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  1. Category 1, dead on map03. Entered the map at 18:09. adironman-pseudonaut.zip
  2. Pseudonaut

    Post clips of yourself BFG tracer stacking

    Starting at 15:11. There were probably better ways to handle this.
  3. Pseudonaut

    What's your general play style in Doom?

    Chaos. Brain turned off.
  4. Category 1, dead on map04. Entered the map at 35:33. unwironman-pseudonaut.zip
  5. Depends on whether I think the exploit is cool/lame or makes the map more/less fun.
  6. Hard wads are much harder than any modern mainstream singleplayer game simply because they're designed for people who are already experienced with the game. Most people who can finish Sunlust on UV (with or without saves) have already been through several other wads, possibly hundreds. Dark Souls kills new players many times throughout a full playthrough, but it was still designed to accommodate them, and it was popular even with people who hadn't played Demon's Souls.
  7. Category 1, dead at around 52 minutes with 499/666 kills. caironman-pseudonaut.zip
  8. Pseudonaut

    Wads without slaughtermaps?

    Crumpets contains only small maps, the most populated of which has 117 monsters.
  9. Pseudonaut

    [1 Map] avc.wad

    This actually fixes everything... sort of.
  10. Pseudonaut

    [1 Map] avc.wad

    Attempt #61, first exit. Got lucky with the third vile. There were probably at least 5 attempts where the third vile was dead (just had to clean up from there) before I walked over the wrong linedef and rendered the map unfinishable. Avoiding that in such a cramped space is by far the hardest thing about this run, so the map is quite broken (not in a fun way). Not sure why there are so many hell nobles that never teleport in (except apparently in ZDoom variants), but a true max in cl2 is impossible as far as I can tell. Assuming the issues are fixed, the combat is enjoyable enough.
  11. I've never really been into these monsterless platforming-only maps, so this is very tough for me. I made it to the third secret (apparently far enough to exit on HNTR) before I stopped. It's not a bad map, but not for me, and Doom platforming fans will probably appreciate it more than I do. It's hard to say how well this fits into a non-secret slot in a Scythe tribute project, considering the original wad had Run From It in slot 28 (which is a lot easier than this map, frankly). Maybe it should be map33?
  12. Pseudonaut

    How many times do you save in a single level?

    Depends on the length and difficulty of the map. I think it was somewhere between 50 and 90 saves when I played Degrassi.
  13. Pseudonaut

    NM-Lite Contest: Scythe 2

    Dead on map04 at 17:54 with 89/34 kills. sc2nml-pseudonaut.zip