v3.0, OpenGL Mode Recommended but not necessary) Features New Type of Capture the Flag. New Race mode, ready to be played, finish 3 Laps and try to get the highest score. Breakable Monitors with Proper bouncing physics, Jump on them or spin into them to Break. New SRB2-ish Chasecam based on "TheArmyGuy's code" (Great thanks to him for allowing me to use it), Which will be enabled if Coop or Survival modes are on. Added additional options under options menu to let you configure it the way you want. 3 Playable Characters, Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, Sonic can perform a fast and Strong Jump dash ability, making him hard to hunt down, Knuckles can Glide and Climb, and Tails can fly and reach places that Sonic and Knuckles can't reach by Normal Means. Extended Player class states with New Spring, Gasp and Running animations. Spindash, Press your Alt fire key to spin. 4 Shield Powerups, Force Shield, Elemental Shield, WhirlWind Shield and Armageddon Shield, each with their unique abilities, Press Spindash in air to activate their abilities. Underwater system with low gravity, Elemental Shield allows you to breath Underwater, alternatively you can breath from air bubbles (don't drown !) Elemental Shield will protect you from Fire damagetype. All new SRB2 weapon rings recreated in DECORATE, complete with their features and ammo style. New ammo system, you need at least 1 Ring to fire a projectile from your current weapon, a shot costs 1 ring and bit of that weapon ammo type. Over 15 Maps fully ported to Doom in Hexen Format, complete with their gimmicks. over 50 Thing types recreated in DECORATE Format, with their original DoomedNums to make porting other SRB2 maps easier in the future. New Score system, you get 50 Points for damaging an opponent and 100 for killing him. New Health system, you need at least 1 Ring to not die, you get a thrust after getting hit and you lose control of your character and rings until you land again (though you will still be able to fire projectiles), If you have a shield you don't lose or drop rings. Player acceleration. How do I host this ? Load the included Batch file, If you would like to use TSPG Painkiller to host it, start it with the megagame.wad, You can also change Maximum points before round ends using the next console command via RCON : RCON Maxpoints "VALUE" Once you're ingame, Head to Customize Controls and Bind keys for : Spindash. Scoreboard. Ability. Third Persone Mode (Coop only).
  12. I Had no use for the Crouch Mechanic in D'16 and I Don't know what was the purpose of adding it, the only moment I needed it was at the first level when I had to crouch to Reach the armor inside one of the moving crates. Classic gamers are the minority, they're updating their games to appeal to the Majority now, The more people buying, better chance for the series to survive.