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  1. Thanks to everyone who played. The wad is now on idgames and the link is in the OP. More demos would be cool.
  2. This is my first map. It's slaughter, but nothing fancy. Tested in DSDA-Doom -complevel 2 and Crispy Doom. Difficulty settings are implemented. It's a very short map, and can be UV-maxed in less than 100 seconds. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/rawakening
  3. Pseudonaut

    The DWIronman League dies to: Man On The Moon

    Category 1, died with 334/1564 kills. motironman-pseudonaut.zip
  4. Pseudonaut

    Fruit Salad demos [-complevel 9]

    Map06 UV-Max in 2:06 fs06-206.zip Sub-2 is too hard
  5. Pseudonaut

    Doomworld Community Top Hardest WADs of All Time

    Dimensions: 10 Toilet of the Gods: 8 Sunlust: 7 Would name more if not for the limitations. I agree with Jacek Bourne's statement about voting for hard wads, though; it's not going to produce even remotely accurate results. Dimensions is vastly more difficult than almost every other wad mentioned so far.
  6. Pseudonaut

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    They're cheaters.
  7. Pseudonaut

    What country are you from?

    California, USA.
  8. Pseudonaut

    The DWIronman League dies to: The Rebirth

    Category 1, died on map05. Exited map04 at 22:10. reironman-pseudonaut.zip
  9. Haste Map10: It took about 100 attempts to do this, but most attempts died to the platforming within the first 30 seconds. For the route, I decided it was best to do all the hard shit first, and this was the first attempt that made it past the archvile island. Had one attempt where the hell knights trapped and killed the cyberdemon, which seems like a good thing, but I didn't have nearly enough ammo with this route to deal with the viles myself. This entire fight can be made easier if you kill more enemies in the main area and grab the SSG, but the more you postpone the platforming, the more time and effort goes down the drain when you fall off a platform or are rocketed while attempting to cross them. Unquestionably the hardest map in Haste so far. Demo
  10. Pseudonaut

    Haste demos [-complevel 09]

    Map10 UV-Max in 11:36 has10-1136.zip
  11. Haste Map09: Fun fights while a distant cyberdemon constantly harasses you. Or at least that's what I thought this was; even having played this map before, I assumed you needed some combination of keys for the secret switch that telefrags the cyb, but you can actually do it within the first 10 seconds of the map. This cyb doesn't seem very useful for infighting, so it's probably best to get him out of the way early. Just not immediately, since the chaingunners are a problem, but they should mostly kill each other by the time any key is obtained. The start of the map gives you a choice between two fights, one of which gives you a BFG straight away, so that was the route I took. Throughout the map, the only resource you have to be mindful of (other than health and armor obviously) is cells, as every other kind of ammo is in excess. The more cells are conserved early on, the easier the latter parts of the run will be. has09-1300.zip
  12. Haste Map07: There were some close calls, but the only death I had here today was from falling into an inescapable pit at the beginning. This map can be roughly divided into thirds, beginning with some generally incidental combat in the first third. You can take everything one piece at a time here or spawn everything and deal with the chaos. My approach was somewhere inbetween. In the next fight, my first instinct was to immediately kill the viles/chaingunners with the BFG, but when I saw that they get crushed later on, I decided on another method that's slightly better for conserving cells. Either way works pretty well, it's not a hard fight. Then there's the finale, which is dangerous simply because three cyberdemons are roaming around in a pretty tight space with other enemies, but it always turned out well as long as I held the trigger down and moved in a U-shape until the cybs died. Haste Map08: I got rekt by this map earlier today. I was going to post a playthrough with saves, which I did record later in the day, but it went so smoothly that I decided to just record a demo and post that instead. There are a couple of fights here where I used a different strat than what I saw elsewhere: the cramped room with four barons and one revenant goes pretty well if you focus on the barons and just dodge the rev when you can. For the ending fight, I tried to just dodge rev missiles while focusing on the cyb, which went well in practice, but almost cost me the run this time. Maybe the other method I saw, focusing on the revs first, is better. I experimented with that just before posting this, and it seems the pillars with torches on them can actually protect you from cyb rockets, so moving in a U-shape between them while taking down revs seems like the best strategy. Demos: has07-08.zip
  13. Pseudonaut

    What's your favourite gothic themed map and why?

    Newgothic Movements 1 and 2 make it really hard to pick just one map.
  14. Haste Map05: The best map in Haste so far, which says a lot in this case. I always appreciate sandbox levels like this one. Going into the run, the big archvile wave at the end is what I was most afraid of, but it went unbelievably well here; it never went that well in practice. Normally, at least one archvile survives your last BFG shot and you need to run away, killing what you can. It's tempting to run this again for a better time, but I'm behind as is. Haste Map06: Most of these fights are pretty easy, with a couple of exceptions. For the archvile fight (you know which one if you've played the map), I guess sitting in a corner puts you in the best position to avoid damage, and spamming the BFG kills the viles fastest, but there isn't much you can do strategically to make it easier; just dodge the attacks when you can. Surprisingly, once I started attempting this saveless, I never died on that fight. The ending is something else, though, and ended two attempts. I used a different strategy on the first of those attempts, tried running around the arena in a figure 8, died, then decided to check out decino's video and steal his strat. Demos: has05-06.zip
  15. Haste Map04: I remembered this map being difficult somehow. After playing it again and experimenting a little, I was really only a little worried about two fights, mostly the one with two cybs, and that didn't cause any problems during this run (though I did almost get hit by a couple of rockets I should've expected). Every method I've seen for this fight involves goading the cybs into infighting, then waiting where the barons can't reach you until there's space to move, and that's pretty much what I did here. Easy if the cybs behave themselves. has04-955.zip