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  1. Rocketeer This was loads of fun! When rocket ammunition is this plentiful, basically becoming your primary tool of choice with hitscan as backup, and the map isn't conceptually within the slaughter/challenge genre(s), it's a rare treat that shouldn't slip through the cracks, so thanks for the person that suggested it last month and rd for picking it. I agree the most aesthetic/photogenic part is the nukage pool, which is also incidentally harmless to the player, but the rest is solid techbase-texturing execution as well. The combat is a mix between pressuring tight fights, unexpected surprises, and little bits of leisure rocket-pushing. The second cyberdemon is one highlight, since you're also under homing fire. The other is the pinky-spectre trap basically woke me up all of a sudden, that was intense. One of the multiple revenant instapop setups is a teleport trap I somehow managed to break the first time - the revs popped up as I was slowly walking under the door waiting for it, so I thought "huh, again?... mmkay". It was during my demo that I saw how the actual trap was meant to work, since I recorded right after finnishing the map on blind, so that changed my mind, I now think the trap is totally fine, maybe as a brief SSG interlude. Lack of custom music -or just not d_runnin- isn't so bad to me anymore when I can open up SLADE and insert a different one myself. This STRAIN midi from map 17 fits the mold pretty nicely.
  2. galileo31dos01

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    I personally enjoyed most of it, generally speaking, difficulty is not higher than doom 2, aesthetics are simple and solid, pistol starts are manageable aside from hitscan abundance relative to the health you find, if you're into all of that then it could be good.
  3. galileo31dos01

    WADs that use default Doom 2 textures?

    KINDa is a recent megawad with only stock doom 2 textures.
  4. galileo31dos01

    Doomworld Fantasy Megawad

    MAP01: "Surface" by Fonze, Jimmy Paddock and 40oz, from Mutiny Between megawad first maps of all sort of flavors throughout the years, a moderately brief, fast and relentless opener such as this one is likely to satisfy anyone's appetite. There are magnificent vistas that create full immersion, with particular tricks included, the gameplay is powerful barrel-fueled frenzy to your advantage -or disadvantage!- and no time is wasted to introduce some beefier demons along the way to victory, because let's be real, we are in a contemporary megawad. Apart from that, there isn't just one straight-lined order to find your progression into the map, although this doesn't have to be a requisite, it's a commonly known design motif to ensure replayability. So for those reasons, and because it was my very first thought, I picked this map. I could also talk about how the first map in BTSX:E2 is brilliant too, or many others since there's obviously no "most objective best", but I think Mutiny's map's brevity would accommodate to a full fledged megawad, of nowadays at least.
  5. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Doomer Boards Projects 26, 7, 19

    Speaking of bugs :D A warning about map 03 in DBP7, the yellow skull setup breaks in Crispy Doom (or cl2 in prboom+) so it's unreachable unless you use idclip. There is still another possible route to the exit, unintentional probably, but you can afford to leave the map anyways and much earlier iirc. I suppose zdoom users won't need to worry about anything.
  6. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: [various things]

