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  1. kb1

    DOOM Retro v2.6.9 (updated March 31, 2018)

    No interest, even for original-like peer-to-peer LAN play?
  2. @dobu gabu maru I absolutely love these insane voodoo doll/switch/conveyor logic engines! Other than the spped issues you mentioned, do you think you've nailed the logic in each case? (I haven't checked it out yet). I think I would have cheated, and make the switches into silent teleporters, and just teleported the player to a complete copy of the puzzle, pre-arranged for each combination, which would have been a very inelegant solution. Your solution is much more interesting!
  3. kb1

    Rage 2 leaked?

    There was no box image on the pre-order page (there probably was not a box yet) from Best Buy, where I pre-ordered it, and I assure you that the page said nothing about an internet connection, though they did list a bunch of hardware requirements. When I got the game, my discs wouldn't begin to install, past a simple "Connect to the internet to download the game" prompt, which popped up within 10 seconds of trying to run the install. Maybe the 1.0 version was on the discs, but it wouldn't begin to install without phoning home with my CPU ID + MAC address + HDD serial + whatever else they can think of. There was *something* big on the discs...a whole lot of something, but it refused to try. I know the industry practically requires something like Steam, to prevent mass piracy. But *I* pay for my games, yet they still want me to do the "guilty till proven being forced to be innocent" thing, which ruffles my feathers, to the point where I just end up suffering. The other thing is that I still use some very old software. But, if Steam goes away some day, so do those modern games. So I end up buying a lot of GOG stuff. Maybe they'll put them up there one day. Otherwise, I'll just play my GOG games and Doom. Now if they were cool about it, they'd get the bulk of their cash a release time, and then release a non-DRM version, say, a year later, with a patch for the early purchasers. But, at that point, I guess there's no financial incentive.
  4. kb1

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Just pretty good with db engines, that's all. I'm clueless because I don't have a look at the structure, and you didn't say if the upgrade added tables or fields. I didn't mean to suggest courses of action; rather just throwing out some ideas for a issue that you had apparently been wrestling with - guess I was wrong - sorry about that.
  5. kb1

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Had those games been released in, say, '92, yep, I would have been all over them. Let me ask: Were you around, checking out games in '93? Cause, where you start makes a lot of difference in what amazes you. I know that a lot of young gamers don't know a good thing if it hits them in the head: "I can only get 60 fps??" "The colors are bland." "The gameplay is repetitive." "Only 4 players at once??" 10 miles in the snow, and all that. I was happy with Pac-Man...
  6. kb1

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Aren't the counts there to remember which threads everyone has seen, for the 'show me new content' stuff and the like? You might be able to bump up the query timeout value, but something sounds hosed up. Maybe the software has never had a forum as big as Doomworld to deal with. Maybe add a clause that keeps it from going back more than, say, 2 years, and put an index on that date field. Still, I find it strange that the upgrade is having such problems - did you check the upgrade logs, and did it want to upgrade the data tables? (I'm just reaching, here, but it seems strange to me.) Another option is to let the software build new tables, and import the old data, but, yuck.) I don't think this issue will go away, and it might be getting worse (old threads are ok, new threads are getting out of sync...) That's the best I can suggest while clueless.
  7. kb1

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    The question was: Why do you need to see the bots view? Cause that gives you information that you don't usually get. Nothing wrong with bots, but you don't need split-screen for bots. Not to you maybe. I personally don't want to experience that, thank you.
  8. kb1

    An Appeal For Funeral Expenses

    How completely sad. Sorry for your loss.
  9. kb1

    Rage 2 leaked?

    I thought the concept was amazing, and I bought the game on pre-order... only to discover that I needed an internet connection to download the "real game", and I fought long and hard to get a refund. And got it. Sure, I should have known better, but *nowhere* in the pre-order advertisement did it say that I would need an internet connection - in fact, it gave all of the technical requirements, and internet connection was not one of them. I just won't pay for "download required" stuff that cannot be put on a disk. If I buy it, I want a copy of it in my hands. I want something that I can install 5 years after the parent company goes belly up. Anyway, I would have liked the version before they had to compress it to death to get it to work on the consoles. Seems to me that they should have offered 2 versions: Standard, and Hi-Def, like the movie industry does. The big problem with the game, at release, was the crappy video drivers that couldn't handle the bizarre data swapping requirements of the megatexture tech. See, that's one of the areas where apps like Steam could actually benefit the player: The app could check your hardware and drivers against your games, and check an online database to make sure your drivers can handle the game. Everyone got a bad taste in their mouth when the bad drivers couldn't handle the game, and it never really recovered from that. Also, when you're 6 years in the hole, you end up releasing anything that halfway runs. I didn't play the game, but I watched some play-throughs. It looked like "go do this fight, and I'll give you something that will help you go do this fight, so you can get things that will help you go do this fight..." Kinda repetitive.
  10. kb1

