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  1. LiT_gam3r

    Beauty is all around.

    I know that so many people think about how awful life can be at this point, with so much angst and complaining. but I say, "look around, and see the beauty all around." so post the beauty you see in our world today. here are some trees outside my house. Edit: sorry these sentences are a bit choppy, I was in a rush.
  2. LiT_gam3r

    Why don't Pain Elementals leave behind corpses?

    my idea is that the meatballs were made from lost souls that were all squished together, and the PE shoots them out because it's too much weight. when you shoot it, there are so many Lost souls in it, that they just start gnawing at the puncture your gun made, which then the lost souls all pop out and the giblets are too small for the AV to notice. the crushed corpse is there because the LS are being exploded in the process, so the corpse is now large enough to resurrect. when it is resurrected, the PE can also resurrect dead LS in its body by an opposite digestion.
  3. LiT_gam3r

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    why does everybody assume you've tried meth?
  4. LiT_gam3r

    What are some good Wolf3D mods?

    I'm sure many of the best WolfenWADs (made up word) are found in DooM WADs. they can replace all the demons with Wolfenemies (another made up word). WolfenDOOM was cool, and I'm sure there are many more out there. the only Wolfenstein Mod I can think of is @cambreaKer's M Invasion, but it's unreleased. although some digging around online could help. I found this website.
  5. LiT_gam3r

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    @AtimZarr1 I mean like a full 3D remake (even walls and stuff) and the DOOM 3 one is sort of like it, but those are in game enemies, and the lighting and guns are different. It would be cool as like a mix between the two.
  6. LiT_gam3r

    Warnings on Doomworld. (now suspensions)

    Also, when I was suspended, I could no longer access Doomworld. my question is why I can't just read the forums, and just have the commenting privilege taken away from me. I don't want to miss the latest in Doom news, and I don't want that taken away from me. is there a way around that, because I can't log out when I'm suspended to read the forums.
  7. I never noticed until my fourth playthrough of E1M8 that the portal you step on is an Icon of Sin. spooky.
  8. LiT_gam3r

    What program do people use to make demon in doom?

    This topic should be posted in DooM editing. If you do have another question like this in the future, then post it there. but you're new, so it's fine, just a heads up!
  9. LiT_gam3r

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    when I look into the mirror, the person inside just smiles at me like this.
  10. LiT_gam3r

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    have people made actual remakes/remasters for the original doom? I would be surprised if someone hasn't. it would probably take a while, but it would still be interesting to see a fully 3D imp (the original one, not the Doom 3/2016/Eternal) a hell knight would be interesting, too. Actually, everything would be awesome. not even changing any AI code or any code, just the environments. I know that I am the only person on Earth who doesn't enjoy PC controls for games, so like if Bethesda made an official remake, that would be awesome, because the Bethesda console port didn't change too much to the original game (really nothing except frame-rate). I'm just saying whatever, and I'll stop. but any fully 3D remaster of DOOM would be sick (even Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem 3D, but let's just stick to DooM for right now).
  11. not even patch doom 2, but replace that cybie in map 32 with a SM.
  12. LiT_gam3r

    Shameless Doom Ripoff Story - WIP

    The key word here is shit. all jokes aside, this is great! I know that this would be fun for Doomworld, but I think that you should try to actually write a real book. your writing style is great, and definitely something that would be an interesting read. never give up, and make something great! I believe in you! everyone's got talent, and I think this is one of yours! Great job!
  13. LiT_gam3r

    what about FreeQuake?

    could phones handle that kind of thing? I don't know, I don't have one. A FreeQuake seems unnecessary, since people can mod FreeDoom. I'm not saying that they shouldn't make it, I am saying that they could just make it by hacking the FreeDoom engine and publishing it.
  14. I just think Samuel Hayden's a dick, and he pretends like everything revolves around him. thank god he's a robotic, because that guy deserves to have no feelings. LoL. But seriously, I just think that that was an error. and if not, then I think that since the game is in the future (I think) or at least a different reality which is way more technologically advanced than ours, then the reactor would have like a super nuclear explosion which could take out like a whole country. maybe they have bombs that they could just throw into hell and all of it would die (then respawn, cuz' it's hell). I don't know, just a theory, but good observation. I had never noticed that before.
  15. LiT_gam3r

    How to play Doom Eternal like it's Contra

    do the bullets now move at 1 MPH?