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  1. I was never one for talking to disembodied voices (feels really weird not having access to communication via body language), but it was a sort of fun experience nonetheless. Shame about that recording, though. Look on the bright side: the scarcity increases its value.
  2. > Listening to Slowbeef reading bad creepypasta at Youtube dot com

    > Checks comments

    "Hm I've seen this nerd somewhere else!!!"


    1. Jaxxoon R

      Jaxxoon R

      Now for the Baader-Meinhof to take effect, just as planned!

  3. From what I've seen and heard the Megadrive emulation is really bad. Comix Zone looks and sounds fucked up, and it even plays poorly due to all the framedrops caused by using Unity as a wrapper for the emulator. The only reason the Sonic remasters are sparred is because they were recreated in a new engine ages ago. They really should have had it been a centralized app like the Megadrive Classics Hub on Steam, so you wouldn't have to go searching for the individual games, and then have to download 80+ MB each time just to run a 256kb genesis rom.
  4. So, Otamatones. They're great and they make beautiful music.

    Unfortunately with the one I've got, the threading for the screw that held on the battery compartment's lid on broke, and the thing needs so much pressure to make contact that it just pushes back open if I try to tape it shut. 
    Not even duct-tape can do it. Must be haunted.


    Kind of hesitant to buy a replacement since the newer ones with the English packaging are a revision with less features. Like the lack of a "too fucking loud" setting. Life sucks.

    1. Doomkid


      Oh shit, if duct tape can't hold it, nothing can.. That's a damn shame man, those things are cool and amusing.

    2. Csonicgo



    3. Albertoni
  5. My niece keeps on trying to get me to play Roblox Maybe I should put this on the next time she bothers me about it
  6. I think I watched about 8 hours' worth of Game Theory during the process of making this, trying to get a grasp for the editing style MattPatt used in his videos. Probably should have done the same thing for the voice, but since it was recorded earlier I was going off of memory and it kept defaulting back to my "I am bullshitting you" voice. I wanted to be off-the-cuff thought vomit edited into something semi-coherent, though maybe if I'd gone in with a script it could've turned out a bit more subtle than "I AM THE FUCKING CRAZY."
  7. I remember this, I was kind of wondering if it'd ever turn up again. And I've said this before, but something about the shimmery, low-definition visuals and unstable framerate gives it an uncanny, detached, surreal tone that makes it all the more creepy to me. I could almost see something similar being recorded to a failing VHS as part of some spooky Marble Hornets-esq ARG series or something.
  8. Knack 2 even existing has been a meme for years thanks due in part to Dunkey. That aside, I still can't get over the protagonist's design. It's just way too ugly when small to be cute and way too busy when big. Personally, I'm looking forward to Sonic Mania. Also interested Crash/Mario but the two are on platforms I probably won't own for a while. I also look forward to seeing the RE2 remake for the first time, apparently it should be out "soon," and whether that be this year or the next or the next is anyone's guess. In terms of games I really wanted to see though, I've gotta live to see Dark Cloud 3 and Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy 2 some day. All those AC: Origins trailers at E3 really fucked me up I tell you what!
  9. It has occurred to me a science fact, Doomguy is a mummy. The proof is undeniable.
  10. "We've listened closely to what fans have wanted during the development of Wolfenstein™ II: The New Colossus, thanks to all your vocal feedback we've been working hard to bring to you the best version of this game we could possible make. We're proud to announce that The New Colossus will feature an expansive Holo-Kaurt multiplayer mode, where up to 8 players can go head to head on 16 different tracks inspired by locales from both previous Wolfenstein™ titles and this latest iteration in the series. Players can expect to take control of the likes of Fergus Reid, Greta, Jimi Hendrix, and other fan-favorite characters in this bloody romp due to ship with the game in late 2017."
  11. Hahaha, looks like the Kerbal Space Program forum uses the same software as Doomworld.



    1. Xyzzy01


      Ugh, in Plain White theme too. :P

    2. kristus
  12. Sort of? The biggest issue was her weird, limp, melodramatic manner of speaking that made her sound like a bored adolescent. Considering Sakamoto's obsession over pointless details and micromanagement of other developers' work during this project, I wouldn't be surprised if he ''oversaw'' the voice direction too. It's funny how we've reached this point with a character that was apparently supposed to be about 6 foot, 200 pounds initially.
  13. You can also download a recent version of GZDoom and take the soundfont from that. It comes with a soundfont called gzdoom.sf2 which is pretty much a renamed SC-55 soundfont. Once you've copied it to where you want it to reside you'll then have to open the VMS Configurator and add the soundfont.
  14. You know you would think that but
  15. Man they're just putting everything and the kitchen sink into this game, aren't they? It's kind of a mess.