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  1. PSA: I'm finishing high school in 2 days 

    TBH I'm goddamn terrified of what will come next

    How y'all doing folks?

    1. ShoDemo


      Doing fine.   :)

      Don't worry that much. Have you written the final exams? If so, it is a waiting game, until you get the grades and if you go to college and stuff, the only thing that is kinda scary is the lack of order. It can get really easy to slack off the whole day, because you can spend your time any way you want.

      But if you have a good schedule and study regularly (you don't have to study for hours like in high school - 1 hour each day is definitely good and even a bit less than that is OK - plus, you can do small revisions at weekends on what you learned for the week).

      Also, being present in every lecture in college (or whatever the lessons there are called in English) and taking good clean notes is really helpful (if you write slowly or you are not that good with taking notes, take photos of others' notes - they won't mind if you ask them).

      Anyways, good luck and have courage!

    2. bzzrak


      @ShoDemo you legit made me feel better bro, not even kidding

  2. Literally thought about this earlier today. Maybe I'll realize that idea when some better times come. <3 I don't know, what about them? :P TITLEPIC -- I can draw a 5-point star in MS Paint and write "TEXTURE EXTRAVAGANZA" in Comic Sans over it. Actually that would probably be the best. <3 Level names and stuff -- I need to ask @NaZa what program does he use to generate those.
  3. bzzrak


    I've been trying to completely eradicate gaming from my life for 6 months now. That means that I haven't booted up any video game at all for about that long (excluding timewasters). Uh, I was quite succestful in thar and rather proud of my persistence. I never even experienced the slightest bit of desire to boot up some video game. After some time, I finally felt relieved, because I thought that gaming has finally become nothing but a remnant of my past life. WELL I WAS WRONG HOLY SHIT This is literally the only thing since last December that made me boot up Doom again!!! I'm in awe!!! 10/10!!! 10/10!!! (I would've given you a more fitting rating, but I already have plenty of warning points. :] )
  4. bzzrak

    What are you listening to?

    Well OKAY then you DON'T HAVE TO!!! It was just a RECOMMENDATION no need to be an ASSHOLE about it!!! 😡
  5. bzzrak

    What are you listening to?

    WHAT A SONG! I don't think any other song ever released made me this ecstatic upon hearing it! Such a great concept! Took me 10 minutes to figure out who was singing from whose perspective! M A S T E R P I E C E ! Jesus Christ, music has reached perfection! What an age to live in!!!
  6. bzzrak

    Im new. what should i know or do?

    Words to live by!
  7. bzzrak

    Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    T h a n k y o u for writing this, mankind needed this bzzrak was banned for this post.
  8. bzzrak

    Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    You made me legit think for a second and try to remember why does the name sound familiar and who was that guy. I miss him.
  9. bzzrak

    Swedish musician Avicii has passed

    Very sad news, I heard it yesterday. I loved his music, he was very capable. RIP
  10. One little personal announcement: I've passed my CPE exam that I made a status update about many moons ago. So my English level as of now is C2.

    219/230 points = Grade B, also one goddamn point short of an A.

    Regardless, I'm cool with this. :]


    I didn't get the real badass official CERTIFICATE yet, though. I'm not sure when am I supposed to get it. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. bzzrak


      ^ you get used to the constant misspellings after a while. Even when your username is 6 letters long. :]

    3. Scypek2


      I had one guy on ZDaemon repeatedly call me Spyke. I ended up not correcting him because it took me too long to even realize he was trying to spell my name.

    4. Catpho


      I usually pronounce the usernames in my head real quick, and hey thats sounds fitting :P

      I get username mispronunciations too XD (its not catpho getting that treatment tho, i have other names on other sites). Its makes me smile all the time tbh

  11. You forgot Montenegrin, that makes 6. :] Also ekavica > ijekavica, fight me
  12. *FROWNS WITH STRONG DISAPPROVAL* Anyway I speak Serbian, English and Russian, all at an approximately similar level (about to start learning Czech in the near future too). I can't name my fav one though, since I find they're all good in different uses. Like English is cool when you are discussing very casual stuff like everyday life and memes, but it gets very complicated in anything more complex than that (poetry, scientific work, anything). It's also surprisingly easy to learn despite the absolutely nonsensical pronunciation which is often completely different from the spelling. Russian/Serbian (I'm generalizing due to both being Slavic languages) on the other hand can remain reasonably intelligible even in very complex sentences. Having cases as opposed to prepositions in English certainly helps a lot. However it's far less *flexible*, the grammar is significantly harder to learn, and as a result the words/sentences are typically quite a bit longer than English ones. In Russian there's also the orthography, which is simply devilishly hard (not an issue in Serbian, though). In conclusion, the more, the merrier.
  13. Colloquial Greeting Commonly Used In Informal Occasions WHAT'S Risen Above The Horizon? 

    Pronoun Referring To The Speaker AM BACK IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T Become Aware

    HAVE YOU State Of Feeling Absence ME?

  14. "genuinely honestly" in one sentence? Is that valid? (talkin about grammar)