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  1. I have not been around for probably 1-3 years (never really paid any attention to the duration) apart from a few postings, did not follow anything that happened in Doom.

    From what I can initially tell from glancing:

    • Doom 2016, Doom 1993 is still better though.
    • ZDoom no longer developed.
    • Doomworld Forums potentially going to enter 2017 and leave 2000.
    • Some (who I will keep unnamed, because I am not 100% sure) are/may be transitioning genders, I hope that it brings you happiness.
    So what has gone on Doom wise and Doom community wise? And how are things with yous?

    Also I have changed my alias from GhostlyDeath to RestlessRodent, I have had my former alias since 2003 (14 years) and I am pretty much a completely different person now.

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    2. Lüt


      Oh OK, I get your title now.

    3. printz


      I really liked your edgy GhostlyDeath nickname.

    4. RestlessRodent


      printz said:

      I really liked your edgy GhostlyDeath nickname.

      Not dark and edgy anymore, just grew out of it.