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  1. Apart from some of the megawads mentioned by other people, Hacx is a nice total conversion, monsters are very creepy and maps are very complex. Lacks map 21-30 and a proper way to end the wad, but whatever, it's pretty good anyway.
  2. MAP19: Venom UV, pistol start, saves Deaths: 4 A rather big map by Waverider, this has to be the most labyrinthish map of all the mapset. I couldn't stop thinking this was inspired in Tombstone, but in fact it isn't! It's actually inspired in Bunker, Speed, Anti-Christ and NME, as well as parts of other megawads. I could see all of them too, bloody level. Mostly wooden textures, but there's a mishmash of green marble and greenish bricks here and there. There's something about mixing textures the way this level does, that looks so weird and good at the same time. Progression in this map is tricky. Not only because it's a complete labyrinth, but also because combat is presented in a way that there aren't many choices to select at first. In fact, without foreknowledge, this map can be quite frustrating to find a way to eliminate each monster and get the damn red key. You get your weapons at the start, it's on you to find ammo to charge them. It took me three times to find the least dangerous way to grab some ammo and not stomp on monsters that would kill me without warning. There are a lot of archviles, revenants and barons, and specially some pain elementals that could fill the space with ammo sponges. So my initial way was to go the right first and use my ammo carefully until I get to the blue skull. This is a brutal part, the exact millisecond you touch the key a revenant will automatically punch you, and wtf with a second archvile teleporting there? One is enough! My best way was to escape through a window and start to kill stuff from there, though another life went there. Going to the left side would greet me with a sniper archvile, no thanks... Then I wandered in the spectres maze, I liked that there were many optional rooms with supplies. The yellow key trap is another tricky one with hell knights, but the cyberdemon can be killed from inside, which makes the battle odd. I'm not sure how better would be leaving that room, there're some trees that can interfere. This is an important key, behind each yellow door are the switches to get the red key. One of them is in a very obscure place, back then (months ago) I lost a lot of time looking for this last switch. Behind the other cyberdemon is a tight entrance to a cave leading to that switch, it's not easily visible. With all the switches flipped, the red skull becomes available (actually after a baron blah blah...). Behind the red door is another brutal part. By the time I jumped through the hole, I had two archviles on opposite sides behind two arachnotrons, I'm not sure how is that fair to the player, or maybe that's just what happened to me, but with the spiderdemon outside I couldn't do anything else than leave it to chance. The level was pretty much done after killing all those pesky monsters. A final archvile will appear if you get the soulsphere on the small island, this one without cover, it's not that necessary though. Secrets, the berserk is a tricky one to find, and the soulsphere is tricky to get in its room, plus it's well protected. The third one is neat, a megaarmor and energy cell pack. Creepy midi. Ammo is very tight at the beginning, ergo less options to start the map. However, there's a big amount of rockets in the map, I was practically full of rockets by the time I got to the exit. Maybe I don't like to use the RL so much in a map full of tight corridors. Overall, it was better than the previous map. It's one of those maps that flows better a second time. Good.
