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  1. Optimus

    do you put Easter eggs in your WADS?

    I love finding easter eggs in Doom WADs I play. It's a special moment that breaks the monotony of a map. I think I put once in my map Real.wad a secret with the demoscene raster bars I used much later on Doomonstration.wad
  2. Optimus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Strangely enough my focus is around five(!) games right now, normally I wouldn't dedicate much time or motivation for gaming, I would play one old familiar game or a new and then dedicate the rest of the time for coding projects or doing things on the internet. A little bit in the past I start Control. I like Remedy games, though didn't like as much their previous Quantum Break title but Control captured me more. I had to stop because I went full Borderlands 3 (as a crazy fun of the series) and playing this over 30 hours now, however plugged with performance issues and a story that didn't captured me yet, so Control is still my favorite AAA release this period and need to go back and finish it (after I finish the BL3 main story once). Meanwhile, the new Zelda Link's Awaking remake was released on the Switch. This has a special place in my heart, because the one it was based on, the original gameboy Zelda, was the only Zelda I ever finished in my life when I was a kid. And the only one I am so familiar and after many years I know where to go and where are all the secrets, without getting much lost. Every other Zelda I played, I got stuck and left the game in the middle. So,. this was special, because it's exactly like that gameboy one and keeps the top down view but with brilliant 3D rendering (only negative is ugly frame drops). At the same time I got Blasphemous on the system, seemed interesting, played a little bit and thought wow I love it so far. I got other indies before that look cool externally, but there is always something, maybe in the controls, maybe in other aspects, that destroy it for me, but Blasphemous plays and looks great so far, I need to play that and my Switch was collecting dust so it's a good opportunity to sit on the sofa for gaming instead on my PC all the time. And before I am done with gaming, I found out on youtube about a Daggerfall remake in Unity. I remember this one from the past, but now youtube has more videos with mods added to it, and I didn't realize what's going on with that community. Wow,. it just totally changes things and the barren classic outside looks richer now with elevation and skies and very very far distance. Now for me it's a breeze to walk outside and try to go on foot for an hour as a relaxing method watching the mountains through the far distance. I checked the inner dungeons too, with new lighting, normal mapped (or I think even occlusion mapped) walls, multiple mods here, can replace some objects with 3d models, highres sprites, grass, birds in the sky, it's beautiful for such a classic game! So,. now yesterday I was replaying and testing options till it was 2 over midnight and had to sleep. And I need to go back to coding. But in rare times gaming took me. Hmm... will see.
  3. Wish to see some new WXR episode or a comeback man!

  4. Optimus

    Plasma rifle, or plasma gun?

    I always remembered it as Plasma Gun as that's what the ingame message said. Originally I thought it changed to Plasma Rifle from Doom 3 and on, but no. I learned that the original Doom manuals call it Plasma Rifle. I even got mad at a Sporcle Doom quiz, where I lost time as I repeatedly typed Plasma Gun in a question and it just didn't took it. Then I thought "The author must remember Doom 3 or 4, bad quiz". Till I learned it was in the manual since the beginning.
  5. Hard time to find or maybe not, because everything is memorable and I have a strange love for TNT evilution, especially for maps I know everyone hates because they look garish but I just like something about their unique design. 6, 7, 8, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 27
  6. Optimus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Ion Fury and it's great. I am over half of it, the level design is like classic duke, interconnected places, breaking walls and airducts to go through places, multiple of secrets, east eggs. And the gameplay, movement, shooting plus the amazing artwork and demoscene music, it's really good. And it's a shame the whole controversy started as it was released, it's a really good game and doesn't deserve the negativity and review bombing (regardless with which side anyone stands on the issue). We are living in a proper retro revival of indie FPS like they used to be (I played Dusk, will play Amid Evil and wait for Wrath too) where there is focus, besides what everybody remembers (violence and rip and tear, really?) to the level design and game feeling modern FPS forget.
  7. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    I have been only briefly talking with Becky through youtube back when I was working with the first version, haven't talked through email or other means. Maybe I should find her email and send her a link, but maybe she knows.
  8. Optimus

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Just realized I've never tried to finish a level full pistol start. I mean,. in a megawad or even the original Doom levels, instead of playing them in a sequence, to try as a challenge to play every individual Doom 1/2 level on it's own. I was watching Civvie playing Plutonia and joking about who's gonna try that in Plutonia especially. I got inspired and started Plutonia every level pistol start at UV. Died few times on 2nd level, I am now at 4. That's an interesting way to play Doom instead of collecting all weapons previously and I wonder how I have never attempted it even with the original Doom 1/2 levels. I guess I always thought of the megawads as a continuum.
  9. Optimus

    OptiDoom, my Doom port for 3DO.

