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  1. I always liked a lot of maps from TNT, loved it more than Plutonia (which seemed too browny to me). I guess my taste or therefore lack of is awful. For example, the Habitat mentioned, I loved those weirdly detailed tunnels, it's one of the maps I like. I am pretty sure if I check back the rest of the level, I'll find many ones that are favorites.
  2. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Yes, some of the earlier maps could easily be redone, even the later maps could be split in half if necessary. I am surprised to see there is interest in making maps on 32x Doom and how much smoother the 32x version moves (unless I am looking at overclocked emulator, but even in the original system I remember it was smoother and more playable).
  3. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Another 3DO coder was working on this, at least trying to port extra code, monsters, resources from Doom 2. https://www.youtube.com/user/VersusVeEs/videos He got into some trouble because of memory problems. Some of them are half finished, there is a video with Doom 2 MAP01 but most textures missing (I think convert Doom 2 maps to Doom 1 maps and then trying to retexture by only using the equivalent texture resources from Doom 3DO would kinda work too). Not sure if everything from the new resources can fit in limited 3DO memory for a Doom 2 remake (and later maps would be more horendous to the speed. I am more focused on improving Doom 1 for now)
  4. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Wow, thanks! I'll upload these on my site soon enough. Thankfully there are not many dumps of Doom 3DO out there, at most places it's only a USA version as BIN, but also a redump ISO at another place. I couldn't even find the Japanese version.
  5. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Thanks, I didn't know about these tools, I will propose them if they are used frequently by the ROM hacking communities, I am wondering how well they compress the differences, making a compare between produced ISO and original has too much differences. I thought at some point to hack some code to do it myself, replace the byte differences, but maybe that's not so easy if there are too many differences are better methods and tools to already do that.
  6. Optimus

    Doom Year Resolutions 2018 vs. 2019

    From my 2018 resolutions. - I didn't stop savespamming (since I hardly even started my let's play Doom channel) + detoxed from BD (for now). Since they made new version, changed everything, and lost interest again. -/+ I actually started a bit my secondary youtube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZGGRmKmHFm_zme95UuCTMg ), but only lately and not much playing yet + at least I did the most important for me, continue with the Doom 3DO coding, and even released a first version OptiDoom ;) - failed to do any mapping. I wanted to do a megawad, maybe episode 1, but didn't even bother or was too busy with other things. For 2019. * Definitelly more Doom 3DO coding, with 1st focus on speed improvement, 2nd focus modding capabilities (allow users to easily throw resources on a specific folder format on extracted CD, let them select and load additional mods/assets from menu) * I am actually thinking making a set of maps again, but specifically for Doom 3DO, when the mod capability is ready, especially focusing on avoiding level design that will make things go very slow on 3DO, yet trying to keep it fun to play. Maybe make an episode 1 of small maps as an example when I release the version of OptiDoom with modding capabilities. * I think I'll start uploading Doom play videos from time to time on my new channel.
  7. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    I might consider releasing the ISO at some point (although not sure I can announce new releases at forums if it's full ISO and sounds like promoting piracy). I was conflicted when I took the decision because I thought it was more correct to release the way it's now, while at the same time reduces the exposure while few might suggest me "but the 3DO Doom is Abandonware". Also, one good thing with letting users learn how to extract CD contents, they can mod few stuff (just sound/music at the time, I think of trying a test with replacing with PSX sound effects, they are just AIFF) and that gives me idea to promote modding (allow people to throw into the CD new folders for mods, which I will try to read and load those resources instead of the original). The rest are in a big REZ file, but I wouldn't want users to have to extract that file (I have some tools to extract and write back REZ file, someone gave me from the 3DO community, maybe gotten from Rebecca, but it's too messy to work with these tools right now).
  8. Optimus

