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  1. galileo31dos01

    Oculus Malus - SIGIL Inspired Solo Map Finished! Need playtesters!

    Did a blind demo in crispy: om_fdabygal.zip Died at the huge dark room from what looked like taking the wrong teleport? unless I got screwed by RNG, which wouldn't surprise me. I pointed things to check with the fist, such as misaligned textures, an infinite tall hanging corpse, and one wall I saw later lowered so ignore that. About my death, if taking that teleport is part of progress with the cyberdemon still alive, consider moving the teleport destination off its line of sight, because rng decides there whether you die or not. A shame, was enjoying the map a lot but I'll put it aside for now, it's super cramped and awkward at times (the drop in the grey path was a clausterfuck I barely survived), though all in seemingly good fun.
  2. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Thought that aside from replaying stuff, it'd be refreshing to try out various wads that contain no more than 11 maps. So far, got Insertion done a week ago, then picked Abcess by Steve D for the Ironman, first time joining the league although not something I'd be a regular, it was a good new experience nonetheless. Then, Osiris, a partial conversion techbase/egyptian themed from oof last century. Solid maps, sprawling layouts and superficially corridor-shooters, just escaping the monotony, for the most part. Heavy on atmosphere via sound effects, very dramatic ambient noises, specially the hell knight's alert, gotta listen to that lol. Really liked some of the new sprites, the black imp was my favourite though sickle sergeants and archvile pharaohs looked sick too, oh and bats instead of lost souls, with less health(!), pretty cool. The shotgun marines are hard to forget, since their french blue suits shined in every nook. Next, End Point by Eternal. Good claustrophobic fights, versus unexciting open areas. Intense pistol starts, his balancing is the style I like the most, where you got to keep an eye on resources, and secrets always feel rewarding. And currently on TNT: Resistance by valkiriforce and various mappers, map 05 at the moment. So far so good.
  3. galileo31dos01

    Akeldama - First Beta Released!

    I did some very casual playthroughs in Crispy on UV for curiosity up to map 05 included. Random thoughts or things to check: Map01: - Noticed an early hell knight and a latter arachnotron were removed, of the two I missed the tron, it was a good patrol officer and now the room felt "empty". - That said, I don't get the RK ambush, things spawn far away and you can just walk out of the room, they're pointless. - Same with the following ambush, happens slowly in the middle of the room, easy to skip and seemed redundant. I'd suggest to split the teleport destinations in two or three and make them come randomized, maybe a few short pillars for cover, dunno how much can be done in vanilla strict. Map02: - One hell knight skipped the teleport linedef, thus not appearing where it was intended to, in this case the BK setup. It chased me to the bridge which was funny and actually pressuring. - A HK stuck in its closet, presumably the one to spawn in the lift setup. Map03: - There were imps stuck or forever idle here and here. - This pinky/caco trap opens up too early, might want to move the linedef more into the room. Map04: - First order of the day was to IDMUSXX, since I can't do it that easily ("m" and "c" keys not working), I had to digest that. It's not a problem of the midi, in fact is my fav from doom 2, it just doesn't work there, although I see AD_79 makes the music for the slot so nevermind. Map05: First map I never met before. Cool ideas, reminded me of Kama Sutra a bit, though let's start with observations done from a recent playthrough minutes ago: - Those shotgunners are funny, they can't aim down wherever you place yourself, except on the RL platform but you don't spend time on there. Ineffective shotgunners this way, who'd think so, however they are fine for false sense of safety until you get inside the BK room. If the intention was them to snipe you from the get go, consider adding steps so they can actually hit you. Will try that another time. - The "lookout imps" looked tedious to kill, much like imps on that job usually are when they have plenty freedom to effortlessly dodge rockets or bullets. Later it was revenants in almost each tower, that's, no... Them together are okay, you can pump rockets and since they are so tied together rockets will kill them without wasting much. I'd still place one barrel or two in the towers where it's only imps, because barrels + weaklings are a fun show. - It's a map that on a replay it didn't loose the pressure component. That is, the single green armor might seem poor balancing at first, considering the number of heavy hitters and sandwich traps, but its value is actually enough for half of the map. Same with the chainsaw, although ammo was plentiful on the replay. There's space for enemies to roam and get you if they're left behind (consider widening a bit some paths for the pinkies though), so that potential for being cornered remains. I think my favourite part was the secret berserk, if mixed with the blur sphere you get to punch zombies recklessly :) Will continue later.
  4. galileo31dos01

