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  1. galileo31dos01

    What are some "Hitscanner hell" maps?

    Doom Core, Garrulismo, these are full megawads if that counts too
  2. Couple minor issues: I'm on m18 currently and I'll repeat myself, it's really good diabolical shit you both cooked together. The super secret map (32) on HNTR was a blast, almost literally. I guess I could do similarly on higher by being much more mindful of the "unprotection", but I'm satisfied at the moment.
  3. This is good shit here. I'm digging the visceral gameplay in short spam, matches with my current mood. And I know assuming isn't the best move but I sensed that the difficulty would dial up much sooner to diabolical (e.g. m12 BK part???) and I wasn't wrong xd, holy stimpacks... Thanks for making this!
  4. galileo31dos01

    Atonement [33 Vanilla DOOM II Maps] [Now on idgames]

    Hello, congrats on getting the full package of this, I've been looking forward to play this anytime and now that I could I can say thank you for making it! It was a lot of joy from to start to end! You asked for bug reports, so hopefully this list helps. All UV/PS in crispy-doom:
  5. galileo31dos01

    1000 Lines 3: Community Project - V1.0 Released

    Hello, I might as well take advantage of the recent bump to mention a couple things just in case: BTW, this wad is excellent, thank you all for making it!
  6. galileo31dos01

    Night Passage

    Yes, keep em coming. Loved the gloomy/spooky setting and mood going on, as well as the calm bgm (where was it from?) and the fights and setups were all enjoyed. Unfortunately I missed a secret this time - didn't know the switch behind this one arachnotron was gonna end the map, though maybe I overlooked an exit sign somewhere. GG still. nghtpssg_FDAbygal.zip (HMP, dsda cl9)
  7. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Ad Mortem & Wormwood 1/EU/3

    Ad Mortem - 09 I chose to make a demo of this map today, and it resulted in stress-free fun times. I loved the eerie ambience this got going on outdoors. Of all the sound effects, I'd say hearing the cicada chirp around the facade of the mansion was the coolest. I liked the two staged ending fights the most, but I can't forget the few moments of quality joy I had with the sped-up chainsaw too -- who would have thought it'd work on these satyr guys! One additional observation -- the secret house felt incredibly familiar the first time, as if I've been there before. I looked it up in the editor and indeed the familiarity wasn't a mere coincidence: this part is from one of the dbps called "Morbid Autumn", just retextured with this wad's assets and including a nazi. That's interesting, I'm guessing it's a homage or tribute to the other map? ..
  8. galileo31dos01

    What is the hardest map you've ever completed?

    Abyssion by Death-Destiny on UV saveless. It is not the hardest map out there by any means, but for me and my anxiety it was serious business.
  9. galileo31dos01

    Let's Go Caving

    My first thought was the watery cave in The Killing Pits by @Stupid Bunny, and kudos to my memory since it's no doubt one of my favorites out there. This is the view when you enter from the rightmost wing: and this could be your view from the other end after the incoming invasion: Well, technically you invaded their territory, but isn't that the marine's job anyways.. besides, did you notice the radiation suit in the first pic? well good eye, that's because the water here is boiling and hurts! -- I'm all for creative ways to make water damaging, be it through the environment and/or according to a specific theme, like north pole maps, or in this case hinted by the fireblu borders. Also fighting cacodemons in this scenario makes huge sense: perhaps this water is actually their blood, or maybe they claimed this cave and turned it into their own spa. The fact you're handed a plasma rifle for this area is simply more blue, and who doesn't love more blue.
  10. galileo31dos01

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    It's not a gimmick... I've been adding hidden smiley faces since last year, wherever outside of playable space's boundaries, so only those inspect closely in the automap and noclip can see them up close. If not a :) then some other weird sector drawing. It's for my own entertainment and I don't expect anyone else to find that stuff. Dunno how special this is, but there has to be some infusion of comedy, whereas silly things like a doomcute sandcastle or a zombieman leading an army of revenants, which again is for me to cut out on the seriousness. If it comes naturally, the better. I don't think I have cultivated a gimmick of mine yet.
  11. Just finnished E4 and highly enjoyed it overall, much like the other episodes, very bloody and nicely balanced for every weapon to shine. I played with S_MUSIC included, I think that came with some previous release? In any way, the midis were also sick, each fitting accordingly. There is one thing I want to point out: in M8, the teleport line 746 should be facing to the west to be usable, or you can fall on the sky and need noclip to get out. That'd be the only real issue to revise afaik. Well, maybe the midtex cages in M2 which lost souls can go through, if only because watching that threw me off heh, but that's a me thing. Thanks for sharing!
  12. galileo31dos01

    IronEagle Competition 48: Eternally Yours

    Category: 2 Skill: UV Decided to stop on MAP09 Time: 98:51:06 in crispy format (1:38:51) Kills: idk etrnyour_IEbygal.zip
  13. galileo31dos01

