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  1. Hi, so I slept 10 hours last night but I still feel kinda tired, like my body isn't tired but my brain is. Like I'm acting super dumb and super slow, as I usually do when I'm sleepy. (when I'm not, I'm just plain dumb and slow AS YOU MIGHT HAVE GUESSED) 


    My sleep schedule is normally kinda insufficient but fairly consistent and I put effort into keeping it that way.  (2230 plus minus half an hour till 0645, last night I went to sleep at 2105 though)

    I don't have insomnia or anything, I usually fall asleep immediately after going to bed. 


    What to do, should I sleep more? Less??? Drink more water or something? Fall asleep to rain sounds?????? What do you recommend? 

  2. Helloooooooooooooo? 

  3. unknown.png.b25210e795e7428a4a3aeed216af5091.png




    1. bzzrak



      New forum sucks

      A few weeks ago I moved to a foreign country to study and that's the only thing people associate my country with 

      It's either that, or the expected SIBERIA thing ofc

  4. So apparently the weebs have come up with an extension to the "Spooktober" thing and apparently it's a challenge where you have to draw a different gore-related anime art every day?????


    Damn weebs should be exterminated. 

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    2. bzzrak






      Ok I'll stop now

    3. Memfis


      I think drawing gore and looking at it can be a good therapeutic experience sometimes. I've noticed for example that animal corpses found on the street used to disturb me, but now they almost give me a peaceful feeling. By getting closer to the darker sides of this world and gradually accepting them as a natural part of it I find myself worrying less about trifle things, and even about tragedies. It's just easier to live if you expose yourself to unpleasant things instead of hiding from them in fear.

    4. SOSU


      And i'm just edgy :D

  5. What's with this new name? :D

  6. Why am I enjoying this a lot Just out of curiosity and with no malicious intent, have you ever actually played a Terry wad? I'm not talking the troll shit that deletes your homework or the shit that Aquarius199 plays in packs of 8, but the actually meaningful stuff that required a lot of effort and was put together by a devoted team of people? E.g. UAC Military Nightmare or B4NM. Some ideas in wads like that can be absolutely genius. Unless you're some sort of Doom nazi that requires that all wads have 3 new palettes, 1400 unique textures on each level, perfect setpiece encounter pacing and 37000 sidedefs per map while remaining Boom-compatible, you could totally enjoy stuff like that.
  7. Good to see you posting again scifista42!


  8. bzzrak

    Future technology

    How the hell did you manage to see this in his post Please describe your thought flow in detail as I'm genuinely interested
  9. bzzrak

    What the fuck's a nodebuilder?

    For vanilla: BSP (the nodebuilder called "BSP") has this thing where if you tag a line with a tag between 901 and 998, you... uh... make it do some stuff that very much helps in avoiding vanilla limits. I think it excludes it from the blockmap or something??????? Really not sure, but the point is: it helps. Also I discovered that it can do this: And in general, it's way way more friendly if you do crazy-ass vanilla hack stuff.
  10. bzzrak

    So, how old are you ?

    An adult in exactly half a year Hahahah, crazy, I know!
  11. bzzrak

    Where is Dr. Sleep?

    Damn I knew what it is when I saw this thread bumped again RIP Dr Sleep
  12. bzzrak

    Most awkward thing to ever happen to you

    Wow hahahahahhah a dude who's making an effort to speak your language, so that your uneducated American ass would understand him, doesn't put enough effort into it LET'S MAKE FUN OF HIM YESSSS THAT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO
  13. bzzrak

    Share a random fact about yourself

    山卄卂... 山卄卂丅????
  14. bzzrak

    Most awkward thing to ever happen to you

    You contradict yourself here Anyway in 7th grade I was kinda weird and really socially anxious and all the other stuff people go thru at 12 So there was this girl in my class that I kinda liked but she really pissed me off for some reason as well. So I would kinda express that out loud. This went on during 7th grade and a part of 8th. Yeah that was cringe but at least I grew out of it and turned out to be the badass I am today, I regret nothing Thank god I'm not that autistic anymore
  15. bzzrak

    Favorite thing about the Doom games?

    Slaughtermaps obviously There's something so rewarding about slaughtering thousands of cyberdemons with a two bfg blasts and flexing on all these n00bs who can't do that and instead just whine all day and shit up this forum 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 get good Also yes I just used an emoji