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  1. tempdecal.wad

    Random Image Thread

    It's true, I think I already mentioned all things that I thought were wrong with the gunplay in another topic but I'd also like to add the Pistol reload time, feels like It takes longer period to reload than any of the other guns.
  2. tempdecal.wad

    Doom 3 mapping

    Yes, I plan to keep it close to Doom 3 in terms of atmosphere and gameplay, tight corridors and ambience sound effects.
  3. tempdecal.wad

    Doom 3 mapping

    I did some Half-Life mapping before so it wasn't that hard, same basics, entity classes, leaks and compiling. just a different editor interface and a couple of extra things mostly.
  4. tempdecal.wad

    Random Image Thread

  5. tempdecal.wad

    what is your favourite Power Weapon in FPS history?

    The BFG9000, never disappoints. The Displacer Cannon is a close second.
  6. tempdecal.wad

    Doom 3 mapping

    After so much experimentation I was finally able to make something, this is an attempt to recreate MAP01 of Doom 2 using Doom 3's assets, with a more modern layout. I have to say taking a look at how the maps of the official game are built was really helpful:
  7. tempdecal.wad

    3759: A Dhewm 3's project.

    Getting tron vibes from these, looks nice.
  8. tempdecal.wad

    Sikkmod platforming issue w/ video

    As far as I know Sikkmod does not change any of the gameplay aspects of the game, this jump is a little bit of a bitch even in the normal game but I'm not sure, I haven't gotten that far in the game with Sikkmod, the running speed seems unchanged to me.
  9. tempdecal.wad

    Random Image Thread

    The dog looks dead.
  10. As long as you don't use 1 song for the entire mapset, I can handle it.
  11. tempdecal.wad

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    He used to work for the UAC (or rather he will)
  12. tempdecal.wad

    Post Your (Other) Video Game Screenshots Here

    2 Archviles left me with 1 HP.
  13. tempdecal.wad

    Random Image Thread