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  1. I got fucked once again for giving too many likes, but at least I learned something.


    Doomworld doesn't give two shits about local time, and has an internal clock of sorts... Why didn't I think about that, anyways?

    1. BigDickBzzrak


      Uh, apparently the "25 likes per day" works a bit differently. I always run into the limit although I give maybe 10 likes per day. It seems to work more like "25 likes per 24 hours".

      So if you give a like today at 12 AM, then for the rest of the day you give another 24x, on the next day at 12 AM you'll have only 1 like.

      I think it works like that.

    2. KVELLER


      @bzzrak Well that's confusing... I wonder why they decided to design it that way (supposing you're actually right).

    3. torekk


      That's the magic of IPB, one of the worst forum software out there. But it's the biggest, so mostly everyone uses it. Just like Windows... And we all know Windows works by some kind of wizardry.