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  1. I'm just wondering, did you actually PLAY community chest 4?


    Its just, you mentioned ugly detailing when its one of the more visually appealing wads out there to most people. I'm looking at your previous reviews, and it seems that you gave slaughter maps 5 stars, and  something like CC4 1 star. in which case, thats not a  valid case for review.


    In any case, your CC4 Review is grossly wrong, with no facts to back up your claims, which makes me think that when it comes to reviewing, yours aren't that trustable. Especially since less than ten minutes before, you reviewed sunlust to amazing detail 'it's good'

    1. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt



      "Most people" are easily pleased.


      I gave wads I liked 5 stars. You didn't look very carefully if you think they were all slaughter.


      Succinctness is good.

    2. gaspe


      OMG Grain of Salt (salt indeed :^)) how dare you to post your personal opinion about a wad and write a negative review??!!

    3. leodoom85


      salt tastes......that's why