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  1. "genuinely honestly" in one sentence? Is that valid? (talkin about grammar)

  2. Baron Of Hell VS Revenant

    The baron invariably wins, but only if he has the opportunity to close in. If not, then it can be unpredcatable.
  3. Flats and walls

    ^ What's the purpose of the override textures?
  4. Happy 8 March to all the gals here, aLL fIvE oF tHeM

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  5. How much data does online DMing consume?

    :D thanks sounds reasonable 1 GB is the amount of data I spend during a month. Yes, really, haha. :] (I won't be uploading videos, downloading wads, installing Discord or using voice chat though.) Alright thanks folks, if I go bankrupt then I'll hold you all responsible <3
  6. So I have my trusty USB modem with a prepaid SIM card, and I'd like to know if it's economically reasonable to play DM on it. How much data is spent by online DM? Not counting stuff like downloading WADs, just the game process itself. The ports used would be ZDaemon and maybe Odamex once in a blue moon, game mode would be something like FFA on relatively small maps, a-la Dwango or whatever. I don't think the speed would be an issue here, just the amount of data. :] Thanks! <3 P.S. 1400th post, 88 to go
  7. ChiNa

    Such "very long distance" calls rarely get through for me as well -- I am in Serbia and my grandma lives in Australia, so it's a pain trying to hear from her. However, my dad has some sort of VoIP thing (or something like that) set up, so we sometimes use that, and then it's no problem. You might want to look into that option.
  8. Anyone else get this feeling?

    Haha, I also like to impose an extra challenge on myself and try to keep the scientists alive. Usually I fail due to how suicidal these dudes are...
  9. Share a random fact about yourself

    Brofist man, good job on having the guts. Keep doing it and eventually you'll find someone <3
  10. ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    Great job folks, keep it up! This release probably did take a lot longer than it should have, but it's cool regardless. :] I think you literally answered the question yourself, haha.
  11. Amazing bit of English language knowledge discovered during preparations for my exam: "Incidentally" = "By the way".

    Vocabulary broadened by 20%.


    Incidentally, before learning the word's actual meaning, I would always mix it up with "coincidentally", which has a completely different meaning.

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      The moar you know :P

    4. Ex Oblivione

      Ex Oblivione

      Walloping websnappers!

  12. FYI I've somehow made your pic with the snake my background in my browser's speed dial. I dunno how did I do it or how to change it, so I'll have to stick with it.


    ...I feel like you should know that. :P

  13. Piper Maru???????????????? 

  14. Is happiness real when shared or not?

    Excuse me? I think you can experience happiness alone. But it doesn't feel as good. I dunno how to illustrate what I mean, imagine watching video of fireworks and then they cut off the electricity just after it explodes. You just experience a single sensation and not the results of it.
  15. Yo, where have you been?

    1. MarsHappyNation


      Hey there! A lot has been going on in recent months so I haven't had as much time as I'd like to spend on stuff like this. Everything has been slowing down quite a bit now so I'll be able to check in more often. Thanks for checking up on me, great to hear from you again!