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    Every time I try to connect my laptop to optimum wifi it doesn't connect to the internet because of the firewall settings, I've tried all the settings, but it still doesn't load pages. It has full signal to the wifi, what do I do? I'm a newbie to CPUS :(

  2. When I connect my laptop to optimum wifi it connects to it perfectly and has excellent connection, but It doesn't load the login screen for optimum... What can I do?

  3. I should start mapping next week. I'm hype.

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    2. DOOMmarine918


      Lol I've been experienced that with snapmap on doom 4, but yeah, this is more deeper considering you have to create the whole thing and not just click together pre made pieces. That's why I wanted to start mapping with doom 2, to get into the more complex technical side of DOOM

    3. hardcore_gamer


      If you think Doom mapping is complex just wait until you get to Quake mapping lol.

    4. DOOMmarine918


      Every time I try to connect my laptop to optimum wifi it doesn't connect to the internet because of the firewall settings, I've tried all the settings, but it still doesn't load pages. It has full signal to the wifi, what do I do? I'm a newbie to CPUS :(

  4. I'm super bored. About to get super high, play some whispers of satan WAD, life is chill.

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    2. sesq


      nice. weed makes me depressed so i dont do it but i randomly feel really high for no reason so its a good tradeoff


      whats whispers of satan about again? is it one of them newfangled mods?

    3. DOOMmarine918


      It's a mega wad map pack

    4. sesq




      i like the ones where its space

  5. I have a foot fetish. I wonder why though?

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    2. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      Yeah, life's too short to be getting pissy over menial shit.

    3. Doomkid


      I guess people get weirded out because they don't expect that kind of talk here, but it's really no big deal, it's not like he was going into extreme detail or anything, lol. Nothing wrong with being honest and it isn't doing anyone any harm. On that note, where's my bud..

    4. DOOMmarine918


      It's it me or when you're high the colors in doom are amazing?

  6. Need a kickass WAD to play

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    2. Endless


      Wanna try something quite good and special? Try this:


      Community Chest 1

      Community Chest 2

      Community Chest 3


      200 minutes of /vr/

      Shadow of the Nightmare Realm 

      Back to Saturn X E1: Get Out Of My Stations


      May your shotgun be always ready to kill demons.


    3. MrGlide
    4. DOOMmarine918
  7. My plan is to get my pc up and running at the start of the new month, stay home making my mega wad, I can (hopefully) work on it through the whole fall and winter seasons pretty much. As a lone wolf working on it, I want to make it something I will enjoy. My vision of doom 2, but I hope it's something others will enjoy also. I pray to the DOOM gods all goes well. May the soulspheres be with you.

    1. Endless


      Theres lots of thing that are really important when making WADS, even more with MegaWads. But one thing, one small thing that is fundamental. Patience. 

      Be patient, this is something that requires a lot of work and attention to detail, it will take time, it will not be something that you will do in a full day, so have much hope that you will, but do not think it will be in 1 week, with the effort you put and enthusiasm, you can do it in 2 or 3 months, but I tell you, there are megawads that took up to 1 year to be made. So the best I can recommend, patience. Never lose enthusiasm and keep up the excellent work.

    2. DOOMmarine918


      I've played some that said the build time was 4-5 years. No joke

  8. I pray everything goes as plan... I really want to create my mega wad.

  9. Playing a lot of wads, getting a ton of new ideas for my own. As a new mapper my first wad will be simple looking, but I will make up for the architecture with monster placement, map layout and some cool interactive stuff. Also, it will feel story driven, you will obtain weapons as you go and feel the build up, until your teleport to hell.. Let's see, I hope everything runs smoothly.

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    2. DOOMmarine918


      Thanks brother, it will feel story driven, small and fun. Like, you will understand what you've just did, are doing and have done. The introduction to the enemies and item pickup placement will make the gameplay godly. I've noticed a lot of wads are fun and beautiful, but I feel like there's no plot. But I suppose doom isn't about plot lol

    3. Endless


      Yes, Doom is not that good for story, but If you actually manage to get some really good story that would be really special, also, I think for that the best thing is a Megawad. 

      About ''Beautiful''. Pls, make wads great to look again. There is a lot of fun gameplay wads, but I have this obssession with looking at the landscapes for minutes. Skyboxes, more details, some distant terrain, I just think that makes things a lot more attractive. But anything you do, I wish a lot of luck and fun! 

