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  2. That looks awesome! What texture set are you using (and/or will you be releasing a version if you put it together yourself)?
  3. So we have a new computer, and everyone in the house is picking a few wallpaper images through which we will cycle. I would love to have a DOOM option, but all of the ones I have found are definitely NOT family-friendly. Anyone have any cool (but PG) images I could use (ideally simple, sparse, and with a black background)? Examples:
  4. No idea where this is going...
  5. [For the record, I started mapping in '94 with DEU and WinDEU] I don't really care about sector drawing; the old "Insert Rectangle" or "Insert Polygon" worked just fine. More annoying was that every sector you added had the same default properties, so regardless of where you added a sector or what was around it (or connected to it), you had to set the floor/ceiling/light level/properties; ditto for the walls. However, by far the most useful of the recently-automated features is texture alignment, which used to be a huge pain the in ass -- there was a whole lot of addition and modulo arithmetic in order to do a decent job. I can remember printing out texture images and scribbling texture coordinates on the print-outs so I could reference where features were (i.e. the GSTONE block intersections); nonetheless, there was a whole lot of guess-and-check, which could mean waiting for a long node-building process (since there weren't WYSIWYG features). However, there is one feature I think DB2 is sorely lacking compared to the editors on which I started: the ability to see the difficulty tags on things when you mouse over them.
  6. Oh STARG*, how I've missed you...
  7. File this under "First-World Doom Problems." Yeah, so basically I was a tad tipsy and a bit peeved that (a) I hadn't previously noticed that the sky didn't tile well vertically, and (b) that I don't think it is noticeable from ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE LEVEL except for the last little area (which I really don't want to change). Fundamentally, all I really need is a nice blue/black sky, but your version more-or-less inspired the whole level, so I would like to find a way to make it work.
  8. So, @Mechadon gave us a slew of awesome skies for free, but that slacker was too frickin' lazy to make them all tile vertically. (I know, I know -- what a jerk, right? But, we'll take the high road and move on.) Also, I'm a little drunk. And we all know Mech kicks ass. Anyway, that's not my main point -- my point is I would love for someone to help me out with a non-tiling sky. Does anyone have anything similar to the one below that tiles a little less noticeably?
  9. That is badass -- the spiderwebs add something to the original, too.
  10. I will need some testers soon.
  11. Finally messing around with The Return resource pack
  12. I'm dating myself, but Cleimos is one of the earlier PWADs I played with which I was pretty impressed. The one I still play fairly often, though, is Eternal Doom III.
  13. - E1M5: The outdoor secret with the soul sphere - E3M4: The room to the right at the start, with the snake "river" - E3M4: The torture rooms (already posted); these still tend to appear in my levels - E2M3: VINES! - E3M7: Most of it, really, but particularly the area in the lower left
  14. I forget his name, but the fat guy in the Power Station warehouse that says "You just tell them you're the replacement for Mr. Crispy!" -- that particular line never fails to make me laugh. He's also one of the few characters not trying to be shifty or mysterious; the voice guy just seems to be having fun.
  15. Echoing Soundblock, the only time I cheated was to NOCLIP somewhere to try and determine how an effect/action was accomplished. Of course, I wore out my F6 key quicksaving, but I don't consider that cheating (wimpy, maybe, but not cheating).