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  1. DoomKnight1984

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    Game reviews on Edge are just mediocre like that one - they gave Doom 7/10 just because you can't talk to demons. WTF are they smoking back then?
  2. DoomKnight1984

    Do you miss the old Doomworld?

    Back when I used to lurk on these forums, I checked on Post Hell first to see the lulz. That's the only thing I missed when the site had a revamp.
  3. DoomKnight1984

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    Does Realms of the Haunting count? It was unique that it's an adventure game combined with first person shooting. Killing Joke is the next one I can think of.
  4. DoomKnight1984

    what's a wad that you'd recommend to a newbie?

    Doom Tribute Project and Zone 300 comes to mind. Then Sunlust and Reverie if your friend likes a bit of challenge.
  5. DoomKnight1984

    Realm of the Creepypasta

  6. DoomKnight1984

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    It's best to ignore this guy...I feel that the more we talk about him, the more people would like to know him better...then after that, they will believe every lie that he says to them. If people get wiser and stay away from people like him, he will eventually wither away and be remembered as a piece of dirt in mankind's history.
  7. DoomKnight1984

    Strange Aeons 5.7

    This map may not be entirely Lovecraftian but this isn't bad: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/beydkdth
  8. DoomKnight1984

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    Only a brain-dead being would buy his "essays." I'm better off spending 25 euros on something else than a glorified essay on why the author's a** smells better than his neighbors.
  9. DoomKnight1984

    This guy hates Doom for sure

    He just wrote that to spite Doom and its fans, that's how I see it. These people will just write anything to feed their egos.
  10. DoomKnight1984

    Doom wads that are actually fun to play.

    Doom Tribute is a fun wad as well since it combines the stories of Doom and Doom II in one package, there's one level there wherein you'll be fighting in a train. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/doomtrib
  11. DoomKnight1984

    Strange Aeons 5.7

    Alright. That "guns n' monsters" wad is really useful for those Cthulhu-themed maps.
  12. DoomKnight1984


    This game is just another Mighty No. 9 from all the SJW drama involved.
  13. DoomKnight1984

    Unusual gameplay, or: How I learned to love the gimmick

    Finally found all 4 secrets, thanks.
  14. DoomKnight1984

    Unusual gameplay, or: How I learned to love the gimmick

    I tried Unloved once. Almost an endless supply of monsters to kill combined with a really creepy atmosphere makes a memorable experience. Haven't found the wizard in Shrooms 2 yet...
  15. DoomKnight1984

    What are you listening to?

    From a cult classic movie...