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  1. galileo31dos01

    Doom 64 for Doom II Respawned! - Need a few more testers!

    @Mechadon May I say, that looks yummy. What I'd only change is that slight red line that divides the armor box to the keys boxes, and paint it green.
  2. galileo31dos01

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Heroes' Tales, MAP21. Hud is by galileo's team: me, myself and I (:
  3. galileo31dos01

    Things about Doom you just found out

    First time I notice this: the cacodemon's lump next to his ass turns blue when he's attacking.
  4. galileo31dos01

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    "FRAG/ARMS" issue is gone, resolution forced aspect ratio thing is also gone, it runs smooth and fresh. Thank you very much Fabian!
  5. galileo31dos01

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    I guess so, the FRAG part is all brown so what you're saying makes sense, thanks!
  6. galileo31dos01

    Crispy Doom 5.2 (Update: June 20, 2018)

    Here's a tiny thing that could possibly be port related: So I was doing a status bar for myself to use in other mapper's megawad, namely Zone 300. The thing is, when I finished the bar I went to test it using Crispy (4.2). This is what's shown at first: Looks how it is supposed to be. Then if I grab a weapon or type idkfa, this is what's shown: Lumps STYSNUM0-9 don't have any brown pixels originally as you can see in picture 1, just the gold pixels. This is very odd to me, I don't know what that happens. To make sure it wasn't related to SlumpED, I tested on GLBoom+ and ZDoom, and in both there are no weird overlapped pixels. Lastly, tested in Crispy 5.1 and Choco 3.0.0, to see the issue in picture 2 is there too. Any idea why that happens only in Choco and Crispy? Also here's the bar if it's needed: statusbar.zip
  7. galileo31dos01

    RC: Lost civilization, episode 1. Feedback appreciated!

    I gave some quick tries to the maps, as I told you before the atmosphere is incredible, all the detailing and such make an unique theme in Doom or non-ZDoom wads, no real problems there except for the chandeliers in the very last room of map 06, which infinite height the player. About monsters, I only had troubles in map 05, died a couple of times at the start due to shotgun attrition, then the cave maze was indeed a maze, hard to keep to track of things and also former humans peeking from dark corners. Nothing aggravating. A thing to consider is block lines, many of the enemies used as turrets can be pushed off the platforms, like the viles on platforms. For the SMM there I'd place more enemies to teleport after the YK, like mancs/zombies and revs from a distance, I think its initial position is a clear sign that you're not supposed to kill her while it's there, but she can still snipe you in the houses. The cyberdemon is in a harder position though, it can be pushed and get stuck on a border (that's how I found him), but block lines would forbid him to wander around... heh, nevermind, it's fine :P
  8. galileo31dos01


