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  1. galileo31dos01

    Best Way to Play the Aliens TC

    Taken from kmxexii's review: Judging by the age of it, you can use any vanilla source port as long as you load both the wad and dehacked patch using the correct commands. Ports like Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, PRBoom+ or ZDoom should be fine. Hope this helps!
  2. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Sector 666 was so short that I beat it in a couple hours (with breaks in between). An interesting trip to the author's earliest release, the evolution is evident, it probably won't feel Skillsaw-ish at all if you tried his most famous projects before, aka Valiant or Ancient Aliens, but that's the thing, and this old wad is just for a moderate, casual experience, like some of the maps from Memento Mori, which is where the music comes from. Currently experiencing Epic 2 by sir Eternal, with crispy doom and pistol starts because I'm starting to prefer this mode over my personal usual one. Good thing is that I knew what I was getting into: tight in resources, careful ammo management, several cramped fights, the occasional dick trap. Classic style from the author, and I'm enjoying it so far. The music selection is a nice company too.
  3. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Just because of the name, almost.
  4. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    @loveless what's that?
  5. Checked the other three maps yesterday, there's a positive advance in action and aesthetics though also room for a bit more improvement, for example the problem with monsters not waking up was recurrent in each map, so I'm going to point out other stuff that I consider constructive, take them with a grain of salt since I'm not a mapper nor I'm trying to change your perspectives: 04 - First thing is to praise those GIANT crates, something I've never seen before and frankly amused me a lot when I saw the first one, please keep them. There's also the room with a static conveyor which looked really good, and the final trap was the cherry of the cake (commandos on both side, no easy escape since a pinky is holding you from pressing the exit switch). - The BK trap felt weak, an idea to improve it would be changing some of the imps to hitscanners and adding a few pinkies/spectres on the ground (via teleportation) to put a bit of pressure to the player. 05 - At the room with the SSG, an imp from the giant crate didn't wake up. - The RK trap is initially scary until you realize you can easily escape and camp outside, if a player decides to. I'd probably shut the door upon grabbing the key, and make a few of the revenants teleport in the green hallway. Otherwise, if you want to keep it as it is, no big deal. 06 - There's one room that has two tubes of mud and initially cacos and revs (idle), when you do something there, a bunch of imps teleport at the top of the stairs. My suggestion would be the invert their usage, the imps will appear there on first place, while the cacos and revs teleport later. - I'd change a few boxes of shells for rockets, since you get tons of shells and nothing for the secret RL. - There was one room with a blue armor I think, and the deep water effect which was cool. The downside was that the cacodemons weren't alerted until I shot them, so that's something to keep in mind. - At the end, the wall of imps could bodyguard an archvile. It's a typical move but could work there, idk. Finally, I'd echo Egg Boy about visuals, what I'd suggest is to add some distinguishable texturing here and there. Map 06 suffers from monotextured rooms, similar to each other, which in circumstances felt like "have I not been in this hallway already? huh?". On the other side, I dig how you start under the pipe you went into in the previous map. The maps don't need to be overdetailed or have all kinds of geometry as long as the gameplay is compelling. The incidental combat is solid in general, but the areas are a bit flat and samey. Take map 04 which had a lot of light variation and crates of different sizes, that was an improvement imo. Anyway, hope this helps!
  6. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Bloody Steel has been conquered, played each map individually and it was all fine. The maps are intentionally adventurous while keeping up the action on point, lots of sniping on one side, and slaughter-esque set pieces on the other side. Thematically like playing a different FPS game, though I'm not familiar in general with games of that genre to put an example, just picture any involving construction sets and caves, and mansions. So this was something fresh and interesting to play through, I would recommend it for those looking for a sort of adventure in realistic places (with "realistic" I mean non-fictitious typical places in Doom). On playability notes, a bunch of maps cannot be fully maxed due to, either broken teleport lines in monster closets, or them never waking up. In addition, the bonus map lacks a key that supposedly activates extra stuff in the level, seems like this didn't undergo enough playtesting. Also, the music was so in low quality that it barely registered in my mind. I'm probably going to play Sector 666 by Skillsaw, his eldest release. Was meant to be Epic 2 but I wasn't expecting Bloody Steel to take place in an egyptian theme at any point and I'd like something different :p
  7. galileo31dos01

    Flotsam - 16 hard boom compatible maps

    Flotsam is officially a megawaAaAaAaAaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaad Here's a blind attempt of map 32, with three deaths for scientific purposes before beating it: fda32bygal.zip
  8. galileo31dos01

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    (Bloody Steel, MAP06) When you finally find the way to lower those precious ammo boxes, but then...
  9. galileo31dos01