    The Top 100 Memorable Doom Maps of All Time

    Great great list. There are maps I remember and maps I might have not played, so I'll have a lot to reply through xmas and next year :) Just one thing because my eyes might have missed that. Did Trinity College ever made it to the list? That was THE memorable map back in times.
  9. Optimus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I started playing Dusk again, since the whole game and 3rd episode was released. However I begun playing from Episode 1 even if I finished 1 and 2 in the preorder version, just for a revision from the beginning but also since few design elements might have changed, so to replay in it's final version. I am pretty curious about Episode 3, if it also delivers, but just playing few maps from the beginning reminded me what was so great about this indie FPS that no other indie FPS effort approaches yet.
  10. Happy 25th Doom's anniversary! I was working slowly on the original released Doom 3DO code, trying to improve the speed or adding new features, so I thought what's better than setting a deadline for first release before or right on the anniversary day :) The speed up is at the moment only due to reducing rendering quality. But at least it's kinda playing better in the first few levels with floor textures off and halfing wall columns. I hope to manage to improve performance in future release. There are also additional fun gameplay options, oh and an implementation of the PSX firesky! http://bugothecat.net/releases/3DO/optidoom/optidoom_main.html p.s. Just to mention, I don't give an ISO on my site, but a zipfile with only the compiled executable and the 3DO tools necessary to extract all the files and folders from an actual Doom 3DO CD you own or an ISO, copy the new files, compile back the ISO and use the encrypt tool to make this runable on real 3DO. I hope it's not too much for anyone who wants to try it (the tools are easy and intuitive), I just decided to not hand in my site the full ISO but only the legit parts, free executable and the latest source code, just like the community is doing for PC ports. Maybe redundant for an old console that's not commercially viable, but I thought to be consistent. I don't mind if someone else makes an ISO and uploads at other places though.
  11. I focus too much on designing the spaces, sometimes mimicking things from other detailed maps I like (like splitting sectors to make smooth shadows, using many sectors to make real like things like broken pillars, debris, etc) so I entirely focus on this and then the gameplay becomes an afterthought. Then I decide to just fill monsters everywhere without much thought about monster placing. I also forget to bother about ammo/health balance, but usually I just put too much of it to make sure I gave enough to the player.
  12. Optimus

    Prodeus [retro FPS]

    I am not a big fan of the whole make things intentionally retro, however I will play such games if they offer in other domains. I was dissapointed by a lot of indie FPS who didn't do interesting level design or went the procgen maps approach (sometimes called rogue-like). And I want indie devs to resurrect the genre, it's interesting to do more, but hopefully do it right. The first time I think a retro indie FPS nailed was with Dusk. I wouldn't even care if it looks retro or modern actually. It just has the level design, secrets, that atmosphere of finding new places and exploring and discovering hidden weird things and so on. Besides the rest being also spot on, shooting feeling, enemies, player speed, etc. But it did some good level design like in the past I think. Most of the roguelike or even not roguelike, somehow they miss that thing, and advertise themselves as "Blast from the Past, like the oldschool FPS" and so on, usually being intentionally retroing the visuals (which I wouldn't care with or without), having the classic non realistic fast player speed, goofy enemies, splatter, not reloading, etc (which is fine but easier to do in your project than actually do great level design which is what all those oldschool commercial FPS were doing, the reason I am still playing them from time to time). So, it looks bizzare intentionally lowres something that would like like a modern game sort off (maybe not latest gen but modern enough). And when they do that, it looks worse than what Doom looked at 320*200, maybe because the models and textures are not designed for lowres, while in the past the artists would target to do things that looked good and more clear in lowres. But if they have some nicely designed non procgen levels and the rest plays well, I will be sold.
  13. Optimus

    If you could add a weapon, what would it be?

    I know that everybody says Doom is run and gun and anything contrary to this is lame, but I'd like a sniper. I sometimes in Doom I like to snipe people from afar (currently with pistol or chaingun short bursts) or through holes and come back later with all monsters dead already. Couldn't find a good one in weapon mods, but recently saw the Unreal Tournament weapon mod and that one is exactly what I want.
  14. Optimus

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This is a voodoo doll, not another player, when I was playing Eternal Doom. If you crouch, it crouches. Curious, funny. Maybe not classic Doom related, since crouching didn't exist in the original Doom where mappers however would use voodoo dolls, but a bug/feature of GZDoom? Jumping or shooting or anything else doesn't have effect.
  15. Optimus

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    I am pretty sure a similar thread has been open many times in the past before. Anyway, I just realized that Caco is the Donald Duck of Doom. The monster I would bet most would vote for favorite (myself included).