  3. After STRAIN, I'm going to play THT: Threnody, and Oceanside which is a small mapset by valkiriforce.
    Done on HMP/continuous/saves. This is an interesting old megawad. Looks and feels different from the usual Doom. That is to say, it's a partial conversion, there're a lot of new textures, new monsters, new weapons, new sounds, and a new character. All of these are combined with a gameplay that is focused not only on killing monsters, but on exploring too. So yeah, Strain is pretty unique, and I liked this change of pace. There are a lot of nice visuals and detailing, not very polished but that's fine. As something that clearly claims to stay away from the ordinary Doom style, what predominates here are puzzles, lots of puzzles, some are good, some are obscure, and some are the entire level (map 21 ahem...). Also, labyrinths, switch hunts, corridors, lift after lift, and the incidental hordes of monsters to remember you're actually playing something alike Doom. I'm not saying the mapset is boring, no no no, it brings a lot of cool battles, brutal starts, and makes you work your brain, again not in a popular Doom-ish way, to find the exit or grab something important. In many maps, progression is far from intuitive, sometimes you'll cross a linedef and hear something opening or closing, or you'll flip a switch that opens a cabin of monsters that has a wall with different texture that you must open to progress. In other maps, it's quite simple and relies on the typical key hunt. Backtracking is heavily present in this mapset. About the new monsters, of all of them I liked the Minister of Pain and Dopplegangers the most, mainly because I found them quite funny, specially the mini-cyber which is adorable. Holo-bots are fine, their stealth version can be a pain in the ass. Red demon isn't more interesting than the original, it just consumes more ammo and time. Demon Lords are dangerous, I found that I could exploit their attack from a certain distance, but from close it's best to treat them as a hitscanner, that is to say, covering yourself everytime he shoots. Polydrones are another dangerous enemy, their corpses are damaging and I found myself inevitably stepping on them and aching. They might replace the mastermind but their chaingun is not the super one. Second class imps are creepy. Finally, BFG Troopers are just cheap, specially on map 30, at least they are not that common. About the new weapons, well the rapid pistol and shotgun are more useful, the double fists are good, the NFG is ok but I didn't like that the maximum was only 100 cells, it runs out so quickly. It also has a safety pin for whatever reason. I didn't understand the BFG replacement, it apparently functions like a slower rocket launcher, and why does it shoot stealth balls? Idk, I barely used it anyway, all I know is that it's powerful. Secrets, there are a lot of non-secrets in the maps, almost all of them contain a megaarmor (which equals 300 not 200). The midis are good. My favourite maps are 04, 18, 22, and 24. The IoS map is acceptable, but didn't feel like a truly boss map. Map 21 is all puzzles, some without hints, I didn't enjoyed this one too much. Overall, enjoyable, probably hasn't aged so well. If you're in the mood for anything that I said above, this is going to be your thing. One personal recommendation, there is no pistol start but fists start here, a lot of maps are very very tight on ammo and weird balanced (e.g. punching shotgunners at the start, tons of rockets and no rocket launcher, having to shotgun a lot of demons), so be patient, or try on continuous first... anyway, 6,5/10.
  4. Double post! I still insisted. MAP18: Phantom Silence UV, pistol start, saves Death Count: 6 maybe Another map by Evocalvin, this time a good looking canyon, segmented in several open spaces connected by a cave. A second part is a Hunted-like sequence of caves which is populated only by archviles, ergo "Vile Town". I liked the visuals and more or less the height variety. Lava type 16 (or type "worst") is present, so it kind of seemed like wandering in a volcano, yeah let's say that... Gameplay was, in short words, not my cup of coffee, not even my cup of tea (I barely like tea). I knew what to expect from this map, it's very Plutonia-ish, just the unfun part, from my perspective. Pistol start is waaaaay different than continuous here, if you're not mixing both. First example, the obnoxious presence of pain elementals that immediately spam lost souls. That and falling into the lava numerous times. Having only the SSG and RL (and a little of the chaingun) to get rid of potatoes in such an open space was, annoying. The next thing is to choose a path, one leads to the blue key, and the other one to the red key. Both have quite a lot of ammo but I think going for the blue key first is the best choice. Either way, after their corresponding battles against tall/huge monsters, there's a bunch of enemies waiting for you, where the must-kill-soon-or-soon ones are pain elementals. And it's important they never get accidentally hit by another monster, cause that will mean ammo drain to zero, trust me... The plasma rifle is a greatly important weapon, and it's better to save it for later. Returning to the canyon, a lot of chaingunners will suddenly teleport to eat your health without a warning, not a fan of that but whatever. There's a useless archvile at the starting point, why is he there? Idk... Now, entering to Vile Town. I have some memories of this part being a nightmare. I'm still not good at fighting two or more archviles at the same time with limited cover. I took for granted a couple of deaths, in the pool with two archies and a sniper one. Oh yes the BFG doesn't exist here, that's a minus for pistol starters. You have to rely on the plasma rifle and rocket launcher, and a little bit of luck. The last ambush is the only part I had fun, at least the megasphere saved me from dying again. Secrets, one is only available after grabbing the blue key if I'm not wrong, it takes you to a beautiful soulsphere. There's a megaarmor in the Spiderdemon's arena. And finally, some useful ammo in the vile maze. Ammo, well it's pretty limited at first, granted you'll waste a lot against pain elementals if they are in labor. It's generally tight, and like I said before, cells are better reserved for the vile town, rockets too. Overall, I'm glad it's over cause I hated this map. That is not to say it's a bad map, it just has it's tedious parts that opaqued the fun parts, in my experience. Whatever, next map is a little better.