    Requesting advice from PC gamers

    Dells are usually built rather nicely. Their support is not what it used to be (used to be excellent, then they started outsourcing.) They used to drop ship me replacement parts, now they ask 20 questions, and want to "connect to your PC to diagnose", and/or have you "reinstall Windows." Hell, last time I gave them the diagnostic error code from their pre-installed diagnostic software, and they still wanted me to plug my PC into an internet connection...no thanks. Regarding gaming PC vs. non-gaming PC: A good gaming PC should be good at just about everything - to play games well, everything has to be pretty good and fast. I used to build them too. There's a real danger in that nowadays: To make all of the components run at optimal spec, you need to match the CPU, memory, and motherboard, as the motherboards have chipsets designed specifically for the features of certain CPUs and memory architectures. Sure, you can get just about anything to run, but if there's a mismatch, certain components will run with default settings vs. optimal settings. And you'll never know it. So, my advice is to either immerse yourself into a big learning curve with a lot of research, or have it built for you, by people that keep up with the latest and greatest. Also, check reputable comparison sites to get the most bang for your buck. Good luck.
  11. kb1

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    Ok. Ah, I get it - you are replying to my demand to play split-screen with people you trust. I was referring to the posts where people were cheating by looking at the wrong half of the splitscreen (wasn't that obvious?) Ok, now I'm curious: Why would you need to see the bot's view, if you are competing against them, other than to cheat? (I guess it might be useful, in some games...) Yeah, with friends like that, who needs an internet connection?
  12. kb1

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    Hell, yeah, they count. The real shame of it is that, if those games had been built in the early 90's, they would have snatched up all the glory id Software got. But, just because of when they are built, you rarely even hear of them. Nowadays, it's easier and it has much higher return to build a 3D-accelerated game. Why render pixels and do a bunch of complex math for humble frame rates, when you can throw a mesh and/or some polygons out there, and get perfect lighting, shadows, 3D models, and all the other niceties that come with the modern capabilities of these magical video cards. And, yeah, they are about as close to magic as anything you could dream of, graphic-wise. The younger people take these things for granted, I think. We're talking about dozens of billions of calculations, like it was nothing. Why build Doom when you can have 60 FPS 3840x2160 photo quality, for the same amount of work (or less)? Still, building the resources is a bitch nowadays, but, sprites are no cakewalk either.
  13. kb1

    Is Split-Screen Multiplayer Dying?

    Any game that requires there to be some company-driven server to stay in business is a crock, in my opinion (Hello, Steam - hard-core DRM disguised as 'player experience-enhancing'.) As far as split screen goes, you really ought to be playing with people that aren't inclined to cheat, or you have to temporarily adopt some of their morals. When I was developing KBDoom multiplayer, I could have totally given myself some sort of advantages. Sure, it would have been funny as a gag, but I would not expect anyone to trust me after that, and rightly so. I don't understand the thrill of winning by cheating. I'm sure this makes me naive, and easily cheated. But, I'm also sure that the alternative is worse. If you can't trust your 'friends', you're better off connecting to them remotely - so they don't come over and rob you blind. Been there.
  14. kb1

    Why haven't there been more indie Doom clones?

    That's not how I see it. With that logic, Doom is a clone of Battlezone. No way, right? For me, calling something a Doom clone suggests the same level of technology: First person shooter, partial, restricted (some call it 2.5D, which is another less-than-stellar term) 3D, sprites, basic lighting, software rendering. To "clone" is to create something that mimics something else. Heretic, Hexen, and Strife are not clones - they are, in fact, games using a modified version of Doom's engine. Building a Wolf clone is pretty easy, with straightforward math, with a simple map format. But the tricks used to speed up Doom make duplicating that technology a lot more difficult, even with its restrictions. For a new game, does it make sense to put that much effort into your project, while accepting the restrictions inherent with such a design?
  15. kb1

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    What is "2d communication?". I can't figure out how to turn them on/off in a post. The forum converted colon / right-paren into a smiley one time for me, then it stopped. But, really a tiny image that might bring a little emotion into a wall of text is welcome in my book, based on how often misunderstandings seem to occur. New Bug after Forum Software Update: In { Activity \ My Activity \ Content I Posted In } (and maybe elsewhere), the same thread is now listed multiple times, once for every not-yet-read post (maybe), or once for every unique person maybe. It used to show one line per thread, which makes a lot more sense, I think.