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  1. duh
  2. The answer that you seek lies in the avatar to the left edit: 800th post omg
  3. d_e1m9 d_e2m7 d_e3m3 d_e1m4 d_e1m7 d_e2m4 d_e1m5 d_e1m2 d_romero d_shawn d_doom too lazy to type the actual names, everyone knows them anyway
  4. 0 x 1/10 = 0, sorry :] Regarding my own self, I am firmly convinced that interacting with a computer program designed for providing satisfactional feelings can not influence an individual's mental capacities. (I'm bad at smart talk, damn.)
  5. The fact that he is constanly forced to fight demon hordes alone proves that it doesn't work.
  6. What? One of those threads is evolving into something constructive?? Keep it up folks, this is great! AFAIK 3DGE uses some >800 actions, don't forget that. :] One little suggestion that I would ***LOVE*** to have: Have an effect that could render just a fake flat at some height. You know, just a flat hanging somewhere in the air, without requiring any upper/lower textures or anything (like 242). I hope I am understandable. (How would I implement that: have a dummy sector with the action, and render the fake floor at dummy floor's height. If looking at it from above, you'll see the floor flat of the dummy, if looking from below, the ceiling flat of the dummy.) EDIT: OK Graf, thanks.
  7. I made a shitpost that got 5 likes, but for some reason the forum thinks that all are from Haruko. Also, the "Doomed Member" title seems to be broken. AFAIK it's only for 1210 posts, but e.g. @Suitepee has 1264 and still is "doomed".
  8. Indeed. Quoting Joe himself: "I'm banned from Doomworld, I've made a new thread here about the CP (I got two new mappers as well), if you could kindly forward this on the DW thread, please do and send the link to the Zdoom thread so that people would approach that thread next time to see a more updated OP." I'll miss him, sniff. New thread is here:
  9. big lulz post
  10. UAC Dragon Sector. There's a link on the R3D page.
  11. Ran into one of those today. Viewing openings is one of the options in DB2's Visplane explorer, but I haven't found too many mentions on that subject on DW. DoomWiki has literally four sentences about openings, in the "static limits" page: From this crude description, I figured out that I had to delete some midtextures, that solved the problem. But that's not enough for me. I want to know what causes them. tl;dr -- What the hell are openings? Thank you, Doom gurus.
  12. Let's do this final doom evil god thing, take 2. (I've played a few maps, it's interesting and horrible at the same time, try it.)
  13. (open it up in DB2, move a vertex somewhere, save, move it back, save. Or have your friend do it. :] )
  14. ^ Don't... trust me. Stick to Boom/ZDoom/vanilla, you'll sleep better.
  15. good luck with that Happy to have you back again. Sometimes restarting from scratch is necessary. About sflr7_1, I'm sorry, but DL234 is right. No mercy. It sucks, but that's life. *SAD TUNE* (You can use SW1 too, if you want. :] ) A lot better! That room is still a bit confusing, but bearable. I liked the barrels scattered around. :] A fair 4/10 from me, now. :] EDIT: @Danzadan has confirmed that he still remembers this project.