    Most frustrating gameplay moment in Doom

    In berserk only/centric maps, or the times I just want to have fun with it, probably ruins the fun if it's a continuous cycle of low rolls, which in reality it's more rare than common. I wouldn't call that frustrating, it might dissuade me from trying to zerk fist for a while. Berserk damage rolls are just stupid, not too serious (it's an old videogame lol). Not a common circumstance on my end, fortunately. I don't use rockets on lost souls all that frequently, and the times I do is because I see a window of opportunity or I'm drowning in rockets so it doesn't feel like a waste. A lost soul that intercepts my rocket is more of a jumpscare actually. In Requiem map 18, there was one time my suit leaked three times in a row in the sewers, which left me in a state of fragility for the warping gunners afterwards. That was, I think, the only time it really pissed me, since that was out of my control. Otherwise, I'm glad I don't find any damaging floor properties "frustrating" in general. That said, random leaky suit isn't the greatest thing in doom imo. Not really a problem for me. I have played numerous wads that have mandatory secrets or "out of the box" progression and it's rarely been a true negative for me personally. I like it when there are ways of communicating more or less how to approach something, that figuring it out with the pieces can feel more rewarding. If it's down to brute force trial and error, it may not be my thing and I'll consider skipping and no one's hurt (: I'm also hit by mancubus fireballs, arachnotron plasma, or flashed by inevitable instant hitscan shots that add to 80 or more damage in a fraction of a second. The 80 dmg of revenants is overrated. That's not annoying at all for me unless I'm recording a demo of a tricky or long map. Although if the item(s) in question are placed inconveniently in the way of activity to the extent of representing a bigger problem, then I might point it out to the mapper. There have been platforming segments in which failing in loop would raise my blood pressure. I'm not good at all at measuring precision or whatever. If anything I rather avoid the anxiety if it's beyond my patience, so the kind of wads I usually play don't have very hard platforming or alienate to the genre. I can occasionally have fun with creative platforming or the more realistic ones, there's Old Still Life and some russian mapsets that demand you hop from building to building and escalate ladders of bricks. I've even made a beginner movement-check setup in map 28 of Interception 2, inspired by Combat Shock 2 map 06. With archviles, there is a specific bug that tells the engine to spawn the fire somewhere else instead of over your body, so when this happens in tricky situations it can be very bothersome: if for X or Y reason you didn't glance at an archvile that coincidentally started its spell just a very short second before you passed around a pillar or wall, there's a chance you don't get torched at all regardless of how quickly you get back to its LoS, and if X and Y include not being able to hear it, you'll only get the memo when you're blasted away, which feels lame. In fights with several archviles only it's not too relevant when the focus is on all of them, so this is more noticeable when there's other stuff deviating the attention from some distant archvile. I'm guessing you mean when it you're shredded to death real fast, rather than getting shot in no time by some asshole around the corner. My issue comes with the latter when it's repeated like a pattern or cycle (doesn't faze me if it happens once or twice in a while). If I were to make any changes to chaingunners and shotgunners, I would raise extend their reaction time to around 16 tics, so it's less about getting instantly punished for showing the face and more about predicting/reacting well enough. With chaingunners, it'd also get rid of stupid instant retaliation upon failed stunlock when using rapid fire weapons. The irony is that I would correct spiderdemon's slow reaction to be faster, because it would make miles more sense for a former boss... Yea, repeatable doors are another type of enemy, it's so silly when that happens lmao. I will just vote for the hitscanners one, because it's the closest to the correct answer. None of my other responses were made with the intention to rant or vent, rather for entertainment sake. So, that's all there is to say.
  14. Hello, I just played your maps, used crispy-doom UV/PS. I quite liked the optional annex in E1M1, with the highlight being a 1HP moment, courtesy of shotgunner instant rng, prior grabbing the soulsphere that lifted my spirit back up. In E1M2 I really approve of the mad courtyard around the secret chaingun, definitely the standout, and the final octagon which also was good for my biased love for the chainsaw. E1M3 was my favorite visually and it got me almost kissing the floor in the BK part, and then recovering took a long time, that I switched to careful tactics for the RK halls (thankfully less shotgunners). I may perhaps suggest highlighting the RL spot a little bit, I actually didn't see it at all when I got there first and ignored the imps thinking that there could be a RL somewhere else. Up to you of course, since not exploring enough was a misstep from my part. Luckily I found it and swept the final trap. Then went to the alternative exit, I'm assuming there will be more maps in the future? (btw, this secret sector cannot be touched) And finally E3M2 was a blast. Would say, my favorite part was the faux switch trap, and the finale a close second, thought I liked every setup since they were all successfully bloody. The only thing I wasn't very sure about was that you gave lots of cells and rockets long before getting the actual weapons -- the PR in particular, I believe I was counting with 240 cells by the fleshy section, which had me thinking I missed the gun somewhere else, only to find out much much later it was belated exclusively for the final swarm. That's okay, though maybe the two cell packs in the two baron closets at the start could be initially locked and then freed for the finale?... I also didn't get the point of the secret blue armor becoming accessible when you approach the exit, which is likely after everything's dead -- would make more sense if there was another map afterwards, but since this is meant to be treated as an isolated map, maybe make it accessible earlier? unless you already had a followup planned... Good stuff overall, would definitely be on the lookout for more stuff from yours in the future if there's any plans. And thanks for sharing!
  15. galileo31dos01

    [MBF] Baphomet's Satellite - An adventure in outer space!

    Hello, I recorded a good part of your map on UV, using dsda-doom in cl9, until I got stuck in some floating room with ultra speedy push effects. From what I played, it was pretty tense and funny in places, a very intriguing exploration task. Some of the dehacked changes tripped me up at first, like the revenant and PE's flinch state are definitely changed, and I noticed at one point my shots pulled a lost soul instead of pushing it away, but I'm guessing everything is part of the idea to throw off players. I'll definitely keep playing later since like I mentioned before, I felt intrigued and immersed. Although first it'd be cool to know what was going on with that special room lol So yeah, thanks for sharing! FDA: c187tyci_FDAbygal