    Done with these settings: - GLBoom+ complevel 9. - Ultra-Violence. - Continuous combined with a pistol start mindset. - Saves every 10 minutes or so. Important note: it's supposed to be compatible with complevel 2. However, a quick research in the forum showed me that there're some issues in the intended complevel, therefore I chose 9 to play the whole thing in sequence. Whatever you choose, expect broken monster teleport lines in a couple maps. First of all, Bloodstain is an impressive megawad of beautiful super-detailed design layouts. Thematically joins the Plutonian architectural design in the first set of maps, such as vines, dark bricks, lots of grey and brown, various naturalistic environments rather than techbases. Then it's all about medieval castles of shades of brown, culminating in ginormous grey gothic castles with bits of hot red rocks and exploration on lava (which doesn't hurt, surprisingly), more like in another dimension, since at some point you're traversing pure flesh and gore, and after that, the void. There's some icy maps in between, which I liked too. And oh boy how amazing are the little details, like the floating lampposts in the brown tall castle from map 17, or the multiple faux 3D bridges where, I must say, it is possible to fall in between the steps like you would in real life, not that it's funny in any way. I really like the geometry variation in the maps, even though you wander through caves and, naturally, corridors, there is nothing samey about the design, at least from my perspective, it's like each map has its own personality. My only gripe is how geometry can become a disadvantage in certain maps, the clearest example is map 28, I could count at least 10 elastic collisions in the same room, wow. The soundtrack is a wide selection of tracks we all probably know from wads like Scythe and Alien Vendetta, some ROTT midis, this song by Blur called "Song 2", and more. Honorable mentions are TNT04 and Plutonia 2 map 14 midis, because those are my favourite Doom tracks :P This is a weird case of a mapset, it has everything in aesthetics to accompany the same quality of gameplay, but that's not always the case here. The style of combat is actually diverse, from casual instances of frontal fights, to extreme carnage in confined spaces, and everything in between. I'd think of Alien Vendetta or Scythe's third episode as a comparison, Plutonia too, there's some obvious homages of those scattered in the maps, but the general adventurous/murderous grindy bloodshed of that era is present here, along with many situations of slaughter-esque, choreographic-based fights in arenas of all sizes. Usual starts evolve surpassing an army of dudes (mostly imps, cacodemons and former humans) to reach your first available weapon, and that becomes a serious task in further maps where earlier monsters are also mid to high-tiers in packs waiting to unleash their power on you. Progression, despite being mostly linear key hunts, comes at the cost of multiple deaths in order to build a route to where resources are lying, which can be tense and fun, if sometimes very slow in this wad. Things get real demanding in the middle episode, not to mention how hazardous is the cramped combat in this wad, specifically when all sorts of enemies join together to shred you before you realize what's going on. It's ok to put pressure from many sides, but situations like chains of hitscanners inside a small square or instapop barons/revenants in a very narrow corridor, combined with questionable geometry, are merely RNG rollercoasters, and that kind of combat isn't my thing. Anyway, about opposition, if something can't be ignored is the vast number of circumstances where this can't deliver it's full potential thanks to some inconsistency in their placement. What you see is what you get, except they don't always get to your spot, which isn't the monsters' fault, but the enormous amount of block lines that impede them to track the marine. This is extremely crucial, since it trivializes a LOT of the encounters, whether they become boring "walls" of meat or subject of obvious infight, almost like scripted shows. I'm not opposed of the infighting though, it was fun to trigger as many ambushes as possible to solve their issues on their own, and helps a lot when ammo is tight, because I noticed weapon progression can be wonky sometimes for pistol starts, like secret SSGs or BFGs when they would theoretically be more optimal as mandatory. On a semi-positive side, there exist a bunch of interesting concepts and gimmicks, such as to prepare yourself in god mode for a full slaughter arena; take a blur sphere to handle a sudden zombiemen apocalypse; lead a spiderdemon to perforate a bunch of revenants; activate switches to watch some imps being tortured, which are some sort of obscure indication of another gimmick with barrels, you'll probably realize too late about it. Good or bad execution is in the eye of the beholder, the standout for me is a finale where the platform lowers into a pool of corpses and, you guessed it, a squadron of savage archviles flood the space and turns the arena into an uncontrollable madness in a blink of an eye. I'm still not sure what to think of that section, it's doable but far from fair, I would have preferred to have the archviles introduced part by part. Whatever, I'll never forget about the constant fire in my screen... The megawad comes with three new enemies. One is an upgraded baron of hell, also known as "Hellstorm Archon" in Realm667. In combat, he gets to be a douche in tight quarters. It takes time to adjust your dodging since he now shoots a second fireball, which also means that in infighting he's able to smash up to four-five revenants, for example. The downside is their usage, typically found (un)protected by block lines inside a cubicle, or at the top of a lift waiting in a tiny room with no chance to avoid damage. The concept of this new baron is cool though. Another new douche is the Z-Sec, a tanky sergeant wearing a helmet. He shoots in bursts, three shotgun shots. Yes, a nasty opponent, the only issue is that a close SSG shot might not be enough to kill him if blockmap gets in the way, which was annoying sometimes. Last but not least the Afrit, a flying red hell noble, though in this wad it shoots just fireballs, thank goodness. They usually appear in family, and take a bunch of ammo to kill, specially if your shot push them far away. I guess their strongest usage is previous the last map, other than that their appearance is generally low. Secret-wise, super useful ones might not be easy to miss, but you really don't want to miss them. A SSG or BFG can make situations less awkward if found in time, there is one special chain of secrets to get a necessary BFG in one map that requires an atypical trick to get a necessary key, hope you find out the solution! Anyway, that's my standout secret, we need more of those in non-ZDoom stuff. Favourite maps are 10, 18, 23, 24, 25, and 30, while the rest have their ups and downs. The secret maps deserve a mention too, particularly map 32 for its visual content. The maps where it's possible to miss kills are 06, 18, and 29, monsters that failed to teleport in somewhere. Overall, while not outstanding on its gameplay, this is still one of the most impressive-looking wads I've seen so far, that could be a good reason to at least try on HNTR or HMP, because UV can turn head-scratching later, not suitable for casual blind runs. I'm honestly glad with the experience, it ended in good terms. My rate is 7/10.
  9. galileo31dos01

