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  1. Jaxxoon R

    Sound Caulking [Now on /idgames]

    Started to get sharing requests in my inbox and remembered that Google felt the need to invalidate old Drive links for """""my protection""""" or somesuch. The links are now fixed.
  2. Essentially the way I scripted the HUD worked back in 2017, but at some point something was changed internally and now it causes GZDoom to crash. I've gone ahead and uploaded a version with the HUD commented out. I'm really sad I let this slip by the wayside but unfortunately I'm not really in a position to work on it at the moment, else I would have put together a proper fix by now. If it's any consolation this version is a tiny bit further along than the previous.
  3. Jaxxoon R

    Fire at Kyoto Animation Studio

    I've heard a number of them needed amputations. That makes things way worse, since even if they survive they likely won't be able to work in the animation industry anymore. The man literally took their lives and their livelihoods from them forever.
  4. Jaxxoon R

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    Oh you don't need a benchmark PC to play modern games, just something made in the last 5 years. Really the bare minimum is that your machine supports whatever API the game uses, and since the majority of indie games use premade engines (RPG Maker, Unity, Game Maker), being unable to run modern games even when forced down to potato settings probably won't lead to an enjoyable experience (if they boot at all). Buying anything other than midrange is also waste of money in the long term, as all those Titans eventually get outclassed by future lineups (while having far less of the support and QOL features later cards have). There's one dirty truth you have to accept: the mass majority of indie games are either scams, completely incoherent, fangames, or otherwise indistinguishable from each other. All it takes is one look at itch.io, Gamejolt, and the amount of stolen clipart hentai shovelware games flooding Steam to see that. The majority of anything is awful, and this is a factor in all media.
  5. Jaxxoon R

    unpopular retro opinions

    Rayman 2: The Great Escape is the greatest 3D platformer of its generation and to this day has few peers that reach its illustrious heights of quality and Rayman 2, a term derived from the title of the game that holds a meaning of utmost quality.
  6. Jaxxoon R

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    Most indie games are derivative and samey, rarely expressing any interesting plot/setting/tonal concepts that weren't taken from a popular game the developers played either recently or when they were children. Any of the ones with high production values are either extremely limited mechanically or a bige metaphor for depression/anxiety/quirky teenage emotion. Any exception is either a one-in-a-million fluke or had publisher backing.
  7. Jaxxoon R

    Dream I had

    I had a dream they showed more Doom Eternal footage, and one of the plot points was that Hell was on the brink of economic collapse and that's why they conquer other realms. There were a bunch of demons sleeping in the streets outside a run-down apartment building, along with that weird old guy from Detroit: Become Human. This was supposed to be extremely sad. There was a "sadness" mechanic, where the more sad things Doomguy saw the blurrier the screen became. The only way to fix this was to find a tissue box scattered somewhere in the level and doomguy would put his face up to it and blow his nose, then he would punch it. There wasn't any kind of giant screen for them to show this footage off with, so it was just Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin wandering around the crowd holding up their phones.
  8. Jaxxoon R

    Who came up with the Daisy ending?

    The buildings in the ending crawl use curvilinear perspective, likely to convey their massive height while still fitting into frame. It also gives the city a sort of off-kilter vibe in my opinion, like that vertigo-esque feeling you get when you look directly upwards at a tall structure.
  9. Jaxxoon R

    Looking for a mod where you were a zombie-revenant

    Ghouls VS Humans?
  10. Jaxxoon R

    Open-sourcing Doom 2016 may not happen...

    I thought this was already established prior to the games' release. The game would likely be in an Unreal-1-esq situation anyway, where it relies on a number of proprietary backends and libraries that no one wants to, or are able to, rip out and make functioning replacements for. I recall from an old Mick Gordon interview that the sound systems are licensed from somewhere else, for example.
  11. @Pegleg I really want to see this as a Quake TC now. Just a sort of "what if" mod to translate Doom characters and settings into Quake's grungy tone and aesthetic.
  12. Jaxxoon R

    Cursed Doom Images

    None of these are cursed, they're all just either inane or vulgar. These all lack the proper energy images need to exude to be properly cursed. For example: There's a certain wrongness that runs through this, compellingly unpleasant. It almost tells a story on its own. And now, just as a simple example, in the hopes you can learn to properly comprehend this medium, a direct Doom-related analogue: But even this pales in comparison to a real cursed image, it lacks enough view of the surrounding area to properly convey the out-of-place otherness it would have wherever this thing would be.
  13. Jaxxoon R

    Doom Over Perfect Dark?

    I played Perfect Dark on an actual N64 a short while ago. I guess it was okay, it ran poorly and I don't particularly recall any of the cutscenes, but it functioned well and had a funny animation quirk where if you looked down while crouching Joann Dark would contort horrifically. I'd sum it up as a legally-distinct Goldeneye sequel. Forgot to mention, but I really liked the main menu theme.
  14. D'sparil really loved marine biology and would commonly put his ear against the side of the dome to hear all the whale sounds.