    Recommendations for E1 WADs to play

    Alpha Accident, one awesome episode replacement that aims to give a fresh experience for those looking for KDITD wads. It features new dynamic objects such as explosive pillars and boxes with surprises. Rich in exploration=secrets, incidental combat, sprawling techbases and caves. Limit-removing, requires a source port like Crispy Doom or PRBoom+ complevel 3. Wonderful Doom, by the same author, basically the four episodes replaced for those who want to play original Doom one more time, but with the author's special touch. You can take it as a memory test, there are some interesting plot twists. Should be vanilla, but just in case make sure to use a limit-removing port. The Evil Unleashed, this E3 replacement is from '94 and it's hella fun if you don't mind getting perforated by sergeants continually. Thematically like all the episodes mixed together, so you get a bit of E1 early. There's also Slaughter Until Death which replaces E2 I think, by the same people. Vanilla, so anything should be fine. Absolutely Killed, if you're looking for concepts and gimmicks, instead of traditional gameplay, this is a good place to stop by. It's all Doom themes together btw. Requires a limit-removing port. Mapgame, a E1 replacement for Boom ports, there's a change in the palette most notably in the blue colours. It's solid enough, just like your typical KDTID wad. The Beginning of The End: Part 1, another old one with plenty of action and sprawling levels. Not a very hard one, nor a cakewalk. You could also try part 2 if you enjoyed it. No End In Sight, a full megawad that can be played in any limit-removing port. I'm surprised nobody mentioned it already, although I can't call it "memorable" aside from a few situations and the last episode, it should provide a good experience with traditional and non-traditional Doom action.
  10. Tried the first three maps in Choco 3.0.0, pistol starts, Ultra-Violence at the moment. Some criticisms: Map 01: Seemed alright, I didn't find one secret. Pistol vs. imps isn't my thing, so it's good the chainsaw is an easy grab, until chaingun comes in hand. Maybe the secret I missed was a shotgun? Map 02: A bunch of things to consider - Some monster closets could use tweaks, such as making the enemies wake up at first sound. The most hidden imps/pinkies at the west side weren't alerted until they saw me inside their closets. - The RK setup consists of an imps closet that can be ignored, since they can't chase you. I'd suggest to change them to a cacodemon (another could teleport somewhere near), if you don't mind introducing it earlier, or else a couple zombies (e.g. sergeants on UV and troopers in lower skills). - I'd remove the block lines preventing the player to fall into the nukage. Chances to fall down are practically 1 in 10, but still the invisible barriers seemed odd. I don't know if they exist to prevent the game from crashing in vanilla... - At some point there's a nukage pit with imps and a switch you have to press for progression. Well, you can easily ignore the enemies that are released there, so maybe a lock-in could work if it's possible, imo. Take the YK trap, which actually gets you trapped as soon as the enemies wake up and you don't react fast. Map03: More things - The first zombieman and two sergeants do not wake up if you shoot behind the door. This happens frequently in the map, where enemies only wake up when you first enter the room, like in the exit room, rendering some pointless since they'll stay idle. - I saw a couple pinkies in the nukage pool close to the first SSG that pose no threat since they chase you. They could be removed. - This part of the nukage is inescapable, intentional? No big deal if it is though, just curious. - The zombies at the green armor trap can be ignored completely. Not sure what to suggest there, since the trap is very predictable. Perhaps have a hell knight or two teleport at the entrance. - I noticed more monster closets where they're only alerted upon seeing you, not hearing you, for example at the BK setup. I'd suggest to change that. - The secret SSG should be a different item imo, since you already get one earlier, which is very easy to spot. Perhaps a RL, or a computer map, or a teleport to a hidden area with a soulsphere and a quick fight. Just pointing a few examples :p - Last but not least, while not an urgency, some rooms are just squares with things placed symmetrically. This can be fine but with some added details like a lightbulb texture on the ceiling or a couple crates, plus different startans so they aren't just bland monotextured rooms. Idk, some extra work on detailing would help in general imo. Anyway, hoped everything I said helps. I'm curious to meet the rest of the maps. Interesting sky colour and palette changes. As for the status bar, I would suggest to revise STTNUM4, it can be confused with a 0 as I did many times. Keep it up!
  11. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Hadephobia was a lot of fun, definitely recommended to players who like it casual, long, mainly linear, and with an emphasis in story-telling, sometimes over gameplay. There's also pretty random bonus content, with map 35 being my favourite from the three. One big gripe was how most of the maps had points of no return. I wanted to backtrack and find the rest of the secrets or monsters left alive, but I was denied the chance. An odd design choice that neuters any sort of exploration for completionists that don't find all the things along the way. Other than that, Hadephobia is a win in general. After that, I played NOVA: The Birth on true pistol starts for scientific purposes. Great experience, I must say this turned into one of my favourite community wads mainly consisting of (ex)beginners' works with only Doom 2 resources. There's a lot of regular and fast-paced action, few longer affairs, and non-traditional maps like a massive metal puzzle or basically slaughter. Good quality stuff to be seen. Now I'm deciding whether to pistol start Bloody Steel or not because I don't want to stay with the pistol longer than 3 minutes like in the first map, while running away from sniper zombies. I'll check in the forum what others opted for. If someone has any recommendation, so be it!
  12. galileo31dos01

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Too late, things went a little out of my hand at the wall of revenants, and I thought I had no other escape from that room.
  13. galileo31dos01

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    (NOVA: The Birth, MAP30) Looks so silly when monsters get glued to door tracks.
  14. galileo31dos01

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I like to carry helpless pain elementals with me as pets throughout the map, where there are lost souls placed already exceeding the limit. Most hilarious/atrocious example is D2TWID map 08, I adopted four potatoes. I am doing this right now (NOVA: The Birth, MAP17)
  15. I don't mind repetition in the iwads. The midis have to blend with the map if you know what I mean. Therefore if Death Bells went well in maps 04 and 13, although not much in map 29, imo. Going Down for example has limited number of tracks and are reused in different maps, that's also a case where I found them alright. Not very often I hear a midi and think "well this just doesn't fit in here", like Nova's map 31 or Sunder's map 07. So yea, at the end of the day, when it fits, that's all that matters to me, personally.