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  1. There is almost a game now! Play play play!
  2. It's interesting to note that the FCC has numerous lawsuits stacked against them at this point from a number of states and corporations, a ton of ongoing or attempted investigations, and the combined warchests of Apple, Google, and Netflix against them. There's even talk of Disney starting their own streaming service. Can you imagine if "Fox is ours" Disney got involved? The length of copyright terms alone should be a testament to their string-pulling. It's also utter nonsense that the desires of the common people can not only be completely disregarded, but also so childishly mocked. The fact that Americans are so helpless in the face of these pocket-stuffing megacorps despite the support of local governance is horrible. It seems the only way to get something done is to have enough powerful corporations on your side, and hope that Godzilla doesn't raze the city once his opponent is dead.
  3. If you really want to stick to ZDoom but can't figure out how to set up a netgame, you could always use the splitscreen version of 2.8.1. I recommend a vertical split in that case.
  4. Accuse the nearest cop of being an impostor. This will cause a loyalty cascade where each cop tries to arrest the other for unlawfully arresting an officer after attempting to arrest the non-false false officer. I then escape during the ensuing thermonuclear arrest explosion.
  5. Assholes should get their due, regardless of position. If a majority of their posts are inflammatory or nasty, maybe that's a bad sign.
  6. Should have drawn a connection to Skeletor instead.
  7. So it's really, really weird how they didn't make that more obvious.
  8. @PsychoGoatee I get what you're saying. Although, Ash's character seemed to change quite a bit over the series as a direct result of all the spooky monsters, so he's probably not the best example.
  9. Realistically speaking, people tend to run deeper than their surface qualities. I've seen all too many "funny guys" up and kill themselves one day. Not saying he's depressed, but I'd expect a guy as odd as Duke Nukem to have something he'd rather ignore.
  10. Well, geo buddy, seems your opinion on games are about as coherent as your writing style. Show me a world where Donut Plains 3,488 has more depth and variety than an act of Lava Reef, I'm sure it's a swell Monty Python sketch!
  11. Works for me™ Maybe you should install ublock like everyone else has at this point?
  12. Actual development didn't begin until around last year, everything before that was spent pissing about with the engine and basic concept before bringing in a bare-minimum team. https://www.famitsu.com/news/201711/11145786.html
  13. Everything about this game is a mess. Plot, level design, controls, it's all somehow worse than Generations. According to a Famitsu interview they made this game in a year and it really shows. Will not touch, I'd rather play Big the Cat fishing.
  14. My older sister was watching the subbed version of Osamu's Metropolis with her friend and I wandered in near the end. I was very young and couldn't read yet, so I had no idea what was happening or why I couldn't understand what any of the characters were saying. The scene where the cleaning robot is executed and the one where the tower is activated stuck with me for years.
  15. Not sure how to explain this one...

    I guess at this rate it's almost becoming an actual gameplay mod.