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  1. So I'm doing a research project for college...

    1. 38, male 2. I am greek but currently living in UK 3. Doom 1,2,3,4, commercial mods (TNT, Plutonia, etc), all console ports. 4. Doom 2, it's just classic Doom plus the additional enemies and SSG. 5. Doom 1-2: 5/5, Doom 3-4: 3/5, Doom 3 wasn't like classic Doom, slower movement, linear maps, very dark, but I feel nostalgic about it at least because it was trying to push the horror element in a way I haven't seen before, first time a game freaked me out as much, esp with the use of shadows. Doom 4 tried to be classic Doom but again it also tries to pander to modern game design sensibilities, faster but not as fast movement, non linear levels at first but then linear arenas, trying to pretend it's gory with glorykills and no story with "doom guy doesn't care" cinematics, says it's not about the story then has some uninteresting b-movie story and you meet Vega and holster down the weapon and wait his talk, because as an AAA studio, they can't go 100% arcady Doom classic, it would be risky. 6. They are trying to do the best they can, as AAA game studio. At this point I don't expect anything from any big company doing remakes with old classic franchises. I am happier for indies like Dusk, Amid Evil or Ion Maiden where it's classic oldschool FPS all over again, no restrictions from publishers or afraid to take risks. 7. No as I said. At least they tried and didn't made a bad job for the brand. It's just not really oldschool to me. 8. The community is huge and great. That's what keeps me coming back to it. 9. Nice horror touches and use of shadows, very slow movement and hits stun my aim. Many people didn't like the darkness and switch between flashlight, I personally didn't have problem with it or sometimes I found it interesting or adding to the atmosphere.
  2. I do like when final boss level have a little progression, like E1M8 and I also like E4M8 as a level and that it takes some action before meeting the boss. I think E2M8 and E3M8 are ok too because at least they have some strategic layout for hiding. I am thinking how in some modern games the boss levels are an afterthought like the last thing done (and maybe that's true for some of the Doom levels, they are too simplistic sectors). But I think for example, Doom 4 bosses. From what I remember you were fighting the Cybie or the Spider in a bland Circular area. E2M8 is more sophisticated as a boss arena than any of that. Also, still not like Doom2 boss, that trying to synchronize your shorts, I'd prefer a real boss.
  3. Things about Doom you just found out

    If you'd ask me when does the BFG first appear in Doom 1, I somehow can't remember. Originally I was under the impression that all weapons appear since Episode 2, but no. First time it appears in E3M3. No BFG in E2 but there is plasma gun of course. Realized it after watching a video describing the 32X version. There is no BFG through out the game (because lot's of levels are missing and no episode 3 levels at all) but you could get it with the give all weapons cheat :)
  4. Yes!!! Soul Spheres of Steel =)
  5. I personally adore the architecture and the vivid colors, that's one reason I was waiting so much for this game. I notice it's nearest pixel in purpose even if textures are not lowres compared to other pseudo-retro indie FPS. There is also dotted effect on water transparencies to mimic genesis pseudo transparency. But I'd like if they put an option to have billinear filtering, just to see how it looks, because the rest of the visuals are amazing and it's unnecessary to me when the textures and environments are so good, to have intentionally texture filtering off. The rest of the game plays so well, enemies are kinda jumping at you, fairly hard and challenging even in easy, there are some ideas from painkiller (soul overpowering your weapons) and some really cool weapons (mace spiker and planets throwing :). I need to play some more soon.
  6. What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I got addicted to Blood again, using BloodGDX. Also waiting for Amid Evil today.
  7. 3DO Doom, how the wall rendering works

    Thanks. Good point about the dot circle, in fact as I was in a hurry to finish this video (It was taking longer than expected and had to finish early so that I focus in other things), I omitted some more things I wanted to add, like dotted line or vector through the movement of the dot circle, to show the steady slope. There were also 1 and a half parts I didn't added, but can easily be explained in another complementary video. I might go further with more 3DO specific videos, like a primer on cel rendering, or if I find the time to continue working with the Doom source, I might discover more stuff that I find interesting to explain or at least show my progress on optimization (there are one-two interesting tidbits I can show in Doom 3DO that are also relating with some interesting rendering bottlenecks on 3DO, I'd definitely make few short videos when I make some tests and reach some conclusions).
  8. 3DO Doom, how the wall rendering works

    I have released the second part of these series.
  9. What makes classic DOOM scary?

    It was Geryon, on the Master Levels. I do remember how more atmospheric the psx version was, with the ambient sounds and colored lighting. Those levels were darker and the great stary sky background was really cool, which sky background I was under the impression were different on PC version of Master Levels last time I tried (but not sure). I just remember I wanted to play them more on PSX for the added atmosphere. But since I was always dooming on PC, and only much later played the PSX version, so I found some sounds odd, I understand how it would be the other way around.
  10. How do you view video games?

