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  1. Basically what Voros said, I would add that killing chaingunners with the chaingun gives an indescribable sensation. Just watching them being paralyzed with the weapon they formerly own is asdfasdfasdfasdf
  2. MAP31 Time: 1:17:18 Death Count: 7 or 8 Secrets: 0/0 Oh what a wonderful start, NOT. (2) A map that looks and sounds impressive. I love Jazz Jackrabbit tunes, it fits so good in this map, to the point it doesn't sound weird or non-Doomish. Now to my experience, well the starting point was the worst for me. Four annoying cybers to play seek and hide, plus archies and chaingunners. I tried to kill them first, since opening walls would release more enemies that would have make it worst (for me). So with only one side half-opened, it turned into a cat and mouse game. Going to one side and waiting for the cybers to use my plasma rifle full of cells from the last map (I don't care if that trivialized the map, really glad I had them). A few deaths, why not, and I finally managed to kill them all. Then obviously continued opening more walls and cleared the rooms. Hi! Taking any elevator will teleport two chaingunners and an archvile, randomly and whenever they want, making it confusing which weapon to choose better or immediately pulling the BFG for the archie that is already covering you in fire. I found out that escaping from the elevator before it starts to go up was better to deal with them. I know it consumes time and it's optional, but you know, in no way I forgive lives in a map. Oh nice zombiemen hordes!! accompanied by 4 archviles each side. And shittons of clips, beautiful! and lagging as hell!! Each side had its own arena battle guarding the keys. Very cramped battles where I died many times due to the geometry of the stage. I can't count how many times I got stuck by invisible walls trying not to eat projectiles. However, the visuals were so impressive that overshadowed the geometry, so, cool battles! Talking about boomisms... who told you could get off your ledges?? To finnish the map, I had to use the keys, with doors that open in less than a millisecond. Behind those doors were the last enemies, a couple BFG pre-shots to kill the archies, then playing with more cybers, and said bye to the map. @Demtor some of your links send to "404 Not Found", and it also happens with some of mine, what is wrong with imgur??
  3. 1 Monster 4 U no...
  4. I can't pick any Doom 1 midi as my favourite, all of them are cool and makes me feel nostalgic. From Doom II, map27's midi is my favourite. Do Final Doom midis count? No? Ok I don't care, my all time favourite is Death Bells.
  5. Ok so people are currently with DV2... well at least there's two more maps to finnish this lovely set. MAP15 Time: 2:24:51 Death Count: 0 Secrets: 1/1 Umm, it went so much better than I thought. At first I wasn't too sold on the map, the archvile-armies presence, highly dangerous cybers, endless cacoswarms... But in my one-legal-run I embraced those encounters and did my best. The map already tells you "move the f*** away now!!" from the beginning. My first step was to clear each of the parks surrounding the castle. Starting with the leftmost side (looking to the castle, where the arachnotrons were). Funnily enough, the cyber could be telefragged if he teleported on top of the blood fountain. Not possible in the rightmost side, where that cyber always avoided the teleport. Those two cybers in the exit section had to be killed asap. After that, the sides behind the castle. "Are you my Juliet? You don't seem happy to see me...". Grabbed the yellow skull and released the first horde, including the first cacoswarm. How do you call that effect where cacos/PEs get pushed so fast when shot?? Well that was what made those cacos utterly annoying to kill. So glad there were no Pain Elementals... Anyway, moving on to get inside the castle where two, actually one distant lady (the other one died god knows how) was awaiting to drill me. On top of the stairs, archviles and their pets roaming around the ledges. People say barons are ammo sponges, let me tell who are actually ammo sponges: distant archviles constantly resurrecting enemies in front of them. At least 50 rockets to kill those spicy ambushes!! Not because I was lacking of rockets, but because I was like "can you f***ing die already? stop resurrecting those imps! you do more harm to them than good!". Next mission, blue skull, quite easy to get. I love how this wad doesn't discriminate zombiemen. Then, the balconies. Damn those pillars in favour of the cybers and their rockets! Last key, the red one. I felt bad for this lady, she couldn't even kill one baron. That was unfair, why so much hate to SMMs? why? :(. The 3 cybers did what she unfortunately couldn't. Ok, after beating those archviles and hitscanners, I claimed my trophy and went to the triple-key switch and released the last horde. Also including another cacoswarm. This was where I pulled my strong weaponry and offed all of them. Infighting helped obviously. Finally, went to shoot the two secret switches (thanks automap, luv u ♥) and get out of the map. So, fun map after all. I could swear I heard that midi before...
  6. There's a stupid tiny fly in my bedroom and it's pissing me off because I can't kill it since it's too tiny and barely can locate it, and it also interferes with my playthrough.


    In addition, it's freezing here and I'm shaking while playing. 

    1. torekk


      I know that feel, even though I have screens in front of each of my windows, some flies still manage to get through.


      But fly catchers are also worth it, especially when you place them near a light source.


      And I read that if you mix some laurel oil into your wall paint, that'll also help, since flies hate the smell of laurel. But repainting my whole flat seems a bit overkill just for this, maybe some day.

