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  1. guitardz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Another night of progress on Bloodloss MAP02. I finally tackled some of the planks I wanted to put in the storage room, sloped 3d floors take it out of me, so I'll finish the other end of the room another night.
  2. Veteran of the Psychic Wars and Black Blade by Blue Oyster Cult.
  3. guitardz

    Brutal Bolognese Gore Mod (the sucessor to Ketchup)

    Since i use BloodFixer which give's different colored blood to certain enemies, this would be appreciated an addition.
  4. guitardz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I need to see this in game. The whole map looks great in editor.
  5. If you like Doom 64 I highly recommend Doom 64: Retribution. It has the full D64 campaign and a handfull of other mappacks that were converted from Doom 64 Absolution and EX. It runs in GZDoom.
  6. guitardz

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    This is way too colorful for a BB map.
  7. Also, if using GZDoom, you can bind a key to "map map *" no quotes (or is it map*) to restart the current map with a pistol start.
  8. guitardz

    Best Single Map WADs

    Ah, a good idea , not sure why I didn't think of it. I'll get on it after patrol at work, looks like it's gonna be a lot to compile. Maybe I'll even rank them by number of mentions or something.
  9. guitardz

    120 Doomguy Variant Skins: Released+Fixed!

    I finallt got around to it... guitardz_mugshots.zip
  10. guitardz

    The Best of the Best

    Why doesn't my local Wendy's have this?
  11. guitardz

    Best Single Map WADs

    Interesting, I havent uad a reason to install Eternity before now. I might check this out soon.
  12. guitardz

    Best Single Map WADs

    Miasma has been mentioned a couple of times now, it must be pretty great :)
  13. guitardz

    Best Single Map WADs

    No monsters, eh? An interesting concept.
  14. guitardz

    Best Single Map WADs

    Oh shit, that was one of the first maps on my to play list and I guess I skipped it, gonna have to try it soon.