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  1. mini-rant:


    People who don't mark best answers in the questions forum aggravate me, TBH.

    1. 42PercentHealth


      Disclaimer: I marked your answer "best" before I read this. ;-)

    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      mini-add to mini rant: What also aggravates me is when people do not mark their problem as solved to let other know there's no point in looking at it anymore.

  2. press M and click on a part of the big sector
  3. E2, it's Tom frickin' Hall. It's funny that your username says 03... Wait, guys, I think have an idea...
  4. @Dragonfly tried recording on HNTR and after a zillion attempts died literally in front of the exit, as two gaygunners chaingunners popped up in front of me while I had a rocket launcher ready... who invented splash damage, goddammit. I'll never use the RL again -- says the angered me for the 140000th time. Take a look at the attached demo for some cheap laughs. I die a lot in the beginning, so fast forward to the middle or so. :] Thanks for tuning it down. :] @riderr3 this is the best map I've ever seen, ever ever ever ever. So much green+gray, so many nice details, so very pleasantly easy and relaxed. And green! Green greeeeeeen! It's peculiar how you use those funky Boom features like switch teleports and all that, it's clear that you're playing around with Boom, which is cute. My map here was my first Boom map as well, heh, and it did the same. Anyway, there's that one scrolling SHAWN3 texture, I initially thought it was a door closing and stared at it for a while, thinking that it's one of those secrets where you have to run for the door, but it wasn't. That one room with the cracked ceiling looked very beautiful. The insides of the structure looked to me like an old 90-s map a-la e2m7: Spawning Vats, which is kick-ass. Hey, did I say the map is green? The MIDI fitted the map perfectly, too. Overall, 1337/10, absolutely brilliant, you're my hero <33333333333333 edit: You know what? Go ahead.
  5. Boom is OK.
  6. Doomworld -- you make a joke about doing something and people claim that they've actually done it
  7. I'll probably switch from my usual vanilla to ZDoom-in-Doom-format, because my unstoppable creative flow says so. I need those 3D floors. ZDoom won't mind if you have maps in different formats inside a single WAD, so I don't think that's a problem. If it is, though, I can spend a few days studying the ZDoom wiki and learning basic UDMF. :] Mmmm that's gonna be one badass map, (just like all of my other maps, because I'm so awesome). B-) BIG FAT EDIT: ah, OK, Boom's fine too.
  8. Is UDMF mandatory? o_O
  9. One more question about the size, would 1024x1024 (or whatever) be only the playable area or the whole map? You probably meant 1024x5 = 5120. Or I'm just being a smart-ass. Every day we stray further from god's light.
  10. I could make a short vanilla map. If it's 1024, that is. 2048 would take me two months, I don't have that much atm.
  11. @Stuhko was forced to drop out, as he'll be stuck without a PC for some time. :/ @Dragonfly I'll check it out, thanks! @Walter confetti that's a much better MIDI. :]
  12. hold shift in db2, close your eyes, move your mouse around the map and click LMB now and then congratulations, you have a non-orthogonal rock
  13. E1M3, I always kinda "sing along" when I hear it, also the remix in Doom: Damnation was the best MIDI I've ever heard MAP18, frequently use it for testing Doom 2 maps before I put in any actual music
  14. He doesn't do even that anymore, he just pastes a Dramatica link a million times. At least his insults were funny. edit: Well that's gonna take a while... :]
  15. Just a little (DEH) question, if I combine all of the "split" frames, will I get any side effects? Sounds like a good way of getting a few extra states. edit: scifista42 is the best, thanks pal.