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  1. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This is the scenario I was talking about, I've seen it originally in Alien Vendetta, then in Deus Vult II and Jenesis too, differently decorated of course, and in the first two cases you enter to the area from tunnels instead. Perhaps in Epic 2 it's a little bit different, I have yet to see that.
  2. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This scenario is also in Epic 2? Really?... not again :S
  3. Struggle (March 19. 2018: Beta 5 is available)

    Ooooooh ophidians and magicians, ok, I can't wait to try the full version. Happy birthday Antares, best of luck with your project (;
  4. Any Doom-related dreams?

    Last night I dreamed that I was in a "hellish" "slaughter" map. Although nothing scary at all, I remember there was a straight path with lamps on the sides, and two tall red platforms that had a nonsense number of spiderdemons on them (because of the size of the platform), and one cyberdemon that appeared later, though there kept appearing more spiderdemons via silent teleporting. I think there were cacos on ledges too, the area was quite similar to Scythe's last episode. It might become real someday.
  5. Crimson Canyon

    Done on UV/continuous/saves. An ok wad, for a lack of a proper word. Consistent execution, appealing visuals, but partially uninteresting gameplay, to sum up my general impressions. On the theme side, the marine was sent to an asteroid in order to do the dirty work. You start in a sort of military base, casually infested by ex-soldiers, arrive to a power station, traverse some sewers, the named crimson canyon, several cramped tech rooms in a space ship, until you arrive to the gate where you must shut down the demon infestation, or something, for story lovers the author wrote a full single text file. So in terms of visuals, there're a lot of new textures, such as stock walls painted to dark grey, which doesn't look so bad, extra computer panels, different red bricks and lava textures for the canyon maps, and much more. Nothing extraordinary, I did like the new additions though, particularly the flames in the way they were used (until their usage became repetitive, you'll see...). The interesting side of the visuals is that, assuming you've read the plot, you'll understand the cohesiveness between the maps, they thematically end in map 10, and the last two maps are extras. Finally, the soundtrack was quite nice to hear, at least the ones that weren't a bit repetitive. I loved map 02's track, it reminded me to BTSX1 first track, and if a midi brings me back to a mapset I loved, it's a huge plus personally speaking. The action is what some people would call "grindfest". Basically, monsters come in packs, usually appear in front of the player, or teleport in somewhere one by one. Ambushes and hordes of the same kind of monster are the most frequent, particularly packs of zombies that will be gift you with plenty of ammo, not that there scarcity is a thing in any of the maps, even if you're pistol starting you'll stumble upon ammo in narrow passages that can't be avoided. Figure in continuous how embarrassingly common was that... At times, you'll find hitscanners easy to grind from the other side of a corridor, at others, only projectile-based in complete open spaces, which only makes them look tiny and disoriented. At least once in every map there's the old-fashioned pinkies + chainsaw combo, which I always took gracefully, even though it's often labelled as "boring". As you can read, the combat is on the grind side, not real threatening in earlier maps, but maybe that can sound appetizing to you. I still found a few fairly challenging parts in later maps, in comparison to what the majority of set provides, where number of monsters is in compliance with the cramped area, less "nonthreatening grind" in other words, like being caught in between a bunch of hell knights coming from every narrow corridor. The 10 maps that compose the story basically play similar, with progression being naturally linear, but with a lot of backtrack in between (I recall only one map providing a teleport back to a recently opened area), so it's easy to keep track of what you're doing. Exceptions are the canyon maps, although if you're in the mood, there are many apparently "glide-able" gates, good for when you loose interesting in killing stuff. The two extras also appear in the Claustrophobia 1024 series, I think, they are absolutely straightforward and too awkward to play to be honest, no idea why they are in this wad... Despite the sort of combat here, the story maps can serve for a casual not-so-hard experience to new players, or when you feel like mowing down zombies and grabbing their ammo, that is funny to me from time to time. One little thing, in some maps it is possible to be unable to max them, due to broken teleport lines in several monster closets. It happened to me in map 03. Secret-wise, not hard to find them all except for the ones behind random unmarked walls. One of the most common is a secret in every map that contains a special thing, usually opened after doing some progression, don't forget it if you're playing on continuous. There is one secret in map 07 that only rewards you with pointless backtrack, if you happen to find it, well, I am sorry for you. Overall, it was ok, I was in the mood for something like this so I enjoyed it, more or less. I would recommend it only if you love anything from what I said above, or just for the music, honestly. Regardless, not bad. My rate is 6/10.
  6. But the lack of splash immunity is a severe disadvantage for that monster, you could trigger multiple states of pain, probably enough to prevent it ever retreating, and it'll die in seconds, worse if there are rocket-based enemies around her (a male cyberdemon always winning?, hell no!). A much better choice, in my personal opinion and experience, is simply reducing the radius to, say 82, and it can wander more freely, hardly ever get stuck, besides reducing pain chance. Even more, replace the hitscan for a super fast projectile like the snakes from Harmony, although I'd do that just to put more spiders together in a same room. Anyway, that's just me, we all have different perspectives of each monster, I guess what's tedium for others is attractive for me, and vice versa, Skillsaw made a fairly good job on balancing the spidey fights in Valiant, not to be "displeasing" from my POV.
  7. Yeah I know that, but I thought Deadwing was talking about those times were "favorable" RNG makes the cyberdemon shoot another volley immediately after the previous one, regardless of you attacking him or not, in which case it looks like he's on -fast.
  8. Abandoned Community Projects