    Macro and micro slaughter?

    From my understanding, macro-slaughter refers to, in principle, giant number of enemies to kill in medium to large sized environments. Some examples I can think of are a lot of SlaughterMAX and Slaughterfest 2012/3 maps, those that can take 40 minutes or longer to complete. Micro-slaughter is not exactly the opposite, the number is smaller than in macro, not that huge rooms, the maps can be short and concise, something like maps 03 and 06 from Rush, or map 28 from Going Down. And being slaughter, the same style of combat can exist in both, numbers and length are the variables, but micro tends to have more tense tight quarters imo.
  10. galileo31dos01

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Obsidian The last map pack is missing STGNUMX lumps, in the zip file I posted weeks ago there's a file called "STGNUMblank" which is to import in the wad as STGNUM0, STGNUM1, etc, so the hud looks the intended way. Sorry if I didn't explain myself better before.
    Done with these settings: - Crispy Doom 4.2, ZDoom for bonus maps. - Ultra Violence. - Continuous combined with a pistol start mindset as much as possible. - Saves every 10 minutes or so. Important note: The text file explicitly claims this wad is designed to be played on Boom compatible source ports. Nevertheless, I have not experienced any single symptom with Crispy Doom, so this wad should be perfectly playable in complevel 3 if that's what people want to. Hmm, well, sometimes reality beats expectations, this has been a mix of emotions and feelings, positive and negative, ups and downs. My first experience with a project leaded by Paul Corfiatis, whom I understand is a well-known active mapper. A fairly likable mapset, with an approach comparable to the old classic iwad, in many ways. First is the ambient theme, each episode follows the same structure of visuals that we know from Doom I, that is tech-bases for the first episode, then something more fleshy afterwards, an introduction to hell, and finally all the pieces together in the fourth episode. I must say though, initially I had a bad taste about the aesthetics, the couple first maps looked rough and very simplistic, part is because of all the symmetry around, a lot of copy/pasted sections, but then visuals got much better later and in the second episode, where symmetry was at least accompanied with more polished detailing. Things turn even more appealing in the third and fourth: more colours, height and light variation became notable features, less square-y geometry in general, still a few minuses here and there such as invasive torches where doomguy can't avoid to glue himself on them. There're also a few new textures which can be seen particularly in secret maps, not that they add a whole new theme to the wad. The Hexen windows looked a bit out of place in my opinion. The new soundtrack has its moments, I'd have preferred myself to hear some recycled iwad tracks in between instead, which is unfortunate because most of the midis used are fantastic, yet they don't match with their corresponding maps in my opinion. Anyways, as far as I'm concerned, the idea here is to get an experience more challenging than in classic Doom, while keeping the overall progression similar to it. Well, it's definitely different, there is a higher level of difficulty, but I can't say the same from quality. The ideas from the main author and guests seemed to be correlated to follow a story behind the episodes but the execution of each map left me the impression of lack of consistency between them. This was notable in every episode except for the first one, which despite being the least appealing, it's also the one where you get most of the same two authors. This first episode brings a lot of samey incidental fights in compact hallways, symmetric rooms and mostly SG/CG combat, traps that lack any energy or rely on dickish moves, like instacrushers. You'll immediately drown in shells in the first maps, so pistol starts are ideal, not that it adds a pinch of difficulty. In the second episode, things get a bit more tricky with the introduction of instapops, the kind that you'll never want to experience blind: shotgunners that teleport behind the player or next to them at any time. There's some more variety