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  1. galileo31dos01

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Speaking of things once seen can't be unseen, I found out yesterday that some of the hub doors in tricks 'n traps are cut in the rightmost border.
  2. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    I beat Sacrament yesterday, pretty decent in everything else other than action, that part was missing in a few maps, specifically in the sprawling bigger and linear outings by Azamael, fantastic visual design at least. Since "adventure" was the aim, that's an achievement for sure, but some of the maps like Doxylamine etc could have communicated the ideas a little bit clearer, if we're entitled to solve a pickup hunt. Standout would be the last map, it was incredible, one of the best atmospheric maps I've ever played, and excellent music choice. Sure, somewhat confusing to navigate, but I enjoyed the darkness in the context of no lighting besides lava, under an eclipsed moon at night. So now I'm going to play Community Chest 2 with glboom+, and hopefully it'll be less erratic than its prequel.
  3. galileo31dos01

    Best/Worst maps in The Plutonia Experiment

    Not sure which one's my favourite, I really like Congo, Baron's Lair, The Crypt, Go 2 It, NME, The Sewers and Tombstone, probably Slayer too. I might have other favourites too but those are the standouts I can think at the moment. The ones I don't fancy or bore me are The Twilight Zone and Cyberden, respectively. Casually, Odyssey of Noises was amazing the first time and it still brings me joy but I'm sure with 1000 more monsters it would be more awesome, by today standards.
  4. galileo31dos01

    Avactor Release !

    Congrats on the release! Just gave this a very quick try, only until dying in each of the first two maps, immersion was real, man. Looks so amazing in every single way, that I can't wait to actually play this serious mode. One question, is the archvile in a different thing/actor placement? I could swear it was hit by a fireball and didn't turn immediately into the mancubus, but I may be wrong. Anyway, definitely playing this, someday (: Also, are you planning to upload this in idgames?
  5. galileo31dos01

    Post Your Epic Moments

    I think it's usually epic to die right on the health sphere you were desperately aiming for, or close to it. The other day it happened in this, by all means, green map from Gridlock 64. It wasn't really that epic, because in slaughterfests it becomes a regular thing, but it's impossible to not stay open-mouthed at that. Other epic moments experienced are more connected to my earlier days with the game, like the first time I set the Gotcha! infight, which turned out in a draw (they both died at the same exact millisecond), or when I finally met Go 2 It, which felt amazing. I face those kind of cases on a daily basis, nowadays. Funniest epic moment I'll never forget was in Valiant, when a revenant and a suicide bomber randomly crashed into each other and died, while I was staring at them from safety. I wish I was recording that moment, because it was fucking hilarious.
  6. galileo31dos01

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    - Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bits. - SDL Audio Driver messages: when OPL3 it sends "Wasapi", when digital music pack it sends "xaudio2". - All work fine apparently, also never had issues myself with sound/music in any release.
  7. galileo31dos01

    What does your Doom folder contain???

    This more or less is a summary of how I organize things: Doom > - Compressed Files > - All the zipped files together, minus source ports which are in another directory. - My Stuff > - Several folders with stuff for personal use like status bars and midis for music-less wads. - Ports > - Each source port in each folder, configured the way I like it, so then they're copied to the wad's folder. - Status Bars > - Thanks to Memfis thread about best status bar, I now take pictures and save them in this folder (: - Wads > - Doom > - All mapsets of two or more maps, in each folder and the corresponding source port. - Heretic > - Duh - Hexen - Strife - Single maps > - Whatever single map I want to play at the moment or someday goes here, once again in separate folders. We could say I'm very organized, or a waster of space in my hard disk (;
  8. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Finally went through Gridlock 64 and I must say it was a rollercoaster of quality, miscellaneous gameplay. Many enjoyable maps mixed with stinkers (a glitched one), or at least I found them the complete opposite of fun. Things like clouds of pain elementals in the open make me wonder "why am I doing this?", but on a positive note the maps I liked had notorious well balanced weaponry, non-linearity and multiple pressure traps, and abstract weird texturing for a change of pace. There's the second secret map that I had to put off for another day to play in ZDoom, because I'm not sure it was made with PRBoom+ testing in mind. So now I'm about to start Sacrament with crispy doom, hoping that it works like a baby. I know it's going to be something of its kind, less action and more adventurrrrre, but there hasn't been a russian community mapset that I didn't enjoy so far.
  9. galileo31dos01

