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  1. kb1

    Random HOMs

    GL ports render levels differently than ports using software renderers, hiding some problems, and amplifying others. Perhaps try another engine with a software renderer, and see what happens. As to reasons you see HOM: Are all sectors closed? Could there be a line with the wrong sector number in your room's walls? Have you tried to rebuild the map with a different node builder? Again, GL ports typically rebuild nodes on map load, using a very different process than the normal map build. So, rebuilding standard nodes may help software renderers, but not affect GL renderers. Also, try to cut and paste the offending area into a new map, and see what happens: The problem may become revealed. But, if the problem persists in the small new map, you can submit that map to the forums without revealing your new map, and the experts here can find what's wrong.
  2. kb1

    The philosophy of level design

    I am a bit puzzled by this thread, so I re-read the OP's post, and I'm curious: What exactly are you going to do with the replies you get? You seem to be asking if it's "worth it" to spend your time embellishing your levels with scenes designed to evoke emotion. Are you trying to determine if you should try to do this? If the overwhelming answer you get from this thread is "No", will you not try anyway? First of all, your question is not answerable, without seeing your product. "Does this scene evoke emotion?" Don't know until I see it. But the most useful answer to you is this: Yes, it is possible to build scenes that will move some people, some more than others. By all means, give it your best shot. It will most likely affect everyone differently, but, if done tastefully (whatever that means), and if you "respect the science" of your style in a way that the whole map is cohesive, it has the possibility of affecting the player as much as a Doom wad can. I can't be more specific than that Is that helpful, and does it answer your question?
  3. You need info *before* playing? I'm sure that would ruin the experience for me. I want the map to be presented as the mapper envisioned it, and I do try to win without any cheats. But, if after a bunch of unsuccessful tries, I use cheats to avoid frustration. But, cheating *before* any real attempts? I don't get it.
  4. kb1

    The philosophy of level design

    Ok, here's my best interpretation, and thoughts on the matter: Yes, it's relevant to try to present the player with a deeper meaning of the environment and current situation of the story and feelings that you are trying to present. But, here's the problem: Doom really isn't the best medium to be telling such stories. The "resolution" is just not there. The ability to convey a deep message is lost to the Doom player. Doom is a game where the player expects to kill shit and get to the exit. Whatever the walls look like makes a difference, but I can't honestly say that it conveys much an emotional response from me, other than "Damn, this level looks sharp!", or even "It resembles a real place.". But, never "Doomguy's partner got murdered...boo hoo", or "This place is peaceful." Maybe I'm desensitized from literally thousands of wads, but, when I start up a Doom wad, I'm just looking for stuff to shoot, you know? I don't think I would give those experiences you described a second thought, no matter how well they were constructed. Having said that, if you were to first present some type of back story, and if experiencing those feelings somehow had some effect on the gameplay of the wad, you might be able to invoke some level of emotional experience, as far as necessary to enjoy the gameplay. For example, I thought the Foreverhood demo did a pretty good job at setting a somewhat-emotional scene, by its inclusion of dialog boxes, and its adherence to a strict imagery. But, again, if it moves, I'm going to kill it, unless doing so impedes my ability to kill other moving stuff. I do welcome attempts to create such an atmosphere. I just want to suggest that they will only go so far in telling a story, and creating an emotional response. And, I kind of like that about Doom - I don't have to become emotionally invested - I can just have fun.
  5. kb1

    The logic of map flow

    Map flow affects everything: The mechanics of battle, the ability to navigate and not get lost. Map flow is what prevents the player (and monsters) from travelling in a straight line to any point on the map. Therefore, map flow (or the lack of it) determines where you can go - it's as simple as that. Because of this, decision-making is based on how the map is constructed: "How do I get from here to there? Do I have to pass a horde of monsters? Do I have to jump across a pit? How difficult is it to get to the red door from the red key?" Without map flow, you have an open space. All objects and monsters can be seen by turning. Map flow restricts this wide open space, hiding line of sight and forcing non-straight-line navigation. Map flow is at least half of what makes maps interesting, as it controls every other decision made by monsters, players, and mappers alike.
  6. Yeah, anytime I think I *might* be getting ready to be frustrated. I have no problem admitting that I'll cheat through any game experience that stops being fun - after all, I'm playing to have fun. But, it's usually NOCLIP, IDKFA, or switch to single-player Coop mode :)
  7. kb1

    GRAVE Megawad

    Nothing wrong with being a bit conservative and frugal at times...
  8. First step: Determine repeatability. Turn on uncapped framerate, and turn VSync off. Then, record a demo where the framerate is low, and continue to record until the framerate speeds up. Then, stop the game, and restart it, playing the demo. Playing a demo causes over 95% of the game's source code to be executed almost exactly as it was during recording. If the same issues occur, you have repeatability, and you have a tool that can be used to investigate further. If the slowdowns/speedups don't occur at the same spot, I'd start looking for background programs running, and possible hardware issues. Background programs can eat up CPU cycles and thrash memory and cache, and hardware issues can cause all manners of slowdown. You could also reduce/increase video resolution, to determine if you are hitting certain limitations of the video card or the memory subsystems. But, first and foremost is to see if the time issues happen at the same places in the game, and the best way to ensure that you're visiting the same place in the game is with a demo.
  9. kb1

    Things about Doom you just found out

    You're kinda right about that - didn't think about it that way. Good point!
  10. Is there any way to purchase these games anymore?
  11. kb1

    Things about Doom you just found out

    That's what the skull in the Doom Pre-release Beta used. I guess id didn't care for it - I thought it was pretty cool. Don't know why they scrapped the sprites, though - they were sweet.
  12. kb1

    Stealth Archvile Fight?

    First of all, I have to acknowledge you for re-reading the above posts, and responding honorably. I don't see that too often, and I think it was courageous and appropriate. It's easy to misinterpret text conversations at first - cause text is a poor substitute for a real conversation. It takes a lot of time to type up 'delicate' kind criticism, and, we're all Doom players...we shouldn't have to be too delicate :) Regarding my posts: I'm thrilled to have been able to help, if I did. Don't worry about 'what I intended' - it's your map. All I wanted to do was to let you know how I might perceive such an encounter. I didn't want to dismiss your idea, instead, I just wanted to point out the one aspect of it that might be a bit annoying (but I don't really know until I play it). I'm no mapper, but I know how things make me feel. Yet, there are lots of avid mappers and players here, and if they are offering their knowledge, by all means take advantage of it. Good luck with your maps.
  13. kb1

    Smooth Doom (NOW HAS A THEME SONG!)

    Yeah, it's not for everyone. But, if you make copies of everything before you start, there's nothing to fear. Get in there and make a change, and see what effect it has. Also, Google is your friend. Knowledge builds on knowledge. Before long, it might start to become fun. Usually, what you learn in one area can be used in other areas. One thing I can say for sure: I can't remember the last time I was bored.
  14. kb1

    REKKR - V1.11

    I was thinking the same thing. It has everything you need for an IWAD. (It may require a few specially-named files that the more-vanilla ports expect, just to keep the port happy, but that's easy to do.) But, I guess requiring the Doom IWAD keeps the lawyers happy, huh?
  15. GPL3 - got ya. Yeah, it sounded possibly do-able, with some difficulty. Performance-wise, it might get tricky, especially if you had to transfer a lot a data back and forth. Duplicating map data comes to mind as a possible remedy. I wasn't implying that you had to do all the work...but I would not want to get in your way either. I'm just brainstorming some ideas at this stage. I really have no business taking on another project right now :) I just see AutoDoom opening up a lot of new possibilities, making things possible that were never possible before. Fascinating stuff!