with the type of ammo you can use, albeit the cases of strict resource economy in maps from Hansen and Babich. The third episode is where the inconsistency can lead to frustration if you opt to pistol start or complete the maps. It has the best looking maps by Corfiatis, and interesting ideas from the other authors, there is no denial about the progress of quality content in regards to visuals, and to some extent, combat. For instance, SG vs. barons/cacos becomes way more common (says the guy who could have used the RL more often but opted to stay on pistol start-ish mode), but sometimes you get a tasty berserk, points for that. Strict ammo or way too much depending on the author, and I seriously can't for the life of me understand what's the point of the "finale" in the third map... Last but not least, episode four contains a great mixed bag of gems and, other less pretty stones. Once again, an advance in visuals and detailing, like now darkness is a fun factor. The strict economy of resources is still an everlasting topic and now it is paired with cramped, congested rooms with meaty monsters that can shred doomguy in a blink of an eye. Not that tight quarters wasn't a thing before, it's just that this episode took it seriously, particularly in the secret map. To my surprise, any upper-tier weapon here comes with little usage, which is an odd design choice for an episode that's supposed to be the hardest. I would personally suggest continuous in both 3rd and 4th episode to "rise to the occasions", or in other words, kill high-HP enemies in less time. Finally, I'd like to mention how anticlimactic the end-of-episode maps are, maybe the exception is E1M8, but for the rest not a single engaging "boss" encounter, for example, the fact you don't even have to shoot a bullet to kill the spiderdemon in E3M8 says it all. Similar with the bonus maps, nothing there you don't want to miss. Secret-wise, it starts a bit wall-humpy, then it's a hit or miss, some particularly annoying secret chains to get to the secret maps with no intuitive way to solve, or some juicy weapons and armor that otherwise are nonexistent in standard progression. One thing that seemed confusing to me was all the nukage pits with radiation suits, they all looked like there were some hidden secrets, but there was nothing. For favourite maps I'll pick E3M2, E4M1 and E4M6, while also E4M4 and E4M5 are among the best ones too. I can't say I loved anything from the first two episodes though. Overall, maybe memorable, but not legendary, and this is really not an important thing, just try the middle episodes on continuous or surrender to Tommy the Trooper and his army of barons :P. Whatever, my rate is 5/10.
  11. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dimension of the Boomed & MAYhem 2016

    MAP07: Elsewhere A hub map, duh. Isolated, deserted, but fierce in aesthetics. I picked Hard and chose to directly pistol start what was coming. Continuous players might want to choose Easy or leave it in RNGesus' hands. I'm very curious to see what Urthar has in plans for his next project, two of the paths lead to intriguing dead ends, with floating messages = "to be continued..." MAP08: Ziggurat Mayhem Not much to say that others didn't, it's an accurate bonus map. Features a bit of everything in terms of combat and some interesting hazards we all know (crushers, simple platforming on lava, darkness). I've watched part of DyingCamel's stream of MAYhem 16, so I had some of foreknowledge, with the exception of secrets. It's funny how a common design structure in this map is corridors, yet the monster composition and ways to approach each section never feel dull or samey. There's pressure from more than one side, enough room to move, various weapon choices. I really enjoyed this map, perfect closure to an amazing adventure. MAP09: Swim Hungry No, thank YOU for making this masterpiece :) Final thoughts take a bunch of time to write, and I have yet other five(!) wads to review because lazy me. I really hope this gets to the download sections someday, this is such a work of art that can't be missed as time goes on and new threads appear, like happened with Preacher (and many more). Anyway, have all a good time with MAYhem 16!
  12. galileo31dos01

    What are you playing now?

