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  1. Can someone upload this again? Wow, it's gone, after only 2 weeks.
  2. Don't know how the lizard fits in, but it does look cool. A proper city setting would be awesome.
  3. Image files can be in .bmp, .gif, .png, .jpg, and a bunch of other formats. Sounds can be .wav, .mpg, .mod, etc. File compressors store compressed files in a particular format. 7-Zip uses a specific format. WinZip uses a format different than 7-Zip. PKZip and PK3 are basically different names for the WinZip format. Older image editing programs do not understand, for example, .PNG images. Similarly, some programs that can handle WinZip/PKZip/PK3 compressed files cannot understand 7-Zip/PK7 files. In fact, I don't know of any Doom engines that directly understand 7-Zip files (but maybe that has changed since I looked last). So, my question was: Does Slade have direct support for 7-Zip format> Because that might explain what happened in your situation. Anyway, glad you got it working!
  4. I sometimes don't use the proper term when I describe stuff. What I should have said is that the intervals you used created a kind of tension that "went along for the ride", alongside the main melody, and that I thought this was a very cool sound! Couple questions: Are those recordings of you playing, or is it like a MIDI composition, where the computer is playing back your pre-written composition? I guess what I'm asking is: Does that site take a sheet music file, and render the song using its choice of instrument sample, or do you just submit a wav/mp3? (Sorry for being clueless about it. I might like to submit a couple of tunes one day.) Again, a cool, refreshing take on a song that's no stranger to being covered! Good job.
  5. Love the "false start" (main riff, - sike - back to E chuggs). Love the progressive build up. Love the trills starting right before 00:34. I gotta say: After that buildup, I was ready for the bottom to fall out and my face to get fried off with a barrage of wicked 32ths @ 00:45. Regardless, some very solid riffs follow. Nice transition @ 01.41, and nice (dis)harmonies @ 01:50. Interesting end sequence. A solid piece, very cool! Only had time for this one atm. I'll check out the others as time permits.
  6. Does Slade have direct support for 7-Zip format, vs WinZip format?
  7. If you can use a hex editor, see if the first 2 bytes of the file are "PK". This will determine if the file is in PK format. Or upload it somewhere, and I'll search the entire hard drive for a file edited on the day in question. You might get lucky and find a copy in a temp folder.
  8. As far as I can tell, Edward850 never made such an assumption. Seems to me that he simply stated some curious facts, in a pretty considerate way. I would think that you got questioned because what you said is simply not true unless you use a sourceport. There is only 1 PRNG in vanilla Doom that is used for AI. So the fact that you got asked, and were given an easy way out, was a rather kind result, hardly deserving the "wasting my time" jazz, don't you think? Especially when someone "wasted their time" trying to delicately inform you. Not delicate enough, apparently...
  9. I've wondered if they are auto-generated. They're ok though - provoking thought, and all that.
  10. Supposedly, there are tools that can repair a Zip file. In the DOS days, it was called PKZIPFIX.EXE. I think it can correct some very specific issues when a zip file's internal bookkeeping gets out of whack, like from a partial update. If it is truly a zip file, the first 2 bytes of the file should contain "PK". But, based on your description, I can't tell what happened. Make backups before you run a recover program, and look for autosave/backup files. Often, these tools will do an autosave, so, if you're careful, and find it before loading anything else, you might get your file back. Good luck.
  11. Good to know. I wasn't sure - I thought Imread something into what you typed that apparently wasn't there :) It seems like a natural progression of the idea, that's all.
  12. If they don't like Doom, they ain't no friends of mine...
  13. Yeah, it's wrong to withhold credit. Everything done with Doom is riding off of everyone else's contributions. I have no problem with someone getting paid to work on a project, especially if that allows more work to be done on the project. Entertainment is a valuable resource, and value is valuable (worth being paid for). It's not the typical way the community works, but there's no reason it can't. And, it's not required. It allows someone to show their appreciation with something that's useful, vs. "atta boy". Good for him. But, yeah, he needs to credit the work, yikes. Man up, boy.
  14. Hmmm. Your humor is sad? You are sad? The world is sad? Pick any 3.
  15. I didn't detect sassiness from this response - it seemed like a genuine question to me. And, I tend to wonder that too. Maybe you can dodge the projectiles. But, you have to. That's part of the thrill. Cause, once you figure out how to do it, you can become a master. That's what's so interesting about it. You get into the zone, where you're whipping and dodging around, able to defeat everything in your path. But, it's not easy to do, until you become good, and, even then, it's still not easy, per say. Not in every situation. At this point, it's up to the map to make the fights interesting. Therefore, you have all of these levels of growth in your Doom "career", and it keeps getting better. I must admit that I'm surprised at some of the answers here. Like Y-shearing, which was not even possible in Doom. When added, it provides an additional ability - with some stretching, but not horrifically so. It's a definite upgrade. I guess it depends on the age you were when Doom was built - positive or negative :) Us oldtimers were amazed when we saw 2 imps throw fireballs at us from a ledge, across a zig-zag green ooze.