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  1. use DECORATE for custom actors (Including NPCs), as for Replacing existing textures simply name them after the original ones, eg : To replace FIREBLU name your new texture FIREBLU.
  2. He's Duke Nukem in a Space suit, except never talks.
  3. Nothing besides Arl's Model Improvements.
  4. Is it possible to Decrease draw distance in any of the existing Sourceports ? Just to help Improve perfomance on WADs like 100k Revs or Nuts.
  5. Neighbours from Hell 2
  6. Never heard of it.
  7. didn't know PPGs were called Whoopass girls back in 1992.


    1. dmg_64


      dey gunna whoop yo ass.

    2. A7MAD
  8. (1600x900) : Bruce Wayne investigations, the lower standards ....
  9. Eh, Screw it, Give it a shot : (GZDoom only)
  10. You will need to use SetLineBlocking to change Blocking of the Linedef, aswell as SetLineTexture to replace textures with "-" (no textures). Example : #include "zcommon.acs" //99 is Linedef tag script 1 (void) { SetLineTexture(99, SIDE_FRONT, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); //remove middle SetLineTexture(99, SIDE_BACK, TEXTURE_MIDDLE, "-"); SetLineBlocking(99, BLOCK_NOTHING); }
  11. I was expecting complaints about Forum Blogs being removed.
  12. But that's not a November exclusive If you do it all the time :(
  13. Looks like someone using a Forum for the first time in his life (no offense intended).
  14. Google translate says : "Doom of Max" Rest in Peace Max ....