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  1. I was feeling that few days ago, when I started replaying every classic WAD from a list, and every time I finished one, I was like "what's the next one?". My brain on Doom. And everytime I fire up Doom, I feel it, the way the player moves/slides, the familiarity, it's instantly addictive. Meanwhile I had to work on some creative projects where I struggle to not procrastinate, but was doing everything else, watching youtube videos, spending time on the internet, playing Doom. Lamenting I don't have time anymore to play some other games in my Steam collection or the consoles and handhelds that collect dust, but only playing Doom. Yes, that's the only game I play for some long periods. I never thought of cutting it down, because it's awesome!
  2. Heh, I remember I had exactly that goal this year but not for Doom, rather with a lot of other classic FPS (Duke3D, Quake 1, Blood, Return to Castle Wolfenstein) I know I have finished many times but never bothered to find all secrets before. Attempting to find them on my own and if it took too long, checking on youtube what I've missed. Before that point, Doom 1/Ultimate/2 was the only FPS game I can confidently say I know where every single secret is. Maybe I should do TNT/Plutonia this year.
  3. From classics, besides Doom, Duke 3D and other build engine games, especially Blood which is my favorite. Later era, Return to Castle Wolfenstein is my favorite wolfenstein till today, I have also seen the light with Deus Ex rather than Half life. Modern ones, maybe just Borderlands, I became addict. Additionally, Pain Killer and Serious Sam. Indie newcomers, Dusk. I played beta Episode 1 and I think they finally nailed what it means to be retro FPS. A lot of indie or other attempts pretending to be "blast from the past" just didn't do it for me (especially since the majority either don't have good level design or went the rogue like route).
  4. Was there ever an official Doom arcade machine? I remember I was surprised to find one at some coin-op room long time ago but it was definitely a 3rd party hack. It had bad frame rate, possibly some 386 PC hooked into.
  5. Your new years resolution concerning Doom. Personal projects, habits, Doom ports you never finished, WADs you have in a list to play, whatever else. mine: 1) Stop savespamming (maybe assign the save key to something else I will not use out of habit) 2) Detox from Brutal Doom 3) Start some new series of youtube videos with let's blind play random WADs or other challenges, so I'd rather not savespam there and only present them without extra mods. So 1 and 2 come handy. 4) Might want to get back hacking with the 3DO Doom code base at some point. 5) Last year I wanted to make a megawad but didn't even started. Not sure I'll have time this year, other priorities.
  6. I don't bother with doing speedruns, except trying for fun if I can play faster a level. Where I will make many mistakes and end up 20-30 secs more than the record. And that's in hurt me plenty. Some of them are insane, and I do wonder if some of the full Doom2 speedruns, were recorded from start to finish or it was separate attempts at each level and then stitched together? Because at some point, like 3-5 or 10 times in the whole game, the guy is doing a dangerous rocket-wall blast to pass over the other side, something that if I tried it I would fail 9 out of 10. I know there must be practice, but does he succeed in doing that at map-X and then map-Y and then map-Z. So if his success is 0.75, does he have 0.75^n times chances to not fail this all the 10 times, while having other chances to be blocked by monsters or do other mistakes through the whole process? Because if you fail a rocket jump(wall blast anyway) then 1) you have lost most health if not died, 2) you are down and might have lost 20 secs to go up and try again (so game over speedrun attempt n12354). This bothers me. Are some of the attempts like the one I was watching Zero Master from the beginning till the end, without TAS, without playing perfectly every separate level and just stitching the best runs? I find it hard to believe, but then wow if it's true. I would never spend time to do such. Then it's all about what you enjoy in Doom and what you prefer to spend your time to. Some of these speedruns are too great to watch, only makes you feel small :)