    Oh hey, it's me again, bumping this thread for the peeps. I'm about to play Kuchitsu by Memfis, with crispy. Considering how short the maps are, I might play the whole in sequence tonight and replay it on pistol start tomorrow not to loose the intended experience explicitly stated in the text file. Heh, I have my own principles when it comes to "continuous", though, I've never felt so under control by a text file before lol jk. Since I'm here... after Kuchitsu, it will be either Elmlea Single or Slaughterfest 2011, and something like Hexen or System Vices in the middle. Goodbye.
  13. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dimension of the Boomed & MAYhem 2016

    I don't have plans to play MAYhem 16 anytime soon, so I'll definitely post my feedback tomorrow, it's a nice bonus map for sure.
  14. galileo31dos01

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Dimension of the Boomed & MAYhem 2016

    MAP06: Malign Masters Thumbs up for the cinematic entrance! It's a fortress dominated by brains on metallic legs, making their debut in the wad, plus a sneaky plasma rifle. Gameplay is focused on incidental everything, look to one side and there's a baby, look to the other side and there's a mommy, take an elevator and there's a whole family waiting for you. Mobility comes at the cost of maintaining the equilibrium between moderately narrow bridges surrounded by the hottest lava ever (and by "hottest" I mean dat texture) and a bunch of thick hitboxes roaming around. Spidermom's new features were a surprise, not only shoots plasma in a faster rate than her babies, but has less probabilities to flinch (♥), faster reaction time (♥♥), and doesn't occupy half of a planet (♥♥♥). It's funny to see something that huge wandering with so much freedom, and not because of my own dehacked patch. Ammunition is on the tight side during the core of the combat, where it's possible to run out of it like I did in my demo because Good at Doom ™. In a map of this style, rockets are the go-to option for the majority of the enemies, along with the sped-up chaingun as a viable support against arachnotrons and KO the bigger ones. This is possible though, if you add both shotguns and plasma weapons, which I didn't mind using as backups. I vetoed point-blank BFG shots to avoid fatalities in my demo :P. However, rdwpa has a good point about the ledges of rockets, the SMMs work as ammo sponges there, preventing the player to grab those shiny rockets until they're dead, and I support the idea of stairs. Two of the secrets become accessible too late to make a difference: from a pistol start, the backpack is unnecessary once the majority is dead. On continuous it's still not very useful, since you end on type 11 floor, which leaves you almost dead for the following maps (you can revive in the hub map, though I chose to start fresh, ergo swallow my own rocket). The secret soulsphere + plasma ammo seems to come in handy only if you plan on killing everything in the exit room before you die (note: there's a switch to lower the ledge if you don't want to sr50), as it's not actually rewarding imo. So, if seen as a single map, it's quite fun and develops a lot of effective monster usage, puts the player to maintain equilibrium in order to avoid injuries on pain sector, intensified by the inopportune blur spheres on each teleporter. As a boss map, maybe it lacks what others call "oomph", a sort of finale or perhaps a battalion of spiderdemons at the end, since they won't infight, why not? :P . Just my opinion, of course, the map is still memorable. Some small things or suggestions: - Spiderdemons still drop clips, that's oddly hilarious because they theoretically don't own a super chaingun here. - This detail infinite-heighted me when I did the jump, perhaps it could be moved to the side a bit? - The backpack should appear earlier, for example, with the secret PR. Finally, what do we do with the hub and ending map? Can we post about them all together in one day?