    About the tired subject whether games are art, I have changed my mind a bit. I used to think that it's great that games are considered art, but the question now is why do I need that? Is it because we need validation for our hobby? Is it because gamers were taking shit from society so they want retribution? And I am with gamers, on their side. But do we have to make games into sophisticated looking stories, where it's more like interactive movies, so as the pretend games are serious now? And maybe see some other genres as juvenile? And even the games that some people see as art, for example Last of Us, because they mimic movies. But after some emotional deep cinematics, you go out and bash enemies, so it gets anticlimatic. Or is Braid, Flower or Journey art because they have beautiful artistic visuals so they can pretend to be something less juvenile than Doom? Or is it the mechanics? For me the only part of a game that differentiates the genre from movies. But is it art? The definition of art depends on who you ask too. So, in few words I agree with that guy Ebert, in the sense that yes I will play all kind of games whether they are considered art or juvenile, and I won't give a damn whether someone else outside the community finds them sophisticated or not. I don't need to beg from them to understand why I am so invested in this hobby. Now, I can't disagree that there are a lot of artistic elements in games. But it's a blend of other art movements, digital art, music, architecture, storytelling, etc. I admire the pixel art of the oldschool games, I am also very interest in the technical aspects of games (is coding art or craft?). I admire all these elements and I also admire the game community as it has grown so big and now it's so diverse if you think about it. Besides AAA games, you have emulation, indies, homebrew, big game competitions (like ludum dare and others), big modding communities, speedruns, twitch, youtube channels, digital markets like steam/gog. You have so many choices (if you hate big titles, you go indie or just play classics from gog or in emuls) and there is a bigger dimension for me besides playing, there is modding, and there is writing your own game which was like a dream in the past, but now you can either write small games in some competitions, or use tools that relief you from some coding, or go lowlevel or retro coding (even the retro gamedev is back now, on oldschool computers or consoles, I can't believe that it's still relevant and more popularized through the internet). Now the game community has expanded and there are so many way to get involved, of course the side effect would be that we become more mainstream and this attracts some things that disrupt, e.g. gamers became too political but of course because of the influx of feminists, however thinking about it gaming should not be taken serious, I don't really get angry about what EA does, just don't buy their game. Also if you think about it, gaming IS a luxury, in my opinion there are more important and basic things in life than the rights to no be bombarded with DLCs and Lootboxes (just don't buy them). I do like however to observe what's going on with the controversies, though usually don't care enough to be involved and being outraged about.
  11. What makes classic DOOM scary?

    I don't remember that I ever go really scaried in the sense that I would jump out of my chair, at least when I was playing it I had gone through some other freaky games like Phantasmagoria (and rewatching some video sequences of these on youtube, I am like wtf was I playing at 16?). Of course there are the occasional memorable traps that could be sudden and scary, especially in E1M3 when you get the blue key and the lights go off, that was one of the best moments. And the later satanic imagery. But there was a certain sense of atmosphere because of many factors, like the light diminshing, the use of flickering lights, the abstract later levels, the fact that there was not enough exposition, no cinematics, story. It was just you, left in a strange world to explore. You felt you were there and wanted to check what is behind that corner. I also wonder about many modern games, which while they have all the nextgen graphics to be more believable, they fail to evoke the same feelings as some oldschool FPS. One reason is that many of these games you have a walkie talkie or something, telling you where to go, paths are very linear, made up for you, it's very predictable that you are in a rollercoaster fake world, rather than a place you are left alone to survive. For me, no matter how good the graphics, the shadows, the jumpscares, the obligatory QTEs, the story exposition, many modern games just don't give me the same sense of being there and the atmosphere of many classic FPS.
  12. Doom monster inequality

    I know what you mean, my post didn't entirely reveal my playstyle in all situation. I am not that novice as you say, not that I want to prove myself. Your comments came odd to me as "you don't know anything about Doom experienced playing". But I realize every time I play that I handle those well enough despite my complains. I do these alternative strategies you say, I can sort of dance around a revenant even hitting him with plain shotgun will cleverly avoiding missiles, especially if I am in a corridor and I strafe as you say near the end of the arc, and the misiles will fly left/right behind me and hit the walls, thus not circling at all. But increase the numbers and occasionally I will be hit by a rocket. Now, when fighting hordes of imps or cacos for example, I could occasionally get into crossfire if there are tens of projectiles (or some monsters from behind unexpectedly hit me in the back for example) and I can take a hit or two before fighting them off, and having chipped 10% of my health. But the revenant missiles not only will follow you but if hit once or two, the damage is much higher. There is a much higher probable with even 3-4 revenants that I will be at least hit once and that is gonna have massive impact. In the majority of cases, your full health and ammo is chipped away by 2-3 revenant missile hits and the occasional Archville. Oh, I need to add. Then you have Revenants on platforms. Not narrow ledges, but longer ledges where they can move around. They move fast. Well placed rockets? They are unpredictable and will waste more rockets if they always get away. Now, entering a level with far away Mancuby, Arachnotrons, Barons, etc? They move slower and take more space. I can throw 3 well placed rockets at every Mancubi as I move and be successful, but an individual revenant running around in a platform? If I am lucky 2, if unlike I'll waste way more rockets in vain, unless they are packed in hordes. That's another one that makes them the most badass monsters in Doom :)
  13. Doom monster inequality