  7. I have been looking at the 3DO Doom source and managed to compile it and test it on my real 3DO console. I kinda understand how it renders the walls and floors. It's still using the column/span based rendering from original Doom engine, but it kinda uses the 3DO's hardware quad rasterizer, one thin quad for every column, while for the floors it renders a thin quad for every horizontal span, but here is the thing, it software renders inside the texture of each horizontal span. I would think so many thin quads fed to the 3DO rasterizer would slow down, but the rendering of the elements itself when they are prepared, according to some benchmark tests I did, are taking very few time. The majority of the time is spend on CPU. BSP pass still takes a little, like 10-20% at most, but the majority is going through the visible linedefs, calculating visplanes for the floor/ceiling, and preparing all necessary variables to feed on those quad elements (called CELs in 3DOs API) that are then read for the 3DO GPU to render. So, it's yet again CPU issue, if 3DO had something a bit faster, maybe 20 to 25mhz. I was trying to think how to optimize all that stuff (one would think, why not send a big quad that fits one wall segment, instead of sending many thin quad for columns. There are issues with texture allignment, repeat and of course light diminishing per column, that the 3DO can't handle on a big surface, it will stretch a full bitmap to whatever quad area, but there are no texture coordinates or gouraud shading) but that needs more work and I kinda abandoned the project few months ago although I want to get back to it. I was trying minimal things like draw halfres columns but in most cases it doesn't win more than 1-2 fps. Average frame rate of the original game is 9-15, best when going close to a wall, maybe 20-30, and I had lows at 5fps. Maybe there will be more interest, I know one more guy in the 3DO community who works with it, but works on other things like trying to load Doom 2 resources, new linedef flags, enemies, items, etc. I am more interested in how to improve the original, if hopefully I come back to it next year.
  8. I am between 3DO and SNES versions. I think 3DO, even if slightly slower than SNES version, I managed to play and finish and sometimes even enjoy. I tried to finish all Doom ports in consoles just for the lols. SNES is the one remained and last time I quit. There is something in the animation/speed/mechanics that breaks it for me. The enemies move like lunatic, and animation frames are removed of course to fit in memory, but the problem is even the first enemies start chipping my health and I don't realize it. Something is off. They move faster, you barely see the animation of them raising the gun, and give short bursts, and I think even the damage flash border is shorter. Then, I realize, if I shoot an enemy or a barrel half a meter from it's edges, my shoot still makes the barrel or zombie enemies (with 1 pistol hit sometimes!) to explode or die. Something is off with the hit detection. Or maybe low precision or lousy optimization. So maybe the enemies come, shoot faster than usual, and hit me when they shouldn't? That's why I never finish it and also last time I couldn't find save or passwords anywhere when I finish a level, so I have to restart. The Saturn is the next awful thing, just as slow as 3DO but resembles the PS1 version (ambient music, more levels) which is cool. I think the 3DO, even if slow, there was certain control acceleration that worked just fine. Besides the PS1 which I think is the best on consoles, I really liked the 32X version which I think is underrated. Yes, lowres. Yes, awful sound. But it's smoother and I enjoyed playing it and finishing it. Jaguar is also good (better res and smoothish) but no sound. I kinda not like the controls (or the controller :) for some reason. About GBA Doom2. They are both good, but I noticed there was a difference between Doom 1 and 2. First they use different engines, different teams. But they did something on the controls in Doom 2. I have hard time turning/strafing where I want and shoot where I want. It's much better in Doom 1, they kinda made it bad in Doom 2 even if there are options for sensitivity. Not sure what it is. Also,. interesting but not relevant, Doom 2 has mip mapping at further textures, very noticable (but maybe not in GBA small screen, but more in emu) which I guess is to reduce texel reads per pixel for better cache performance (not sure if ARM on gba has cache, but might be so). Doom 1 doesn't have that, and it looks better at times. The far away lowres textures and sudden swaps across the wall are noticable. Also, I was testing both recently on emulator. Because GBA screen is harder to see, might be dark, both Doom 1/2 were too bright as I try them here on emulator. But Doom 1 has options to reduce brightness. And then it's perfect for monitor. I didn't found those in Doom 2, everything is so bright. I think Doom 1 was in many ways better in GBA, although Doom 2 was a feat because they managed to include all original PC levels (few of them split in two parts) that no other console port (Saturn or PS1) did before.
  9. I still admire the engine and overall look when I play it on a DOS machine. Also, somehow the choice of sprites, textures and everything was so good that I don't think it looks bad even for now. I only get a bad feeling with the capped 35fps framerate. Also I notice the aliasing (due to resolution) far away. But it has the grim and gritty feeling I've forgotten.
