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  1. In other news, today starting at 10:00PM PDT I'm going to kill the sun. They tell you the sun is big and far away but it is not.
  2. See-through color.
  3. Ah, the game everyone hated a year ago because the graphics were ugly.
  4. There is no Switch emulator, any you find are malware.
  5. Hey you're cool enough in my book, man.
  6. Heard rumblings of a stream on the horizon... Maybe the Mania delay wasn't so bad after all, now I have plenty of time to watch you two flail at each other for 40-some frags!
  7. Huh, weird innit. Half the title was cut off and I clicked wondering just what I'd done this time. Thought this was a calling-out thread or something.
  8. Five more days, boys.
  9. worth the 7 bucks
  10. Now if only there was a Newstuff Chronicles Reviewwad Club... then people might be motivated to play through wads they normally wouldn't have.
  11. idgames https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/combos/woahjx First person to beat Sunlust with this is a true Doom master.
  12. You actually can be hurt during glory kills on higher difficulties.
  13. I thought it was kind of lame how he didn't move in the other one, so I went ahead and whipped this up from scratch. It's got many Crashes, each with their own unique behaviors and weaknesses. Maybe even political agendas. We don't really know. [Download]
  14. Come on! Stop kissing and kill each other!