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    I'm on Windows 7 btw. So, I must be missing something to do, or the wad simply isn't compatible with Crispy (5.3)? It's really odd, the text file mentions "PRBoom+" as recommended only because of ogg music, nothing about specific compatibility with that port. I tried executing the bat files from the music pack, and there's still silence in the game, except for sound effects of course. The wad is here. EDIT: HOLY MOTHER OF, I made it work, forgive me once again Fabian :s
  10. galileo31dos01

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    Does that mean I should be doing what Jon said here?: and also select another configuration in the setup? I have OPL3 by default. For example in PRBoom+ has OPL selected and I still can hear the tracks in ogg. Sorry for so many questions, I'm not familiar with this stuff :/
  11. galileo31dos01

    Crispy Doom 5.3 (Update: August 12, 2018)

    @fabian I have a question regarding to music formats, does Crispy Doom support OGG (and others besides midi)?? The reason why I ask is because I got this supposedly "limit-removing" wad called Sacrament (sacrment.wad) which has all tracks in ogg format, and I wanted to see if it works in crispy, but I don't hear any music in the game at all. Then I downloaded the music pack for crispy and extracted everything in the same folder with the wad, and still can't hear music.
  12. galileo31dos01

    Best/Worst maps in TNT

    Favourite: probably Central Processing (map 20), I always found the final huge area tiresome, but amusing above all, also it impressed me since you once you get to the top of the mounts you can contemplate the sky, or space if we're following the story. Also I like Storage Facility because crates, and Nukage Processing because of the midi. The secret maps too. Oh and Wormhole, do I need to explain why? Basically I have lots of favourite maps from TNT. Least favourite: Habitat duh, it's just so plain in every way, well the underground connections aren't that bad as a concept but that's about the only "ok" part. Metal's final room with those lifts is boring.
  13. galileo31dos01

