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  1. Optimus

    If you could add a weapon, what would it be?

    I know that everybody says Doom is run and gun and anything contrary to this is lame, but I'd like a sniper. I sometimes in Doom I like to snipe people from afar (currently with pistol or chaingun short bursts) or through holes and come back later with all monsters dead already. Couldn't find a good one in weapon mods, but recently saw the Unreal Tournament weapon mod and that one is exactly what I want.
  2. Optimus

    Things about Doom you just found out

    This is a voodoo doll, not another player, when I was playing Eternal Doom. If you crouch, it crouches. Curious, funny. Maybe not classic Doom related, since crouching didn't exist in the original Doom where mappers however would use voodoo dolls, but a bug/feature of GZDoom? Jumping or shooting or anything else doesn't have effect.
  3. Optimus

    Favourite Doom Monster?

    I am pretty sure a similar thread has been open many times in the past before. Anyway, I just realized that Caco is the Donald Duck of Doom. The monster I would bet most would vote for favorite (myself included).
  4. I replay some pretty oldschool maps, knowing they won't turn out to be slaughter maps, while I enjoy some of the old design choices. Right now I was trying some TNT maps, starting with Icarus and then I have Eternal Doom in the list. I am not sure if I ever played them, so this is also historical curiosity, and known they won't turn extremely difficult, and will notice some weird texture choices here and there while also some interesting for the time ideas. I also always revisit Dystopia 3, Requiem, Alien Vendetta, Revolution when I want to relax and don't have the patience to search for new WADs.
  5. Optimus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I bought a Nintendo Switch, but still play old familiar stuff (Borderlands) instead of Mario and Zelda.
  6. Optimus

    Levity In Doom Games

    There was one time I was fighting a Cyberdemon, and a forgotten zombie soldier from behind gave the final blow. I was laughing hysterically! It's a pity I wasn't recording back then.
  7. Optimus

    Levity In Doom Games

    Dead bodies sliding/climbing stairs
  8. Optimus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I went back into replaying Borderlands 2. I have more than 400 hours on it already. It never gets boring. Now I tried playing in 4k resolution. Recently bought a gtx1080 and didn't even bother yet to test some new games, so I was playing older ones in 4k. The only problem is that after few hours of playing, I get my PC rebooting (I guess I need a new power supply now) so maybe it means no Borderlands (or any other very consuming games) for me till I install my new power supply.
  9. Some additional optional background story is fine, as long as it doesn't drive the gameplay. I also like games where the story is clues, notes and hidden stuff you find if you explore enough, where you let to wonder what's the story behind without being force to read stuff or watch cinematics. But modern games are trying too much to look like movies and that even impacts level design. Deus Ex had a story and many characters to talk to, notes to find and read the background elements of the story, but much of the game was letting you freely explore and take whatever path you want and maybe miss some things behind unless you want to explore everything.
  10. Optimus

    Ctrl+Alt shoot-strafe

    I finally found the issue! I have noticed similar things happening in few other games too (playing Killing Time on GOG) that when I tried to map the Right-Alt, it came as Left-Control. In KT however this worked fine. Today, I run KT and strafe wasn't worked. I tried to remap and it shows properly as Right-Alt and then it works. Anyway, to cut it short, it's the language settings. I am living in UK, have a UK keyboard, and have three input languages, United States (this was added automatically by default), UK and Greek. Switching to US input will fix the issue. Anything else will register Right-Alt wrongly. Good to know. Another funny thing, as my input switch combination is Alt+Shift, and I have Shift for run, while I was playing, I will switch languages in the background again and get the same problem too. So, as I was testing Chocolate Doom when in US input, and it finally worked fine, after few minutes I got the bug again (I even was trying to type a save name and I was in greek so I got nothing =). So, the solution is to change language-switching key combination in Windows to something else. ZDoom/GZDoom doesn't have this problem. p.s. I sure do play Doom with WAXD and mouse these days, but I was testing some old doom ports and was too lazy to set up mouse (or maybe it freaks me out in software rendering especially with shearing or even weirds me when you can't control up/down view but slide around) and wanted to retry playing like the old times.
  11. Optimus

    Ctrl+Alt shoot-strafe

    I have encountered this again and wonder if it's a common issue that many people have? It doesn't seem to be a keyboard issue, I don't have this issue in ZDoom or GZDoom but have it in many other ports as Chocolate-Doom. Thankfully, I remembered this as I compiled Chocolate-Doom to try something else, so I could also check the keyboard code and see what does it do differently than say Zdoom.
  12. Optimus

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Many indie FPS games these days but most of them follow the rogue-like design. Few others I think have a big open arena. It's only when Dusk came out that my faith was restored, single player designed levels with focus on exploration/secrets and than some good gameplay. Ion Maiden looks and plays pretty well too, many many secrets and easter eggs in the demo. Amid Evil has really crazy architecture, though the shooting feels not as good. That's all I know from the ones that go for level design, hopefully we will see more in the future.
  13. Optimus

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Started replaying Shadow Warrior, with the Classic Redux release. I was always more fun of Blood than SW so I haven't played much of it in the past. I decided to do what I do recently with replaying classic FPS, trying this time to find 100% all secrets I have missed in the past, sometimes with the help of a youtube walkthrough. There is something that feels off with some weapons and enemy reactions, I still enjoy Blood much more both for the theme, atmosphere and great gameplay. p.s. Also started Far Cry 1 again, I haven't played any other FCs (but will go from 1 to 5 at some point ;) only this one years ago and never finished it because of bug at the last level back in time.
  14. I had exactly the same reaction as I just started replaying Shadow Warrior again. The design of the weapon looks amazing but it's exactly that, slow fire/reload, and then the special mode that can be wasteful, I have a hard time aiming enemies at the proper timing for some reasons, something with a little delay in animation when firing maybe.
  15. I remember Heretic weapons felt dull, every single one of them. Then again if you move away from modern guns to fantasy or spacey energy weapons (Unreal is another one) I always felt they don't have the Oompf.