    Second version is out! http://bugothecat.net/releases/3DO/optidoom/optidoom_main.html Mostly fiddled with the rendering engine, very small improvements still, it's an uphill battle that is very slow to improve but interesting at least. Have a new wall render replacing the wall columns with quad polygons using the CEL engine (the original would still use the CEL engine but every quad polygon would be an individual column with 1 pixel width) trying to only subdivide a wall segment where the texture repeats/tiles at X and Y. Sometimes the frame rate is the same as the original, sometimes I might win 1 or 2 fps, few times it's 3-5 or more fps but only when framerate is already about 15, so the very slow single digit fps cases are still a pain. New rendering modes for full unshaded flat and gimmicky wireframe rendering (you can also see the overdrawing on the original 3DO engine, I realized it does render the walls back to front and there is a fair amount of overdrawing sometimes, while if I am not mistaken on PC doom was front to back with zero overdrawing). There is a mod for PSX sounds too. And improved blood particles. I haven't made xdelta patches this time yet (maybe I will soon). But the process with the 3DO tools is quite different and much easier. I found some alternative command line tools and all one needs is to throw the commercial ISO as doom.iso in a folder and run the batch file, if things are correct then optidoom.iso will come out. I even did something similar on the github project for anyone who wants to try (but they would also need the ARM SDT and 3DO SDK which I will make a tutorial in the future how to setup for 3DO dev), previous not providing the data files at all on the project, but now they can throw the CD iso and it will be extracted, so that the whole port can be build back after compiling and encrypting back to iso with the new executable and additional files.
  10. Woke up after having a dream that I had found a lost classic WAD called Beerwork.

    I was fuzzy asleep and googled beerwork.wad


    Do you have that thing where you are dreaming of something, maybe some of your lost forgotten work and you are like "Wow, that existed! Let's google it after I wake up" till you realize it's a silly idea.


    I also had the, "let's save it in a USB stick in my dream, so when I wake up I copy it in reality". Hahaha!

  11. Optimus

    Origin of the OOF

    It might be silly question, but what is the origin of the OOF meme? In discussion of Doomers, I sometimes see people throwing an Oof, sometimes an OOF with Doom font, when there is a displeasure or something for example. Like "Oh, new Doom for the Switch but DRM?" and the other replies OOF! Now, I don't know when the meme started but I think I've found one of the doom sound fx as I was extracting them, ending with Oof. And it was I think the sound effect where the Doom guy pushes a wall (or was it when he takes damage? Don't remember). But I can't find the origin of the OOF meme and the Doom community. When I search "Doom OOF" on the internet I only get result about some Doom mod with Roblox death sound OOF. But is the origin of OOF from this roblox which I don't know what it is? Or is it from the original Doom sound effect name? Writting OOF as a repsonse on Doom community is a norm, but I don't know where it came from, no history?
  12. Optimus

    top 5 most underrated doom wads?

    I didn't know this one, even realized it was commercial back then. Hmm,. I only thought final doom, master levels and maybe something I forget where the only commercial. Maybe that's why I didn't heard about it. But I started playing few levels and it's pretty solid for 1996, more consistent, well designed and fun to play than a lot of other things at the time.
  13. Optimus

    why people hate [doom/2] monsters so much?

    I've noticed how the lost souls in some or every console port (not sure) have reduced health. So that it's easily one shotgun shoot per each. But on PC they just have too much health for how many and chaotic they, usually released in masses and especially when there is a pain elemental they are everywhere and it takes the biggest amount of time to clean an area full of them. It's much bigger waster not only of ammo but of time too. It's the only time when I play on PC, that I think wow those who made the console ports knew one or two things that need to change.
  14. Optimus

    Question about DOS Doom 2 Map 30

    I remember back in the DOS days in E1M8, when I was dissatisfied with regular ending of you teleported in that dark room, I tried to idspispopd and walk outside of map way beyond the dark room. It seemed like a huge area beyond has the same effect, burn where you stand and end level if die, just like the room. That was weird and scary to me at the time, I just tested GZDoom and it's still here. But it's not sitting on a closed sector, wtf? Is this something with the blockmap or some other explanation?
  15. Optimus

    SIGIL v1.21 - New Romero megawad [released!]

    I did for the same reasons to not use mouselook back in time when I preferred ZDoom software renderer as I couldn't get used to filtered blurry textures at the time. The shearing was awful and made me even motion sick. However, I was playing full keyboard back then, like how I started in DOS. Much much later as I got used to modern FPS and texture filtering, I went back to GZDoom. One thing I liked about mouselook was that it could give an entire new view of the world, just from exploration and aesthetic, it was interesting to look almost 90 degrees down in The Pit level for example, or look up in a high elevated ceiling and discover wrong textures you haven't seen before. It was a new perspective for Doom. But at the same time I realized, I found jaring to play with disabled mouselook, because while I move even horizontally but expect variations of movement vertically, the vertical is locked, so my hand-brain compo because of playing modern FPS will expect some movement on Y, but will get nothing.