    The DWIronman League dies to: Abcess

    Hi hello sup g'day etc. First time participating. Category face 1, or 2? The only map I recognized was 03, even if slightly revamped it's essentially like in Realm of Chaos. Otherwise the rest was new to me, you judge. Demo: gal_abcess_DWironman.zip Result: Completed Time: oof 3 to 4 hours my butt hurts Comments: overly spacious areas with relatively low monster count reminded me of Vile Flesh, which on that side isn't a positive sign. However, the attention to light contrasts and bits of detail, vast number of easy-to-spot worthy secrets, and irregular geometry, leaded to a more enjoyable and run, adding of course playing on survival with no music (that's not TAS, I just forgot to configure Crispy correctly). Couple spikes and tense situations, particularly the teleport trap in map 06 and one specific tweak in "Splatterhouse". Thought I'd hate it but not at all, given that I wanted to finnish it alive and it's not my usual way of playing, super conservative so you might fall asleep, though I usually tried to communicate my IRL actions/thoughts via chainsaw :P I might have paused two times for a second to scratch my arm, not used to this hehe
  5. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Currently playing an old wad called Insertion, by a couple members of the Memento Mori II crew and some other people on board. The set has 11 maps and I'm on the last one. It's been good quirky fun in general with the exception of map 10, which had very obnoxious parts. I reckon not knowing the maps in beforehand is costing my patience more than I thought, that since like MM or wads of the era, essential goodies (armor!) tend to be tucked in secrets, and sometimes there's only one chance to find them. Reminds me of Hellbound when I used to uncover that hidden SSG or BFG after everything was dead. I could work my way through map 05 cutting a big chunk of the meat to half with a trusty chainsaw, and map 08 gradually got nicer once I got a secret green armor, but man was map 10 an endless chore, starting with a symmetrical crossfire of chaingunners, to one of the worst lifts puzzles ever, and secret death traps and so on, all on 0% armor and for the most part under 40% health. I hope the end map is kind enough to give me armor or not shitty parts, but we'll see.
  6. galileo31dos01

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Cover that imp's hole, there're children watching!!!!11!!
  7. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Plutonium Winds & Master Levels for Doom II