  5. Probably, but it has a lot of obnoxious pain elementals to waste ammo, platforming I keep slipping and falling off, occasional obligatory damage by lava type worst, and maybe other stuff I'll have to confirm. The vile town was my hate part when played on continuous.
  6. Map 18 is going to take some time, it's literally my hate map and that's not even adding the vile town.
  7. (picture taken from STRAIN map26) Doesn't it look adorable?
  8. MAP17: The Unholy Crypt UV, pistol start, saves Death Count: 0 Evocalvin presents a fun map with many good looking areas connected by a central ring where the exit lays. They did a nice job adding green slime as a sort of sewerage, and for the outside parts some blood and nice details, there is a section that evokes a crypt, like the title says. It's another one of my favourite maps for aesthetics, the blue key room looks really good for example, and the way the BFG is placed looks really tempting. In regards to gameplay, we get again heavy use of chaingunners, in almost every section. These guys were the health vacuums in the map. It still isn't a hard map, but challenge is there. I guess the presence of many hitscanners, in the way they are placed, may slow down the run a bit. I'm okay with that but I know others might find this less fun. There is no place where you can't retreat, which makes every battle not as intimidating as they might look like. For example, pinkies can't cross the invisible bridges, and revs and arachnotron didn't attack me when I was on the bridge, strange. Many teleport ambushes can be skipped, though I prefer to kill everything in a map. One good dangerous part is the chaingunners + revs + potato + archvile place, I lost all my armor there. I found the red skull one that suffered the same problem as in map 16, you can go and kill the revs that teleport quite early, but if you leave them alive, there's a linedef enemies cannot cross. You can use the stairs as a safe place, it takes more time to kill the monsters, without foreknowledge and the BFG the first archvile can be problematic. At the end, I didn't have enough health/armor to consider the two-shot I wished I did, cause it's a ring semi-tight, so I just used the plasma rifle. Secrets, quite a lot of good ones. First, backpack + chaingun, I just love backpacks when there're cells in the map. There's a secret soulsphere too, quite useful. A computer map, and a hidden switch in the same secret that I never figured what it did. Energy cells in the L shaped corridor, I love hidden small switches. There's the BFG as the last secret, another demanding tool. No problems with ammo. The midi is one cool Doom track. Overall, good map, if a bit overpopulated by chaingunners. I know the next map is going to be a hard one, and it's by the same author, so that will mean more chaingunners, though the worst monsters will be the cyclopes.
  9. Ok, playing these wads: - STRAIN, currently on map 24. At the end I'm going to replay map 21 because I totally skipped it. - PRCP, for the DWMC. And these ones on standby: - Freedoom Phase 2, I occasionally play a random map but since it's not complete, I leave it there and wait for future updates, hoping the flame bringer is removed or redone, I horribly dislike it. - Nihility, I haven't even started to play it since the author said they were working on a full megawad. I don't know if they're still on it. - Oceanside by valkiriforce, will play this after Strain. - Operation N.O.O.B, there's something going on with this wad, it's not bad but it feels like a joke sometimes. I downloaded it only because there were iron liches in the screenshots.
