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  1. @ResidentEvilGod Sure thing.
  2. SomethingAwful may not be the most flattering comparison to make, considering the state it and its owner are in now.
  3. Little guy looks like he needs a friend.
  4. Is that your attempt at humor?
  5. Experimenting with the new vertex lighting system.


  6. Ate food today.

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Consider yourself fortunate, because millions of people didn't.

    2. bzzrak


      Be sure to tell us when you shit it out as well!






      *starts yet another goddamn argument about the pointlessness of status updates*

    3. Voltcom9


      Make sure to drink some water too.

    4. MrGlide


      Post a picture of it, I've heard people love pics like that.

    5. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      This is a professional video game forum!

  7. He's just a misunderstood fella with twitchy eyebrows.
  8. First PC game I owned was Rayman 3. Shame I can't get it to work anymore.
  9. The first arcade game I've ever actually played would be Heritage to the Future. Never a real machine, though. Only arcade I've ever seen closed down about about a month after opening.
  10. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0mqMKCWE8yw "Son and sister shall kill brother, and mother will eat her ???"
  11. Whether they come now or later, that's still 175 monsters to fight all at once. It's also a common trope that no monsters in an obvious arena = lots of monsters due to arrive, so I'd probably just poke around trying to avoid the trigger if it meant I could still progress. Just always preferred flowing combat/level design over killrooms. I've never really liked hoard combat in any game, things like Dynasty Warriors give me the same sensation that dropping a bunch of marbles or coffee grounds on the floor does. Just a feeling of tedious work to be done.
  12. I do not like when there are many monsters. If I can't stop long enough to feel the environment I'd rather avoid all the monsters than kill a single one. Too much effort, too much time.
  13. Know any good Doom Discord channels?

    1. Myst.Haruko


      Joy of mapping discord ;)

    2. TootsyBowl


      r/Doom discord.

  14. Hopefully id will have included the option for gyroscopic aiming ala Splatoon 2.
  15. Pretty sure modern technology and humanity in general is the root of climate change. You can have pollution and no regard for the environment without capitalism.