    So we all had a cyberdemon stuck in the cubicle? That makes it less hilarious now! I wanted to read what others had to say about map 18, it's the only map that had me hitting a wall on UV back when I first met it not too long ago (several tries before switching to HMP). It occurred to me to try again, the perfect excuse is that it's 7th here and I had mentally prepared a "deep" analysis on how one can solve the map and a demo showing it, though I'll keep it short, you all didn't seem to struggle as much as I did :x So I like to divide the map in three segments, and concentrate on the first two: SSG/RL cleanup and BFG-plus-keys short movie. - For the first stage I want to leave both the soulsphere and blue armor intact, and focus on not dying to hitscanners. Once the room opens up it follows SSG cleaning, if just for the sake of peace until the next segment. It's when I grab a green armor, open the blur sphere secret, and proceed to the RL. I much prefer to hold the archviles in that enclosed space and bring the PEs somewhat away, then have a tango session with minimal interference. PEs go free in this map no matter what so there's unavoidable janitorial work, and one that's best doing each time so that no sneaky soul desperately charges to your big dildo shooter, them sweet-toothed dummies. Most of the raised revenants don't need to be killed prior the BFG, they get resurrected anyways, but umm again, for the sake of peace I like them dead early. - At this point I make sure to be at 200/100. The BFG segment looks maddening at first, although with some observation you can tell where and when the archviles are coming. Two go down to where you are, surely while picking up cells, so those are direct kills. The rest hang on the main building, along with a salad of resurrected shit and a plethora of chaingunners patrolling the perimeter. That gives time to clear revs, cacos and PEs if they come close, since the viles can't reach you there. Again, PEs go out of control, and while they are not my primary concern (change of usual roles, nice), it's easy to loose some health. Soon or later is time to rush inside, but the twist is all the goodies I left before come into play now: the blur sphere is highly effective against the chaingunners, who otherwise rip you apart immediately in the open; soulsphere + blue armor combo lets you tank high damage, and is easier to access than a green armor, and far more convenient. Viles, revs and gunners are everywhere, but I stand a chance now, and these viles are not easy to control (; The third stage is straightforward, what aren't archviles are basically trash-tier in comparison to the middle stage. I still got reduced to 1%, misjudging a cyberdemon who walked away and returned to save his husband. Then karma hit him in the back lol I think aside from common mistakes, this is a viable route. I'm not sure how to do well if wasted the blue armor at the beginning, the lack of easy-to-access armor for the second half had me kissing the floor on loop my first time. More so if I had to surround the building there was always one or two chaingunners who never died to BFG tracers. With knowledge it's a unevenly chaotic fun map, beginning is fine, second stage is the star, third is trivial if seen like a ''finale". On a side note, the second secret, while seemingly useless if following this route, the wall actually serves for cover (: Okay, later!
  8. galileo31dos01

    3D Bridges

    ... and if in vanilla, then I recommend watching this. Typically the texture used is STEPTOP as a mid-texture, though you can also make completely invisible bridges like in Plutonia map 03. The trick is in the self-referencing sector(s) which you'll use to step on and cross the bridge. The tutorial I linked to explains how to make them. Then for examples of multiple fancy bridges it is worth checking Kama Sutra and/or Requiem. Notice that drawing 3d bridges in vanilla is outdated and bound to break if not taken with caution, though no less of a cool trick if that's what you're looking for. In Boom you'd avoid the trouble as there's already an action to create fake floors and walls. Up to you.
  9. galileo31dos01

    Map Stereotypes

    02-06: usually forgotten or not in those top-5 lists 12-19: includes TNT track(s) 21: mainly berserk after dead exit 27: (in CPs) largest/hardest or most stressful map, high tier weaponry from or close the start 29: epic, linear, casual buildup, never the hardest map 33: "I didn't know SoD had a map 33" [@Scotty, 2019]
  10. galileo31dos01

    CABIN: A Post-Doom II Apocalyptic Apocalypse

    I forgot to ask if you had plans on adding new maps or something. Curious what's the idea behind the "will" and "cure" ammo types.
  11. galileo31dos01

    CABIN: A Post-Doom II Apocalyptic Apocalypse

    Played on Crispy Doom, UV. General thoughts:
  12. Right, so, I don't have my map finnished or in a decent state to share here, got caught into micro-detailing for hours and hours and made little progress on the gameplay. However, I didn't expect drawing doomcute to be so much fun. In addition I learned to make deep water and other fancy old-school stuff, so there's definitely some success. I only have to finnish a map or two, but for another time :) Proof, unfinished parts, no brightness contrasts yet: Skybox and few textures found in this thread. Credits will be given whenever I release something.
  13. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: MAYhem 2019 & Alienated

    Lingyan's playthrough is the order I'd recommend, ranges from the simplest to Jim Flynn's, certain maps occupy their original correct slot, Bad Dream is the secret map after TEETH. Order is:
  14. galileo31dos01

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

    I once tried E1M1 and died in the second room. Never tried again, I prefer things stay dead forever and mostly moving a bit if possible instead of becoming a static turret. Fast parameter though, makes some stuff -pinkies- hilarious, and cacodemons are scary, yet they all barely walk so, only for giggles.