  10. I think the bug in map 31 has also happened to me months ago. Oh whatever, today is no wifi day so I'm on my cellphone, I apologize for any horrible spelling mistakes, I don't have autocorrect. MAP16: Gambit Death Count: 0 Second contribution by Matt Tropiano, another cool map. As simple as it looks like, this map is one of my favourites so far in terms of aesthetics. Caves, bridges and water blend together so well here. It's easy as a whole, but not a breather map. What pistol starters have here is low ammo and a lack of armor for the first half. There are many hitscanners, revenants, imps and demons to deal with. It starts slow, I tried to be careful, punching and gunning whatever was in front of me. Progression is a mix of non-linearity and straightforward. I found myself wandering around looking for armor, and after grabbing one, the rest of the map was considerably smoother. For example, there's a revswarm (previous or after the blue armor depending on what you do) which triggers a bit earlier than it should. You can rapidly go for the plasma rifle, but if not, camping from where you came in is another option (what I instinctly did). I don't know which one is better, mine slows down the pace a lot... Anyway, aside from this, I don't find anything else to point out, the rest of the encounters aren't so threatening, the revswarm with a spiderdemon guarding the exit could probably be the "hardest" part, but at that point the player will be overpowered to solve everyrthing easily. Secrets, the blue armor is important to speed things up a bit. It's location has two sectors tagged as secrets. The third one is a soulsphere specially for the last rooms, necessary or not depending on your skills. Ammo is short at the beginning, so the berserk is important. The BFG at the end isn't particularly necessary, well I suppose speedrunners would appreciate it more, I just used it because it was there waiting for me. Overall, fun map, yes one of my favourites.
  11. MAP32: Have @ It Death Count: 4 or 5 Huh... William Huber was in charge of the (in)famous Go 2 It remix. It certainly captures the essence of the iwad map, I could see the typical rip-offs and homages from other maps like Entryway and Hangar. Same textures used in Go 4 It, and I liked those green/brown bars in the caves. There are more monsters than in its cousins, but most of them will kill each other. This makes the map tremendously easier than it probably should be. Even in Go 2 It there wasn't so many infighting opportunities. The outside arena is mostly for show, as it repopulates everytime you grab a key or flip a switch and eventually restart the same massacre. It wasn't until the archviles came in that I spent ammo for any intruder. In fact, archviles were busy resurrecting and targeting other enemies that killing them was easy peasy. After the red key, the cave with the spiderdemon and company was all cleanup. I was near death at a point in the crossfire between the spider and archviles, but it was still easy to survive. My actual worry about the map was the last part, I wasn't quite sure how to approach since I didn't remember how merciful was that part with cells. There went like 5 deaths, all being corralled by the barons, and an incidental rocket. Yeah it's was a bad idea to refuge in the cave. The sniper archviles were another worry, most of the cybers died in the carnage, and then a wave of pain elementals. So, the hardest part of the map is, from my experience, deciding what to do first when you step on the fake exit pad. Because after I cleaned up everything, a final wave of enemies was released but it wasn't too problematic. I think this map is easier than Go 4 It, it doesn't end into an IoS fight at least. Secrets, the two of them give you cells and health, both are useful if you're not careful. The midi is catchy, it does fit in this map. There's a lot of ammo to spend, if you're willing to use only the BFG, I suppose without some infighting it wouldn't be enough. I used every weapon, even the chainsaw against pain elementals, it just felt like that kind of map I can use whatever the hell I want, however the hell I want, recklessly and carelessly. Overall, nice map, if a bit easy until the last part. Sometimes I start this map on god mode and join the infighting without moving a finger, I don't know why but I like to see the carnage around me. My rate is fruit salad.
  12. And once again, I forgot to comment on midis, map 15's music is really good and I'm listening to it right now. ---------------------- MAP31: Cyberdemon Vertigo Death Count: 2 Whoo here gave us a remake of Cyberden, in the style of what PRCP's been showing so far. In this case, wood and greenish moss textures combined, they make a nice combination in my opinion. Not a big map and it's actually more compact than the iwads same slots but yet there's a lot of free space to navigate, for the first 3/4 of the map. More non-damaging blood pools here and there, and inescapable pits apparently. Gameplay is, like in Cyberden, focused on presenting one or two cyberdemons and company at a time. Only the first one is particularly dangerous because of one reason I found, inappropriate: you get the BFG, SSG, and RL early, then you have two shotgunners in the first room, in the case you have to move to avoid rockets you'll crash into some shotguns that will force the change of weapon to the new one. It happened to me and I thought I run out of cells (which wasn't the case), so that distracted me for a little and I fell into the pit which is apparently inescapable, there went my second death (the first one with the archies before). The rest of the cyberdemons weren't a problem to be honest, after the third one it started to feel repetitive (just like in Cyberden and Cybernation). There were other problems in the map. For instance, without foreknowledge you can screw the way to reach the secret exit. I did it (f*** my memory). Another problem is the placement of many barons as snipers, they are not that dangerous and they can evade your rockets easily. One more issue, there's an obligatory megasphere to trigger some traps and the path to proceed, I was full on health/armor by that time and still had to grab it. The rest was fine I guess, some sneaky archviles to BFG are always fun, and appreciate no archies behind fake walls. Secrets, well the secret exit is the only official one. There's also a "secret" room, it gifts you with plenty of ammo and spheres, but reaching it is a matter of only one chance. I think it's a neat easter egg though, but anyone playing blind their first time will surely never get to it. For anyone playing saveless and blind, here are the correct ways: Or check the wiki... Ammo is more than enough, so that's good. There is no need to two-shot anything, but I did it with a couple señores anyway. This doesn't mean you can spam cells like crazy because there's still a limit of cells, not counting the secret easter egg... Nice iwad midi too. Overall, it's acceptable. Umm that's it.