    Vae Victus

    Done with these settings: - Crispy Doom 5.2 - Ultra-Violence - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset. - Saves every 10 minutes or so. Important note: The wad is almost fully playable in Crispy Doom or complevel 2, but due to two inaccessible doors which are part of progress, maps 03 and 04 cannot be completed without cheats. Because of that, ZDoom is the source port to be used like the author said in the text file, or else for PRBoom+ users I suggest to use this patch file that fix them. Thanks to WH-Wilou84 for sending me it, though Alfonzo made it for this thread. Also, other specifications about what's recommended to play this wad will be described below. This is a solid episode of mid-sized maps for those who fancy Alien Vendetta in its semi-slaughtery way. Same for its visual design, the wad features mostly a similar texture arrangement from the earlier and latest episodes from AV, ranging from techbases and industrial factories to underground caverns in a lite hellish context that gave me some nice throwbacks. It apparently includes new textures, but their purpose don't seem to stand out in any particular context, more like a complement to the stock ones, and to be honest they went unnoticed during my playthrough. I did see the blue Wolf3d texture usage as part of colour variation among other details, a modest appearance though, which was neat. If something cannot be overlooked is detailing, specifically the part that refers to "things". Users of source ports that allow to turn off infinite height will have it softer to maneuver around, because of dead trees and hanging corpses out of the FOV you can get stuck in. I understand they are part of the transition from man-made structures to more natural landscapes, yet they can be potential annoyances in later maps. It's a little slip in design, given the existence of many ports that support this wad, and regardless of the author's recommendation, not everyone is going to stick with it. Anyways, I liked the midis, they certainly fit in their maps except the one in map 04, it's a beautiful calm track but not for outdoor areas, in my opinion. Vae Victus is only short in number of maps, but it's plagued of monsters to kill, assuming you're ready to dispatch every meat shield in the road. Difficulty is forgiving for the skilled player, there isn't much in the way of pressure or hectic encounters as long as you have your feet on the ground, literally speaking. I did notice how limited in ammo are some maps, requiring berserk usage specially from pistol starts. Also there is an oddity in the 4th map, all of the weapons minus berserk are multiplayer-only, and while you'll eventually steal the shotgun and chaingun from zombies, all of the cell packs are of no utility, which indicates the author missed to place weapons in single player. Still, what's more strange is the sheer absence of the BFG throughout the wad, not that you'll really need it. On another side, the wad is easily comparable to the two wads the author got inspiration of: the aforementioned Alien Vendetta in its design structures, hallways connected by compartments (of which resources are located and typically small intruders too), few switch/key hunts involving backtrack and mostly the kind of meaty incidental combat where you either stay and fight or escape and camp, which is up to the player's will. The mapset gets more in the vein of Deus Vult later, when the bigger areas are meant to be explored in depth, and killing everything turns a bit more time-consuming and less obligatory, besides monsters completely out of the player's aim. The penultimate map is where this wad excels, although I must admit the initial area is a chore to navigate. Nevertheless, it's a decent romp in difficulty, the skinned walls room is the first fun lock-in trap, followed by some crowd-herding in order to eliminate the primary targets. It's unfortunate that the last map is a bit of an anticlimax after the previous longer map, which could have served perfectly as a closure to the wad. Secret-wise, if you wonder why you still haven't found any of the 13 secrets in the third map, don't worry, 10 are on top of crates the author probably forgot to untag. Maxing the map is impossible due to that, though. Outside of that, the secrets don't require much skill to find, if anything you'll be ok with humping suspicious walls, pistol starters will definitely appreciate the berserk in map 04. For favourite maps, that's hard to tell, I honestly don't have any highlight whatsoever, I liked all of the maps pretty much the same, except for the underwhelming map 07. I also wonder why they don't have names, huh... Overall, it's fairly enjoyable in what it offers, I'd recommend it more for the casual player rather than the one looking for a new challenge, but still should deliver some relaxing grind with bits of slaughtery if you're open to it, just don't expect anything bizarre. Oh and, non-ZDoom maxers, remember to turn off autoaim to try to kill those snipers from afar in map 05, although in Crispy Doom it was still impossible to reach them :/ ... My rate is 7/10.
  14. Hello! I found a "bug" in map 23. The lift right at the top of the snaky platform with imps cannot be used in PR(GL)Boom+ complevel 9. Casually, it works correctly in ZDoom, thus it's a zdoom-something in a Boom compatible project that needs to be fixed imo. All of the previous maps so far worked absolutely fine, as far as I could see.
  15. galileo31dos01

