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  1. Pseudonaut

    what is your greatest doom games of all time

    D2 > UD > 2016 > 64 Haven't played the rest. This ranking considers custom content because virtually all of my Doom playing involves it now.
  2. Pseudonaut

    What are the hardest maps you've ever played?

    I recently finished playing through Newgothic Movement 2, and the big fight at the end of map09 destroyed me like nothing else in the wad. I can't imagine doing a saveless run of that map. I don't remember anything in Sunder giving me that much trouble, though I've only seriously played the first 11 maps of that wad and I hear the new ones are much harder. Edit: Sunder's map06 comes pretty close, though. The start of that map is brutal.
  3. Pseudonaut

    Anyone have any recommendations for puzzle games?

    Recently, I started playing Opus Magnum, and it's awesome. I've also played Spacechem (by Zachtronics, the same developer as Opus Magnum) a couple of years ago, and it's awesome for similar reasons. The puzzles in these games are very open-ended, and actually have leaderboards (or at least histograms) comparing the efficiency of your solutions to others' solutions. This video has more info:
  4. Pseudonaut

    How do you organize your save slots?

    Every slot is called (SAVEX) where X is a number, and I add 1 to the number every time I save. I rarely save on the same slot twice, instead saving on the next slot each time, and if I run out of slots, the lowest numbered slot is overwritten. Makes it easy to keep track of the number of times I've saved on a particular map (often reaches double digits of the map is even remotely long or hard) and allows me to backtrack to an old save if I've saved while the situation is unwinnable or otherwise unfavorable. I don't need to name a save after the wad I'm playing because I pretty much always pistol start and generally have no need for old saves after finishing a map, though I might keep them for a while if I plan on using them for practice for a saveless run. DSDA-Doom's recent updates should be helpful for that purpose, I'll be trying out the new version soon.
  5. Pseudonaut

    Anime is weird

    Anime is weird, and it's great.
  6. Pseudonaut

    Hard Megawads

    Doesn't that guy play with TAS features all the time? Seems like his difficulty rankings would be inaccurate in that case, but as a list of hard wads, I think the thread still has some value.
  7. Pseudonaut

    About You: List 9 important Doom WADs.

    Favorite soundtrack: Sunlust has some of the best midis I've heard, including the ones for map04, 19, 21, and several other standouts. Favorite of all time: Impossible to choose at this time. Favorite ending: AA's sense of humor is one of my favorite things about it. Haven't played but want to: Even if I try to narrow it down to the most important ones, there are too many. Also lots of wads I've only partially played. You love, everyone hates: I haven't seen a ton of hate for Sunder or ESP, but I've seen some. The gameplay in these wads doesn't have the broadest appeal. Fondest memory: Hell Revealed was the first megawad that I (partially) played, and I have some nostalgia for it even if it was only like 4 or 5 years ago. Gameplay-wise, I don't think it's as good as what can be found in modern wads. Always come back to: I suppose Plutonia is the wad I've revisited the most times. Guilty pleasure: No wad makes me feel guilty.
  8. Pseudonaut

    Hard Megawads

    ESP Slaughterfest 2011 Slaughterfest 2012 I'm not sure if your definition of "megawad" includes stuff with less than 30 maps, but I'll link these anyway: Italo-Doom Newgothic Movement 1 Newgothic Movement 2
  9. Pseudonaut

    The DWIronman League dies to: Firebox

    Category 1, survived in 22:48. Left some monsters alive. fironman-pseudonaut.zip
  10. Routing will be much more important than it was before, and you may want to play somewhat pacifist-style at the beginning of a level until you grab a good weapon, unless you want to tediously kill lots of monsters with the pistol. Doom 2 or Ultimate Doom would be the easiest. I remember Plutonia wasn't so bad, but that was after I already had some pistol start experience in Doom 2. Maybe. Honestly, pwads are just better. They're also harder, though, and often more pistol-start friendly than the IWADs. Maybe it's good to start with some janky iwad pistol-starts to emphasize the importance of of a good route while the threat level is fairly low.
  11. Pseudonaut

    Issues Running while Turning in DOOM?

    Looks like your options are to get a new keyboard or, even better, start using a mouse. If you're concerned that the latter is "not legit":
  12. Pseudonaut

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    IDCLEV to map29 and try this method. Good luck. Here's how you can deal with a lone revenant while cornered, at about 1:30 in this video. Actually, I can't recall being unavoidably cornered by just one revenant when I played it. This sounds very much like something an experienced player could deal with while lacking foreknowledge.
  13. Pseudonaut

    brutal doom ai in vanilla?

    All true, but a lot of people describe GZDoom without mods as "vanilla". OP probably wants some kind of GZDoom mod that keeps some of Brutal Doom's monster behavior but lacks most other Brutal Doom features.
  14. Pseudonaut

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    DBP25: Dead, But Dreaming NM100S runs dbd01s108.zip dbd02s049.zip dbd03s235.zip dbd04s151.zip dbd05s225.zip dbd06s234.zip dbd07s057.zip dbd08s119.zip dbd33s104.zip dbd09s414.zip dbd10s100.zip dbd11s524.zip