    This project called Panophobia caught my attention a while ago, but never seen any updates or something new about it. Other wads like Stomper, which apparently is unfinnished and abandoned for personal reasons, though I don't remember if it was a CP... Final Doom TWID, I think it's still in development. TNT: Devilution, I'm only interested in that sick status bar. Perdition's Gate Resurgence is another one that I haven't seen any updates since last year. Please tell me BTSX3 is still going on... the 100% real no fake no April's Fool, I mean...
  9. I think you mean that his attack reactions are fast, giving the player the feeling that he's shooting a single volley of 6 rockets sometimes, when in reality is two volleys with almost 0 seconds of wait in between them. Or, I misinterpreted the sentence :S
  10. Outsmarting the Cyberdemon

    Sure, it'll take forever, but sure you can.
  11. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    The wad should be on idgames. I'm going to channel @Darch if he can ask for it to be uploaded, because it would be a shame if such a good wad remains forgotten.
  12. Outsmarting the Cyberdemon

    Congrats! although the cyber feels like a tiny bug in comparison to the map, it looked imposing back then, well, not knowing how to dodge/strafe didn't help much. You can simply get outside and shoot it until it dies, assuming it isn't stuck in one of the chambers, but I guess your way is also an option.
  13. What are you playing now?

    Yesterday I downloaded a couple of wads to keep me busy (and to stop me to bump this thread for a while). The Realm of Parthoris, which a single episode + bonus map for Heretic, using ZDoom and probably my own DECORATE for "blind experiments". The file only increases the damage by monsters' attacks, so it's a bit more dynamic I guess, plus a few quirks too. From what I've seen and heard, it should be fun, the intro and first midis are really good. On another side, started also Survive in Hell using glboom+. I've been pushing this for a long time, and now that I have it I realize it's alike Hell Revealed -.- ... Probably more enjoyable, the first two maps were already random rip-offs from HR, but they've been fairly fun. One thing I noticed was that, everytime I shoot revs with a hitscan weapon the impact "dots" are grey, like when you shoot a wall or a barrel, instead of red like normally would be. Whatever...
  14. spectral pain elementals

  15. E3M8 was one of the few maps that I explored thoroughly years later of having played it for the first time. Back then, I didn't know how to run or strafe, so before the boss it was that cacodemon that always came into the corridor. Then, it was a matter of spamming ammo to the spider's head until it died, or I died because at that time the concept of hitscan was unknown to me. There was no opinion about the map, other than "scary boss". Nowadays, I find it as a standard boss map, it's still somehow easy on a pistol start, but not easier than the previous boss maps. Contrary to E2M8, the boss monster has the advantage of the terrain with almost no obstacles, so the spider is always there and can peek you at any distance. That is good point for the map itself, and I don't think that I would change anything of it, maybe the starting point, with some gore textures, to make it more mysterious from the beginning, that's something that E2M8 did well. If I had to recreate it to nowadays standards, there would be a lot of hazards before the final encounter, but the spider would be a constant presence... About the monster, a few personal changes to make its usage more versatile (less pain chance and radius is a BIG plus trust me, and inability to damage other spiders while remaining hitscanner, though that's not possible in reality), but the creator thought about her for that map in specific, and it works there. E4M8 seems like a fitting random map, I don't have too many memories about it, other than the finale where I ignored the east and west wings and only focused on the spider. For an ending to the fourth episode is a bit underwhelming, you are way overpowered, no hazards (most E4 maps force you interact on damaging lava), and the final boss cannot come closer due to the pillars. I'd simply eliminate half of the resources given, that includes the BFG, make the final room so it you have to press a few switches first in the sides. Those switches will turn the arena into lava, a lock-in, some tiny platforms to stay "safe", some barons and the slightly modified spider I mentioned before. A secret with some cell ammo somewhere too, since it's the iwad. MAP30, I don't know, something like SoD's last map, or D2INO's gimmick was at least interesting, but honestly anything that has to do with an IoS is already a downside from my point of view. Something that spawns random monsters is an unique feature (therefore, pain elementals matter), if it was a huge monster that had that ability, plus other attack patterns like the Maulotaur, maybe I'd enjoy fighting it. The fact that you are forced to be fast, to depend on a lift, on the type of monsters that are spawned in (no archviles, no PEs), and to time your rockets in order to insert them into the rectangle, is not a combination I personally will ever find positive. Map 30 has always been frustrating, reason why I'd never create an IoS map myself where any of the original iwad factors I mentioned before are key to win. @Agent6 I read that is possible to one-shot a cyberdemon in ZDoom, not sure if it's true. Whatever, it comes to think that it isn't the monster but the BFG being naturally overpowered for any lonely enemy under 4000 HP, assuming you're good at using it. If you're using ZDoom (which I think you are), chances of killing spiderdemons in one shot are vastly higher than in vanilla-based ports.