  13. I suppose there'll be no issues if I comment on map 15, right? MAP15: Enigma Helix UV, pistol start, saves Death Count: 2 Time: 1 hour, 36 minutes or so The first contribution of Xaser we have here is a long non-huge map. Mostly inspired by Neurosphere, in the text file it says there're bits of other maps, I think Speed is one (bloody, chaingunners from afair, action mostly on wooden rooms), and, I don't know what else... It's not as large as it looks like, this one plays with pieces of varied height, specially the yellow key tower, non-damaging blood again, lots of circle stairs, long jumps and tight corridors. Previous the red key tower, the scenery is quite similar to map 25 of the wad, which is also made by the same author. The map is clearly meant to be played in really slow motion. There are so many setpieces to talk about. For instance, I'm going to say I enjoyed most of the encounters, but completely despised by the abundance of snipers. Most of them can snipe from distant points, but you don't have a chance to kill them yet. Yes, chaingunners and revenants, and shotgunners too. There are also archviles used as snipers, if you don't notice where they are, this can happen. My favourite part would be the red skull trap, it's tight and demands quick usage of cells. The other encounters have their ups and downs. The metal maze is nice but some pesky hidden chaingunners can ruin your mood. The yellow key tower is, well it's demanding for sure, but I'm not sure it convinced me. I had some issues with infinite height and rocket shortage, for three archviles, having to bullet/shell spam them and their resurrected meatshields wasn't so fun. There went my first death because of stupid annoying imps that can block your way while you're caught on fire... I liked having to long-jump from tall parts to advance. Crushers are also present in the map, the one in the YK tower is the worst because you can't grab everything in once without loosing health, or armor since there's the soulsphere. Yeah the rest of the encounters are all more cleanups than something outstanding. The blue door ambushes at least include some archviles but I ended up cheesing the room due to all the hitscanners that were also present, roaming and sniping. I think the most interesting thing of the map is the secret hunt, the way to get to the secret exit is a little obscure but you can find it earlier and avoid the blue door ambush, if I'm not wrong. Some unconventional baron placements too, the ones next to the red bars are simply ammo sponges. Secrets, some very powerful ones, the most valuable one could be the BFG, because it's so tempting when you see it. The computer map is indeed a helper. The soulsphere and megasphere are too. For the secret exit, if someone wants to know the path, you have to: Ammo is mostly shells and bullets, I would have liked more rockets to use against all the mid-tiers used as snipers. Cells are also abundant, the BFG can be obtained a little late, but at least non of the encounters demand the use of it. Overall, I didn't want to extend myself too much, the map is alright, there's nothing offensive with it being very long, it's just that it exceeds on snipers and bullet/shell usage for my taste. Uh, Xaser seems to like this sort of maps, his NEIS e4m6 was another one long and full of secrets. Oh what the hell, acceptable map.
  14. All of the oldest files are contained in my games folder, the majority are DOS games, one of them belonged to a 5¼ disk and I was lucky to copy the files into my previous computer and back them up, before the disk drive stop working forever. So those files have to be the oldest ones I kept alive since my childhood.