    Drought (HMP, UV, GLB+) Tango is a skilled mapper who does impeccable visuals that shine through varied geometry, clean detailing, and usually some notable changes to the original palette, in this case I believe it's the mod's own palette. He also likes to set up the challenge from the get-go, and it rarely lets up. This was my first time playing something with the D4V mod included, so I chose a medium skill for logical reasons and UV later. 01. First we get a satisfying introduction to a few mod's level-entry mechanics, like the much faster hitscan weapons. They feel stronger and capable of doing the job quickly, which is great. Second comes a baron showdown with revenant company, this one I believe is slightly trickier on HMP because you end up with a beefier baron all to yourself after some brief infight (UV adds another pair of revenants which if the baron aggro all of them at once, he might either die or be close to it). Last ambush is tricky, two summoners prove to make a chaos in seconds no matter how far away any corpses may be, unless you treat each separately while taking advantage of cover and their higher pain chance, which is what I did. Good stuff. 02. The quintessential hot start. I want to detonate the barrels myself, because there's that sneaky railgun guy ready to shred my muscular body. I run around for a bit, look for my armor, kill whatever gets in the way, and dive into the next area, while things might want to infight behind. The next couple areas are simple, cover is your best friend (the mancubi variants are quite scary). Outside I preferred to leave the cacodemon cloud behind for a reason. Near the exit is a hidden switch that lets me grab a keycard, which I then use to get that strange bamboo-looking weapon, a dildo shooter! Now I go back to the cacodemons and kill them with it, a more satisfying way imo (also the perfect excuse on pistol start). 03. Tough start for me. The labyrinthine parts of the forest are perfect places for these new creatures to show off their menacing abilities. I still have a hard time reading the new revenants, they seem to react with projectiles at melee range or a slow punch occasionally, not sure. Either way, they don't hit too hard, thankfully. We get the option to choose which section to do first, each packing their own horde-based setup. After doing BFG>RL for a while, including in failed demo attempts, I tried the opposite route and I found it more appropriate to my taste, but both routes are good. Going to the southern section first grants me the RL I urge for all the upcoming hordes (includes blasting that shotgunner trio). My strategy involves a lot of caution. First, I kill the closest CM asap with chaingun so I have that spot for cover. That spot is important since the revenants can't get there that easily. When they arrive it's rocket herding, sort of. If the turrets are cooperating, it's even better. Once a bunch of them are dead I dash to the revenants bunker -putting rd's strat to test- and kill whatever many are there. That works almost flawlessly, as long as you don't faint if you find too many revs stuck in the dark. On my way out I take the secret berserk and escape as quickly as I can and go north. With RL in hand, the northern section's imps are more fun to blast, with the CM teamed up with me. Right after pressing the switch, my strategy is to use the railgun guys to call the goats attention (and hopefully destroy them, though not always the case), while I take care of the mancubi with rockets. That infight is fun to watch, specially if the baron explodes. I wasn't sure about the summoners held there in captivity, doing nothing but screaming in agony, until I got hit on the back by homing projectiles once, ouch? Now with BFG in hand, I use it to wreck that horde of possesseds (zombies). A few didn't make it through the forest so I make use of the fist, and let me tell you punching these little turds feels incredibly satisfying. It's possible that some belated cacodemons got stuck in the southern section, that sucks but it's the prize from doing things the way I did. The backpack setup was always a head scratcher without the BFG, so that's why I leave it for last. The ending room is magnificent. Very good maps! 04. Cute :D
  7. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: [various things]

    I tried to run Dragonfly's map in LZDoom but unfortunately it was impossible to have smooth performance (on software the sky glitches, 3d models aren't visualized, switching to OpenGL destroys my potato laptop). Another time will be. Meanwhile some suggestions: +++ Frozen Time, big boom map by Eternal +++ Cold Front, four limit-removing maps by Egg Boy +++ Xmas Doom, three '94 maps by various people +++ Icebound Triple Play (all skills, Crispy) A nice treat from '95, with skills differences that are more than a change in numbers. That equals dedication to me. I had the fantastic idea to play on UV first, when the most logical approach would be to start from lowest then ramp up. It was still good all things considered, but not what I'd recommend if you want to take advantage of foreknowledge for the higher skills. Anyways, a couple highlights include the baron and hitscanners zone, with barrels sprinkled uniformly, it's a big opportunity to get barons mad at each other, or if not then coax an arachnotron to do the job, because these many barons alone aren't that exciting to kill. Another is when I backtrack to the doors with my keys ready to be used, only to find the various rooms were slowly repopulating with imps, chaingunners and whatnot. The particular arachnotron bottleneck at the starting place made me laugh. I liked the memory test side of the map and how it played with my expectations. I would look in a secret nook and ask myself "wasn't there a [X weapon] here?" and then think of other places I explored in previous playthroughs. The differences in monster placements also counted. I wanted to chainsaw a couple cacodemons again after doing it on UV, but lower skills had tons of imps instead. There were even mancubi in weird places too... ... umm yeah, not feeling very inspired today. Overall, lovely and sweet.
  8. galileo31dos01

