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  1. Wow you have to tell me where's that status bar from, please please
  2. I share the same opinions from others about Doom monsters, the imp sometimes feels overused but it is true that fits everywhere, and the spider is drastically underrated and usually avoided for multiple reasons, one of them is her size. I would also add the SS Nazi as the least versatile, it doesn't fit anywhere except in secret maps, joke wads, or specific random (humorous) situations. As for Heretic, the equivalent to the imp is the nitrogargoyle, also small targets potentially annoying due to their flying ability, but practically harmless fireballs and melee attack, more than the imp. The least versatile... well, D'Sparil on its dragon is the only one I can think of. It's a boss enemy and unlike cyberdemons and spiderdemons, every other monster alive in the map dies upon its death (if IIRC), so it can't be used randomly in, for example, a slaughtermap. It would be the equivalent to the icon of sin. Yeah but revs don't go as well as imps on, for example, wide ledges where they can move freely. Revs will laugh at your rocket launcher, imps generally won't have a chance.
  3. (picture taken from Valiant MAP22) Cute arachnorb playing hide and seek.
  4. I would like to see and be part of an ACP (Argentinian Community Project), someday. Just f***ing start a mapset ok? c:
  5. And the status bar is froooom??...
  6. Any monster that portrays a considerable threat is always satisfying to kill. Then monsters like archviles or former humans that are usually priority targets, but only when the rest of the enemies still have a high chance to knock me off if I get distracted. When it comes to specific monsters using specific weapons, I have a soft spot for the RL against zombiemen or shotgunners, and the BFG for archviles. One shotgun shot for chaingunners/imps is another pleasant situation. I also like killing mid-tiers mixed in waves, feels satisfying to see them dying in packs. A close 1 on 1 against a cyberdemon without a BFG is another glad situation, and a close 1 on 1 against a spiderdemon without a BFG too, if I'm over 100 hp for sure.
  7. Snow/arctic maps. What about a map where you are in an abandoned hospital? Or a cementery, like in Icarus mapsomething, only way more creepy. Realistic spooky environments I mean. They might exist already, I never had the pleasure to play them yet.
  8. Golden letters look good, it could have silver/white letters as another option.
  9. The second one. I took the liberty to modify the colours of the ammo part to have another option. It's just a suggestion, I like either way though.
  10. This might end up being the most rejected request ever, but, could this TNT wad have the Devilution status bar?? (yes, I became obsessed with status bars).
  11. Of course I've downloaded this and tested it. Looks really good and promising, seems like this will be a nice creepy adventure. I'll be giving some feedback after I attempt to finnish Valiant. By the way, I assume I did something wrong at some point and then solved it somehow, but my question is, what happened?:
  12. (picture taken from Valiant MAP31) t(;
  13. Could you post a picture please? I always use software mode and that's something I've never noticed.
  14. I prefer the highest resolution possible nowadays (1920x1080 or something), in fullscreen, always software mode. The old vanilla 320x200 doesn't let me appreciate the detailing in modern mapsets and play smoother. Case in point, I simply couldn't spot a single switch in Ancient Aliens, and when I was on map 15, I had to try a higher resolution to find the switch to the secret exit, which was impossible for me to notice it before. Except for "invisible" pinkies, I'm very satisfied with my choice, it lags a bit specially using the BFG for point blank shots but works pretty good. EDIT: that is not to say blurry vanilla screen is any bad, in fact sometimes I get in the mood for some Doom.exe gaming, like in my childhood days :P
  15. You can trap the player by putting bars that lower instantly here: So there's more limited space, and you don't need to remover the spider, but add more monsters, flying ones maybe. Hmm, not sure if the BFG secret should be near the exit, as it's by then useless, but I'll check later.