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  1. tempdecal.wad

    Video game music thread

  2. tempdecal.wad

    Can i move a sectors x,y,z coordinates with scripts?

    Sectors can't freely move on X,Y and Z axis, you can only change their Floor and Ceiling heights (Z only?) you can use Polyobjs but these aren't sectors and don't allow Floor and Ceiling. https://zdoom.org/wiki/Floor_LowerByValue https://zdoom.org/wiki/Ceiling_LowerByValue https://zdoom.org/wiki/Floor_RaiseByValue https://zdoom.org/wiki/Ceiling_RaiseByValue
  3. tempdecal.wad

    What are some things that keep you going?

    Studying level design and 3D Modelling in my free time, been like that for 2 years and have done several attempts but never reached a point where I was confident enough to release my work, often because of laziness or because I get distracted with Doom or hl stuff.
  4. tempdecal.wad

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    Sand Chain!
  5. tempdecal.wad

    What are some good custom sp maps and map packs?

    I haven't played a lot of Custom Doom 3 maps but I can remember 2 that I liked: https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-iii/addons/in-hell-directors-cut-fixed https://www.moddb.com/mods/hallowed-mod There seems to be plenty of SP maps in the addons section of Doom 3 moddb page, you might try looking there too.
  6. tempdecal.wad

    Random Image Thread

  7. tempdecal.wad

    How the Arch-Vile may work, even with temporary corpses

    They may be able to pull off presistent corpses like some other modern games, by having the corpses remain in the Room until the player is far from it, enough to not be able to see the corpses vanish, it might work assuming there will be lockdowns like in the previous game.
  8. tempdecal.wad

    Random Video Thread

    Look to your own.... Mhm....Salvation.... "Starts laughing madly"
  9. tempdecal.wad

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    She's right though, Unreal Engine Doom looks ugly as fuck, no need to sugar-coat it, franksouza183 and Arl's works look cool though.
  10. tempdecal.wad

    What Do You Think Of The Doom Slayer?

    I think he doesn't like Doom 2016.
  11. tempdecal.wad

    Arcade Mode Achievements

    I don't think it's possible to get normal campaign achievements in this mode because there are no secrets, codex entries....etc. or at least not all of them I think, you start with all upgrades available and I think there are achievements for finding these upgrades, you can't find them in this mode.
  12. tempdecal.wad

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    Not a huge fan of them but I find them more enjoyable in Co-op games, I'm very bad at them and I never thought of investing the effort of learning how to beat them, but working with a team of 2 or more people makes them tolerable.
  13. tempdecal.wad

    Community Chest 64

    How are you guys able to do that Colormap / Fog effect?