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  1. The Green Elephant of course...
  2. spoiler because it's long
  3. @Uncle 80 your map kicked my ass so much, but it's still such an adorable and brilliant little level! Due to no mouselook I didn't even see your exit flat triXx0rZ, heh. 11/10, you're the boss. Shootable switches 4eva. the only thing I didn't like was D_RUNNIN, do something about it, please
  4. 1. Dude, if you have a solid wall that isn't supposed to change in any way, make it void, not a 0-height sector. (Delete sectors: 13 17 22 21 18 36 20 26 29) 2. Also I can advise to change the steps' lower textures from STARTAN to STEP2. 3. If you have a window or something, make its linedefs both upper and lower unpegged, makes alignment WAY easier. Other than that, cute little map. 7/10 --------------------------- Very vertical, a bit of a pain in the neck, cute, fun. Reminds me of my own map, heh. Why have an automap powerup? LOL. Please move the medkit on the teleporter, you can't use the teleporter without picking the medkit up which sucks when you have like 97% health. 8/10
  5. 1. When an area looks so much better in your head than in 320x200. Including when you are too dumb to decompose that mental image into actual sectors that you would draw in DB2. 2. When you remove a patch from your PNAMES and it completely messes up the TEXTUREx and you have to redefine every single goddamn texture. SLADE folks, are you reading this? Pleaseeeee... do something... 3. Lack of generalized linedefs in vanilla. That's the only Boom feature I genuinely miss. 4. Running into obscure vanilla bugs, such as "stuck things --> stuck sectors". Good thing we've got @scifista42, though! Thanks for everything pal, we love you!
  6. Just zip 'em up and e-mail them to Bloodshedder, as an attachment. It preserves filenames. Works reliably for me. :]
  7. Yay, the Chronicles are BACK!

    1. MysteriousHaruko


      Finally! I missed it so much. 

  8. 3rd June is in two weeks, where did May go? Me too, heh. (I did start an E2 map, but it sucked, then I started an E3 one that ended up being a bunch of 1024-tall sectors saying "THIS SUX". Hopefully I can make an actual map this time...) You do know that the proper spelling is "compatible", right? Heh, you really could use a new dictionary. :]
  9. If it's any consolation, you're not the only one who has messed up his 16th birthday WAD several times. :[ First, this WAD has some fat drawseg overflows, but is still playable in vanilla. I've found that out the hard way, heh. So your WAD is limit-removing. Attached a demo, recorded on HMP, using Chocolate 2.3.0. I died several times because I suck at cyberdemons. Nice map, I liked it a lot. Making a map like that would've taken me a month, heh. 16 out of 16 from me, happy birthday. :] edit: I didn't see any txt in the zip...
  10. "Forgotten?" Nooooooooo.............

    1. R1ck


      is something happened?


    2. Albertoni


      @R1ck 911 posts sets your rank to Forgotten Member

    3. R1ck


      I see, I thought he's banned or something. his honesty made him one of my favorite person here . it's kinda subliminal though lol

    4. bzzrak


      You guys still remember me? I thought I was a thing of the past now.


      @R1ck awww thank you :]

    5. bzzrak


      Phew, not forgotten anymore.

  11. Please forgive my lack of knowledge... but what does this actually mean? Bye-bye MP3? Absolutely nothing? edit: thanks
  12. Dear god people, do you ever smile? Why does every single goddamn level out there have to be a super-badass Ancient-goddamn-Aliens-scale megaWAD? OK we know that you folks are mental perverts who have a fetish for BTSX and Scythe, that's great, I'm so happy for you all, go away. You must be proud of yourself. :] -- I liked the shotgun trick, no idea how did you pull that off. The overall concept reminded me of HOMCITY.WAD, a WAD I like occasionally replaying. Not a slaughter map, by the way. Better than most WADs out there. 1337/420 from me would play again
  13. This happened to me once in a goddamn Ironman run. Damn it. Infinite height sucks IMO but I still always turn it on in all ports that support it. Infinitely tall explosions are somewhat of a compensation, I like them.