  10. I just tend to max up things, even in software I would have good frame rate on 1080p and once I tried 4k and it was ok. I mean, you'd say what's the point, Doom is retro. One good point is, in big areas it's really good, you can see in good detail far away enemies and try to shoot them from distance. It's really cool with Nuts for example :) But if the point is retro, I think the sweet spot would be 480p for me.
  11. I was playing GZDoom for a long time with the standard light level (Sector Light Mode on options) and never realized that the light diminishing effect was missing. Also I was missing a lot, some of the genuinely dark areas are way more bright, that contrast between dark and bright areas, the ambience all lost if not having the proper classic lighting. I realized, maybe the option Software is closer to it, there is light diminishing and also it's dark like I guess Doom was. Of course that would make some levels too dark and switching to other modes would make navigation easier, but I forgot how the original Doom was in that aspect and realized it when I fired it up in Dosbox and compared to what I had in GZDoom as default. Then there are other options, Software, Standard, Bright, Doom, Dark, Legacy. What are the difference between them? I am not sure I understand what are their actual differences besides some are darker, but only Software seems to have the light diminishing effect. Do you have a preference?
  12. Wait, I was at page 1, then skipped at 4, then I thought at first I accidentally clicked that button for next thread instead of next page. Anyway, I think classic maps still hold up today (or maybe it's nostalgia?). Of course modern maps are going to be better, but I do compare the maps the original team made vs MyFirstMap.WAD. Lot's of 1994 user maps at the time where awful compared, and ID could have easilly gone ugly rooms with unalligned textures and all that, but they had done a pretty great job considering they had nothing to compare with. Romero's map could still hold up as oldschool well designed map today, even Sandy's map are okayish/nice if you don't hold high standards compared to modern maps, definitely all much better than the typical 1994 maps produced early later on. We could see similar Doom clones at the time, at least the not successful ones, the level design wasn't on par. Of course some of these games maybe had an engine similar to wolfenstein or slightly more. Also, maybe I'll get hate for that, but in later years I tried to play the much acclaimed Marathon through Aleph One port, because mac guys were so obsessed over it and even said it's better than Doom, but I found the levels so much boring, bland texturing and too confusing. Maybe the game had some other good ideas like AI computer panels and who knows what else (some portal effects), but while they had the engine with potential to do some really good stuff, yet the level design seemed so much ugly and confusing to me for some reason. So, yeah, I don't know how Doom ended up so polished in level design (for the time), I guess they designed the levels, played them, went back, in an iterative way as Romero once said, they really put a lot of effort how it feels and how it looks and plays. Also, the wanted to showcase the engine at the time, so they had to make at least the first levels stand out, there were also Romero's rules I read somewhere, lot's of thought went into instead of let's stretch some lines and throw some random mazelike boring levels.
  13. Good! I am looking for some relatively relaxing map, so I'll go for the lowest :)
  14. Now I am thinking it, there are some things in Doom that are laughably slow compared to some modern games. The enemies throw projectiles and they travel in a regular pace. You can strafe left right in a relaxed manner. The hitscanning enemies also, they wake up, walk a bit randomly, then decide sometimes to shoot, especially the former humans are very stupid. But that's how it's possible to have a horde of monsters, but the player dancing around like a king. Compare it to modern FPS, where in order for the enemies to look realistic, they are vigilant and shoot you on site. Also, in many modern FPS if there are projectile monsters, the projectiles are much faster and in clever curves. Just think of new Doom 4. The enemies are not as slow as classic Doom, the projectiles go in arcs and sometimes they predict and throw a bit to the left/rigth if you strafe before. Imps will run at you, climb above/below, much more clever (even if maybe scripted?). BUT, the player speed is also a bit slower than classic Doom. So, I have the situation where I anticipate a projectile, am delayed a bit to react, I strafe but still take the hit. Many times in new Doom because of slower player speed but much faster enemy and projectile speed, it feels unfair. But there, enemy gameplay is not as fast in classic Doom (unless of course in nightmare).