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  1. Might as well put this here, then.
  2. What if a werewolf


    Went to the moon

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      All I will say is: "The vacuum of space..."

    2. YukiRaven
  3. Archvile flames obscuring one's vision.
  4. But now in the porkspace Syringe Facility of the UAC, he knew there were demons...
  5. Turned my fingernails scraping ukulele strings into what sounds like an inhuman voice saying "WHY."




    Audacity sure is fun.

    1. Aquanet


      Sweet moses

  6. Post Hell has outlived his usefulness...
  7. I like how the Rock and Vin Diesel slowly morphed into the same person over time.


    I'm seeing ads for that Baywatch movie where you could've just swapped the two out every other shot and no one would notice.

  8. Interesting to see we're at the "50 barons and a cyberdemon in e1m1" stage of modding right now. It's like 1994 all over again!
  9. Really digging the art for this map, somehow feeling cold despite the volcanic setting. That statue with the lava pouring out of its hands looks quite a bit like the latex model they used for the original archvile, the head at the very least. The map itself also has the same Gothic cathedral/Celtic castle look as a lot of the Doom multiplayer levels, so I'm wondering if all of that's just for funsies or if they're going to do what Quake 3 did and actually put Doomguy in the thing. Not sure what they would even do with him in regards to the whole ability thing, he's just kind of Mr. Shootkill with a double jump and slight vampirism of health glowies.
  10. Vega is not Disinterested Banker, that was the posh, hateful announcer from the Alphas. Vega is more like motivational robot dad.
  11. help I am drink too much coffee

    ouch, I'm fine?

    1. Avoozl


      I once drank two 2 ltr bottles of coke in one day, now that was too much. :P

    2. MrGlide


      ya, you'll be ok. how much coffee did you drink?

    3. Cynical

      There's no such thing as too much coffee.  If your heart isn't racing, you're undercaffinated.

  12. I really love those computers do
  13. I think the Minor Sprite Fixing Project might include them already.
  14. Dark Metamorphosis! hope2god.zip Author: Jaxoon R Map name: Hope to God Compatibility: Vanilla Playtesting: Chocolate Doom, GZDoom Allow jumping and\or crouching: no Skill settings: no Build time: Three Days Tools used: GZDoom Builder, Slade3 Resources: A picture of a demon Music track: the lullaby.spc Bugs: None that I managed to find Comments: You just shootkill the demons whatever man next question