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  1. With myself? But I already do it every day! Seriously though, I plan to stay straight. With a R63-ed me, though? Hmm. I'd really like to see what would Miss Bzzrina look like. If she's hot, then definitely yes. I think I'd look cool as a chick. ...inb4ph
  2. Any is too many
    more than cla$$y
  3. That option exists??? New horizon revealed, thanks a bunch. I've always been too lazy to make a WAD with a PLAYPAL that changes all reds to the normal palette, heh.
  4. dl_simc is still working on his level, and tbh that thing is so amazing that I'd be willing to wait for a decade only for that thing to get done
  5. Perfect, could it be any different?
  6. Umm, the IWAD is doom.wad, yet the mapslot is MAP04. For the future: Ultimate Doom maps have mapslots in the ExMy format, Doom 2 maps have mapslots like MAPxx. also, nice map 9/10 ZDoom 2.8.1 FDA attached
  7. You can disable it in the settings, silly!
  8. It's funny that when you make one kind of assrape wads, you're the community superstar and everyone names their children after you, but when you make the other kind, you're suddenly declared a persona non grata and banned from pretty much everywhere Just sayin' :]
  9. hardcore_gamer approves
  10. የዐነፕጎክኗ ጎክ ቿየጎር ፕዘዪቿልዕ
  11. ftfy edit: what have I done
  12. I'm in! If it were No-Resurrection November, it'd be a different story though. I barely save at all, but I cheat a lot to compensate. :]
  13. I've got time, I guessssss. tl;dr -- there's quite a bit of stuff bearing the proud bzzrak sector signature.
  14. Enjoy everybody, here it is. (760 KB) REQUIRES CC4-TEX.WAD (like: "portname.exe -file cc4-tex.wad eagles06.wad") MAPLIST: MAP01 - "Passageway" by Walter Confetti MAP02 - "60 Minute Masterpiece" by Bonnie MAP03 - "I Tried To Make The Gameplay At Least Decent This Time (I bet that title won't fit lol)" by Surreily MAP04 - "UNORTHODOX" by Bzzrak (the best one of the set imo) MAP05 - "Speedmap #07" by StormCatcher.77 MAP06 - "Courtyard Catastrophe" by A2Rob MAP07 - "Pyramid of Anger" by Pinchy MAP08 - "Relaxing Stroll" by Forli MAP09 - "Viscera" by Scotty