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  1. I have literally had this exact conversation with co-workers before! XD



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    2. 42PercentHealth




      The only times I watch are while I'm eating, or relaxing just before bed. I don't think playing at those times would be the best idea.

    3. bzzrak


      But I do.


      When you watch sports, you see a buncha fit/muscular/strong/alloftheabove guys doing cool athletic feats, representing their country OR, in a somewhat less inspiring case, their $13371488666420 contract with some bada$$ club. Which is cool, as they have achieved something in life and (at least) your subconsciousness gets like "oh booooy do i want to be like this guy".


      When you watch a stream or something, you see some failure in life who is probably thirty-seven or so years old, weight is 10x his age, still lives with his parents, hasn't taken a shower for 5 months and, the worst of all, probably jacks off to yaoi tentacle hentai. Just the type that is perfectly appropriate for fueling the furnaces, don't you think?


      The difference is fairly visible I'd say.

    4. bzzrak


      FFS two more replies while I was brainfarting!

    5. 42PercentHealth



      The difference is fairly visible I'd say.

      Sure, if you take money or fitness to be the standards of success. Personally, I don't watch gamers in order to emulate their life choices -- I watch for entertainment, and to hopefully learn something about the game (namely Doom. What else is there?).


      I also doubt sports-watchers watch sports to emulate the life choices of sports stars.

    6. 42PercentHealth


      ... I also doubt that sports stars lead lives worthy of emulating. Just saying.

    7. fraggle


      So I'm no fan of PewDiePie at all (pretty much come to despise the guy based on every I hear about him), but isn't he the obvious counterexample to bzzrak's stereotype of gaming streamers? I mean he's obviously charismatic, not overweight, and has built a $multi-million fortune off of people watching him play games.


      The flip side is that I'd question the assumption that people playing professional sports have really "achieved something in life". Most of these guys have very short-lived careers, because unless they're truly exceptional players, they get replaced by younger players very quickly. You rarely see many athletes in their 30s or older. So although they might make millions, the amount they make is often roughly the same as you'd make working at a boring 9-5 office job, just compressed into the space of a couple of years instead of being spread out over several decades.

    8. UglyStru


      @fraggle PewDiePie is also the epitome of the spoiled white kid who calls everyone the N word over Xbox Live. Not sure if you've been in the loop, but he just recently lost a bunch of his sponsors. Disney dropped him earlier this year for some antisemitic comments. And Campo Santo just recently knocked him too for calling someone the N word over PUBG on stream. 


      There are much better streamers out there that deserve recognition. Day9 is pretty much my all time favorite. He's the most energetic and hilarious streamer I've ever watched. 

    9. fraggle


      Yes, I know all of that. I even explicitly said I pretty much despise the guy. I'm not sure how to make that clearer.


      My only point was that this stereotype of gamers as overweight 37 year olds living in their basements seems rather laughably out of date in 2017, when there are high-profile people like him raking in the cash for doing it.

    10. GarrettChan


      I don't really like watching things just to kill my time unless I'm depressed and don't want to do anything (like now). I also consider watching sports is totally the same as watching a stream. If I'm watching a whatever thing I don't really care (or you can consider I just want some background noise for X reasons), I'll have my Rubik's Cube with me.


      I usually only watch informative gameplay videos, but it limits to somebody I know well (maybe) or something I've played. Sometimes I'll watch blind playthroughs for fun, but it's kind of unlikely. To be honest, gaming is some brain working to me unless you just play some games that doesn't even require thinking, or low amount of thinking. I don't think playing games is that bad until it gets in the way of your life, which doesn't happen to me, so I still think gaming is a positive thing for me.

    11. Bashe


      I'll be sure to tell Vinny he's a failure at life who lives with his parents (ANYTHING but that!!) :)