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  1. Eviltech, currently on episode 2. To be honest, I'm not having so much fun with this, the first episode was completely easy and the last map (11) has a disappointing non-threatening cyber. But overall it was ok, unfortunately episode 2 so far is not going well, regardless of the difficulty, which is like if it raised two steps, there is a lot of stuff that makes the maps feel irritating. On a positive side, the music is really awesome, many songs I know and like how they sound in Doom. Let's see how this continues...
  2. With the concern of no one, let's bump this nice thread. - Nothing like guiding a chaingunner to a barrel to blow himself up. - Lost souls charging at me behind monster blocking lines. Their attack face is so funny.
  3. I guess you are not too familiar with cybers on infighting situations. Either Cyberdemons and Spiderdemons are immune to every kind of splash damage. If you see Tricks and Traps, the lonely cyber can survive most of the barons (if not all), since his own splash damage doesn't affect him. Your cyber could have been damaged previously by other agents (monsters, crushers), or he's hacked, or he was too easy to knock off.
  4. So since this mapset is not on idgames, I'll share my opinion here. First of all, your wad is amazing in every single way, the visuals are very polished and the atmosphere is really awesome. I liked how the character could spell a few words, that obviously I didn't understand, what language is that? anyway, music is also fitting. Very cool monster placement, they are mostly roamers, specially in map 08 where there were always a few monsters walking around. I think I only died in map 03 and 07, so the gameplay is challenging but not hard, there's plentiful of health/armor. It really gives what it promises, the main teleport pad takes you to a different spot every time you step on it. In every map, you are provided a weapon and some resources to be prepared, then you must find more weapons to fight big guys. Really cool, although I played on continuous but it's notorious that the wad is well balanced for pistol starters. Talking about weapons, the sprites replacements are very neat. Weapon 6 was my favourite, which is the plasma rifle replacement. Map 06 features two exits, one is secret but both take you to the level 7, I guess it was just a feature. And secrets are easy to find them all, if you make use of the automap of course. I liked all maps, there were a few nasty traps in map 07 that worked out different each time I had to replay it, for example the cyber in the blue skull room may or may not teleport outside, but the cacos can play against oneself due to infinite height if the cyber is still there, unless you have the ultrapowered stick (BFG). A couple things of map 07, part of the last text in the intermission text screen cannot be seen. Also, I didn't find the last secret, not even using IDDT :( So no bugs as far as I'm concerned. Overall a beautiful mini mapset I totally recommend, I'll give this a solid 10/10, as I have a lot of fun and I didn't see anything that bother me.
  5. You know, a mod in which you can select anyone of the doom bestiary, including some of the most popular custom enemies like the afrit, and be that enemy. Just imagine, you select an imp and can only throw fireballs, walk at slow speed, and die easily. Or select a cacodemon and fly to unreachable areas. An archvile so no one will aim at you on purpose. A cyberdemon and basically rush your enemies. Or a spiderdemon and, cannot even get out of the first room...
  6. I have a dog, a Shih Tzu, he's 14 years old, spends most of the day sleeping, unfortunately he has many diseases and afflictions, but we have always loved and cared of him. I don't have recent pictures right now, meanwhile get along with this:
  7. Wadsapp, you kill your enemies by
  8. Currently not but if something catches my attention, it can become my number 1 addiction. So my collections from the past are: - Clips - Pogs (thanks Google) - Marbles - Little cars - Flags drawn by me - Subway cards - Kinder toys - Pokemon toys - Picture cards - Sea animals toys - This tiny things with the size of a piece of clothing That's all I can remember
    Something that made Harmony much better. Its original music wasn't bad but this pack is way cooler. Recommended!
  9. What colour is this lock? 




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      If you count those pixels, there are actually some grey ones...

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      I'm colour-blind

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      Wait... I didn't see the "Requires the yellow keycard" sentences... I'm not color blind but just straight up blind...

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      The entire wad matched key color and lock color, until this one. Things that can happen.

    7. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      It's probably a faulty texture use. If all the other locks were colour-coded appropriately I'd suspect it to be an oversight.

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      By the way....that wad is Harmony right?

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    10. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Actually, galileo, do you think you'd be interested in mapping at some point in time?

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      For sure, I have some ideas in mind, why?

    Done on HMP/continuous/saves My curiosity started when the DWLeague or something chose this wad and I, checked what was its deal. I liked what I saw. Now it's done, a pretty nice and short episode replacement. Gameplay in general is the same throughout the wad, it's actually quite easy, reason why I regret not picking UV, and I'm sure on pistol starts would be easy too. Monster placement is ok, it keeps the classic feeling but doesn't go far beyond simple: open a door, some monsters, flip this switch, go look for what it did, fight these monsters, get the key, etc. Not complaining, it's actually a style I enjoy for a few maps. There's a new enemy, a turret, I liked it but it has it's disadvantages. On one side, it keeps you alert when you hear one, that's a good point. On the other side, since it doesn't walk or fly, you have to kill it slowly by wall-covering, but the actual problem is, its target or hitbox (or whatever) is too thin, autoaim fails a lot, bullets or shells generally don't touch it unless you're close and that can cost your life. Luckily no one could kill me but the are health drainers for sure. They replace the Spiderdemon so that's why their bullets are highly painful. Visuals are really cool, some nice architecture like the "lampposts" in map 06. I liked the fire animation in some levels, as well as the blue lights on teleporters. Also I saw a gif of a swivel chair in the same map which was funny. Secrets are cool, all of them are easy to find. I missed a secret though in map 04, no idea where could it be. My favourite map is 08, was actually odd to see cacodemons only at the end of the wad, they should have appeared much earlier. So yeah, nice episode, not the most exciting but good for visuals and easy stuff. Since it's not a full megawad, I'll give this a 7,5/10 as for mini-wads (marks are just a silly thing, don't mind this).
  10. For the first time or when you already know the wad?
  11. So monsters don't wallrun, makes sense. Could you explain me a little bit more of this? On a general basis please, though I assume this is not a common situation.
  12. I'm playing Harmony, or trying to, the difficulty is sometimes ridiculous, it's not "wow this is so hard and exciting", but "how is it possible that I cannot be in front of one single shooter enemy and not be killed in one second or be able to dodge a single cell"... I'm not exaggerating or mad, it's true, the enemies seem to deal the double damage per hit, compared to Doom. Two shots from a chaingunner and my health goes from 99% to thirty something.