    Interception II (31 New Levels for Doom II - Live on idgames)

    Thanks for reporting the lost soul thing. For whatever unknown reasons, the tags in the sector windows disappeared at some point (and I really mean "unknown" because they used to open until the very last time I tested the map myself, but weird things tend to happen in gzdoom builder). I hope to get this fixed soon. The bonus BFG after the platforming is a security check, not meant to be an official secret. It's in case anyone somehow overlooks or skips the other BFG that needs two skulls, which can be a serious problem for later. The radsuit count seemed fair to me and playtesters, though upon checking the map one of them wasn't flagged on easy by mistake, so besides fixing that I might put another somewhere for HMP/HNTR. For the fighting right after the YK there's two that cover the minimum required to live, an extra on skills 1/2, there's another extra behind the SMM and one nearby a lift which becomes accessible as you raise the bridge - to be more precised, it's on sector 1452. Since there's no reason to explore on lava anymore (unless maybe if you didn't find the secret mega), I didn't see the point of adding more radsuits but again another extra for lower skills wouldn't hurt. And about the platforming, as a keyboarder myself and quite bad at controlling doomguy's momentum, I designed it to be friendly enough for all skills existing for blind first times. If you look around a bit before doing anything, you can get a decent picture of what the first part is about, almost everything is telegraphed somehow (:
  9. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Three is a Crowd

    +++ H2H Xmas
  10. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: [various things]

    McDoomalds 2: Burger Baron (UV, Crispy) - Really cute stuff. It's easy to sell a map to me when it has a lot of stylistic doomcute, like the seasonings on the tables, the imps in charge of the cash registers, a surprisingly clean bathroom, the kitchen, that whole place is lovely but I would never eat there knowing that they make burgers with quite possibly fellow marines. Outside you have the parking area, some vehicles, a pole and a baron face sign, things like these can make a map work really well in terms of humorous content, which is a good thing in my book. - The mapper tossed a few wake-up-pearl moments so it's not completely laid-back, namely the surprise teleport into the face of three spectres, or the final army of baron managers and hellish teenage employees. That secret BFG at the end comes in handy, first a casual little hunt for the most rebellious worker -the archvile-, then melt those flying meatballs, and finally shut the other stupids. Sorry for the hell knight that aspired for employee of the month but couldn't be, hehe (: Usual playthrough. A personal thing to revise: how to BFG things and not take a fireball in the process.
  11. galileo31dos01

    IronEagle Competition 25: The Enigma Episode (v. 2.0)

    @dt_ Try with "open link in new window/tab" which should work, I'm assuming you're using Chrome because we're all getting the same problem. If that doesn't work, Firefox downloads stuff without issues for me so maybe try that.
  12. galileo31dos01

    Obscure Megawads (period 1997 - 2014)

    This is the thread you're looking for (:
  13. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: [various things]

    Saturnine Chapel (HMP, GLB+) Here is a playthrough from a couple weeks ago. It took only two attempts, which was surprising to me because I sat down expecting to be playing for hours and end up with my ass flattened. My biggest worries were the goats/crusher and, even more, the last corridor -- on HMP you're done after the cyb is dead, but until then it's the same ration of monsters/pickups as on UV, I think, so when I was practicing that part there was one occasion where the cyb just walked and walked, and walked towards me until he got me in a corner, as if plasma didn't even tickle his crotch. That gave me flashbacks of a HR2 map where that same shit happened to me several times. Add that depending on my position I'd get FPS drops, particularly looking at the cyb/exit side. In the end, I got some quite domesticated monsters in the real attempt, so yeah no pain still gain! That being said... Is this the technique that some people like MrZzul use in platforming? Or you're talking about "zigzag-strafing"? (that's how I call what I did in my demo, I took splash because it was hard to place myself in a better spot). Anyways, I loved the map.
  14. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: [various things]

