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  1. Not really, you can inherit the same actor but only change the ConversationID Property.
  2. 1 - I think that's a bug, I reported it last year, surprised it wasn't fixed yet. 2 - They're explained here :
  3. Huh, weird, I'm using the latest versions and that's what appears for me, I don't know what's going on, maybe someone can tell us what's happening :p
  4. You don't need to view it as a text, Slade should be capable of directly editing the lump :
  5. Some of them I view as means to sell skins and trading cards to get some extra free money and buy more games, others just as a distraction to spend time.
  6. Ah cool, this gives me more ideas lol.
  7. Tried to make a better vampire mod after seeing that "You're a vampire" mod using ZDoom's ACS capabilities, but they were rather limited, what I was trying to do is check the light level of the sector the player is currently standing on and apply damage if the sector was too bright, there's an ACS function to return light level but the sector tag must be specified, so I just gave up. Another Idea I had is to spawn player with only claws and let them tear through enemies, rewarding them more Blood (health) with each successful hit, I still have the file somewhere, It uses the unused Blood beast transformation hands recolored to grey, I might add more to it and release it.
  8. Is it me or the glowing egyptian pillar texture doesn't go very well with the rest of the section ? otherwise seems good.