      PS: Sorry for the bad english. 

    4. DOOMmarine918


      Yeah, a mega wad. I hope to make it look nice, I will try to make it believable. The jump through the main portal to the first hell site, once you arrive there I want you to feel like you're not supposed to be in that place. And I want the UAC base to be more exploration, while the hell will be a little more linear and slaughter-ish maybe, I don't know yet.

  10. KMFDM, the ultra-heavy beat is my drug. A celebration of life in the truest, coolest and purest form.

    1. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet



      And god do I love them.

    2. Jayextee


      Saw 'em in Manchester on the 7th of this month. Fucking great show.

    3. DOOMmarine918
  11. Any good adventure wads? Or really good hell maps?

    1. Endless


      Your hunger for wads is out of control, here try this: 


      Whispers of Satan

      Chapel of Caos


      Scythe 2

      Aeons of Death


      Beware, this could take you to strange paths where no mortal returns the same. 

    2. DOOMmarine918


      If I ever start mapping, I'd work with you, you're cool

  12. I always save over another wads save... I have to stick to one at a time

    1. KVELLER


      I suffered through that once. It hurts :(


      The problem was that I just had a single save called "WAD" so I forgot I was using it in another mapset and fucked up. You should have different saves with the actual name of the WAD on so it triggers your memory before saving.

    2. DOOMmarine918


      I was super high.


  13. Quote

    Trying to be free some may say is like Eye contact on the subway train. Cause if it ever happened it would be so rare. People that got it all won't share. And the people that got it all don't care about nothing, and there's people that have nothing because life's no fair, but.. but that's life, so there. I think about it every D a y, in the n y c, where the G's bring the chop outside that's why you see em wearing jeans when it's hot outside. I've seen people get beat and get robbed outside. I've seen people get cheat and get shot outside. Man, my friends locked up now he's not outside, my grandma died, I've seen my dad flat out cry. Damn.. I never thought I'd ever see the day.


  14. DOOMmarine918

    What do you think are the best mods for Doom?

    Smooth doom w/ doom 3 sfx. I made the most redefined way to play the game for my taste.
  15. I feel different. Things like the cross and stuff stand out to me more. I don't know man... How about you?
  16. How do I get the multiplayer to work in doom touch, chocolate doom? It doesn't register/connect or whatever with the master server

    1. KVELLER


      ...does Chocolate Doom even have a master server?

  17. Sometimes I wish they would've gave you a flamethrower in DOOM instead of the chainsaw...

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      I don't care much for the chainsaw as a weapon -- it's better than a non-berserk fist, I guess. However, it's fairly popular with many players and has become one of the games iconic weapons, so I guess id did something right.

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      DeHackEd can make some wishes come true.

    4. DOOMmarine918


      Well, now they I think about it demons have high heat tolerance even in 3rd dimension physical form. It would be pointless

  18. Can't stop hearing DOOM 3's shotgun blast and squealing  imps in my head...

    1. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      I'm currently thinking about one-hit-killing one in da face.

  19. Dungeons and demons.

  20. Operation bio war WAD is pretty damn fun.


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    2. Endless


      Sorry, You're :P

    3. DOOMmarine918


      Hell Yeah bro, thanks. You know of any good tech base type wads that go to hell half way or something like that?

    4. Endless


      You can try Tech Gone Bad, The Way ID Did or some 2002: A Doom Odyssey, those are in my best 10 wads :D 

  21. Quote

    The UAC is here to help you. Psychological evaluations are free and confidential. Please take advantage of our medical care and services.


    1. Ichor


      We are here to protect you from the terrible secret of space.

  22. Lmao! One day I looked side to side and raised my eyebrows when my friend was talking to me. He stopped talking and was like "Wtf? Nigga saw something" Lmao, he didn't understand
  23. I have a crush on major Arlene...

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    2. Dragonfly


      Good for you. Keep that shit private kid, ain't nobody here who wants to cringe this hard.

    3. MTF Sergeant

      MTF Sergeant

      Dude.... you joined only 5 hours ago. No offense though, but.... really?


    4. TootsyBowl


      I really doubt he's serious.


      Also I've seen worse cringe. You guys are pansies.

  24. Yeah, I've noticed I want to get more into technology now
  25. Arlene has more confidence because of her work and videos, but I suppose a lot of the content is for doom so yeah, it's true.