    Couldn't think of a better title, sounds like a parody of social justice or something. I was wondering how some monsters are overrepresented in some WADs, because there is a gap of imbalance between the difficulty of specific monsters and some mappers like them very much. And I had some thoughts about it, so I thought it would be interesting to discuss. Not as a nudge to not put these monsters (you can do whatever you please), but just having thoughts of why it happens. The monsters that mappers just sometimes overuse are Heavy Machine Dudes, Revenants and Archvilles. I was thinking there are two major groups of monsters relevant to this. Group A are simple projectile attack monsters. There are those encounters which I can dance with like a king, calmly strafing and blowing with the SSG some slow Baron or Caco. I feel that with these encounters I am in a state of Zen. Then there is Group B. You can't, you just can't at least in a calm state, directly side step the Revenants. They have the homing missiles! I can dance around with more struggle till some missiles make a full circle and hit me. Many times I retreat from the arena to find a wall behind. Even worse with Archies. Peekaboo attack from within a wall, if you are not lucky they don't put them in some high place in the open. HMDs at least are faster to kill, but reveal many at an open area and you have to retreat behind a wall. While I could have some open shooting with partial health taken if they were replaced with shotgunners, they are much faster and responsive health suckers in the open. So, put monsters of Group A (All monsters in Doom 1, besides the bosses) and the game for an experienced player is like a dance. So, modders might be like "I am not putting just those old monsters, my level will be too easy, not challenging enough!". How to make it challenging? Just overuse Group B monsters. I notice a shift from older Doom 2 levels where you had more regular encounters, imps, zombie, shotgunners, and then only the occasional harder monsters in lesser qualities, to newer maps where the Group B monsters are over-represented. Just because if you don't put many of these, your level will be deemed too easy for the current year. Maybe this is all bs, since what really matters is the placing, there are also the Mancubi and Arachnotrons which can be pretty deadly since their projectiles are more complex than simple Baron green shit, but at least can be fought in the open a bit less restrictively. And maybe my favorite change of difficulty even in Doom 1, is when you think you are smart because there are some monsters in ledges and you are taking them from afar by snipping with the chaingun because they can't simply jump down and come closer to you, when you realize that something opened a swarm of Cacos around you and you are surround from up and down and all directions, since these fuckers can fly. Just some random wad of thoughts, I think there is a spike of difficulty between most regular Doom monsters and that evil triad. p.s. I was actually playing Back to Saturn X when I made these thoughts, not because it does the same habit (which it doesn't), but because it mixes monsters in a way that I have rarely seen. It has occasionally these monsters too but not in unfair or overused quantities, however they mixed well everything, even the underrepresented zombie! The zombie soldiers are rarely seen in megawads, only in the first few levels and then they are considered too lame. If there is ever a hitscanner among the hordes of the other badies, and it's not 99% chaingunner, it will be shotgunner at least. But no zombie pistol green hair dude. Too lame! However, the BTSX are just throwing them among all varieties of enemies even in later levels, and I really love this!
  14. Your dumb Doom habits

    Recently I have this habit of paying too much attention at making round numbers of ammo. I start shooting a Caco with chaingun while I have 378 ammo? I try to finish at 350, then switch to another weapon to finish the job. Is it at an odd number like 371? I shoot till I reach 351 (usually push/release taps for 2 bullets per moment), then switch to the pistol to deliver 1 bullet, then to something else. Shotguns at multiples of 20s. Make it 80, then go get that box of shells. Sometimes, when the floor is full of shells and I know I'll accidentally trip on them while I have 99 shells as I fight, it totally changes my decision to not use shotgun at that place, and vice versa with chaingun. Some levels tend to put those precious ammo right over an area you can't pass around. I know, weird and time wasting when you have to make fast decisions. Only when there is real danger or in moments I play more casually (because maybe other worries are running in my head as I am playing, and Doom at easier maps is like a zen background activity), I don't give much attention to that and I break the rule. But when I start matching the ammo it gets strangely fulfilling (someone could make perhaps a mod where maxing ammo with exact portions of ammo gives you bonuses or something).
  15. Two random thoughts:


    1) I am currently playing Back to Saturn X series, loving it. The wad name initials though, makes me laugh ...buttsex =)


    2) How to break Brutal Doom. Barrels in the water. Btw, I am not even playing buttsex with BD, I just reached some levels with many barrels on water and reminded me on that fact. I used to have serious slowdowns at some WADs with BD when barrels exploded over water. Someone could go nasty with their wads and make hidden crushers with barrels over water triggered at various points just to break it for people who want to play with BD.