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  1. How trivial is it to detect at startup that the code is being run on an "ancient 10+ year old computer with the lowest end non-gaming GPU"? Because, if doing so is easy, it seems like that query could drive which post-processing pipeline gets used, so the user gets the best option for their particular PC.
  2. kb1

    Balance between Graphics and Gameplay

    You took the words out of my mouth: Graphics are totally separate from gameplay, and any attempt to measure one against the other is misguided. It's like comparing gameplay against sound effects, or gameplay against the music. In a game, gameplay *always* must be great. The number 1 rule of games: A game must be fun. Beautiful graphics are appealing, but if it's a game that's no fun, no amount of beauty will save it. But, if the game is fun, you can get away with *any* quality of graphics. If you can have both, that's great, but good gameplay always comes first - that's a given. In Doom there are rare exceptions that give some validity to the "graphics vs gameplay" argument: some micro-detailing could make navigation difficult, when the player gets stuck on the detailing - that is a case where "good, detailed" graphics is directly affecting gameplay. But that can be easily fixed by adding a smooth impassable sector around the micro-detailing to guide the player away from it. Otherwise, I don't really buy into such comparisons.
  3. kb1

    Doom Builder 2 Deletes Wads

    With any editor, a good general rule is to make yourself some backups. Here's how I do it: I make a directory structure on the hard drive, as \Project name\Working. So, for a new project "MyWAD", I'd make: \MyWAD\Working I use that folder for my first edit. Next time I go to edit, in Windows Explorer, I copy the Working folder, and immediately Paste it, and end up with this: \MyWAD\Working \MyWAD\Copy of Working Then I, rename the "Copy of Working" folder to today's date, in YYYY-MM-DD format, making sure to fill in leading zeros for months 01 thru 09, or days 01 thru 09. This ensures that alphabetical or numerical sorting on filenames always works properly. So I end up with: \MyWAD\2018-12-21 \MyWAD\Working By the way, if I do multiple edit's on the same day, I add a "_01", then "_02", etc. So, for 3 edits on the 21st, and 2 edits on the 22nd, I'll have: \MyWAD\2018-12-21 \MyWAD\2018-12-21_01 \MyWAD\2018-12-21_02 \MyWAD\2018-12-22 \MyWAD\Working Most editors remembers the Working folder, so it's really an easy system to use. If the editor decides to delete or corrupt my work in the "Working" folder, it is easy to revert to the last good version. And if I screw up something that was good a few days ago, I can always go back to that day, and get my old work back. Once the project's done, you can reclaim the hard drive space by cleaning up the (date) folders, leaving "Working". But, I leave the old folders until the project is done. You never know when you'll want to go back to an old version, for something. I recommend using this system for *any* project - it's saved my bacon countless times! Don't let sketchy apps destroy your hard work!
  4. kb1

    3D gun looks weird in first person view

    So the DECORATE is doing the reversing with the "scale -50"? What I meant was to put the magazine on the right in the model, so in game it would show on the left, since it seems that the game is reversing the model for some reason. the "-50" is kinda doing the same thing, after the fact. I'm curious why it's reversed in the first place. Maybe it's related to Doom's ability to reverse sprites? Just a guess. Strange, indeed. I'm glad you've got a reliable fix!
  5. kb1

    Merry Christmas!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and/or happy holidays to you and yours! Please have a wonderful, safe, and loving holiday.
  6. I've heard of it, but I've never seen it. Maybe there's a upgrade patch. What would be really cool is to modify Doom+ that entryway made - a hacked exe with limits majorly increased. It's a shame that those exes you mentioned didn't change the version number, because demos made with those exes require that knowledge for playback. There might be enough room in the exe near the sky renderer to make the proper colormap switch.
  7. That could actually work. Not sure what the limits are. It have to be wide vs. tall - like TNT's multiple animated textures.
  8. kb1

    3D gun looks weird in first person view

    Reverse the source model, maybe?
  9. kb1

    TEKWALL4 base image

    Nice find! Thanks! That is amazingly close. Was it easy to recolor, or did you have to hit each pixel? What did you use?
  10. kb1

    got hit by a car.

    @Fulgrim: Best of luck on your recovery, and I hope you feel better. Get better first, but then you might consider consulting a lawyer. Hopefully, the guy was insured, because he's responsible for your medical costs. A good lawyer will sure the driver's insurance considers what's called "punitive damages". Punitive damages consider long term issues (which I sure hope you don't have.) Sometimes problems can occur later, that aren't noticed right away. A good lawyer can help you get properly compensated. Feel better soon!
  11. kb1

    TEKWALL4 base image

    Hey, that's awesome! Can you post it in, say, PNG though, instead of JPG? JPGs, by their very nature, have imperfections due to the lossy compression they use. PNGs use a loseless compression, so the image is perfect. Thanks! That looks great! That can be used to create new Doom logos that look like Doom logos. Now, we just need to find the lower, orange part.
  12. kb1

    TEKWALL4 base image

    Holy crap - another example of something I've seen thousands of times, and not put to together. Good eye! Adrian and Kevin were so resourceful - the way they managed to turn the same source materials into multiple game resources, without it being blatantly obvious just blows my mind. We can use that to build new textures, and a new logo in the same style!
  13. kb1

    'Original' copy of Ultimate Doom?

    I think they are both genuine. The top one mentions Doom 95 and also "DOS version included", so it's probably newer, and bundled with both Doom.exe, and Doom 95 on the disc. The bottom one includes Heretic shareware - that's pretty cool. So, the bottom one is definitely older.
  14. kb1

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Yeah, me too. I never expect people to share the same opinion, but I do hope that they think about who might read their posts. Some people get off on controversy. Some people feel "cool and ironic" trying to buck the system, separate from the crowd - stand on their own. And, some people are so miserable in their life that they try to "share the pain" as a way to somehow reduce their own pain. "Misery loves company". NOTE: I'm not claiming to describe anyone here. It takes real guts to actually care about something, because you can get embarrassed, or hurt. And, after experiencing enough trauma from being hurt, the easy way out is to develop an "uninvested, eveything bounces off of me" attitude, but it's just a front. I pity these people - they've got it all wrong. When I see this, I tend to say something when I should probably just shut up. I just can't help but imagine Romero reading pages like this, and wondering how it makes him feel. No, nothing needs to be done. It's your typical forum page with typical responses. I promptly started my PC introduction with a 486-50, but, yeah, I was blown away too! That is true, though I'd have to counter that this is Romero we're talking about. He's literally made hundreds of games, most from scratch. The man knows what it takes to make a game fun. And, you can bet that he's been playing a lot of Doom like the rest of us. My guess is that he's been checking out the tools, the ports, and everything else, for many years. But, he's not going to release just any map. With his reputation on the line, he probably has been experimenting with the new tools for a while. And, if not, he's the man I'd trust to get the job done. Ok, someone has to make that map!
  15. You know, John Carmack gives away his tech for free, as knowledge that everyone deserves to be able to benefit from. So, this is a double-whammy for John. I think it stinks, but that's the way the world works.