    50 Shades of Graytall

    Done with these settings: - GLBoom+ complevel 9 - Ultra-Violence - Continuous combined with pistol start mindset. - Saves every 10 minutes or dobu's traps so. Phew, enough DOORTRAK for a year... I mean, a very well done megawad consisting of a special limited texture selection and diverse gameplay. That this is product of a meme in the community is out of my knowledge, since 50 Shades was launched way before I registered in the forum. Joke or not, the concept is intriguing: only the popularly acclaimed "ugliest" textures to create interesting maps, focused on what mappers can do with such strict rule so their creations are appealing in every sense possible. Because we are here to judge, I'll say the results are really impressive in general. The mappers involved brought tons of ingenious ideas to contrast each texture and make the best of them. I'm someone who wasn't very familiar with these three textures, more specific with DOORTRAK and GRAYTALL, until now. The first one has to be my least favourite, it's exclusive to doors, borders and certain structures like the tunnel in NoisyVelvet's map, which was combined with hall of mirrors in a very creative way. On the other side, GRAYTALL covers the majority of layouts' walls. It's partially plain as a single texture when its red stripes are too near from each other, in my opinion, not so much when they're spared or only the gray part is visible. However, the usage is generally decent due to light variation, the darker the better, also contrasted with FIREBLU's striking visual, the last texture that stands out in every context. There're also a few flats and ceilings to add some extra colour and some neat pitch black shadows, but another important complement is that amazing space sky. Whoever did it deserves an award, I absolutely loved how some mappers exploited it as either a texture replacement for switches, or simply the void. DGM's map is an example where it can be appreciated in its essence. The music selection isn't listed in the text file for some reason, I can say many are recognizable at first "glance", then others more speedy or chill midis according to the case, generally fitting. Gameplay is serious business. It's the kind that keeps you on your toes pretty much all of the time, and entails acquired skills to play on UV. The interesting part is that each map was designed by a different person (minus a collaboration map), therefore the diversity, many of which I have experienced their content before. For those who are new to the mappers involved, you'll get to find their names in the tally, or else on the internet. Naturally, I had expectations of what some of the mappers were capable of. The strategic set piece encounters from Ribbiks' map 12, or Mouldy's introduction into the slaughter-ish camp in his map 08, are examples of nothing to be disappointed at. Same for Mechadon's massive map 10 which serves fantastic non-linearity for days, and Joshy in his classic hectic start followed straightly by slaughter including a couple nonsense intermissions (more specifically, pain elementals in the open). Jimmy's remake of Entryway is a fun starter, easy to take your first steps into the new world of unpopular-only textures. For the rest of mappers, I had a few vague conceptions of their styles in other community projects, that after playing this megawad I will be able to recognize them. I know Xaser likes to play with circular very tall towers, his map is a huge infinite symbol whose gameplay is partially engaging, like the RL vs. pain elementals trap. Dobu Gabu Maru must have been an archvile in another life, otherwise it's out of my knowledge why such a mean-spirited map. It's ingenious, let's get that straight, the way he created architecture out of the sky and shadows and all that intricate geometry, which is put to maximum devilish reasons, and I liked the frantic setups even if it was near impossible to feel comfortable in the limited available space. TimeOfDeath did a decent boss map, the mix between resource and layout tightness. His etiquette two-(BFG)shots incidental mini setups against cyberdemons is present, they only persisted in the same exact contexts more than I like to see, but there're more variants of hard setups to experience too, and includes a full view of the mister of your dreams, or nightmares (I'm talking about the giant dude at the end, ok?)... On another side, there're some ups and downs from the rest of maps. I have to praise NoisyVelvet for such a great exploratory level, including the aforementioned tunnel of hall of mirrors, and a creepy face at the end. I also dig Megalyth imposing FIREBLU room with several setups for pressure-inducing. The one by Marcaek (not the credits map) left a sour taste in my mouth at first, since I'm not a fan of running away from monsters all the time. It gradually turned more palatable as I became more comfortable with the concept. Breezerp did a solid short BFG-spamming map, even though it's not my type of gameplay. Those by Quakis, Alfonzo, Ezormer and shockblast4 are somewhat similar, in regards to progressive difficulty and resource management, all of them enjoyable in their own way. Last but not least, the bonus map, a throwback into the old-school style of congested rooms, which can only be understood after a full playthrough. Don't try this map blind without a sense of exploration, if you have touched any Hell Revealed wad before you'll know what I'm talking about... Secret-wise, to begin with, depending on the author, some went for something more exploratory full of secrets, while others dismissed the idea of placing at least one (Joshy, ahem...), nothing wrong with it though. It's wasn't easy to find all of them in the bigger maps, but still fun to be encouraged to explore and find extra portions that covered half of the map. I'm not sure why a couple of secrets in Mechadon's map are not hinted at all, like one required to shoot random FIREBLU, or maybe I needed glasses to detect a tiny difference between all of the FIREBLU walls, no idea. As to the bonus map, well it was expected to have important "mandatory" secrets, but it seems like not everyone moved on from the HR era, by the time this megawad was being made. Just don't go too far if you haven't found the, big thing, yet. Anyway, for favourite maps I'll pick 03, 06, 08 and 12. On the subject of bugs, I found out that in map 08 a random monster from the first ambush might not pop up, could be a pinky or a hell knight. In map 15 it is possible to get stuck in the last step of the spiraled stairs, more specifically the point where a bunch of pinkies teleport in, the step never raised on my first try. There is also an unintentional HOM in the tower of sergeants. Lastly, not a bug per se but I found it weird that the chaingunners in the blue key trap in map 16 were stuck in their cubicles, still able to shoot, because there're teleport linedefs in the borders. Overall, just a lovely mapset I recommend to anyone out there. Be smart and choose the appropriated difficulty, I'm sure lower skills are more accessible to casual players. Also, granted you'll end up loving FIREBLU if you haven't yet. One last thing, try to find the caged dog in map 07, it looks a bit like a floating skull on fire (; . My rate is 8/10.