    Demonastery (UV, GLB+) Fantastic map. Now additional 2 am rambling: - The place looked both amazing and terrifying at a first glance. I wanted to explore, sightsee, and look after myself from spooks, because it gave me the impression I was going to get deep into some demonic stomach completely devoid of light. And I eventually found the stomach, just that apparently in all that rotten flesh there were some light sources illuminating the demons, so even the most spectral spectre couldn't sneak up on my cheeks. It was scary anyways, difficult to maintain the balance, so not to slide into stray fireballs, or fall into some goop and flesh. Outside, in the monastery, it still smelled incredibly bad, but I was too busy looking at the architecture to pretend I cared about the demons farting. - Aside from some particular tricky moments, it's moderately chill on UV, and I liked that it went that way for this map. There's intensity fighting in the slippery flesh, suspense inside the monastery as you get a few surprises, excitement because there's a plot you sort of make up along the way, and so on with what felt like the sweet spot in terms of population-narrative balance -- a map that I'm reminded of in visual quality development is "The Eye", which emphasizes on challenging fights with higher monster counts in comparison to Demonastery, and where beating the challenges is the focus. - I have several favourite parts. There's the early route to the SSG, in order to put the two HKs guards to work. The secret BFG mission felt very satisfying. I liked revisiting the bruiser brothers in their new sanctum (at this point I'm using words others used, much easier for me right now :p), or the pinkies stampede as I tiptoed to the chainsaw, and even use it to cut the four imps that came later. The last fleshy section, another of my favourites, has a bit of extra chaos added by the awkward terrain and monsters descending continually to the sides, while the timers keep things quite tense. Maybe every section in the map is my favourite... A casual playthrough, as usual. Weird attempt at the end to kill the cyb because I got a little nervous moving on bumpy floors, I don't know what the hell happened to that BFG second shot.
  15. galileo31dos01

    The DWMiniwad Club Plays: [various things]

    Concrete Rage (UV, GLB+, PS) err, actually "Tekgren Tension" comes first, but I'll merge both maps in my comments since they play similarly. - With some investigation I found that TT was formerly released as a ZDoom compatible map, due to flat textures used on walls (and possibly some other exclusive zdoomism). The boom version -this one- got nearly all of that removed to play correctly in prb+, and I say nearly because the armor platform is still missing a texture. CR apparently also used to have zdoomisms, but fortunately no missing tex that I could see. - Both this and CR have a strong "community chest" vibe to the visual design in general: the carefully clean techbase appeal, the somewhat confined interiors, the meticulous small-scaled detailing, like the tops of the crates or the mix of grey/tan tiles on the floor, computers aplenty, and the indispensable cave section. The titles are clear references to the primary textures chosen, and they sound good, I mean "tekgren" and "concrete" are cool words on their own, add an extra cheesy word and you got two solid names for the maps! - I found the gameplay satisfying, because it rewards for being strategical. Put the YK trap in CR, it spawns a bunch of imps and sergeants scattered around, there're barrels in convenient spots, enough space to move and herd things where you want to, it speaks for itself. A similar case in TT in the YK courtyard, although a bit trickier to find the barrels more useful than wasteful, but it's possible to blow up chaingunners in the second phase if you try (I didn't in the demo, boo!). Both are probably my favourite setups, but I enjoyed every combat scenario with or without barrel chains. - The formula was familiar to me, as I played some Dutch Devil maps in CC3 with a similar tendency to catch players off guard. It's a continuously oppressive mood, and I like that it's mostly weaklings who build the incidental conflict so at no point the gameplay grows into tedium. Some teleport traps are really dirty (I almost got completely shredded by a couple chaingunners in CR's yellow-locked door), while others like the aforementioned key traps have some predictability and may involve a bit of choreography if you're inclined to stay put, the most fun way. That you hardly ever require to retreat immediately, or camp for long periods of time, means bonus points. - I suppose the only downside is that there was no custom music. I went and added it myself, a TNT and a Mark Klem tracks for each map. ... I don't know what else to say! - My personal highlight >> Concrete Rage 2:57