  7. In case PrBoom+ lags or crash, you could try GlBoom+ too, just set the options as equal as your preferences in PrBoom+ and it should run perfect. That's what I'm going to do for the last maps to avoid issues.
  8. Yes, and also a monster may growl when defeating another monster during infighting. Haven't you ever heard a Cyberdemon growling many times when mowing a horde of mid-tiers?
  9. What about preparing to rocket an enemy that is on a ledge in front of you, but the autoaim says "oh wait there's a sleeping invisible spectre in this pit between you and that enemy over there that can wait a few more minutes to be killed don't you think? yes you do", because autoaim and infinite height haven't met each other yet or are secretly evil allies.
  10. I've noticed recently that, using PrBoom+, when a monster defeats another monster during infighting, it doesn't growl in victory. This is one of my favourite features in Doom and I'm intrigued why this doesn't happen with this port, at least it doesn't happen to me. May I mention I only use that port for boom compatible wads (complevel 9), maybe it's related with that complevel, who knows?
  11. Wall bouncing when running. Say you need to jump to a lower ledge, but you end up bouncing against the wall and falling into an inescapable pit, to name an example.
  12. MAP14 Time: 39:18 Death Count: 3 Secrets: 1/1 Nice map. If chaingunners took the prize for most dangerous monsters in the previous map, here the crown goes to archviles! In general, the map had cool encounters involving Cyberdemons in narrow corridors, it is possible to avoid having to two-shot some of them, but that requires fast reaction and movement. Also, cool use of gunners to gain more ammo. I really like 3-key-hunting maps, and this was not the exception. However, each way to get a key had its own encounters, that came with their, lemon seeds (?). No I'm not saying they were bad or unfair, in fact the unfun parts were due to specific enemies or issues with them, so in no way I'm blaming the mapper, ok? ok. First, the red skull part, which was the first key I went to look for. Really prepared full health/armor and still those lovely red tomatoes nailed me as if there were no tomorrow. Twice. Yeah, fuck infinite height and their ability to rush when damaged. I could have used the BFG but I wanted to see how not necessary it was. Nice touch with those coloured teleports, really helpful to make the battle way cooler. Third try, with proper use of the arena and resources, bye bye cacos (I pulled it after the battle, don't get the wrong idea...) Next, yellow skull part, cooler encounters with more archviles, revenants, and blurred pinkies. I don't like spectres anymore :) This is how I dealt with the cybers. Say whatever but if I can avoid the risky two-shot strategy I'm happier. For the first one, just showed my face until he saw me and run back to the open room. For the second one, quickly killed the archviles, opened the door and did the same. Last, the blue skull part, where I think the BFG is necessary for the nobles parade. The cyber was easy to kill but I must point out the importance of keeping him outside, he can get inside and that's never a good thing. Now the real danger, for one side, six archviles, for the other side, teleporting revenants. I spent a few minutes thinking what should I do, since whatever way looked like if I was going to end up being blown away. My only idea was to quickly wake them all up, BFG the revenants, get inside, rocket as much as possible. The tedious part was the archviles resurrecting enemies that I had killed before. And yeah, it seemed like an endless battle. Until this one, yep... the moment was funny though, we both killed each other at the same time. So overall, I liked this map, it was notably easier than many other previous maps, but still the fun challenge was there. One last thing, can we just talk about how beautiful is the blue sky in these maps? I can just enjoy a full megawad with only that sky in every map.
  13. Quick question, is it too bad if PrBoom+ freezes when trying to load map 16? It doesn't freeze with GlBoom+ but instead it takes a long time to load the map...
  14. MAP13 Time: 1:01:30 Death Count: 1 Secrets: 4/4 Very very fun map. Easy start with interesting details in regards to visuals (loved the chandeliers). Dead Simple guys along with revenants and chaingunners. Some infighting and rocketing to deal with them, and the space was clear enough to call the blue door enemies. Then I threw myself to the first secret, just to tag it. The other section was more dangerous but part of that was because I forgot to grab armor before huh... Those roaming chaingunners really nailed me while I was having fun with the cyber. Blame myself for not grabbing that blue armor from upstairs. The second try didn't go much better, they left me with 1%. Still this time I nailed them lol. The next part was my favourite, it really felt like battling under a lagoon. Ignoring the Cyberdemon, I circled around the lagoon while killing the arachnotrons, so the SMM gets to infight the cacos. She at least killed many of them, I killed the rest. Also, to have a lot but a LOT of shells available, my idea was that the cyber fights the shotgunners, as well as the archies resurrect them to get killed again and so on. Clever isn't it? Yes I know. The first path I chose was the longest one (the red key part). I really liked this part. During my first iddqd session, I went blind to the skull switch (the one to lower the BFG), and suddenly heard AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGG behind me. That made me crack up so much, nice way to surprise a player. Anyway, a lot of archviles around, specially that typical ambush in the exit room, repeated in the shortest path. Wow!, well, not a problem if you cheese him that way. Also, to make the final ambush less harsh, I made the cacos (smile for the camera!)come to mancubus-trap, so the archies wouldn't have anything to resurrect and me nothing that could block my shots. After everybody was dead, the yellow key path was next. OK those cybers looked weird there. It was really important to have as much ammo as possible, there's no second chance to get in there with the cybers alive. Yep, that took a while. Finally, went to take another shower and exit the map. So yeah, liked this map. Music reminded me to some midis from Urania.